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Female 21/trans-female/slave seeks 21-30/any sex/master in any place

21/trans-female/slave seeks 21-30/any sex/master in any place

After a many month hiatus, I am once again looking for a master.
Iím a 21 year old trans woman from the United States east coast, Iíve posted on here previously but have since taken much time away to work on my transition, where I am now in a much more comfortable place with.

ó About me ó
Iím a college student entering my 4th year, I have plans on attending grad school afterwards. Iím 5í6Ē, and roughly ~190 lbs. Iím a big nerd, so reading and video games are two big hobbies of mine. Iím also a cinephile, my favorite movie being Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Love the Bomb (1964). Iím a relatively easy going person, and donít like to make too much of a fuss. I used to do a lot of grounds work, so I really love gardening, plants, the outdoors in general.

ó Who Iím looking for ó
Iím looking for a master who is interested in control, and taking it from me, and making me really want to give it up. Letís be honest, online domination is never very exciting because of the implicit knowledge that itís the sub who really holds the power, because they can ghost the dom at any point. Vice Versa is also true, but a dom is the one who is supposed to have choice anyway. There, regardless of age or gender, Iím hoping for a dom who understands that, and makes me respect their authority, asserting it in however you see fit. My only requirement really, is that the dom be older. Younger doms, I have a hard time taking seriously, since Iím only 21 anyways. There is no limit to how old, you can be 80 for all I care. The older the better, even.

ó Letís talk business ó
This is the part youíre all reading and wondering about? What does this little lady expect to be done to her?
A rundown of some of my kinks/what Iím open to:
- control (even outside of sex stuff)
- feeding
- weight control
- toys
- verbal humiliation
- pig/cow play
- Daily tasks
- writing tasks
- piss
- cum
- brainwashing

This is just a small list, Iím open to a lot of things. Obviously one of my biggest kinks revolve around weight. Iíve been fat for a while now, and itís something I often actually find humiliating. Every where I wear a belt my belly spills out and over, my thighs jiggle when I walk in shorts, it makes me very weak and out of breath. But the extra weight on my hips and ass is really quite validating, being a trans lady. Whether you wish to stuff or starve me is up to you.

Pm if youíre interested!
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