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Wow only day 3 and i woke up with a raging boner lol. This dare is killer already, if i stroke for even 2 min im ready to blow, only 37 more days :P
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Originally Posted by Greatcornbow View Post
Actually it isn't. The first day is Ash Wednesday & last day is Easter Eve,. But the 40 days don't include Sundays.

ends on maundy thursday, not holy saturday, and you're right that it doesnt include sundays.
Likes: edging, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, bladder control, semi-public (under clothes, hidden etc),
Dislikes: removal of pubic hair, bondage, very mild insertions, slightly riskier public dares, exercise, humiliation, pee
Limits: scat, illegal, needles, fire, blood, permanent, family, kids, animals, full public, large insertions,

PM me and i will edge 3 times in a public toilet. I will keep door unlocked the whole time

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challenge, chastity, cum, denial, lent

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