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I like it, but it might be getting a little repetitive. You might have started too harsh too soon, leaving you nowhere to go...? On the other hand you might have even better, twisted ideas - and I will be waiting to find out :-)

I'm glad there's only one negative reply so far. So what if there are "illegal acts" in the story - ? There are illegal acts in every mainstream murder, crime or horror story ever created. It's fiction.
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The barn doors were opened and Cunt was led into sunlight. Even with the cock blinders on both sides of her head, she could see endless green fields and a dirt road that stretched beyond her line of sight. Her heart sunk. She must be in the middle of nowhere. There was no chance of escape. A squirt of the cocks and her Master speaking interrupted her train of thought.
"As you can see, Cunt, I own a very large amount of land. I own so much, in fact, that I need some mode of transportation to get me from point A to point B. You are that transportation- eventually. For now, we begin your training. I am going to tie you up, but don't entertain any thoughts of escape- I own miles upon miles of land, all of which is surrounded by a gigantic fence. Even if you could climb the fence with no arms and hooves, your suit would shock you as soon as you touched it. It will also alert me to your escape attempt and, because your suit can track your location anywhere in the world with pinpoint precision, allow me to find my property readily."
Cunt accepted what her Master said by swallowing another load of cum. Her Master smiled wickedly and tugged on her leash, beckoning Cunt to follow. She was led now to a very thick pole in the ground, which had a thinner piece of itself branching out just above her head. As her Master hooked her leash to the metal pole, she saw in the distance what appeared to be a very big house.
Not a house, she thought, a mansion!
Her view of it was temporarily blocked as she was hit in the face with another four loads of cum. Her Master grinned.
"Oh yes, Cunt, that's my house, stocked with plenty of other slaves like you. You'll meet one tomorrow, as her new job is to clean you. But that's tomorrow. Today, we start your training. You'll be out here for six hours on this pole, so enjoy it. Your Master, however, has other slaves to attend to so I won't be with you the entire time." He moved to the large pole and pressed some sort of control panel. "Here we go. Have fun, Cunt." He walked over to her and pressed a button on her headphones, then slapped her ass.
"The voice is one of my other slave's. I had her record it when you were having your surgeries done."
A cool feminine voice rang through Cunt's ears. The cocks coned her face again.
"Welcome to the start of your ponygirl training," the voice said. "We are going to start with correcting your walk. You will be expected to walk like this from now on. The technique is called high-stepping. Bring your thigh up until it is parallel to the ground. Your hoof should leave the ground, then return as you bring the next leg up. Be sure to keep your back straight and your hoof planted firmly in the ground. Begin."
With another load from the cocks, Cunt was off. The pole she was attached to began mechnically leading her in one giant circle. Her Master stood watching her progress for about thirty passes, whipping her tits when she wasn't bringing her thighs high enough and and slapping her ass and calling her a good pony when she was. Before beginning his trek to the mansion, he unzipped his cock and pissed over Cunt's slavetits as she was forced to approach him. Cunt began growing bored and tired, knowing she still had hours of this to go. The pleasant sun she felt on her face earlier began to hurt on what little skin she had exposed. The piss and shit that caked her face and tits began to dry and smell even worse, and she was soaked in wet cum that despite degrading her kept her face somewhat moisturized under the burning Sun. The cum in her mouth, sadly, was tasting worse and worse each time. Fortunately, the suit kept the rest of her cool.
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Hours passed. Eventually, her time of high-stepping gave away to the headphones teaching her how to lightly gallop, which the voice explained was equivalent to a human's jog and a technique she would be using often.
"Endurance is key," the voice said matter-of-factly.
Cunt had now been out here for four hours, circling the same endless patch of grass with increasing boredom. The shit and piss had now completely dried on her, to her disgust, and there was now a thick layer of cum that literally coated and ran off her face. The monster that had invaded her pussy was ever-present, as was the butt-plug that was her tail. The sound of bells drove her mad. The ache in what she once called her feet and all her pierced places was constant, as was the searing pain in her arms. With no support, Cunt's tits had bounced wildly around all day, trying to leap from her chest. When the voice wasn't teaching her proper techniques, it was reminding her she was a ponyslave named Cunt who lived to please her Master, and that she should accept her place in life.

The Sun was beginning to go down. Finally, after hours of grueling training, her Master returned.
"Have fun, Cunt?" he laughed. "We're done for the day. Time for eating then it's lights-out." He stopped the mechanical pole and took the leash from it's grasp. He practically had to push her to the barn she was so exhausted.
"I don't care how tired you are, you high-step when you walk from now on!" her Master yelled, taking his fingers and squeezing down hard on one of Cunt's nipples. Cunt squealed loudly and immediately returned to proper technique with encouragement from yet another blast from all five cocks. By now, she could barely see between the cock blinders and the layers upon layers of cum on her face. She relied on her Master for so many things in her new life: food, water, shelter. Now she relied on him leading her to the barn.
"Here you are you dumb Cunt, home sweet home." He brought her to the side of her stall.
"Eat up, slave," he said, removing the cock blinders, bit, and headphones. With limited sight, Cunt sought out the plastic nozzle with her cum-colored lips.
"Good girl, remembering you eat from the toilet first! You've earned a reward!"
Cunt couldn't see what it was, but he set something down beside her and slapped her ass. It didn't matter, she found the nozzle and was too busy gulping down her Master's waste as fast as she could. She didn't think she would ever get used to doing this.
After about three minutes had passed, no more waste flowed from the container. She pulled her lips back, only to let a little bit of liquid shit dribble down her chin.
"You may have your reward now, Cunt." Cunt was led over to the dog bowl and began eating its contents without even seeing what exactly it was. It was sweet, juicy, and cut into equal pieces
An apple!
Cunt savored her first real food since she arrived here. She felt her nose ring dangle in front of her heavily as she brought her mouth down again... only to find she had already finished the apple and was now working on dog food. Her Master slapped her ass again, and whispered into her ear.
"If you're good, you'll be fed apples and other sweets regularly. If you're bad, my other slaves' shit. But no matter if you're good or bad you'll be eating dog food a lot. You're able to once I put the essential vitamins and minerals you need in it. I can have you feed on dog food your whole life if I so wish."
Cunt finished the rest of the dog food and was nudged over to the water-dispensing cock with another slap on the ass. She sucked and drank for a good two or three minutes, before being forced to high-step her way to the back of the stall. Her butt plug and dildo were taken out so she can do her business, then the butt plug was reinserted again a few minutes later. Cunt knew there was never going to be relief from the thing. Her cock blinders were put back on and she remembered she would have to wear them all night as punishment. The cocks all squirted their liquids at her face again.
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"Okay, Cunt, now you have a choice: I realize you're exhausted and want to get off your legs. Because I'm a kind Master and it's your first day of training, I'm willing to do that, though you'll have to accept a few humiliations. After I tell you your choices, you will get on your knees and spread your hooves out wide to say yes. To say no, do nothing. Now, the cock blinders are punishment, and will be with you all night. But if you are willing to submit your slave body to more humiliations, I will pull out a chair and a footstool and you will be allowed to sit on that all night for as much time as you wish. Are you interested?"
Cunt went down on her knees and spread her hooves out. She looked up at her Master just in time to accept a new load of cum being blasted on her face.
"Good, now get up. Here are your humiliations if you decide to say yes. First, I will put an "O" ring in your mouth that will kepp your mouth open all night. Second, I will adjust the cock blinders so two are aimed slightly at your open mouth and the other two near your eyes. You'll be sleeping anyways though, so that doesn't matter a big deal. Third, I will insert a dildo in your pussy. It will not be the huge one you wore today, don't worry. Lastly, I will take a piece of your fresh shit and wipe it all over your face and tits. Now, choose."
Cunt thought it over. On one hand, she definitely did not want more shit on her and more cum in her mouth. But she'd be sleeping and getting a wash tomorrow morning, so it didn't matter. She also figured if she had a monster cock in her pussy all day as she walked and ran she could handle an ordinary dildo. And she desperately needed to rest her legs. She couldn't imagine standing on them all night after her work-out today and doing the same thing tomorrow. Slowly, as if to tell her Master she hated what she was being put through, she slid her knees to the floor and spread her hooves. Turned on by the young female spreading her legs and offering herself to him, her Master took out his cock and began jacking himself off. He reached climax fast and ordered Cunt to open her mouth to accept his seed.

"Okay, Cunt, I'll get the needed materials," he panted, putting his cock back in his pants. He walked to the other side of the barn and returned with a few items. First, he ordered Cunt to rise and slipped the "O" ring in her mouth. Cunt did not realize how wide it would made her jaw stretch and the pain it entailed. It was too late to change her mind though. Her Master slowly pushed a medium-sized dildo into her pussy, and pressed a button that caused it to vibrate. She didn't know it would do this all night, either. He adjusted the cock blinders so they aimed at her open mouth and eyes as targets. The next blast she received was right in the eyes, as she realized that unless she wanted to experience the burning sensation over and over again she'd have to shut her eyes and try to go to sleep. She flicked the load of cum in her mouth to the back of her throat using her tongue, swallowing what had to be the thousandth load of cum she accepted today. Cunt didn't see her Master put on the rubber gloves and pick up pieces of her shit because the cock blinders forced her to keep her eyes closed till morning, but she certainly felt and smelt it being rubbed onto her skin. Her Master wiped it all over her face, tits, and ass, even writing the word "WHORE" on her forehead.
"Well, see ya tomorrow, Cunt. You should be excited, you'll be getting washed down tomorrow by one of my other slaves. Not that it matters when you'll get dirtied up again the next day, but whatever." He covered Cunt's ears with the same headphones that played the looping track her first night, then attached her leash to the stall's pole.
Cunt was confused. She thought she'd be getting a chair to sit down in. Her Master laughed wildly.
"Oh Cunt, you crack me up. You don't really think I'd let you sleep in a chair, right? Ha ha! I *told* you, you're a pony now, and ponies don't sleep in chairs! Besides, I told you the first day that you'd be sleeping standing up for the rest of your life! Your Master's word is law, I can't break it by turning around and letting you do otherwise! Ha ha!" And with that, he stuffed a piece of Cunt's own shit in her open mouth, which received a cum topping a second later. He pressed a button on the headphones, and walked away.
"You will obey your Master. You will obey your Master. You will obey your Master because you are a slavepony. You will obey your Master because you are a toilet slave. You will obey your master...."
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Just one thing ive noticed thats weird, you havent described her master at all. You've used loads of detail with everything else so i find it weird that youd leave that part out...
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Well, you could accept one of two truths: one, I prefer as a writer to leave the characters' appearances to the reader's imaginations, or two, I was really horny when writing this and decided to just get to the juicy bits. ; )

Did you like the story otherwise?
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i love this story. please continue
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Originally Posted by mausi7280bi View Post
No good story ,

There are illegal actions.
To create a new creature, you can write a fantasy story with virtuell figures.
I think its poor to make a girl to a ppoor animal, you can use an animal then.

That is a ill soul that is writing that.
Its to extreme and i think its the same if I would write a story or a nice boy that I make in my story speakless and cut him his balls and let him used as a cunt for some animals.
Ok I'm sorry for flaming on your completely amazing and beautiful board with such an amazing story BUT I'm afraid this has to be done. This is an Amazing story and I'm VERY glad I read it. You're a great writer and have made it very interesting and in no way creepy sounding. The two parts which I have highlighted in my quote I have to say made me laugh the most. First of all most of the stories on this site are illegal actions...FAR worse than this. I mean come on she's legal back to the point you then suggest that you use an animal then....Well that's bestiality...And just as illegal and far less entertaining.

Secondly this IS the exact same as if you wrote a story about stealing a nice MAN (not boy...She's a secretary thus woman not girl) and chopping off his blah blah blah yeah...You know why? They're both stories. This chick doesn't exist and neither does her 'Master'....And who says she's nice...It says in the first post she gave head for promotions...Does that seem nice to you? And a lot of people think it's cruel to spank your girlfriend hard...and if it bruises it's illegal too....It's all about perspective. So all I'm trying to say is yes the stories crazy and yes it's messed up....BUT THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT AWESOME!!! So please continue Kearns with your fantazimal story....And reply to my pm which i'm about to send lol

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this story is messed up
i dont like it, it's not to my taste
but apparently a lot of people do like it *cough* sickos! (jk)
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I didn't bother looking 'cause "rubber pony" made me think of leather, and I don't see the appeal.
I've still not fully read it, but these comments are ridiculous.

It's a STORY for a reason... It's fictional, ficticious, not real. Nothing about it exists in real life. It's a projection of reality with an unreal and bizarre chain of events, and line-up of characters.

If you think THIS is bad, you must also think Superman is bad for inspiring children to wear towels round their necks and jump off cliffs (oh it happened).
It's your own business if you like or don't like it. It's your own business what you do with it. But if you don't like it, don't slander it. It's just pathetic. XD
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Thumbs up keep it up!

the story is good and has its own pace. great job
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Default Wow!

OMG, you HAVE to continue!!! PLEASE!!!
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Thumbs up awesome

i think that this story is unique and one of the best i ever read, plz continue
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Thank you for the kind words everyone.

I think I may continue it when I have time. I've been busy the past couple of weeks. Anyways, I think I have some of the next chapter planned out in my head, but there is PLENTY of material/humiliating things I can work in still. I have a couple of ideas but I'd like more. If you have any yourself, PM me and I'll consider them. Please do not post them here, I wouldn't want a good idea wasted because it was spoiled beforehand. Also, I'll give you credit for the idea in a short paragraph at the end. Again, thanks to everyone for the encouragement.
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Thank you for the kind words everyone.

I think I may continue it when I have time. I've been busy the past couple of weeks. Anyways, I think I have some of the next chapter planned out in my head, but there is PLENTY of material/humiliating things I can work in still. I have a couple of ideas but I'd like more. If you have any yourself, PM me and I'll consider them. Please do not post them here, I wouldn't want a good idea wasted because it was spoiled beforehand. Also, I'll give you credit for the idea in a short paragraph at the end. Again, thanks to everyone for the encouragement.
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