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Male 22/male/sub seeks any age/female/dom in any place

22/male/sub seeks any age/female/dom in any place

Hello to every potential readers

A brief presentation.
I am a male in his 20's (title will tell ahah)
English is not my first language. But as i do read a lot (in english) i do not have any problem to understand it, writing is still hard for me (mostly at the grammar level) so i apologize for my mistakes. ( i am not fit and not a model, just a normal guy who will care and invest his time shall i be lucky enough to find a good partner)

What i am looking for is for a female partner. Mostly a dominant one. I do not have any special requirement.
But, i know i wont be able to answer at any given time or have a time reserved every day for this, i wish i could but i dont. I will still to my best every day to go online and to have a couples of day a week where i will be 100% free.

More information
Why female only, i am mostly attracted by the opposite sex. No repulsion towards men but it just do not give me any special feeling, which i find with women. Since i am looking for that feeling that makes me love to be a sub it needs to be a woman. They are the only one who can actually make me enjoy doing task/dare for them

As for my likes/dislikes/limits i already know some of them (havent tried everything yet but will consider giving a try to mostly anything not in my limits)

Limits :
Illogical (common sense - (social suicide and others..))
Sissy related stuff (make up, female cloths)
Face ( impossible for me to start with it but in case of a long term relation i am not completly against it. Actually only happened twice for now after trust was built but didnt have a lot of mistress so the ratio is still quite good i guess)
Lots of pain (include hard pain or repetitive smaller task with pain --> at the mild level it is more of a punishment for me and even at the low level it is not something that i enjoy but i will enjoy doing it for you so it would need a certain balance if you wish to have some in our play. I believe we could find it while talking)

Those are the limits that i know for now. I am pretty open minded and want to do many different things (different place etc). I wont write a list of like or dislike as i would like to explore your kinks first and foremost. I want to do things you like (that is what i mostly enjoy to do). I do have things i like on my own and i will be glad to talk to you about it if you are interested. It would be up to you to use/add it or not to the rule/ tasks you would set

Thanks you for your time if you readed this post.

Ps : we can first talk on this site first (i log in quite a lot so the reply should be quick)
Also, i do not mind to use other app/site of your choosing after.

Any question, comment can be sent by pm or by replying to this post.

Have a nice day.
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