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Default It takes all sorts

I have a website where I show videos of myself as a male and crossdressed getting messy and ripping clothes. My wife knows I crossdress and get messy but doesn't view the website as she isn't into crossdressers. On there is a contact section where you can email me, my female character or my wife. She has had a few emails.
I have a person on Skype who is up for directing me in these escapades and seems to like dares. He said I could go on his computer and lock him out and do whatever I liked. Great I thought and went on only to be shut out when I tried his email. No email so tried to copy some photos. Again I was thrown off. In the end he wouldn't actually let me do anything. In the mean time I had sent him private pics and videos of myself doing things my wife would not like and I even sent him my wife's private email. To my astonishment he resisted the temptation to email her with the pics I had sent him.
I would think a lot of men would have been straight on the email!
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