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That's awesome knowing you have already written big part of it
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Awesome to see this story back!
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Default Chapter 12: Confrontation

Chapter 12: Confrontation

Wednesday 4:37 P.M., Adam

"Hey Adam."

Hey Jess. Hey I'm sorry but I have to go. I have a uh, my mom needs me at home. Bye."

"Oh, okay. Bye Adam!" I hurried out the front door, having it halfway closed even by the time she said goodbye to me. I didn't want to talk to anyone right now, let alone her. I'm not sure if I could have a coherent conversation with someone after what just happened. One of my best friends had just pulled down my pants and stared at my hard erection!! Not only was that extremely embarrassing, but extremely confusing as well. Had she felt that way for a while now? Was it just because of what Tony did that she's acting out? Gosh darn it I hate that man right now for what he did to Anna.

I sped home, distracted by my thoughts while paying very attention to the road. I didn't remember the driver at all as I pulled in front of my house. All I knew is that I wanted to forget what just happened, but at the same time I had a nagging feeling that there was something I wanted to do. Then I remembered my penis sticking straight out creating a tent you could sleep a family in. Even though I hate to admit it, that was probably my most sexual experience to date and it turned me on more than I want to acknowledge.

It disgusted me beyond belief, but I knew what I had to do. I was almost completely named by the time I got to my room, stripping off my boxers as the door closed. My computer was on in a second and my fingers begin typing in the address to my favorite porn site. My left hand had already began stroking my erection while I scrolled for a suitable video. Found it.

I tried to emerge myself into this video of a gorgeous blond on her knees sucking on a guy's tip, but I couldn't stop myself from thinking about Anna. My mind kept putting her face in this girl's place. That was when I saw it.

On my desk I keep a picture of Jess, Anna and I from last year on the last day of school before summer. Jess was wearing a thin sundress that showed off her adorable freckles all over her thin legs and pale chest while Anna was wearing short volleyball shorts and a tight tank top that clung tightly to her smaller boobs and showed off her tan, muscular body. I had always thought they looked beautiful in this picture, but I had never saw it in such a sexual way before. I knew then what I was a bout to do.

My hand instinctively grabbed the photo as I turned my computer off. My focus was now solely on these two hot females that I saw as something besides my best friends for the moment. The pace of my stroking kept getting faster and faster, matching the increasing deepness of my breath. My eyes kept darting back and forth between the innocent, cute freckles of Jess to the lust creating bombshell that was Anna. I could feel the tension in my groin growing. Knowing I had only a little time left I knew onto the floor with the picture frame directly under my swollen head. With a loud gasp I let go, my sperm clung through the air, covering Jess' and Anna's bodies with my cum. I stroked a few times more, letting last bits drop onto the races of my two best friends.

I collapsed onto the floor utterly exhausted. After who knows how long I awoke to the sound of someone coming through the front door. I looked at the time, that would be my older brother. I through on some clothes and ran downstairs to meet him.

"Hey Adam."

"Hey Tony. We need to talk."
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I'm curious, is he going to yell at him or ask what jess likes XD
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keep up the good story writing really enjoying this so far
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I'm waiting for the next part
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wow... loved reading this, loved that it made me cum, and i can't wait to see how it progresses... thank you for taking the time to write.. have a great weekend
Still working on these

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This is such a great story! Why did you stop? Please continue

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Default Chapter 13: Chicken or Go Part 1

Chapter 13: Chicken or Go Part 1

Wednesday, 4:43 P.M., Anna

“I can’t do this!”

The heat of Jess’ body was suddenly absent from mine as she pulled away.

“I’m so sorry Anna… I don’t know what got into me.”

Tears started to build up inside of me. For the second time this afternoon a friend that I love has rejected me. Maybe Tony cheating on me wasn’t his fault; maybe there’s something wrong with me. “There’s nothing to be sorry about. It wasn’t just you who let it get out of hand.” I did everything within my ability to not show the hurt on my face but I could tell Jess could see through me.

“Anna, I love you. I always have and I always will. And I know Adam does too, but you’re our friend and I would never want to do anything to jeopardize that friendship. I’m sure he feels the same way too.”

“I know, and I love you so much too. It’s just that… just that have you ever been curious what it’s like to, you know, to touch and be touched by another girl?” I asked.

She stared at me for a few moments. “Is that what’s really going on here? Are you sure you’re not trying to feel the hurt from Tony?”

“I mean, I guess it’s a little bit of both. I want to feel love, and I love you and you love me. If we just accept right now that we will always be friends then maybe what’s happening right now can just happen and we can forget about it later?” I stared into her dark brown eyes hoping for any hint of agreement. I just wanted to feel loved in this moment, to feel another person’s body accepting the intimacy of my own.

“Anna, I’m just not sure if-

“Jessica! Have you really never wanted to know what it was like to be with each other? Or at least to try it just a short ways?” From the moment I asked her I knew that she was right where I wanted her.

After some hesitation she replied “To be honest, I have thought about it. You are a gorgeous person and if I were to ever,” she stumbled with her words, blushing a lot as she went with a hint of a light hearted smile “if I were to ever experiment with another girl it would be with you. But I just don’t want it to get out of control and to go further then I’m comfortable with.”

“Okay!” I said a little too enthusiastically. “I have an idea! Let’s play a little game.”

“Umm, okay. What kind of game are you talking about?”

“So, how it works is one person places their hand on another person like this.” I moved my hand out and placed it on Jess’ bare knee. “Then they ask chicken or go? If the other person says go, then they continue to move their hand to other parts of the body. However, if they chicken, then the first person stops and they win. Obviously if the first person chickens out after go and stops, then the second person wins. You can stop me at any time you feel uncomfortable or think that it’s gone too far. What do you think?”

There was a huge smile across her face by this time. “I think I like this idea! Now, what does the winner get?”

“I don’t know, usually it’s just for the fun of the game.”

“How about the loser has to do one thing, anything, for the winner?”

Apparently Jessica was really getting into this. “Perfect! So what do you say Jess? Chicken or go?”


My hand glided up her smooth shaved thighs till my thumb felt just a hint of fabric from her shorts and I stopped for a moment. “Chicken or go?”

Still trying to figure these out but...
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great that you are continuing the story

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Default Chapters 14 and 15

Chapter 14: Chicken or Go Part 2

Wednesday 4:52, Jess

I could feel Anna’s hand sliding up my leg, were we really going to do this? Did I even want to do this? I love her, but like that? But this isn’t like that, it would be just messing around, right? A thousand other thoughts went through my head as her voice snapped me back to the moment at hand.
“Chicken or go?” Her hand was now resting on my thigh, her thumb brushing over the fabric of my shorts.

“G- go.” My voice cracked a little. I lifted my eyes from Anna’s hand up to her face, a smile that I could only describe as a bit devious started to form. She got up from the couch and stood in front of me, bending over enough so that she could reach my legs. Her hand took the same place on my right thigh and didn’t move but I could feel something else on my other leg. Anna’s hands were now resting on both of my thighs, her face just a foot from mine as she looked into my eyes.

“Chicken or go?”

“Go” I was able to say much more confidently this time. Her left hand proceeded to move up my body until her fingers slipped under the bottom of my shirt, her fingertips touching the side of my ribs. Her right hand did the same, but came to rest on my stomach, her whole hand under my shirt. She was still bent over and I couldn’t help but glance down from her face, her shirt was being pulled away from her allowing an ever so slight glimpse of her bra and the tan skin that lay beneath them.

“Chicken or go?”

Without taking my eyes off the hint of her small breasts my mind answered automatically for me. “Go.” The angle she was at was must have been a bit awkward for her because she getting down in front of me, kneeling on the ground between my legs putting her face where her chest was a moment before, but her eyes weren’t looking at mine. Instead she seemed very focused on her hands and the task they were doing. They moved quickly towards my back and I felt them pull me towards her, forcing me to sit on the edge of the couch. Leaving one hand on my back she moved the other around my side, slipping in between my breast and resting on my sternum. Her hand on my back started to fidget and I realized she had a hold of the clasp of my bra.

“Go.” She didn’t even have to ask the question before I gave my answer. After a few more seconds of fidgeting I heard a click and felt a small weight life front my front as the cups separated themselves ever so slightly from my skin; Anna’s hand pressing the middle against my chest being the only thing to keep it from falling away. That is, until she moved her hand away and felt it move further away form me, giving anyone who might be looking down my shirt a view worth remembering. I felt both hands leave my body as they left the confines of my clothing and immediately missed their warmth.

“Take it off” My arms started moving before I could fully even acknowledge what she had said. I pulled my arms into my shirt and slipped my bra off of me and through my neckline. As I started moving my arms back through I noticed Anna shaking her head at me. It was then I realized she had a hold of the bottom my shirt, she intended to take it off! With a quizzitive look she looked into my eyes, asking the question without asking it once again, and this time I only answered with a slight nod. I could feel the material start to rise up my body as I shook with excitement. It was raised just passed my navel when a sharp click drew both of our attentions to the door. Somebody was home! And was getting ready to open the door. Quickly I scrambled to get my arms and shirt back to a normal position as Anna grabbed my bra and slid it under the couch, jumping onto the couch next to me but at a considerable distance. We had barely settled and turned the tv on when the door closed and footsteps were heard in the hallway.

“Hey girls, what are y’all up to?”

Chapter 15: The Confrontation Part 2

Wednesday, 5:50 P.M., Tony

“Alrighty, what’s up little bro?” I barely got the words as I set my bag on the ground, when looking up a fist caught me right below the eye. “What the fuck Adam?!?!”

“You know what!! Don’t play games with me too.”

“No I don’t! Can you explain it to me before I throw you on the ground and kick your ass.”

There was a short pause as I looked furiously at my brother. The anger in his body to fade and I could see a hint of water in his eyes. “How could you do that to Anna?” It came out barely more than a whisper; I could tell he was doing everything in his power to hold back his tears.

“Oh. That.”

“What do you mean ‘Oh, that?’ Of course that! You cheated on my friend and now she’s absolutely devasted and you don’t even seem to care at all!”

“No! Of course I care, It’s just-”

“You could have fooled me”

“It’s just that things weren’t really… weren’t working out for Anna and I”

“So you decided to screw some slut instead?”

“Hey! She’s not a slut. And we haven’t actually had sex yet, okay?!”

“I see, so after you screwed Anna you just decide to move on to the next target, screw her and lose her if you will!!”

“It’s not like that at all! Look, it just wasn’t working out. We’re two completely different people with hardly anything to talk about. And at least this girl isn’t afraid of my dick! Anna and I have been dating for 6 months and I’ve barely gotten to second base with her. Heck, I haven’t even seen her tits!” As soon as I said this a look of what I could only describe as relief came over him.

“Oh. I thought you two were… you know”

“I know, and trust me, it wasn’t without trying on my part haha.” I could still feel a bit of anger coming from him and that joke definitely didn’t help. “If it makes you feel any better, I tried to break up with her last week before anything happened with the other girl and I was for sure going to that night when she showed up at the house. I lost track of time, and well, things didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped.”

“No crap”

“I know I can never undo the hurt I did to Anna, but that’s why she has you as a friend, to cheer her up for me” Another glare told me all I needed to know about how that joke landed. “Okay, still not time to joke yet, that’s cool. Even though I can never make it up to her, Id love it if you tell her sorry for me, she won’t return any of my texts or calls, and if there’s anything I can do short of letting her cut my dick off, would you let me know?” Silence…

“I think I could do that” Was that a hint of a smile I saw? “But I still hate you”

“Yeah yeah, what’s new? Just be mad at me while you go bag up some ice from the freezer, this is definitely going to bruise.”

“You deserve more than that, but I guess I do owe you” He turned around and started to walk away and then stopped suddenly and turned around. “Just curious, who was that girl by the way?”

“I think it would be best for all of us right now if you didn’t know that.”
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Default Chapter 16: We Need To Talk

Chapter 16: We Need To Talk

Wednesday, 9:30 P.M, Adam

Hey guys, I think the three of us need to talk. I stared at my phone, dismayed at the words I was reading from Jess. She had sent it in our group chat several minutes ago and I still didn’t know how to respond or even what to think about it. Was she mad at me for how I treated Anna? Was she mad at Anna for what she did to me? Did Anna even tell her; is this about something else? About Tony? How does Anna feel about it? Shit, I bet she hates me now too, probably thinks I’m just as bad as Tony. No, that’s crazy, I didn’t do anything wrong. She’s probably just embarrassed about everything and Jess just senses something is wrong, especially with the way I left so quickly. That must be what this was about… but was it? Flip, I don’t know.

I know both of you have already read this twenty minutes ago and are probably just ignoring it so I’ll just go ahead put it out there. A lot has happened since last night that I think we need to clear up, not to mention all the plans for Friday night that we still need to decide on so I have an idea. Let’s all skip school tomorrow and go have some fun! God knows we need a bit of that right now. I think we should go on a hike, there’s nothing like being in nature to clear the mind. I’ll pack a picnic for all of us and we can just hide out from the world for a few hours. It’ll be fun, trust me.

At least she doesn’t sound mad. After another minute of thinking I decided to respond. I agree, sounds like fun. I wondered if Anna would be up for this also and what she would say when I saw another message pop up. Okay was all it said.

Perfect! I thought we could meet at like 9 at the place we went to last summer with the waterfall and those comfy benches nearby that I read at for a little while.

A little while?! Anna and I were left to entertain ourselves for hours while Jess finished her book that she couldn’t put down because “there was only, like, fifteen minutes tops left.” It was a pretty nice hike though and the place was beautiful, not to mention swimming in the pool under the waterfall and the fact the hike was long enough that there were only two or three groups that came the whole time we were there. With it getting pretty late into fall it would be too cold to swim but that would also mean nobody would be on that trail, especially on a weekday.

Ill be there, as long as you don’t make us watch you read till they have to send a search party for us like last time

Oh please, it was not that long, stop being such a baby

I was hoping Anna would chime in and back me up but it seemed she wasn’t planning on joining in the conversation. Whatever you say, just don’t bring a book this time lol

No promises, you no how much I hate being without one! Plus I may need it to knock some sense into you two

Knock some sense into me? What did I do wrong? Whatever, I’m sure I'll get full lecture about it tomorrow. Make sure you bring a paperback then

How does War and Peace sound?

I noticed Anna had still not responded after her one word okay, she probably doesn’t want to be getting messages from me right now, right? I decided to go to just texting Jess off the group chat so not to bother her. After a few more back and forth quips between us I started to drift off so I figured I’d tell her goodnight.

Hey Adam, just thought I’d let you know so you didn’t stay up worrying all night You reacted completely reasonably and Anna’s upset but I know she’ll get over it, she just needs some time after everything with Tony.

Thanks for that, all I’ve been doing all evening is worrying. Well, besides punching Tony that is lol

You punched Tony!!! What happened?!?!

Don’t worry, Ill tell you all about it tomorrow. I’m sure that’s a story Anna would want to hear too

You’re right, can’t wait! Goodnight Adam

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Default Chapter 17: Into the Woods

Chapter 17: Into the Woods

Thursday, 8:52 A.M.

As I pulled into the parking lot at the trailhead I noticed there was only one other car there, a baby blue Honda Civic, Jessica’s car. Of course she’s here already, she hates being late almost as much as she loves books and about as much as _____. I was greatly relieved Anna wasn’t here yet and I would have a few moments to collect myself and try to get a feeling for the situation from Jess. She was watching me as I pulled up beside her car, sitting in the driver’s seat with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. She waved the book at me and gave me a smile as I parked beside her. Waving and smiling back I opened the door and stepped out into the chilly air.

It was a warm day for fall but cool enough that I was glad I had decided to bring along some sweatpants. I leaned over to grab them off the passenger’s seat and was ready get back out when the sound of a car door made me look up. Jess had gotten out of her car with her back towards me. She had on a pair of body-hugging, light blue faded jeans and a fuzzy, soft sweater. She lifted the coffee cup up to her mouth to take one last swig before bending over to put it in her car. Bending over left her small, tight butt pointing straight at me a mere few feet from my face. It stretched the material of her jeans showing off the small curves of her firm cheeks and I couldn’t bring myself to look away. The sudden motion of her standing up made my body react quickly looking down at the seat “looking” for my pants. Backing out of my car I started to slip my sweatpants over my athletic shorts as Jess made her way over to me.

“Hey Jess!”

“Wow, you’re actually early.”

“Why does that surprise you? I know how much you hate people being late”

“That’s never stopped you before.” She said with a smirk. Its true, I was often late, though not nearly as bad as Anna, but I figured today was the worst day to get on the bad side of either of the girls. I was slipping my second leg into the pants when I lost my balance and started to fall. Luckily a hand on my back and one on my arm caught me enough in order to steady myself. Turning my head I came face to face with Jess as she looked up at me, her smirk had been replaced by a grin and a loud laugh could be heard in the silent parking lot.

“Here, let me help you.” She moved around to be in front of me, either hand on my sides just above my waist holding me while I was able to pull the sweatpants the rest of the way up. She was only a bit shorter than me, to top of her head was slightly below my nose. I couldn’t help but breathe in the scent of her hair which was far more intoxicating than the fresh fall forest. “Thanks for your help.”

She looked back up at me with a shy “No problem.” She said smile but held her hands where they were for a few more moments. The sound of a car pulling into the parking lot finally caused her to release me and back up. I followed her gaze towards the new car and sure enough it was Anna as she zipped into a spot several spaces down from our cars. We watched as she got out, a coffee cup also in her hand and a pair of sunglasses on even though it was an overcast day. As she walked over towards us I noticed she was wearing her black skintight leggings and a loose cream colored cardigan with a light blue crop top underneath. She didn’t even look up at us or say hello but started with a simple “Can we just walk in silence for a bit? I don’t want to talk about things quite yet.”

“Sure,” Jess and I both replied in unison. Without hesitation Anna turned and started to make her way towards the trail entered the shade of the tress without looking back to see if we were following. Jess and I gave each other a concerned look before turning to follow her. “Can you grab that bag in front of your car, it has the food in it.”

“Of course!” I grabbed the backpack and slid my arms through it while keeping pace with Jessica about 30 feet or so behind Anna. Walking behind her I couldn’t help but note that her cardigan came down and rested just above her butt. Unlike Jess, Anna had a much more pronounced butt while it was still small and muscular, the curves of her athletic cheeks were visible without the need of bending over like Jess. I was still taking in the view when I felt s small sting on my shoulder. Instinctively I raised my hand to rub it and snapped my head over to see what it was. All I saw was Jess giving me a warning glare. Giving her an apologetic look I turned my head, making sure to make a show of looking up and around at all the trees that we passed.
After a several minutes of hiking in silence Anna had put even more separation between her and us, clearly not wanting to deal with things yet.

“I don’t blame you, her butt really is looking on point today.” Confused I glanced over at Jess who was looking straight ahead, and after following her gaze, realized she too was checking out Anna. “Is it as good looking as mine was by the car this morning?”

She was now looking at me with a mischievous smile. Had she caught me? Did she know? “I didn’t… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Please, I’ve seen you checking us out all the time. This morning wasn’t the first time you couldn’t’ take your eyes off of me bending over for something.” I tried to think of an apology but all that came out was a garbled mess of stammering words. Luckily she let out a laugh, at least letting me know I wasn’t in complete trouble. “Relax, It’s fine. Anna and I joke about you checking us out all the time, we actually enjoy it.”

“Wait, really? And you’re both okay with this?”

“Well, to be honest the first time I saw you checking out Anna I was a bit freaked out. It was in 7th grade when we went to the pool one time during the summer. We had just gotten out and she was drying herself off and you were staring at her with blank expression on your face like you had forgotten something. I asked you a question and it wasn’t till the third time asking when you finally responded. Later that night I told Anna and we were both a little disgusted at first but then we joked about it and after a while we found it funny, even turned it into a game.”

“A game?”

“Yeah, we realized we actually liked you checking us out and we turned it into a sort of competition at times to see which one of us you could check out more on a given day or what outfits got your attention the most. We gave up on that after a short time but we still enjoyed getting to tease you and having you check us out then get worried you were about to get caught. Today wasn’t the first time I bent over in front of you on purpose.”

Was that a wink I saw? “Wait, you did that on purpose??”

“Of course it was on purpose, why else do you think Anna and I like you to sleep between us whenever you stay over or cuddle up next to on the couch during a movie? We both enjoy getting you turned out and seeing your reaction. Her grabbing your dick yesterday wasn’t out of the blue, she’s wanted to do that for a long time, in fact both of us had, we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. Don’t act so shocked, I’m not surprised she did it, only a tad upset she did it yesterday after what we talked about.”

Wow, this was a lot for a guy to take in. Does that mean that they liked me or was this merely all in fun? There was too much to process and my brain started to shut down. This silence can’t be good though, she’s going to take it the wrong way, I have to think of something to say. “What did you talk about with her that would make you upset?”

“It’s actually one of the things I wanted the three of us to discuss today, so don’t worry, you’ll find out soon.” With that she went off at a much quicker pace, gaining ground on Anna. I stood still for a few seconds trying to understand what Jess said, but it felt like I was in a dream. It has to be a dream right? There’s no way the last eighteen hours was real. Well dream or not I had to find out how it was going to end so I began to jog in order to catch up with the girls.
__________________________________________________ ___________

I hope everyone is enjoying the story, I swear I actually plan on finishing it this time!! I was planning on finishing this story right before the party started on Friday night and maybe writing a second story that takes place solely at the party. Would this be something you all would be interested in or not? And if I do write it is there any feedback you might have on this story. Any critique would be greatly appreciated but I was also curious about the chapter length, this way of building up suspense rather than just jumping into the sex (though I do promise volume 2 will have a lot more sex) and the overall believe ability of the situations and conversations
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Your plan to end on Friday then address the aftermath of the party as a separate volume is sound. I encourage you to follow through.

One suggestion, have someone read your posts before actually posting them. You have a substantial number of little errors (e.g. missing words, wrong tense, improper homonyms, scrambled syntax, etc.) in the text. You do really well at avoiding big mistakes but the little reduce readability. Having a second set of eyes review the text will eliminate the vast majority of these problems.
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Default Chapters 18 and 19

Thanks redtiger for your feedback! I spent an extra long time proofreading and editing these two chapters so hopefully there are less mistakes. I also spent extra close attention to sticking with a single tense but I'm sure a few slipped past me. If there are any glaring mistakes please keep letting me know!

Chapter 18: Hiking Along

Thursday, 11:04 A.M., Anna

We had been hiking for about two hours now and nearly that entire time had been spent in silence. Adam and Jess would occasionally make some trivial comment, but I had mainly kept quiet besides a reflexive one-word response to a question posed by one of them towards me. My eyes had barely left the ground for most of the hike since every time I lifted them up to look around, they would inadvertently make contact with one of them and a flood of shame would heat up my body and force me to jerk my head away. The sound of the waterfall could be heard through the peacefulness of the forest, though it was still a ways off.

“This is getting ridiculous! Anna, the longer we go without talking, the harder it’s going to be.”

She was right. I knew she was right but I still had this constricting feeling in my stomach that threatened to make me throw up if I verbally acknowledged what happened yesterday. I turned to look at her, afraid I would see anger in her eyes but all I saw was a look of sympathy mixed with a hint of sadness. I was at a loss for words.

“Well, since it was my bright idea that brought us here, it’s only fair that I start. Seeing as both of y’all seem too awkward about everything I’ll just get it all out into the open. Yesterday, after you left Adam, we had a sort of… experience together and if I’m being honest I… I kinda enjoyed it. No, I really enjoyed it.” My eyes opened wide in disbelief. Did she say she enjoyed it? Was she not mad then? “It was a physical moment similar to the one that you two shared. She told me that she made a move on you and ended up touching your penis. How do you feel about all of this?”

I watched Adam and was waiting tensely for his response when I felt my foot catch on something and I lost my balance. I should have known better than to try to walk backwards in the woods. My body twisted around and my arms extended themselves in preparation of impact but that impact never came. A pair of arms extended themselves around me and caught me. I was pulled backwards till a figure was pressed up against my back. Once I had recovered my balance I spun in those arms and found myself looking up into Adam’s face. We stared at each other as he started to give his answer that I had been dreaded for so long.

“To be honest, I was really freaked out. That’s why bolted out of there, I had no idea how to react. But I’ve had some time now to think about it and I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it and regretted leaving as quickly as I did. Any guy would be lucky to be with you and have happen to them what happened to me.”

My eyes had begun to well up and the first of several tears started down my cheek. I threw my arms around Adam’s waist and buried my face into his chest. His arms pulled me tighter against him and he planted a kiss on top of my head. “You don’t know how relieved I am to hear you two say those things. I thought for sure you would be mad at me. I was just so confused and overwhelmed after seeing Tony with that girl and I let my emotions and stupid insecurities jeopardize our friendship.”

“Nothing could Jeopardize our friendship.” A soft voice spoke beside me and another arm wrapped around my back and we stood there for what seemed a whole afternoon.

“Now what’s this about you two sharing a physical moment?”

I let out a single chuckle. The gentle, continuous laughter of Jess vibrated through my body.

“Oh, just a game we need to show you. Which reminds me, you still owe me something. I get one wish, remember?”

I looked at her with confusion. “What are you talking about? That’s only if I lose.”

“I don’t remember ever saying chicken.”

She can’t be serious. “That doesn’t count, my mom came in and-“

“And you stopped cause you chickened out, rules are rules!”

I glared at her while she responded back with a innocent yet devilish grin. I sought some help from Adam but got only a shrug of his shoulders in return. “Fine, but on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“You have to play the game with Adam.” I figured this would get her to stop but I was surprised when her grin became even wider.

“I think that’s fair. As long as you play with him too.”

Play with Adam? My legs trembled with nervousness and my heart raced with excitement. I tried to collect myself as not to allow my shaky voice to give away how much I wanted to. “Fine, you have yourself a deal.” Jess jumped and quickly clapped three times. This was all accompanied by a squeal.

“Do I get a say in any of this?”

“No!” We both shouted in unison.

“So, what’s this wish of yours you want me to fulfill.”

“I dare you to just into the pool under the waterfall.”

My mouth fell open. “But the water will be freezing! And my clothes will be soaked the whole way back! It’ll be miserable and I’ll catch pneumonia.”
“Since when do you swim in clothes?” She gave me a wink before she started walking again towards the waterfall.

Chapter 19: Waterfall Fun

Thursday, 12:40 P.M., Anna, Adam, and Jess


Goosebumps started to spread over my skin as I dipped by foot into the water. We had just finished eating and it was time to answer for my mom’s interruption. “I can’t believe you’re making me do this, the water is freezing!”

“Maybe next time don’t be a chicken! And it’s not freezing. The water is just really, really cold.”

I glared at her not for the first time today then turned my attention back to the water. This wouldn’t be the first time I got in water this cold on a dare, but it would be the first time Adam would see me in my underwear. Luckily, this place was deserted this time of day and year so he should be the only one. The worst part of the whole thing is I am going to have to hike the whole way back without them or else be miserable. My bra won’t be so bad as I often don’t wear one since my boobs are so small. But these leggings, let’s just say, I know I should have worn more roomy clothes for this hike. Well, it’s now or never. I pulled my cardigan off, throwing it at Jessica’s head and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt.

I was sitting at the picnic table watching. She had been pleading with Jess for about ten minutes to get out of having to jump in the water but Jess wouldn’t budge. It was getting to the point where it seemed nothing was going to happen when a cardigan went flying through the air and hit Jess square in the face. I let out a small laugh but my focus was immediately drawn back to Anna. She had pulled her shirt up her torso, her back was towards me, and the straps of her black sports bra were now visible against her muscular, tan skin. Her arms reached over her head completely removing the shirt from her body, her long hair fell messily back down over her shoulders. She tossed that to Jess as well for safe keeping and hooker her thumbs into the waistband of her leggings. Slowly the skin-tight pants made their way down her legs as she bent over to match their progress. The material of her light blue panties stretched tight over her athletic butt that was presenting itself in its fullness. Completely bent over and with her pants around her ankles she attempted to remove them fully but for a second time today lost her balance. Unlike last time, I wasn’t there to catch her.

A moment before she hit the water her brain must have registered what was going on because she let out a shrill scream that was instantly replaced with a loud Splash! Anna flailed her arms for a second before gaining composure. She sat in the knee-deep water facing us, her pants were still wrapped around her ankles. Instinctively I jumped up and ran to the water’s edge but by the time I was there both girls were cackling loudly which set me at ease.

Gasp! It’s so cold!”

“It’s about to get colder, it doesn’t count unless you’re all the way in!”

Anna acted quickly and flipped over. Her little butt poked out of the water as she pushed herself out further into the pool. The water was up to her neck and I could tell she was wading as well as she could will her hindrance in mobility. Click, clack, click, clack. The sound of chattering teeth filled the air.

“Is. This. Good. Enough?” Her words came in between gasps of air.

“Yeah, you’re good, come on out!”

She swam back towards the edge of the pool and crawled out onto the ground. Jess pulled two towels out of her bag and wrapped one of them around Anna. Why did she have towels with her? She couldn’t have planned this, could she? Nah, I shook my head. She was probably just over prepared like usual.

In front of me stood Anna who held the towel tightly against her and shivered. Jess used the other towel to dry off her legs and exposed, toned stomach.

“Go have a seat on the bench, we’ll get those pants off of you and finish drying you up.” Like a duck following its mother Anna waddled over to the picnic table and sat down. Jess took the towel off of her and used it to dry her shoulders and back. “Help her take those pants off, will you Adam?”

It took a moment to register that she was talking to me and another for what was being asked. I slowly approached them and knelt down. I pulled her feel towards and me using one hand on her calf to steady her leg while my other hand slipped her feet through the ends. Her calf was hard and muscular in my hand and her skin still cold to the touch. My eyes couldn’t help themselves, they drifted up to her bare legs, her soft skin glistening from the water. After regaining my concentration, I was able to free her legs from their constraint. No longer restricted they naturally separated from each other, stretched outwards in relief. During this process something colorful caught my eye, a few feet in front of me in nearly full view was her sweet womanhood. The water had made her panties translucent which allowed me to see the trimmed hairs underneath. They clung extra tight to her skin, giving her a camel toe and showing me the outline of swollen lips. I glanced up at her, afraid I was going to be caught, but I saw that her attention was on Jess. Even though I knew better, I took this rare opportunity to take in more of this heavenly sight.

“I asked you to take off her pants, not get into her panties.”

I jumped up, nearly falling over myself in the process. Apologetically I looked at Anna, hoping for forgiveness. Her face had turned beet red, but with embarrassment instead of anger. She immediately closed her legs, her hands covered the spot that before had my undivided attention. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking, I-“

“Don’t worry, I guess I owed you that. Are we even now?” She gave me a tiny smile through that embarrassed look.
“Even.” I smiled back.


“Do I need to go and give you two a few minutes of alone time?” I couldn’t help but snicker. They both looked so embarrassed and ashamed. And people say I’m the innocent one! “You should probably get your clothes on before you get any colder, you’re pretty much dry.”

“What am I going to do about my pants? They’re soaked now too.”

I reached into my bag and rooted around. It should be in here somewhere. “Aha!” I grabbed my spare pair of sweatpants and pulled them out. “Here you go.”

“Wow, you really came prepared. Thanks!”

She reached for the pants but I pulled them back at the last second. “On one condition.” She let out a disgruntled mumble. “You and Adam have to play the game, right now.”

“Right now?! But I’m nearly naked and about to die of hypothermia!”

“You can put these and your other clothes on first, but you have to play before we start hiking back.”

“I still don’t know what game you girls are talking about.”

I ignored him. “Do we have a deal?” She stared at the pants for half a minute.

“Okay, whatever.”
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