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Default Clit Clamping Challenge

I tried this the other day after using a suction toy on my clit. Using clothespins on your clit hurts, but what hurts even more is removing the clothespins as the blood rushes back into the sensitive tissue.

For this dare, rub your clit until itís nice and swollen but donít cum. Place a clothespin directly on your clit and keep it there for 2 minutes. Now remove the clothespin quickly... no touching as the blood rushes back. Try to keep your legs spread. Wait one minute and then put the clothespin back on your clit and keep it there another 2 minutes. Keep doing this on 2 off 1 for as many times as you can tolerate. I was only able to do it twice but I didnít have much time and needed to sleep.

If youíre feeling really masochistic, you can spank your clit or snap with a rubber band when you take the clothespin off to help blood flow back faster. Likewise you can do different activities with the clothespin on. This is a good punishment for naughty subs that canít stop mastrubating. This should make you quite sensitive for the rest of the day. So much so itís almost too sensitive to touch.
Sub lesbian with DDD breasts. Looking for dares and punishment ideas to share with my Mistress-

Likes: edging/orgasm control, clit suction/mild torture, hot wax, bondage, sensory deprivation, mild exhibitionism, nipple clamps/torture, spanking, bondage or mastrubation devices under clothing, bladder control.

Dislikes: anal, pee/soiling clothes, severe pain.

Limits: blood/needles, scat, incest, minors, animals, illegal, social suicide, RT relationships, permanent marking.
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I've done something similar. One minute clamped, one minute nothing, one minute with an extremely almost dead vibrator, one minute snapping every 5 seconds, one minute ice. I did this every 5 minutes for an hour. I was SO sore when I was done!
28/F/pansexual/technically a Virgin

Anything to do with my clit, Self Tickle Torture, Nipple play, Any type of bondage.

Pictures (I have to trust you to send them), Spanking, Short Term Denial, Hurting My Nipples, Ice, Short Term Pee Holding

-Anal, Permanent/Semi-Permanent, Long Term Denial, Family, Face, Fully Public, Pee/Poop, Extreme Pain.
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clit torture, clothes pegs, clothes pins

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