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Default Another Self bondage session


I just wanted to share one session I did and enjoyed quite a bit. I hope more people would come forward to do the same.

Here is what I did

I tied my knees together and then my ankles in the same way. Then I tied my balls in such a way that they are separated from my cock shaft by coils of rope. Then I tied this rope to my ankle rope with a short rope forcing me to stay in a strict kneeling position or stretch my balls in a very painful way.

Then I put clothespins on my nipples and under my armpits. Then I put a pen under and one over my tongue and put rubberbands on the ends of the pens forcing my tongue out and making me drool. Then i wore a pant over my head and forced one leg of the pant down till my waist pinning my arms to my sides and covering my upper half completely.

Then using my non dominant hand I edged 5 times and then came. Then I released myself.

I was such a drooly mess and I was sore and groggy, but it was the best orgasm I had in a while.

I have done many such sessions. If anybody wants to know about my previous..um...adventures, I would be happy to share.

PS: I really did this on my own without the orders of any mistress and it is possible in real life. But please be cautious if you try this as too much pressure on the balls can cause serious and irrepairable damage.

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