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Default KIK: Messy Showdown!

Okay, so this isn't too different to the other Kik games you see on here...but thought we could use a messy version!

So whoever posts in this thread either wants to get messy, make others messy or compete for a messy forfeit!

Post one of the below and your KIK ID:

Showdown: You will play @roll to determine who gets messy, winner rolls a dice to determine how many messy items

Victim:If you want someone to give you a messy dare

Darer: If you want people to come to you for messy dares

You could have a roll for what is worn:

i.e. 1, Fully clothed
2: Topless
3: Underwear only
4: Naked
5: Winners choice
6: Top only

If you want to make it more random, assign messy items from 1 to 6, or for a pack of cards to make the mess random

1: Custard
2: Eggs
3: Baked Beans
4: Soup
5: Pies
6: Cream

If any women want to play then you can PM for my Kik...if I post it here I'll get a lot of unwanted attention no doubt...
35/m/uk/switch - more dominant


I'm straight and will only take Dares from Girls, please bear this in mind when writing to me.

Play my 20 questions dare game!

Answer my Messy questions

Dare you enter Gunge'em Dungeon?

Trading Card Dare Game!

If you join one of my games, please follow rules!
If you have a fake profile, do me a favour and never talk to me...ever!
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I am looking to be a messy victim. I will take dares based on my likes and dislikes in my profile.
videos from previous dares/tasks can be found here https://umd.net/profile/i/wamfan22/section/videos

food/messy play
nipple play
tight clothes filling..pantyhose,tights,swimsuits, spandex clothes
I love really thick and/or squishy diapers.

soft limits:
semi public
staying in a messed shitty diaper for extended periods over 2hrs

hard limits
eating bodily waste
anything involving blood
playing with poop
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I am here for a messy forfeit or to get messy
Hidden public tasks thread

My Clothes


Kik: codboy247

Likes: Messy, Wedgies, Clothes filling, Dice Dares, Hidden-public, Crossdressing, Sissy, Spanking, Anal, Games, Denial, Edging, Excersise, Pain

Dislikes: Strong Pain, Piss Play, Painful Anal, Cum play

Limits: Extreme Pain, Scat, Exposure, Blackmail, Family, Blood
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I am. Looking for a showdown.
Kik avk1991
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I could be victim or a darer. Go ahead and PM me and let's have some fun.
Gunge, Pet Play, Diapers, Diaper use, Socks, Sweat, Watersports, Bondage, Anal, Leather, Rubber, Bets, Games, Chastity, Enemas

Blood, Scat (beyond diaper use), Public, Pics.

Feel free to PM me if you want to set up a game with possible forfeits, or without forfeits because games are fun to play.

Check out my Ask A Puppy thread to ask me questions. Serious or silly, all questions are welcome. Who knows? Could be fun.
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Iíll play someone
Kik: lifeisball4
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Iíd love to play! Iíll be a victim or down for a showdown!!

Kik PieFanatic12
Male US
I like to get messy.

Likes pies shower dares and underwear filling, humiliation

limits Illegal, permanent or long term harm, shaving, financial, scat, vomit, pee hole insertions, blood, needles, people I know finding out.

Kik PieFanatic12
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I am here to be a messy victim
25 y/o bi male

kik johntaylor1992a

Skype johntay1992

Feel free to add me on FetLife: johntay1992

Likes: humiliation, messy, clothes/ property destruction, gunge, glue, pics, Skype, kik , strip games, paint, body writing

Dislikes:hidden public, face, sph, edging, shaving

Limits:full public, social suicide, family, illegal, permanent, pain
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I am in as a victim or for a showdown.

Kik avk1991
26 male, bi.

Likes: anal, wedgies, messy, edging, Light pain, playing games, humiliation, exposure.

Limits: face, sociale suÔcide, Public, poop or vomit.
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I am in for a showdown.

Kik is goofywillowowisp.

Likes: messy, playing games, anal, bondage

Limits: Social suicide, poop, vomit, face, public, family, illegal, permanent.
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I am just looking to become messy as hell for anyone I will get messy with anything
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kik, messy

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