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Post The Lucky 6

Ha, I thought this might be a twist to try to combin two stories into one, so here you go; already got 9 chapters typed up!!!

If you wish to read the two stories I combined

Just another day, same as all the others. I got done running three laps around the track, and finished showering in the guys locker room. Not many people use the guys locker room while were on our two week break, so I just asked the gym coach for a key and he gave me his to borrow and put on my lanyard. But my mind is set on more important things, like the hair on my head. Its gotten just a little two long, it just doesn't sit right. I think its time to get a hair cut, probably going to get it cut short and spiked just a little, or something like that.
I went to work putting on my clothes; boxers first; but unknown to me, I had a few unexpected visitors watching me from the shadows behind me.
"Nice boxers Blake" Someone yelled behind me
And he succeeded in scaring the shit out of me, making me jump. But I would recognize that voice anywhere, my best friendís. Brian.
"Brian, what the hell" I shouted back at him turning around
And Brian wasn't alone Will was there with him laughing, I couldn't help but smile a liitlebit myself.
"My brother, said you might be here" Brian said
Iím a little mystified on how Brianís brother knew I was here; being here at this time is not something I tell everybody.
"How in the hell does your brother know I'm here, I barley know the guy" I said giving Brian a questionable look
"Your brother tells... my brother things" Brian said
"My brother better watch his mouth" I mumbled pulling a white V-neck over my head, and slipping on some cargo shorts, before someone noticed a bulge growing from all the excitement.
"He told us where you would be and we decided to stop by" Brian said with a friendly smile.
"Your here for something else too" I said sensing Brian wanted to say more
"Yeah, I do..." Brian dragged on
"Well, go on tell him" Will said looking a t Brian
"Well, we know your..." Brian said sitting next to me
Well this is not going as expected in fact, I think I might kill my brother if he told someone that I was gay, its something that I trusted him with. That kind of trust you don't betray.
"Well, out with it" I said looking at Brian
"We know your..." Brian said making some hand motion
"Gay" Will finished
"Kind of ballsy thing to say there Will" I said trying to shift my way out of the situation.
"Well the info came from a, excellent source" Will said
"And you heard this from whom" I asked
"Actually your brother told mine" Brian said
Great, Iíll inform the police to bring extra body bags.
"So what do you guys care, if you tell someone I'll just deny it" I said quickly
Brian became quiet all the sudden
"Don't worry were not going to tell anybody" Will said coolly
"Yeah, but on what condition" I asked knowing there would be some price I would have to pay
"One" Will said smiling deviously
"And whats that" I asked
"Kiss him, oh and I'll leave, to give you two some privacy" Will said walking out of the locker room, outside.
Brian was as speechless as I was. But finally we made eye contact, but it quickly left.
"Did you know he was going to ask that" I questioned Brian
"Nope" Brian said
"You don't have to..." I said getting up off of the bench I was sitting on
"No wait, I didn't tell you, Me and Will are gay" Brian asked
"REALLY... I mean you are" I asked loosing my cool for second making me sit back down
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Thumbs up

good story hope there is more
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Awsome! Love your stories!
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Buanos tardes (Working on my Spanish). Here's the next part, enjoy of course; but I would like a few more comments please. Words are as valuable as the soul put into them and any soul is worth a million, any opinion whether bad or good Iíd appreciate it.

Love, CIA!!

I kind of suspected them gay at first but, I completely disregarded it because of my hormones acting up or something. Brian was my latest crush, I had two before him. I was lovestruck, I did everything in my power to be near him. I brought him with me to party's, flirted with him constantly, and in the process became his friend. Usually my crushes pass within a month or two, but with Brian its been more than 4 moths at least.

"Yeah, we both are" Brian confirmed
"But what about Will, wont he mind you kissing me" I asked, quickly pulling on some socs
"Don't worry about him, he already has a boyfriend, and heís the one who told you to kiss me" Brian said leaning his head closer to mine gave me a

good view of his bright green eyes that are always shining.

"Who" I asked
"Mike" Brian said inches from my face

Soon Brianís hand found my left hand and his fingers griped around mine, and his other hand found my back, and his hand soothingly moved up and down on. The contact sent energy pulses through my body.
God why does he have to be so cute, I would do anything to look that cute. Everything on his body just fits, from his slender athletic form, to the innocence in his face. Not the mention he just looks so soft, just like silk.
When our lips came together it was like a dream come true, but when the tongues became involved it became a pure fantasy. Trying to keep myself from smiling is torture. The kissing went fir a few minutes; and the tongue wrestling was won by me of course. But there was something out of place about the whole situation, something just didn't feel right. And I broke of the kissing which could have gone on much longer if I didn't stop it.
Even though I didnít want too.

"I know were good friends and all but... I don't know, I think were going just a little to quick for me' I said as Brianís hand let go of mine and the hand on my back fell away

I also have my doubts about Brian, a night alone with Will might have had played with some of Brianís emotions, especially the distinction between straight and gay.

"Thats fine cutie" Brian said standing up with the most shameless bulge ever coming from his Bball shorts.
Cutie? Does he really think I'm cute, I mean I know I'm good looking and all. But cute what about hot!

Then again, I don't have anything special about me like how Brian has his bright green eyes, I'm just like every common person with brown eyes and hair. But I am really tall at 6'3 I think Brain is only 5'9.

"Cute" I questioned Brian
"Yes, your very cute" Brian said
"Not hot" I questioned
"Ok this is going to take some explaining, yeah your hot, but I mean your personality when your with someone you like" Brian explained
"Alright say your with your friends, you try to act cool, somewhat jerkish, and you like to be the center of attention, and stupid, but I know your much smarter than you appear" Brian finished

Heh, funny thing is Brianís theory about me being ďstupidĒ is right; I act stupid to deceive others around me, most of the time it works, but clearly not with Brian.

"Somewhat jekish" I said
"Yeah, but when your around me, you act like a goofball, your shy, and really nice" Brian explained

I guess Iím little cute.
I had to admit Brian was right, when I'm around him I act different. Around Brian nothing seems to work right, and I blush alot.

"See like that, your blushing" Brian smiled and I couldn't help but smile myself, and look down at my feet.

Inside of me I felt different, kind of like I just lost 20 pounds all the
sudden. And really happy.

"I wonder where Will ran off to" Brian said to himself, evading the
awkwardness of the moment.

As if on que Will walked in from outside. Speak the devils name and he will appear every time.

"I went to get some water from the vending machine across the street, here I got you two some" Will said tossing me and Brian one, and noticed a newfound emotion running in the air, and smiled.

Will for some reason makes my blood boil, I don't like being near him. I don't know why its not like he's ever done anything bad to me. But every time he talks it just annoys me so much, not his voice but just him. I just hate him for no absolute reason.

"Thanks" I mumbled
"No problem" Will said with a smile that I didn't give back
"Me and Will are going to walk to pizza hut, you wanna come" Brian invited
"Nah, I got some things I need to do" I said zipping up my sports bag with my running clothes and running shoes in it
ďWalk? Donít you have a car BrianĒ I asked slipping my shoes on.
"Yeah but its in the shop" Brian asked
"Break it alreadyĒ I joked
ď Nope, its getting painted midnight black; anyway Will lets go, I think we bothered Blake enough todayĒ Brian said walking out the door
"Hey Will, wait up a sec, tell Brian to walk ahead" I said

I don't know what I'm trying to accomplish here.

"Sure, hey Brian go ahead I'll meet you there" Will told Brian halfway out the door
"What'd you need" Will asked tuning toward me smiling, god heís always smiling...
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Me gusta!(Lol helping with your spanish ) This is really really good. It makes me smile!
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I am very excited for this story...can't wait for the next update!
Likes: Pain,messy,pee, masturbation,
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Intersting. Looks great still!
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Here's the next one

"I just wanted to get this out of the way, I don't like you" I said throwing my JD bag over my shoulder
"Did I do something wrong, I didnít mean to if I did" Will said giving me an innocent face
"No you didn't do anything wrong, you just irritate the hell out of me" I said
"Is it because I'm around Brian" Will asked
"No, I've always been this way toward you, I'm sorry if I seem like a dick or something" I said
"Its alright, I just didn't know that you... hated me" Will said with a sad look
"I'm sorry I shouldn't of told you that" I said
Will has one of those faces that reminds you of a lost puppy, when he's sad.
"Go have lunch with Brian, I'll make it up to you later, alright" I said not knowing exactly how to make it up to him.
"Alright" Will said leaving, all mopey and disappointed.

Whatever I just attempted to tell Will it just failed miserably. Wonder how I gonna fix this, what a sec I got an Idea!

"Hey, wait" I said running up to will
"What is i..."Will started but was cut off by me hugging him

I could feel him take a big breath and back up a few steps before accepting me, I could feel his heart beating, and his breathing slow. But eventually raped his arms around me, we stayed like this for three minutes. When we made contact its if the hate leaked away, replaced with a strong compassion.

"I'm sorry now go have lunch" I said patting him on the back letting him go, feeling better about myself, and for him of course.

Oh, and he left with a big ass grin on his face, and the darkest blush Ive seen on him.
As Will walked out of the locker room, I gave a brief glance around the locker room. Alot emotions were flying through here today, many of them good, a few bad. But at least I learned a few new things today. I saw the bottle of water Will gave me earlier I picked it up opened it and took a sip. Afterwards I shut the lights off and couldn't help but laugh out a little-bit, as I walked to my Trail Blazer.

I think I'll be smiling the rest of the day, maybe even more than Will, but I need a plan and a very good one...
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Love this story! Thanks!!!
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Batter's Up srry baseballs going on at school, but anyway here is the next one.

The rest of the day was pretty much set for me, until supper. My parents had informed me that their going a to my grandmothers with my brother. Me being clever I got out of it, and is aloud to stay home. Also my grandmother lived a whole state away.

"Hey mom, do you mind if I have a few friends over" I asked my mom in the dining room

"Who" My mother asked busy with packing

"I was thinking, my cousin Alex and his friend Hal, plus two or three friends from school" I said haflassly, knowing this was probably going to end up in a no, but I would still invite them over anyways.

"Fine, I trust you, but no more people, and especially no girls" My mother said pointing her finger at me

That's all right I saw this as more of a Guy night anyway. My cousin Alex is curios about guys, I wonder if he ever charmed Hal up, playing truth or dare, guess Iíll find out when I text him.
But one thing I might have an issue with was Mike, I want him over for Will, but me and Mike aren't on the best of terms right now, especially after the party the other night...

The other night:
Brain just left the party with Will, Michael was their tying to stop them but eventually left. I questioned Michael about it, he got angry quickly, and pushed me. I avoided a physical fight, but turned it into a verbal fight. I stormed away from the party with very hard feelings toward Michael...
this morning I awoke with a bruise on my shoulder where Michael had shoved me but It doesn't hurt to bad.

But what does hurt, is that before today, before me and Brian kissed, I was hurting on the inside. Feeling completely alone, although I was never alone, I had friends I could talk to. But the alone you get with love, I saw other guys with their girlfriends and stuff, and it made me hurt even more. Or read those online stories about how two kids meet each other and life was perfect.
But every story I read, every person I saw who had someone they loved with him, just made me cry. One night I cryed so much that I never fell asleep, the hurt was getting to be unbearable. I was ready to take rash actions to find someone who I could hold. I told my brother I was gay to see if he knew anybody that was, but every day was the same results, more hurt and loneliness.
But there is one great women that helped me, she's the schools teacher in Astronomy, one day she saw me after class. Apparently my grades slipping and the lost look on my face, gave me away to being lonely and such.
She's the sweetest 54 year old lady you'll ever meet, always wears modern loose silk clothing and her big glasses she uses to grade papers, her hilarious jokes and funny laugh could brighten anybodies day up. She's the one that I confessed everything to (except that I was gay), she the one that picked my shattered remains and glued me back together. Over a few weeks she was able to convince me that I didn't need to hurt all time, the only thing she wasn't able to fix was me STILL not having anybody. But I learned to mask the pain to hide it, I definitely owe one to her. Maybe Iíll tell her Iím gay one of these days...
"You alright" My dad asked passing me by, braking me out of a gaze

"Yeah, just thinking" I said, now one more challenge to live up to today finding my phone

After a few minutes of searching I found it laying in broad daylight I swear the thing gets up and moves when nobody is watching, I had a few new messages. Most from friends one from a number that I don't recognize, so lets see who's it is.
Opening the message was very tricky especially when you don't remember your phone pass code but I eventually got it.

"Thanks for everything today, I guess its all right if your a jackass and all see you later! Will"

Well that was nice of him oh well better start sending the invites! I hope to get everybody here, you know what I don't hope I'm GONNA MAKE them come if I have to(excuse the pun, I'm felling like a perv).
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