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Default Cum eating

Hi I am 25 yearsold male. I've always fantasised about being able to eat my own cum. The thought is pretty lively when I'm horny, but as soon as I cum the desire fades away and always chicken out of the task! HAs anyone have any advise on how I can try my cum or force myself into it
Likes - Corner-time, Spanking, humiliation, doing tasks, writing lines, exercise and fitness challanges

Punishment - toothpaste and icyhot, anything with ginger, blinfold

Dislikes - Public, Extreme Pain, Illegal, Scat, family and friends
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There already is a similar post. I suggest you search for it and read the comments

LIKES: masturbation, being aroused, shaved pubes, being a dare master, nudism
MAYBE: mild pain, cum eating
LIMITS: pee/scat, public & family, permanent, illegal, pictures, feet, dirty undies/socks

Send a PM stating "Free Napoleon" & you will be invited to inspect Napoleon for 5 minutes on tinychat, but I stress that I am not a slave & am only doing this to give something back to these communities. Do not treat me like a slave and be respectful.
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