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Default Forced exercise/pain dares needed (18m)

Hi everyone. 18/m here. Ill be home alone for the next few hours and feel like a good hard session. Open to any harsh/cruel dares which force me to workout or hurt myself for your pleasure. I have a bench press and dumbbells at home + Q-tips, toothpaste, and clamps if you want to give me any punishments or encouragement or just straight up torture.

Will be happy to provide video or pictures over kik or even skype if youd like.
18/M/Bi athletic

likes: bondage, nipple torture, edging, clothespins, cbt, pic proof, humiliation, forced exercise, roleplay

Limits: messy, face, anal, body writing, shaving, cum eating

Kik: DukQuak
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Here is a good workout for you.
Start by putting clamps on your balls and the tip of your cock. Then you will do 25 pushups. After you do your 25 pushups, remove the clamps and put them on your nipples. Then you will do 50 sit ups. After each sit up while your stomach is flexed, you will punch yourself in the gut. You will do all 50 sit ups. Finally to end your workout, you will cover a q-tip with toothpaste and you will stick it into your pee hole. Then you will do 100 jumping jacks. When done you will send a very detailed report of your exercise.
LIKES: Spankings, whippings, beatings, pain and torture, bastinados, belly punching, being verbally abused
MAYBE: piss, light anal
LIMITS: CBT, Hard anal, pics, videos, blood, scat, excessive edging, public, anything permanent.

I love to be made to feel inferior. Either through verbal or physical abuse. So please pm me all the spankings, beatings, tortures and degrading names that you wish.
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