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Default 20/F/Looking for dares and tasks

I'm in need of some attention tonight and am looking for some dares, tasks, challenges, or any control someone wants to take of me tonight.

I will report back and may include some pics.
Likes: teasing, edging, chat play, anal, Light pain, tasks and reporting, humiliation, games, other stuff I can't think of at the moment.

Dislikes: scat, blood, piss, diapers, social media.
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An easy one: run down your street naked and send picture proof
Straight male. UK. Kik: gdbob
Dare me, Rate me, Show me your boobs

Kik dice dare: Send @roll 6 to gdbob
[1] I'll answer any three truths
[2] You can add any sentence to my gd sig
[3] I'll send a nude photo
[4] You can give me JOI or deny me for 24 hours
[5] I'll lick anything you choose
[6] You have to do a dare for me
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What about a good old fashioned Delivery dare?

with a twist : put the money for payment in a tube (something like a perfume bottle that is empty, anything is cylindrical, clean and empty with a tap) Wrap the tube with a condom and close the condom with some kind of thread. Insert the tube with the thread in your pussy leaving the other end of the thread out. Now wear only a towel to answer the door. When asked for the money present the thread.

You can make it a dice game: roll the dice for level of difficulty:

1 - exactly as was described above
2 - make sure the towel accidentally falls
3 - have something nasty written on your body
4 - 3 + answer the door naked
5 - leave the door open and call the delivery guy inside where you'll be waiting tied up to a chair
6 - 3 + 5 + blindfolded and gagged with sign written for him to read letter which explains where the money is and what to do to untie you (if he wants to).

I'll try to think of something else in case it's already too late for delivery in your town.
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Default Alternative to the delivery dare

Here is something milder:

the booty call dare:

pick up the phone and dial a number, any number that could possibly be connected in your area. Your mission is to get someone (male or female) to show interest in coming over to do you up. Be as charming and sexually aggressive as possible.

You may need to call many numbers before you get one right, so, for every refusal, you ll punish yourself. Starting naked on your bed with your phone and a hairbrush (preferably a cylindrical one) you will make the first call. Make sure you are fucking yourself with the brush handle while on the phone. If you're unsuccessful in your first attempt (say nobody answered or you called a nasty old lady) then get out of bed and make your first step in the direction of the door - also give your butt ten swats with the brush. Next call, new failure, again another step and 10 more on the butt. You will keep calling until you reach your front door (of your house or apartment). If you fail again, you'll have to open the door, step outside and give your butt 20 from now on. You ll keep on walking, step by step until you're successful or until you chicken out. If you chicken out, as punishment, take that hairbrush and shove it inside (not the handle now, the other end).

In case you are successful. Then you have the option: wait for the guy (or girl) to arrive or give them a false address (and disconnect the phone). But if you do give them a false address, then you must pay for this sin as well. Take a picture of yourself fucking that hairbrush and upload at temporarily exposed.

Roll the dice:

1 - just a body shot
2 - showing face but you may be looking away from the camera so as not being identified.
3 - full frontal nude showing clearly your face
4 - 3 + your name
5 - 4 + your city
6 - 5 + your e-mail

Roll again

1 - 1 minute
2 - 5 minutes
3 - 15 minutes
4 - 30 minutes
5 - 1 hour
6 - 1 week

Have fun
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