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Iíve enjoyed your story a lot! The different points of view make the story a little unique compared to the others, which is a good thing. Overall, I think the storyline is very believable and could actually happen. Splitting the story into two volumes like you proposed sounds like a good idea! Iím looking forward to the next chapter!
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Default Chapter 20: The Second Game

Thanks Cooldude123! I greatly appreciate the encouragement, it makes getting motivated to write a whole lot easier

Chapter 20: The Second Game

Thursday, 1:00 P.M., Anna

“Neither of you better turn around.” Adam and Jess were standing with their backs towards me while I got ready to change.

“No promises.” Jess said with a giggle. She reached over and placed her hand on the back of Adam’s head. Don’t worry, I got him. We both know how much his eyes tend to wander.”

I trusted them enough so I stuck my thumbs in the side of my panties and slid the soaking wet underwear off. I put on the pair of black sweatpants Jess lent me, finally clothing my goosebump covered legs.

“So, are either of you ever going to explain what this game of yours is?”

“It’s Anna’s game, why don’t you tell him?”

I looked for the string to tighten the sweatpants once I had them on but there was none to be found. The pants were way too large for me and I could already feel them sliding down. “Well, one person starts by doing something to make the other feel either uncomfortable, embarrassed or whatever else they want and then asks ‘chicken or go?’ If the second person wants the first to stop at any time they say ‘chicken’ thereby losing the game. If they want to continue, they say ‘go’ and the game goes on until either of the players chicken out.” I reached behind me to unsnap my sports bra. The wet material stuck to my skin and I had to peel it off. Between the cool air and the cold water my nipples were hard as stone and had begun to ache. I reached up and took both nipples, which stuck out like a peak from a small mountain, between my fingers and simultaneously gave them a soft pinch and pull. A shiver not attributed to the cold ran through my body. It took a great amount of willpower to make myself stop, something I would not have done if I had been alone.

“Sounds simple enough. What did you two try to do to win yesterday?”

Before I had a chance to respond Jess answered “that’s a story for another time.” I struggled to pull my t-shirt over my still damp skin, the cloth clung to me and every inch was a battle. Unfortunately, I noticed the shirt did nothing to hide my erect nipples, two small pointy nubs threatened to poke holes through it. Together they announced to the world the state of my bra lessness.

“Fair enough. Is there any way though, since I have no idea what I’m doing, that you can be the one to try to make me chicken out?”

“This is your first time playing so why not? I’m okay with that.” I wrapped my cardigan snugly against me and reveled in its warmth. “You two can turn around now.”

“Don’t forget, whichever one of you loses has to do one thing, anything, that the other wishes.”

I glared at her for what felt like the 20th time today. “Thanks Jess.” I was unable to hide the sarcasm that coated those words, mainly because I didn’t try to. It took a few moments to gain the courage to start but finally I faced Adam. “You ready?”

‘Ready as I’ll ever be.”

I strode up to him and stood on my tiptoes till our faces were an inch apart. The tips of our noses were touching each other and our foreheads were pressed together. “Chicken or go?”


I reached down without moving my head and slowly untied the knot of his sweatpants’ string. The back of my hand rubbed against something protruding from underneath and I made sure to press against the firm appendage. The knot was easy enough to untie but I made a show of not being able to get the last bit undone. “Uhoh, I think this is going to take more than just my hands.” Once my knees touch the ground, I bit the last part of the knot. I stared up into his eyes as I brought my head backwards, the string coming completely untied. As soon as they were untied, I gripped the sides of his pants, making sure to grip the shorts underneath, and yanked them down. Before he knew what had happened they were both around his ankles. His eyes were wide with shock, but his mouth remained closed and no word of stopping came from them.

From there I placed a single kiss on his bare leg, right above his knee. Several more kisses were placed incrementally up his thigh and continued past the bottom of his boxers to the front. They were the kind that had one button over the fly to keep it closed. My mouth placed one a kiss right on the button. I had chosen the leg that I did because what looked like a roll of quarters had been trapped against him on the other side. Now that roll of quarters had grown considerably more and was no longer trapped against his skin and created a tent a family of four could camp in. Without thinking I placed one last kiss right on the end of the tent, the tip of his penis pressed against my lips with just a thin layer of cloth in between. A moan from above me encouraged me to press my lips a little harder and the rod holding up the tent twitched underneath. My head pulled back and looked up at Adam again, hunger emanating from every inch of him. I grabbed his hands and placed them on either side of my head, his fingers naturally curled and gripped my hair lightly. My attention turned back downwards as my fingers found the button. It popped open and my fingers infiltrated the opening. Soft hair rubbed against my fingertips but I kept reaching.

“Chicken!” Adam yelled and backed away from me.
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Nooooo, why would he do that?
I really though this is it!
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Why?? I need to know??

Loving the story but a love hate relationship with these cliffhangers.
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Default Chapters 21 and 22

Sorry for all the teasers and cliffhangers MaskedMaster and Thursday! I promise it will all be worth it in the end.

Chapter 21: Embarrassment All Around

Thursday, 1:08 P.M., Jess

For the past several minutes all I could do was stand there with my mouth gaped open. My best friend was on her knees in front of my other best friend and had unfastened his boxers. A stream of various emotions overwhelmed me to the point of confusion. On one hand I was extremely jealous of Anna, that should be me in front of Adam! I was filled with rage over her experiencing what I had desired for so long. What took me beyond angry to furious was that not too long ago I told her that I was starting to develop feelings for Adam and then she goes ahead and grabs his dick while we try to watch a movie! On the other hand to balance out my anger, my underwear was nearly as soaked as Anna’s had been though I never got in water. This whole time I uncontrollably rubbed the outside of my jeans. My hand put more and more pressure against my crotch as my fingers sought to break the barrier of cloth between them and my pussy.

There was a yet a third hand that existed, my logical side. What unfolded in front of me was just another step in the plan I conceived last night after leaving Anna’s house. So far everything had gone according to plan, in fact, had gone even better than expected. It was a risk pushing them together like this but I wanted to bring our friendship to a different level I had to take risks. A loud shout shook me from my train of thought. Adam was backing away from Adam and, unless I was mistaken, I had heard him shout ‘chicken’.

“Looks like I won!” Anna beamed gleefully.

After a second to recompose myself I ran over and hugged her, nearly tackling her to the ground. I helped her up off her knees we faced Adam. He looked embarrassed now, both hands covered up the tent that was burned into my memory. “You okay?” I smiled at him.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” He smiled back. “I just didn’t realize what exactly this game entailed.”

“Did you not have fun?”

“Oh, trust me, he had fun, it was quite evident.” Anna chuckled after she said that.

“I mean, yeah, I had fun. I’m a tad freaked out again I guess.”

“I seem to have that effect on you.” She winked at Adam.

Knowing Anna and how much we had enjoyed teasing Adam the last few years I knew for a fact that she was delighted in his discomfort. It was her turn to experience some of that embarrassment. That was when I decided it was time for another part of my plan. It was originally meant for later, but this day seemed to be progressing much faster than anticipated. “Hey Anna, you’ve got some dirt on your knees.”

“What? Oh, thanks.” She bent over to brush them off. I looked over at Adam to make sure he was paying attention and of course his focus was already on the pert butt in front of him. She had faced me and I faced Adam so I stepped to her side and swiftly pulled her sweatpants down right under her round cheeks without her noticing. They were so loose that it wasn’t until the cool air on her skin registered that she realized what happened. In the meantime, Adam and I both watched Anna, bent over, completely bottomless with her pussy lips clearly on display. As soon as she realized she grabbed them, threw them back up, and turned to face us. She was clearly angry and about to yell at us when something distracted her in the middle of opening her mouth. I followed her gaze until I saw that in the commotion, Adam had forgotten about his problem. His boxers that were still unbuttoned let out a second set of genitals into the open air. This was the first penis I had ever seen in person and it was tantalizing. Several inches stuck out of the fly with presumably a couple more underneath, it was a tube of toothpaste and curved considerably to the right. Unlike Anna it took him much longer to comprehend what was going on, which allowed my eyes to drink in and memorize the object of many of my fantasies.

“You shouldn’t have chickened out. I would have as soon as I saw that thing and you would have won.” Anna’s words confused him at first but then there was a mad scramble to get his penis back into its home.
“Need help?” My question only seemed to make the situation worse since he fumbled the attempt, making the process last much longer. Finally, the beast was back in its cage, but it had awoken another beast inside mine. I hadn’t realized it but one again I started to stroke myself, only this time my hand slipped under my jeans and over my underwear. My fingers ran between my lips and pushed into the opening slightly. A couple more strokes caused me to let out a soft moan which resulted in both of them staring at me. It was now my turn to be embarrassed and reluctantly removed my hand from my jeans. My mind reeled for a way to shift their focus. “Is it time to talk about the plans for the party?”

Chapter 22: Classroom Antics

Thursday, 7:58 A.M., Lexi

A part, if not most of me was dreading coming to school today. The only thing that made me come was the fact that it would look awfully suspicious to Anna if I didn’t. So far it seemed that she was unaware of my involvement in the incident two nights ago. Yesterday she had greeted me normally enough during school and even texted afterwards inviting me to a party they were having this weekend. Yet with all that I couldn’t help but feel paranoid that everyone who so much as glanced at me knew. My guilt was magnified by the fact that Anna and I were actually pretty good friends, all the way to the early days of elementary school, and the fact that I still had the taste of Tony’s cum in my mouth from this morning. I really did feel terrible but he picked me up to bring me in and I had to reward him. Plus, I didn’t have breakfast before I left.

Never before had I betrayed a friend like that, I really did feel terrible, but Tony was Tony and I’m, well, me. There was just something about Tony that I simply could not resist. Out of the 20 or so cocks I had swallowed a load from, Tony’s was by far the best in every way: perfect size that molded to my hand and filled my mouth, delicious cum that I could drink every day, well manscaped pubes and it was attached to one of the hottest bodies in this town. It was a model cock that had a hold over me that was unbreakable. It took all my strength to resist him from taking my virginity these two weeks I had been sucking his cock.

Riiiinnnnggg! It was time for my first class, a class where Anna sat a mere three seats from me. Its okay, just act normal, everything will be okay. Looks like she’s not here yet. I sat down and opened my book, prepared to look busy for when she came in. A few minutes later the teacher started taking role call but Anna still hadn’t showed up. As a matter of fact, it looked like Jess was also missing. With any luck they decided to skip. A wave of relief rushed over me and for the first time since I got out of Tony’s car, I realized just how tense I was.

Bzzz, bzzz. It was nearing the end of class when I got a message from Tony.

It’s already hard for you again. Attached was a picture of his hard, majestic dick. Normally I love getting a dick pick, of any dick, but Tony’s was always an extra shot of adrenaline that made blood boil. I figured I would give him an incentive to keep his hard erection ready for me after school. I slid my skirt up to mid-thigh, spread my legs a little, and pointed the camera towards me. The picture showed my pale, plump legs creating a path to my delicious honey pot covered with a pair of dark green silk panties. Save that bad boy for me. With Anna and Jess gone there was just me and another boy, Andrew, in the back row and Mr. Anderson being the oblivious man he is, I felt comfortable I had gotten away with it. A few seconds later my phone buzzed again, but this time it wasn’t from Tony, it was from Andrew.

Can I get a copy of that too? I turned towards him and gave him a seductive look. I always liked Andrew. He was a nice boy: funny and sweet, fun to hang out with, and even though his cock was on the smaller size his cum was the second tastiest I have ever swallowed and he produced enough to paint a kitchen. This past summer I sucked his cock several times with many favorable and memorable results. I decided the picture wasn’t good enough, he deserved the real thing. I grabbed my phone and typed him a new message.

I want your cum to be snuggled up against my pussy all day. Will you pretty please cum in my panties? He shot me a look of disbelief after reading the message before his gaze drifted down to between my legs. I checked the front of the class, Mr. Anderson sat behind his computer, the students all working on the new assignment. Emboldened by my horniness for Tony I felt confidant enough to turn my body towards Andrew and slide my skirt up even further. The material was stuck between me and the chair so I lifted my ass off it enough so I could finish sliding it up which left my bottom half entirely uncovered except for my panties. Those came off quickly enough and I held them outwards. He reached to grab them but I pulled them back, shook my head, then nodded downwards towards his lap. The message was clear, a second later Andrew’s cock was sticking out and his hand was already stroking it. I gave him a seductive smile and tossed him my silk panties.

His hand was a blur as it glided up and down his shaft, the juices from my underwear now lubricated his hard cock. He stared intensely at my closed legs; his mind appeared to be trying to telepathically open them. I twirled my thick, black pubic hair while I watched him pleasure himself. Only a minute later he got that familiar look he always got right before he came which was the sign I had been waiting for. I opened up my legs and used two fingers spread the lips of my pussy. Almost immediately a stream of semen shot upwards landing all over the front of his shirt. He was able to cover the head with my panties in time to catch the second rope and unloaded his sperm into my underwear. After a few thrusts and a few more strokes he removed the panties from his cock and handed them back to me. It was only once they were back on grasped how much cum there was. What felt like a cup and a half of melted butter was pressed up against my pussy, sloshing around inside my panties while I stood and fixed my skirt. I could already feel a few drops leaking out and running down my thigh.

I had just finished getting my clothes situated when the bell rang. Andrew had taken off the shirt he was wearing, revealing a plain t-shirt underneath. We stood there and smiled at each other both knowing that his sperm was currently plastered to my skin and would be all through the school day. He leaned in gave my cheek a kiss, then whispered ‘thank you’ into my ear. I put my arms around his waist and hugged him. After we released, I felt a hand cup my ass and give it a soft squeeze. With that he left me standing there, the horniest I had ever been in my life.
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Another amazing instalment canít wait for tomorrowís!!
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