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definitively option A, even when i do not enjoy the pain I think streching my annus wold be a nicer experience
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A. 10 Minutes of anal from a large cock (with lube) that ends with them cumming in your ass
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I would 100% go with a! It would be awesome
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Definitely A. 10 Minutes of anal from a large cock (with lube) that ends with them cumming in your ass. What else could a sissy ask for?
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Default Anal or clit

Im not into pain, but if its a choice between say an 8 in my ass for 10 minutes, that might be a bit rough but do able. Versus what? Maybe 6-12 canes on my clit area? I think Id go with option b.
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B for sure! I could probably do that longer and loving it!

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B. My clit is super sensitive but I might actually like it? I've punished myself with clit snaps and slaps and I rather enjoyed it in comparison to good touches.
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-Anal, Permanent/Semi-Permanent, Long Term Denial, Family, Face, Fully Public, Pee/Poop, Extreme Pain.
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I'd enjoy either option, but what enjoy the second option more.
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I'd go with B if only becauce it's shorter.
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A. 10 Minutes of anal from a large cock (with lube) that ends with them cumming in your ass

I would rather have the humiliation of a creampie then haveing my balls crushed
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I would happily take hard cbt. I can't do anal.
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Probably B over A but both sound like punishment.
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A for sure. Id love to have that
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Originally Posted by Truckernaut42 View Post
If you had to choose between

A. 10 Minutes of anal from a large cock (with lube) that ends with them cumming in your ass


B. 1 minute of on and off ball squeezing (for guys) or clitoris caning/flicking (for women)

Neither of these options would be aggressive enough to cause any kind of physical damage

I'd go with option A first, not big into CBT myself
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