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Male 31/male/dom seeks any age/female/sub in any place (online - kik)

31/male/dom seeks any age/female/sub in any place (online - kik)

I am a thirty-one year old Dominant male, born and based in Europe. I discovered BDSM when I was sixteen, and this forum when I was roughly eighteen. I have visited GetDare on and off since that time, made roughly 3-4 new accounts due to forgotten passwords, but I have not been that active during the recent years.

I am looking for a female sub (or MtF) who wants to be a part time sub for me. This will be strictly online, and anonymous. That means that I will not show my face, I will not tell you where I work, live or what I do for a living. You are free to do so if you want, but I do not expect it from you. No one can afford to be a hypocrite, can they?

I will add that I am NOT looking for a male sub. Nothing can make me change my mind on that. Now that I have stated the fact, I expect no PMs from males responding to this ad.

What do I mean by part time sub? I am one of the lucky few who still has a job to go to, and it keeps me busy. Weekends are filled with what weekends normally are filled with. I work evening shifts, so I am available at daytime. This means that you will get tasks that I expect done within a set timeframe, and I expect detailed written reports and proof of said tasks. If you cannot deal with that - do not read on.

If you are still reading on: Good for you! You have proved that you follow simple commands, are able to take someone who is remotely strict, and that bodes well for what’s to come.

When it comes to my personal preferences regarding kinks and fetishes, I will list them up below:

- Humiliation
- Verbal abuse
- Obedience
- Degradation
- Work out routines
- Forces eating/diets
- Keeping control over the sub, IE: bathroom logs, food logs, masturbation logs, and so on.

If this is remotely interesting to you, I want you to read this ad again. If you still want to message me, write me a good, well thought out message. Let me know your name (alias/nickname is fine), age and where you are located (without exposing where you actually live). People who do this right and proper, and gives me a lengthy response, will automatically move in top of the line.

You will also include your username for Kik, and you will be prepared to receive a task with my very first message, that will be completed within 24 hrs after I have sent it.

By responding, you are automatically letting me know that you have converted European time to wherever you live, and that you will be avaliable when I am - IE roughly 9-4 PM GMT. If all this is understood - get going with writing me that message. Good luck!
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