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Default To Love Ru dare

This is a simple dare I just came up with like 20 seconds ago. If you like it tell me and I'll create more anime dares. But here's the dare. In the anime a girl named La La is an alien trying to find a fiancee for her kingdom and learn earth things. It's an ecchi anime and manga. However there's one defining thing about her... She has a tail coming out the back side of her. It is the most sensitive part of the deviluke aliens (their alien race). Whenever someone touches her tail she becomes extremely weak to the point of falling over and turned on. Sort of like if we didn't cum for a year and then someone touched out sensitive spots with a nice little swipe. Well the dare is to act that way with your own tail for a day or longer if you wish. You can use one of those tails that go around your waist or a clip on or even a plug if your daring enough. Then when ever someone touches it you get all flustered making squeaks and pips or whatever you usually do when you get embarrassed and fall to the floor in embarrassment. Then you say all cute "please let go on my tail I'm very sensitive there" and even moan while you do it too. Then act like your out of energy when they release and get up. Then act like nothing happened until they or someone else touches your tail. Now to get them to do it just simply use reverse psychology saying "hey just don't touch my tail" or draw their attention to it by talking about it in general or something of the sort.
Now for people with no tail you can do all the same thing except use a different item like a tie or scarf or shirt or even just your arm. I'm sure you can get creative. Report here and let me know if you would like more anime themed ones. I already started thinking of tons more .
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Omg I love To Love RU! Great dare
Here to explore and have fun ~
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