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Default Does your best friend know?

How much have you told your best friend about this site, your kinks etc?
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Default friends

Originally Posted by andrew_b View Post
How much have you told your best friend about this site, your kinks etc?
All my friends know all my kinks and about this sight and love pushing me to see just how far I will go.
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Most of my friends know about my diapers, but they think they're for medical reasons.

Hey there! I'm Viral, and I'm a submissive MtF girl in her 20's! Feel free to PM me dares!

Likes:: Diapers, verbal humiliation, anything involving panties, feminization, femdom, pee desperation, public humiliation (minor - not major), chastity, furry stuff.

Dislikes:: Messing, wedgies, pain, public nudity, anal, spanking.

Toys: "Training" Diapers, AB/DL Diapers, diaper boosters/stuffers, CB-3000s chastity cage, 100+ panties in all styles, Hitachi wand.
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Actually have talked to tem before (won't reveal gender on here) and they were like "sure,coop, whatever, you do you." Definitely best friend ever. They were the same when I came out to them and told them I was a furry.
24 / Male / Gay / Pet / Furry / Nerd & Geek

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My best friend knows that i am into bdsm. But he doesn't know more, about my kinks and so on. He is also the only one who knows i am transgender, apart from people from my past.
sub/slave - ftm (male with cunt) - gay

Into: BDSM, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, anal, vaginal, torture, pee, spanking, pet play, age play, humiliation, heavy pain, diapers, wax, icyhot, ice, being used and abused
Limits: crossdressing, scat, permanent, blood, public, illegal, videos, facepic, friends & family

Skype: sandwich.tsftm
KIK: Jolly.ftm

Men only! At least 30 years old!

My toys
likes, phantasies and what i am looking for
My calender
Top 40 at OSA - Jolly_FtM
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Default Yes

Well. Since my best friend is also a member of get dare I would say that yes. She does know about me on here

Likes. Public. Sex. Teasing. Dice dares
Starting to enjoy painful dares

Will try almost anything once

Limits. Pics. Vids. Tattoos. Voice. Scat. Blood.
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Two of my friends know( close friends) but not a lot of other people know
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Nope! I haven't seen my best friend in 17 years, though. He's married now and even I didn't know I was ace back then.
38/M/grey ace/switch
kik: papabeli
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one best friend I met from here... another knows about all my dirty kinks
Kik: Cieirn | Skype: Cieirn


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A Butterfly Princess <3
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My closest friends and some family members know that I am kinky and that Mr. Devious and I met through a kink website. They were all really supportive and my friends are all very curious and love to talk about things and ask questions.

My very best friend has gone to a play party with Mr. Devious and I and her husband.

It is so nice to be able to talk to the people who are close to me about these things.

Where is Butterfly?
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His Royal Majesty King Jaro of getDare
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Nobody in real life knows anything about this.
Worm owned by
Princess Butterfly & Goddess Icey

Last orgasm: Oct. 18, 2018

Likes & LimitsToysIndex

Spank My Royal Hiney-ness

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Originally Posted by Jaroface View Post
Nobody in real life knows anything about this.
Same for me. As far as I know, no one knows.
A slut

Like: dares, bdsm, piss, anal, and a good hard fucking

Limits: anything that would effect my job or family, so no pics. Also scat and blood
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Absolutely nothing. She is an innocent person and I refuse to do anything to corrupt her. Even after I accidentally found out shes a kinky little shit too. Old habits die hard.

likes: hypnosis, edging, (reasonable) public, crossdressing, humilitation, swimming dares
dislikes: pics (no face), light anal
limits: social suicide, face pics, video, hard anal

In self denial! Feel free to help make it hell for me!

Kik: Locker.room.sub

PM dares:
ADD- you can give me any reasonable and within limits PM dare to add to this list

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Blue Fox
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Both of my best friends know I am submissive. Roommate (one of the two) doesn't know about the site or me being a sissy. The other knows I take some dares from a site, but I never told her what site or my name on it. She does know I am a sissy, though.
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getDare Sweetheart
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Almost all my good friends know

Likes- sex,semipublic, humiliation, oral, watersports,carparks at malls,
Can do public stuff late in night near a park/woods
At work, shopping
Dislikes/limits - anal, scat, public, illegal, pain,pics(sorry guys)

PS- I work and can try to do some dares at work too.
I don't own any panties and bra. If I have to wear them then either I buy and throw them after use or ask friends to let me use theirs
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