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Wait Dares? (Diapers!)

Requires: Time, diuretics, choc. laxatives, ability to make food (any), 2 glasses, drinks, diapers, duct tape, one die (dice is plural), possibly sleeping pills?, possibly ruler.

My dare: You are planning a meal for one at 5. (If doing this with a partner have them prepare the meal of their choice while doing these steps up to the 6pm point)
4pm - Put on 3 diapers, slit on the top two, bottom one larger than the other two. Duct tape the edges tight, all around the opening on your diaper. Waist, imbetween legs. You cannot take off diaper until next morning.
4:30pm - Crush up a decent amount of diuretic pills (safe amount on label) and sprinkle them into a drink for your meal, putting it in the fridge next to an identical drink.
4:45pm - prepare a large meal (time may be adjusted depending on how long the time to make the meal is) and make cookies/brownies as a desert, making sure all chocolate in either is at least 1 chocolate lax/1/2 brownie (the mix will be primarily laxatives).
5pm - Meal should be ready and drinks on the table; both.
5:15pm - begin eating the meal, taking a sip after every bite. Roll a dice before every sip; even numbers you drink from the glass on your right, odd numbers you drink from the glass on your left.
5:30 Dinner MUST be done by now. Make sure your brownies are done 10 minutes prior (so they're not too hot). Eat a minimum of 5 brownies (2x2 inches each).
6pm - Hold in pee/poop until 7pm, if failed, go to 6-7 step. if survived, go to 7pm.
6-7pm - so you've failed in holding it in. Poor dear. Eat 5 more brownies and drink 3 glasses of water. Hold in for 1 hour again. Eat snacks along the way. DO NOT CHANGE. These are your diapers for the night.
7pm - Congrats, you've made it. You have the right to release the internal carnage, but remember, these diapers you're wearing are on until MORNING.
7pm-10pm - Eat brownies/snacks and drink lots of water/etc. Go to bed at a time before 12am. Set alarm for 7:30.
?-7:30am - sleep.
7:30am - go to the kitchen and sit down on the hardest chair you have with as much force as you can muster, moving the mess that has hardend/not around. Eat a breakfast right after.
8am - You are allowed to take your diaper off, clean yourself off, and send me a dare. You must take a picture of you in the dirty diaper or the dirty diaper via msg/email to me for proof.

After this dare you are allowed (after sending proof) to dare me with what you may. CONTINUE THE DARES. My likes and dislikes are below and i'd prefer it to be something involving diapers. Hope to hear lots from you guys/gals!
Likes: Diapers, messing, enemas, wetting, dressing up, humiliation, kinks, exploring, bondage, restraints.

Iffy about: Public, meeting in person, photos/cam.

Dislikes/Will not: Family, Friends, ingestion of bodily fluids/excretions.

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