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Default sleepover games.

Samantha- 16 years old blond hair, brown eyes, 160 cm’s tall, C cup breasts, older sister of Tanya.

Tanya- 14 year’s old Blond hair, blue eyes, 155 cm’s tall A cup breasts, petite skinny body, younger sister of Samantha.

Tailor-, 14 years old, red hair blue eyes, A cup breasts, 150 cm’s tall skinny, best friend of Tanya and friend of Samantha.

“Come on Tailor it’s your turn, ether have a drink of the wine or roll the dice” Samantha said as the girls sat by the fire waiting for Tailor’s reaction.

With pier pressure Taylor was persuaded to join in the game not knowing the other two girls wanted to get her drunk for the first time and have some fun with her.

Tonight Tailor was drinking for the first time and after a couple of drinks she was feeling a little light headed and, not like Samantha and Tanya who has tried alcohol a few times before.

“Come on you know the game rules” Samantha said pointing to a sheet of paper with the rules of the game written on it and started to read them out aloud.

Rule one- everyone at the sleepover must play poker for the full sleepover.
Rule two- the looser with the lowest hand at each game must have a drink of wine or roll the dices.
Rule three- there are two dice, the first dice are.

1. Do ten star jumps.
2. Go outside for ten minutes with hands tied behind back.
3. Get ten spanks from each player.
4. Do something of the winner (highest hand) choice.
5. Put on a balaclava and blindfold to hide your face so you can’t see and stand in front of the laptop webcam for two minutes while the others Skype someone of their choice.
6. The winner may change the dice activity of one dice.

Dice two. This dice was how much someone wears.

1. Fully dressed.
2. Topless.
3. Bottomless.
4. Bra and panties only.
5. Panties only.
6. Completely naked.

Rule for not completing the task is to be stripped naked, hands tied and taken for a walk down the other side of the farm to where Samantha and Tania’s brother and his friend are camping in tents and give them a slave for one hour.

Tailor already had a couple of wines but cringed in embarrassment of having to be seen naked and a slave by some boys so the choice was made easier for her so she picked up the dice and rolled the first one.

To be continued if I get good feedback.
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This sounds really interesting. Keep going
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This sounds awesome Please keep it up
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Tailor watched as the first dice stopped rolling and landed on 1. She was relived it was a easy one and she only had to do 10 star jumps then with a little reluctance she rolled the second dice which landed on 4.The other two girls laughed as tailor stood up and slowly unbuttoned the front of her pajama top then dropped it beside her on the ground then with a finger on each side of the elastic on her pajama bottoms slid them down her legs and off.

“JUMP,JUMP,JUMP) Samantha and Tanya chanted as Tailor started her star jumps dressed only in a pair of white cotton panties and a white training bra. “ONE, TWO, THREE, FORE, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN,EIGHT,NINE,TEN) the girls shouted exited over the fact that they were slowly manipulating Tailor into humiliating herself for their entertainment.

Tanya picked up the deck of cards and dealt the next hand giving Tailor two kings and two tens so she only needed one card to try and get a good hand this time, she got a ten giving her three tens.
But unfortunately Samantha showed her cards and had four of a kind.

“Let’s go again” Samantha said giving her the option of the dice or another glass of wine. Already tipsy from her last drink she picked up the dice wondering what it would land on and hoping it was not one of the bad ones she was dreading because she didn’t have much choice apart from follow through or humiliated at Samantha and Tanya’s brothers camp site

• She let the first dice roll and it landed on 5. she went red as I looked at the girls hoping they would give me a break and let me off but to my humiliation they only smiled and told me to roll the other dice. I rolled a 6. “Please” I pleaded “not that, I will do something else for you instead just don’t humiliate me on cam in front of a stranger.”

“Hmm how about this then, if you don’t want to do this then you have to drink this full bottle of wine within five minutes and be our slave for the weekend and do everything we tell you to no matter how disgusting you might think it is.” Said Tanya as she turned on the computer and started up Skype. “ Maybe the stranger watching you will be someone you know or even someone from school that may be embarrassing Monday morning for you.”

Tailor didn’t know that to say as she felt a little mad at the girls for putting her in this position and embarrassed at the same time. She thought about it then reluctantly said “OK then I will drink the bottle and be your slave” How bad could it be doing stuff for them like getting them food and drinks and things.

Tailor was handed the bottle and she bought it up to her lips and started to drink it as fast as she could as she knew if she couldn’t finish it in five minutes she would have to go naked and blindfolded on cam in front of an anonymous stranger. The quicker she tried to drink it the worse it tasted to her and felt sick when she reached the half way mark and stopped for a quick break. “Two and a half minutes left you are doing well there Tailor.” And with some encouragement she made a bigger effort to keep going until she finished the last of it then sat down in a chair to stop her unsteady legs. She had never been this drunk before and didn’t like the feeling she was experiencing, her eyes were starting to go blurry and her speech was slurring and not to mention she was so drunk she didn’t know what she was doing half the time.

Suddenly Tailor could feel someone grabbing the legs of her pajama pants and them sliding down her legs and off while at the same time another set of hands trying to take off her top. Tailor could not stop this in her situation and gave up and let them have their way with her pajamas then next was her bra and panties leaving her naked in the chair.

“ Cool she’s almost out of it and our slave and I bet she doesn’t even know what she is doing she’s so drunk, what do you think we can do to her?” Samantha said. I’ve got a great idea and we can take some pictures with my camera to use her in the future too, you go to the kitchen and get some peanut butter and rub it all over her pussy and I will be back in a few minutes.” Tanya whispered and then ran out of the room.

A few minutes later Tanya returned with Lucky their Labrador retriever and took her over to Tailor where her pussy was coated with the peanut butter and pushed his nose into her. I t wasn’t long before Lucky got the taste of the peanut butter and started licking her pussy with excitement. With all the commotion going on and Tailor looking on at Lucky licking her and not being in a state to protest and stop it she eventually settled down and thrust her pelvis in time with Luckys tong strokes the others could see she was starting to enjoy her predicament. Click, Click the camera went getting all different angles including her face for future use.
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Please continue this..
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Please continue this it's such a good story
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Please continue the story!
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