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Originally Posted by Tem View Post
If you are serious about losing weight you need to cut a lot of carbs out and eat on a consistent and healthy schedule. Also cut out soda/beer/wine if you drink them on a regular basis they are awful for you
Actually, I have already given her rules about liquids, fast foods, and the like.
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Default April 20, 2018

Today I weigh 139 lbs/63 kg
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your orgasms should be denied until you have reached a certain weight.
If you skip workout or eat something bad you should be punished with edges.
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Default Cold Showers and skin brushing

You should take a cold shower every morning, for the following reasons:

- They wake you up
- They tone your skin
- They help to burn fat by raising your metabolism
- They boost your immune system
- They are good for mental self-discipline
- Exposing your body to the cold water increases your tolerance for extreme sensations
- You will feel exhilarated, glowing and tingling all over with a strong sense of well-being and vitality

You should do this straight after your morning workout, or for more self-discipline immediately upon waking up.

Additionally every other day or so you should massage your body all over with a bristle body brush to exfoliate, stimulate your skin and your lymphatic system before you shower or workout (don't do this on sweaty skin). Look this up on google if you are unfamiliar with it.
I am into giving women these dares/challenges:

Shower and other water-based dares
Naked workout dares
Intense body/spa treatment dares
Exhibitionism related to the above
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D2 to D4, your move!
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Thread changed from daily body weight updates to users giving dares to the OP. Moved.
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fat, weight loss

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