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If there was no risk, I would get naked for pretty much anyone I think, I enjoy nudity a lot.
Male, 18+
Likes: Underwear/swimwear, Anal toys, Some pain, Slight humiliation, Safe public
Curious about: Naturism/nudism, CFNM, CMNM, BDSM, Public
Limits: Public (reveal of identity), Too painful, Family/friends, Anything messy, Illegal, Dangereous
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Yes. Absolutely. It wouldnt worry me at all.
Nudity where legal, Tattoos , Body piercing, TT, CBT, BDSM

Scat, family, illegal

I am a sub.
Enjoy a challenge also love a good truth question.

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neighbor - Would say no. Don't know or care about them.

workmate - Would say no. Hate my coworkers.

casual friend - Toss up. Some friends are cool. Some aren't. Also depends on what leads up to it.

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My goal is to give good dares and receive them because that's how I enjoy the game.

I don't do reports on dares I complete, unless you either ask or I tell you directly if I can or will.

Self Bondage
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depends who I guess, i'm not super shy about nudity anyways lol
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Originally Posted by Underpants View Post
If a neighbour, workmate, casual friend or similar, said that they would like
to see you naked, would you strip in front of them?
It would just be the two of you, no cameras, no strings attached, no danger.

What would be your reasons to say yes or no?
yes i would, if they want to see me naked why should i deny them, my body is for pleasure. my own and my partners. the only reson i would not show someone, is if they are rude, agressave, or hurtful, these people do not turn me on. otherwhise i would gladly strip nude any of them,
hi im lillian, i like lill, or duchess. . I'm 22 yo, gender fluid, and proudlybbost an 8" cock that I love to cage and deny

send me your dick pics, i cant get enough.
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im 6' 155lbs slim and semi fit

likes and limits

No current denial period

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Originally Posted by Underpants View Post
If a neighbour, workmate, casual friend or similar, said that they would like
to see you naked, would you strip in front of them?
It would just be the two of you, no cameras, no strings attached, no danger.

What would be your reasons to say yes or no?
Iíd do it if I didnít have a problem with that person, but with one condition- if I do it, so does she

Limits: permanent, public, illegal, social suicide, photos/videos, scat, blood

Likes: humiliation, hidden public.

be creative and add in anything you wish to it as long as its not a limit!

interested in talking to me? my kik username is same as that on getdare

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i would say yes, because i like being naked. Also, this actually happened once late at night at work. Female co-worker asked me to strip in her office. It was a rush...
i am unowned and currently interested in finding some one for some fun as a potential owner.
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I've have striped in front of a friend. I was over fixing his computer. Well let's go back some days. Every time we got together we started to give each other signals. Well on this day after I got the computer straightened out, he sat down and asked me to stand in front of him. He then requested that I do a a slow strip for him. I was getting turned on and wondered where this was going and proceeded to oblige. After words he motioned me to sit down next to him and he took my hand bringing it over to his manhood. After this went on for a while he said that he knew that I wanted more and that I should get on my knees and release my gift. A few minutes later my head is bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock, eventually exploding in my mouth. This was my first experiance and not wanting to disappoint I swallowed.
We have done this several more times and eventually he felt the need to return the favor and give me a BJ. However I dot pushing the limits, with sucking his fingers and toes. We did some tongue and eventually I laid him face down with pillow under I pulled his pants and ate his ass. This went on for a while and eventually I was allowed to use my mouth to clean his butt hole after using the bathroom. This had been a fantasy of mine for several years,, had such a low self esteem that I felt that was all I was worth.

However my first experiance getting nude in front of the other sex, not girlfriend, was when I was in my 20's I was cleaning houses at the time. The lady of the house went out, the cute daughter who had a crush on me was still in bed. After she woke up she told me she would give me an extra $50 if I finished cleaning the house naked, which I proceeded to do.
i found both times thrilling.
My PM Dares and I'm back in diapers, please make me regret this.. - like mild public cross dress especially skirts- light public humiliation - self paddle.

[B]My PM dares[/B].

Dislike but may make exception as part of punishment, public spanking, exposing panties, private scat.

Limit Family, illegal, local public
A well thought out request will get more attention.

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