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Post The power of time

Hello, I really enjoy reading most of the story here so I decide to try and write my own story. English isn't really my first language so this actually a good way to practice writing in English.

For now, this is the story of a 17 years old latino virgin boy named Don who discover a watch that can control time I hope you enjoy it.

Part 1

I can’t believe how hot it is! I’m suffocating over here. Why am I even here again? Walking in downtown with this weather when I can be at home playing game with the ac on?
“Earth to Don can you hear me”
“Oh, sorry was I spacing out again?”
Now I remember why am here. Jenny asked me to go with her to Chinatown. Now that I think about it this weather isn’t so bad after all. I mean this is the best time of the year to watch and admire girl on the streets. Look at Jenny per example, she is wearing some of the shortest and tightness jean I ever saw in my life. You can clearly see the shape of her cute little ass. Those things should be illegal. She was even wearing a semi-transparent shirt where we can plainly see her black bra underneath it.

“Why did we come here for” I ask Jenny
“I already told you. I saw this beautiful necklace the other day in this old oriental shop and I really wanna buy it for my sister birthday, but I'm scared of going alone so I ask you to tag along”
“Well you could always look up on Amazon for a necklace, you know?”
“Yeah but I want one specific that I’m pretty sure I won’t find it on Amazon. My sister is going to be so happy with her present. Once again thank you for accompanying me”
“Well that's what friend are for after all”
Friend...friend...FRIEND??? What I’m saying??? I’m just digging deeper into the friend zone. Why can I not just tell her how I feel. Dammit, I have no ball. I know Jenny for at least a good 15 years now and I never made any move. And my god that puberty has done her a ton of favors body-wise. Going from a 30 A to a 30 C in a single year. Now every single boy in my school are asking her to go out with them and I’m the only who still haven’t asked her yet. The worst part is that prom is only a few weeks away and I have no else to ask to go with me. (sigh)

“Here’s the store Don. I hope the necklace is still there”
“Sweet the faster you buy your gift, the faster we can get away from this weather”
This was my first time going to an antics store. They were quite a lot of handmade jewelry and some weird antics and oriental style statues but not a lot of shoppers.

“Hey, you there!”
“Me?” I asked looking back at some old Asian women standing in the corner and smoking some weird long pipe.
“Yes, you come over here”
I got closer to the old lady without even knowing why she was asking for me.
“What your name young one?”
“Juan but everyone calls me Don”
“Well mister Don I see something special in you”
“Listen, lady, if you are trying to sell something I’m not interested. I’m actually quite broke”
“No, you listen, I want to give you a gift”
“A gift?”
“Yes, a gift. I can see in your eyes who you truly are. I see a young boy whose heart is in the right place but he’s missing the courage that he sincerely needs”
“I have no idea what you're talking about (actually I do but it scares me to know that she knows so much just by looking at me)”
“Is ok Don you don’t need to worry anymore. I will grant you the power of time”
“The what now?”
“A silver pocket watch. Here take it and find out who you truly are”
“Well thanks and all but I don’t think a watch can help after all I have already a phone and it can tell me time”
“You don’t understand just take this watch and you will see”
Suddenly Jenny start shouting at me
“Hey Don, I found it I’m going to go buy it now! What are you doing over there? Have you find something interesting?” asked Jenny
“Not much I’m just talking to... heu” I responded confuse
The old lady was nowhere to be found. Was I dreaming? No, it can be, I still had the watch in my hand or maybe I was the one who took the watch without even realizing. No, I’m 100 percent sure there was an old lady here who give me that watch. Maybe is the weather making me go crazy.

“What wrong Don?” asked Jenny
“Heu, oh nothing I thought I saw something I really wanted but never mind. Let get out of this shop. It's giving me the creep (better not tell who about the old lady or she might think I’m crazy)”
“Oh ok well if you want after this we can go drink some iced coffee. I’m pretty sure you are still broke, so I will buy for you as a reward for coming with me”
“Hahaha thanks, Jen”
Without even thinking about it I took the watch and put it in my pocket before we left. Later that day we went back to Jenny house and we hang out for a little while. Her parents were working overseas and the only one taking care of her was her big sister. Her sister usually works on weekend pretty late, so it was just me and Jenny at her house
“Hey Don, you don’t mind if I take a shower and change clothes I’m just sweating a lot and feel so sticky”
“Not at all I’ll be in the living room”
“Sweet I won’t take long”
While she went to the bathroom I decide to take a closer look at my watch. It didn’t look like a cheap watch, but I still crept out by that old lady. There was some Chinese writing inside it, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant. I saw it was showing 12 O’clock when in reality it was five thirty, so I press the button on top to see if that will allow me to change the time. Suddenly something weird happing. Everything around me when silent. I mean a second ago I could hear the water running from the bathroom, the birds cheeping and even the neighbor mowing his lawns. But now it was completely silent. I press back the button and all the sound came back. Well, that was weird. What just happing? I went outside and decide to press the button to see what will happen. And then I saw it. The neighbor, the car, and even the bird were all frozen on the spot. What the hell was going on? Did I just stop time? I press the button one more time and everything when back to normal? Wait what? How is that even possible? I have now, I’m my possession a watch that allows me to stop time. I couldn’t believe it. I’m sure I was going insane. First, that old lady disappears into thin air, now this! If this watch can truly stop time that means I could use this power to help people. I could use it to fight crime and become a superhero. What am I even saying? What kind of stupid idea is that? I need to find out first how far does this work. I went back home and suddenly an I idea pop into my head. I could still hear Jenny taking her shower. I walk toward the bathroom and press the button on my watch. Once again it went completely silent. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do but I had to do it. I mean no one could ever found out so what the harm. But what if time suddenly starts back up. Or what if it could never return on or what if...
Fuck it, let's just get this over with. I slap my face to calm down then I slowly open the door to the bathroom and there she was.

This is crazy. I’m standing next to Jenny naked body. She is one of the most beautiful girls in my school and my oldest friend. I wasn’t able to perfectly see her body that well. It seems she was in the middle of washing her hair but most of the water and steam were frozen in place and blocking some of the views. Most of her important part where clearly visible at least. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful breast and shave pussy. I slowly start feeling my dick getting harder and my short getting tighter. I try to control myself and keep my head straight. This wasn’t my first time seeing her naked. The first time when we were only 3 years old and our parents made us take bath together. But now is completely different we were now a fully developed teen and soon young adult.
My heart was racing so fast and I wouldn’t stop sweating. I was too scared of touching her. I was a little worry about what will happen if time turn back to normal and she saw me here standing next to her holding my dick in my hand like a pervert. Maybe I shouldn’t try to touch her and just take some pictures. I took out my phone and hope it will turn on and thankfully it did. It's seen I didn’t have access to the WIFI or even getting any signal, but I could still take pictures. I took quite a few from a different angle. Once done with the photo shoot I went back to the living room, sat on the sofa and return time to normal. Now that time is back I looked back at the photos I took, and they were still there. Once again, my boner was starting to show, and I could hear Jenny getting out of the bathroom. I close my phone and took a pillow to hide my boner. But suddenly someone opens the front door.
“Heyo someone home?” screams the intruder
“Oh hi Elo. I didn’t expect to see you this early” I responded
It was Jenny big sister Elodie. Compare to her young sister she was a lot taller but the rest of her body was pretty much the same as her sister. Both were tall blond girl with blue eyes and cute smiles. But her ass was more desire then Jenny. I was more a boob man than an ass man anyway.
“Hi, Don. Jenny didn’t tell me you were coming today well I should have expected it. You are here almost every day.”
“Sorry I didn’t notice I am being here so often lately”
“Hahaha is ok you are always welcome here Don. After what happened to you parent I understand you must feel lonely back at your house. Our parents aren’t even here most of the year so it good to have good company”
“Thank Elo”
“By the way next Friday, you are invited to my pre-birthday party”
“Pre-birthday party?”
“Yeah I was thinking of invite some of my closest friends and get wasted with you and my little sis and depending on how I feel the next day I probably going to go to some lame hipster bar with some buddy from my college”
“Well I will try to come this Friday”
“That will be so great. I’m so happy now come here and let me give you a hug”
She lifts me from the sofa and took me on her arm. I could feel her breast pressing against my face.
“Have I ever told that you were like the little brother I never had Don”
“Yes, you told me that like a hundred time already (probably Jenny also think of me as her brother)”
“So, are you gonna stay here for dinner?”
“Nah sorry I told my aunt I will be home not too late today to help her, so I better get going”
“Oh, is ok well take care Don and say hi to miss Layla for me”
“Sure do”
Jenny promptly appears in the living room.
“Are you already leaving Don?” asked Jenny
“Yeah sorry”
“That ok take care and see you tomorrow at school”
“Thanks, see ya”
Miss Layla was my guardian and not my real aunt. She was a close friend of my parents that why she decides to take care of me after my parent’s accident.
Once a got home and ate dinner with Miss Layla, I went to my room and started to look back to the picture I took. I couldn’t resist anymore. I took off my clothes, grabbed my dick and slowly move my hand up and down while thinking of some of dirties thing I wish I could do to Jenny. I quickly took a sock and explode it on the inside, but I didn’t think I will cum this much I felt gross and dirty by how much there was inside my sock. Better hide this under my bed and clean it when Miss Layla isn’t around. Since I left Jenny house I felt like a time bomb ready to explode but now I felt pretty good. Then I remember this was all possible because of that weird Asian lady and her mysterious watch. I took the watch in my hand and started staring at it until I slowly fell asleep.
5 days have passed since I got the watch. I have done some experiment with it and I had a pretty good knowledge of his power. I did some experiment with an inanimate object to see how it will react if I move objects while time was frozen. Most of the object like a car, mp3, tv, and cellphone keep working but not at 100%. Like if I touch a television while time stop and only show static. I also try with my neighbor’s dog to see what will happen if I touch it while time was frozen and well… nothing happens. The dog was still frozen even if I had on my arm. So I conclude that living being will stay frozen no matter what. But I still haven’t experimented with another human being… until today.

Heya just some random guy who enjoy reading and some time writing
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Interesting start.

I will follow this
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