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Default Would you strip?

If a neighbour, workmate, casual friend or similar, said that they would like
to see you naked, would you strip in front of them?
It would just be the two of you, no cameras, no strings attached, no danger.

What would be your reasons to say yes or no?
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If they were female, then yes I would. As being naked for a clothed female is a big turn on for me.
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Twisted Kitten
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Kitty would so strip for a friend, but on a condition that we didn't do anything. i don't want to jeopardize the marriage of our wife and core personality. that being said, i've been half naked in front of almost all my friends at least once. usually on accident. they like to just walk in my home unannounced (open door policy with friends) but often forget to text me before coming over, so id just be chillen on GetDare in my undies. xD
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Originally Posted by Underpants View Post
If a neighbour, workmate, casual friend or similar, said that they would like
to see you naked, would you strip in front of them?
It would just be the two of you, no cameras, no strings attached, no danger.

What would be your reasons to say yes or no?
As I love to be humiliated and embarrassed, that feeling just gets me off like crazy. Yes I most def would!

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Not for a male friend.
I have a female friend who would never ever ask something like that. If she did I would be honestly too confused (and probably wouldn't do it either).
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Sure, it's just nudity. And hey, I was born an exhibitionist!


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I'd probably do it, or at least consider it. But the condition would be that they have to return the favor, if not then, then whenever I decide to ask.
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I'm pretty open and honest with my friends. I'd happily say yes for them, especially if it turned into some kinky fun
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Default nude

Originally Posted by Underpants View Post
If a neighbour, workmate, casual friend or similar, said that they would like
to see you naked, would you strip in front of them?
It would just be the two of you, no cameras, no strings attached, no danger.

What would be your reasons to say yes or no?
I am usually naked so it wouldn't be a problem for me , but here is a true story that happened quite a few years ago now and yes we are still friends to this day.

The story I am about to tell is true and even shocked me by what happened . It also proves that sometimes considering others feelings can back fire in a most strange way.

We had been living in London for several years due to the fact I had been unable to find work on the south coast so had moved to London to be able to earn a living .

Our kids were all still young and 4 years after moving to London we had a 4th child . The child was born disabled and spent most of its 1st year of life in hospital due to breathing problems and we were eventually told by a specialist that we needed to move to the coast or our child would not survive due to the pollution in London .

We promptly made arrangements to move to the coast and within a few weeks we had moved to the south coast and found a house in a quiet cul_de_sac.

The people were friendly and we soon made a few friends and our nudism didn't bother them and we soon settled in .

The first Christmas went by and we got invited to a new years party organised by a lady who we found was german with a young teen daughter and a single parent .

We got introduced at the new years even party and we seemed to hit it off with her and my daughter and hers became firm friends (.I am getting ahead of myself) At the end of the party we went and thanked her for inviting us to the party and she said we should go and see her at home sometime .We finally went down to see her after the kids had gone back to school and our friendship blossomed and she was told about our nudist life style .

She then challenged us to prove it which we did and stripped off and stayed naked till we went home .She came to see us many times at the house and we finally got to meet her daughter about 2 weeks after we met her and this is where the story gets interesting .

We invited her round at the weekend for a Barbie and a drink so she could meet our kids and our kids could meet her daughter as her daughter went to another school our kids hadn't met .

She arrived at the door as expected my mrs pulled on a light summer dress and I grabbed a pair of shorts my daughter had on a bikini and the boys just shorts .

We invited her and her daughter in and put the kettle on and the kids introduced themselves . We got some very strange looks from her daughter and eventually I asked what was troubling her .She looked at her mum and asked if it was okay to tell us or rather ask us what she wanted to know . Her mum also seemed to be less chatty than usual and she nodded her head and said go on then .

Her daughter asked if we were really nudist as her mum had told her which took us aback a bit but we told her we were .She then asked why we were wearing clothes ,to which we explained it was for her benefit as we didn't want to shock her .

Our friend then smiled and said she had explained it all to her daughter before they came and that she had felt a bit upset finding us clothed and that now she understood and she would be really happy if we would please get naked

We got naked and the kids went off in the back garden to listen to music and play and chat and we went into the living room with a cuppa to chat as it was too early to light the Barbie .

While we were chatting my mrs told our friend there was another reason for me grabbing a pair of shorts and the fact I hadn't want to shock even her to which she laughed .

What she said next shocked me . She asked if I would mind masturbating for her and my wife looked at me and said "go on ",so I did and got stiff rather rapidly .

My mrs then came over knelt in front of me and spent the next 30 minutes torturing me with her mouth and hands before finally allowing me to cum .

The kids got on like a house on fire and the evening passed rather rapidly and we were soon saying our goodbyes and as they were leaving our friend said to me that she had enjoyed seeing me masturbate and would love if I did it more often when she came round and not to worry about being stiff in front of her daughter as she had already explained about the birds and the bees and men being aroused etc .After then I was often arroused in front of them both and my mrs took great pleasure teasing me in front of them , fondling me till I was hard and throbbing . Most of our friends have also seen alot more .
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For a female neighbor our co-worker, sure. But not for a female boss or for a female subordinate member of staff.
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depends who it is
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It'd depend on the guy, but in most cases I probably would strip if asked.

Not for my coworkers though. If they didn't make things awkward, I'd probably end up making it awkward myself somehow.
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I would probably do so for both genders, but only if they're a pretty decent person.

Me being so exposed and vulnerable in front of someone like that excites me a lot, especially when I know that they wanted me like that.
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I'd certainly consider it, depending on who asked. More likely if a female asked
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I'd definitely do it,it turns me on to strip in front of anyone
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