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Default Lockdown Slut - Chapter Ten

Rebecca awoke feeling refreshed. The world around her was dark, even when she was sure she had forced her eyes open. She swivelled her head around only to feel a tugging sensation at the back of her head. Only then did she remember that she had been blindfolded. She tried to pull her arms in to undo the fabric blind, but they stopped short, only managing to move an inch or two. The clinking sound of the chains jogged the rest of her memory. She was tied up spread eagle in the bed. And there was no way for her to escape her imprisonment this time without Mommy’s help. Rebecca went back to lying still for a moment before lashing out, kicking out with all of her limbs, in a pathetic attempt to break free of her bonds.

The attempt was short lived, as she made little to no progress. It was hard for her to tell. But she now knew one thing. She was stuck in bed until Mommy let her go. She absentmindedly sucked away at her pacifier, before noticing what she was doing. I can’t believe I’m sucking on a pacifier like a baby. How did it not fall out while I was sleeping? Rebecca wondered.

Rebecca laid in bed, allowing her mind run wild as she remembered everything that had happened to her over the last couple of days. She couldn’t tell how long she had been in bed, or even what time of day it was. The only thing she knew for certain was that she was stuck in bed until Mommy came to get her. But, wait. If Mommy is living inside my body right now, doesn’t that mean she’s always here? Like she’s able to hear me right now and knows that I’m awake?

That’s right, little one,
Mommy said. It’s time to get you up and ready for the day. But first… Rebecca felt a weight pushing down into her crotch. Only then did Rebecca become aware of the wetness and unfamiliar weight around her hips.

I pissed myself again! Rebecca thought.

That’s right little one. Although, that language is a little strong for someone in your position. I think ‘wet’ is a better word, Mommy said.

A pressure wrapped itself around Rebecca’s thigh. Rebecca interpreted this as Mommy stressing her point. She could feel the sweet malicious intent in Mommy’s voice and she knew that if she used the wrong word choice again, she would be punished for it.

Sorry, Mommy. I’ll try to use more appropriate language next time, Rebecca thought.

Now, let’s get you changed little one. That’s one more tally for your diaper training chart, Mommy said. Now lay still, and let Mommy do all the work.

Rebecca was not in any position to protest Mommy’s actions. Rather than fight, she laid perfectly still, not that she had much choice in the matter. The sound of each of the tapes that held her diaper tightly to her waist sounded obnoxiously loud in the silent room as they were ripped off. Rebecca let out an audible gasp as her diaper was peeled back, the cool morning air chilling her damp skin. But the worst was yet to come as the frigid wipes, or at least what Rebecca assumed to be disposable wipes, were pressed against her flesh, sending goosebumps down her arms. But as the wipes reached her most sensitive area, Rebecca felt nothing. There was still no sensation down between her legs. Rebecca heard Mommy let out a small chuckling sound.

I almost forgot that I took that from you little one, Mommy said. If you do a good job today, and impress Mommy with your new-found skills, I’ll let you have that back. How does that sound?

Rebecca thought the offer over for a second. What does she mean… Oh, wait a second. I have to blow the delivery guy! That’s right! Rebecca shifted her jaw from side-to-side, looking for any sign of strain from yesterday, but it felt normal to her.

That’s right, little one. Someone’s going to give the very first proper blowjob today. It’s so exciting. It’s going to go soooo much better than the last time you tried, I can guarantee it, Mommy said.

Y-you know about that? Rebecca asked.

Of course, I do little slut. You only revisited that pathetic memory about eight or nine times yesterday. I have to say, after seeing that, I can kind of see why you ended up this way. Being a chaste girl with no intents of exploring anything sexual. It makes a lot of sense. But those days are over, super slut. Now, let’s get out of bed and get this day started, Mommy said.

Rebecca didn’t get a chance to respond. The shackles that held her to the bed all spontaneously unlocked and opened wide. She sat up and immediately removed the blindfold that was tied around her head. The full mid-morning light blinded her, causing her to recoil and squint, but she quickly adjusted. When she finally was able to keep her eyes open, she spied an odd pink cylindrical container that was off in the corner of her room. On the side of it, in the same fancy script that adorned her bathroom wall, were the words ‘Baby Becca’s Diaper Pail’.

Go ahead and throw your diaper out, little one, Mommy said. As if on cue the balled-up mass of padding rolled to a gentle stop against Rebecca’s leg. She scooted her way to the end of the bed, and grabbed the diaper. It was far heavier than she thought it would have been. She passed the well-used diaper between her hands before getting up and making her way to her new diaper pail.

The painted metal cylinder was taller than Rebecca had first thought. She was just able to see the top of it, if she stood on her tippy toes. Which was fortunate, as that’s the only spot where Rebecca thought the device opened. She placed her diaper on top of it, and it fell inside, and the lid closed right behind it.

“Good morning: Baby Becca!”

Rebecca jumped back as the diaper pail began suddenly began to talk in a mechanically punctuated voice.

“In the last seven days you have had: Four, accidents. And you have used: Two, diapers. Today’s underwear will be: A single, daytime, diaper. Please try to keep your pants dry,” The diaper pail said. A section of the diaper pail began to slide out, just like a drawe,r towards Rebecca. Inside it was a single white plastic backed diaper, that looked a lot thinner than the one she had put on last night.

Rebecca tentatively grabbed the folded plastic rectangle in front of her. The drawer, sensing that the diaper had been removed, closed with a gentle whooshing sound. Rebecca brushed her hand against the pastel pink diaper pail, failing to find any seam in the device.

Oh my, you should have seen your face when your diaper pail started talking to you, Mommy said. I hope you like it. It took a lot of work on my end to get it to work juuust right. Rebecca pursed her lips and widened her stance, putting her hands on her hips. Oh, don’t give me that, my little tinkler. We can always make the diapers mandatory, if you know what I mean. No? Alright then. Go get showered then we can start the day.


Rebecca’s shower was as uneventful as it could be, which she was thankful for. It was the first time, in a long while, that she was allowed to be her own person and have agency over her actions. A shiver did run down her spine when she checked the motif above the toilet, now freshly adorned with a new tally mark.

The next hour consisted of Mommy directing Rebecca’s grooming efforts. Going over new routines that Rebecca was expected to upkeep without fail. Gone were the days where she would be allowed to have anything more than a few days of body hair growth. Then Rebecca was directed to sit down in front of her long-time defunct vanity set. Mommy gave a short seminar as listing out what Rebecca needed to buy to update her aging supplies. Given the lack of viable healthy options, they opted for a simple look. A bit of concealer to cover a few of the small imperfections on her face, an application of a natural-looking colour of lipstick, and a bit of mascara was added to round out her look.

When Rebecca looked back in the mirror, she saw her face as she pictured it within her mind. It actually took her aback for a moment. Rebecca was never one to use a lot of makeup, not seeing the use for it, only having opted to use it for formal events in the past. But, after having been shown just how useful a small application of it could be, she could definitely get behind using it on a more daily basis. Not that she had a choice in the matter anymore. Mommy had informed her that this was the bare minimum that she was expected to put on everyday.

Rebecca’s rapture was ended prematurely by Mommy demanding to see her closet. After moving through most of the hangers, Mommy was thoroughly disappointed with the sheer amount of semi-formal office wear that Rebecca had.

Do you not have anything, you know, sexy, fun, maybe playful even? Was your life actually this boring? Mommy asked.

“I guess so. All I did was go to work, work long hours, run errands, and then vegetate at home. That’s been my life ever since I got this job,” Rebecca said. “I used to be part of a literature club back in university. We tried to keep a book club going after we all graduated but we didn’t make it too far.”

Well, that’s over. Why would you spend a night reading a boring book when you can be sucking on a yummy cock? Mommy asked. I guess we have no choice but to go for the sexy officer worker look today. Black pencil skirt, tight white blouse. Don’t worry about the fit, flat-tits, I’ll make it work. We’ll tie your hair back in a messy pony-tail bun. And, do you have a pair of glasses? No? That’s alright. I’m sure Mr. Delivery Guy is going to love it all the same. Oh! Before we begin, you need to get your underwear on.

Rebecca thought she could hear Mommy’s facer crack into a sadistic smile. She looked back on the bed and saw the thin, daytime diaper unfolded itself and begin to float over to her. After everything she had been through, this didn’t surprise her in the slightest. The diaper flew between her legs before wrapping tightly around her hips. The tapes were all simultaneously pulled tight and stuck to the front of her new plastic-backed prison. All the fun of the event was robbed from Rebecca. She had felt nothing where she expected had it most. The amount of disappointment she felt took her aback for a moment.

Now with her infantile underwear on, Rebecca continued to get dressed. To her surprise, her black pencil skirt did not betray the secret it hid underneath. The worst part was putting on her blouse, which now hung off her shoulders, whereas it had been well fitting before. It was quite a pathetic sight to behold in the mirror. It was if it was a young girl trying on her mother’s clothes. Cute, under the right circumstances, but this wasn’t one of those times.

Oh my, you look even more pathetic than I thought you would, Mommy said. She laughed for longer than Rebecca thought appropriate. As promised, let me make some alterations. Rebecca felt an all-too familiar chill run down her spine. When she looked back in the mirror, she saw that her chest was back, and her blouse fit properly once again. But, something’s not quite right, Rebecca thought.

She reached up and grabbed a handful of her bust, but didn’t feel anything more than a tugging sensation on her chest. She unbuttoned the first couple of buttons on her shift, but stopped when she saw a mismatch of skin tone. There was an abrupt transition from her skin to the pale milky-white tone of her new breasts. A careful prod confirmed her fears.

You didn’t think I’d just give you back your boobs, did you? Mommy said. Rebecca could picture the sadistic smile that crossed the witch’s face. Keep your shirt on, itty-bitty. We can’t have you thinking you can show off your bust when you haven’t earned it back yet. Those falsies would look horribly out of place.

Rebecca was defeated. She had endured a morning of beratement and setbacks, but when she looked in the mirror, it was hard to deny the results. She looked hot, more so then she ever thought possible. As she was doing the last button up, the doorbell rang. It triggered something within her. Instantly she felt the longing desire of her loins spring back into focus. She was already dripping wet at the thought of getting to suck the delivery man’s cock.

Her body moved on autopilot, and before she knew it, she was standing at the door with her hand on the handle. True to his word, the delivery man from yesterday was back. He was dressed identically, wearing her company uniform and work boots. In his hands was another brown cardboard box, with Rebecca’s name on it. Rebecca stepped back, putting her hand on her hip, welcoming the man back into her home.

“Uhm, package delivery for Miss Anelshlut,” the delivery man said hesitantly.

“I’d say. I’ve been waiting on this package all day,” Rebecca said in a seductive voice. Before her was a man who was willing to do what ever she wanted. She was in control of what happened next. She seized the initiative and grabbed the man’s crotch, tugging him inside before closing the door behind him.

“You sure do know how to keep a girl waiting,” Rebecca said. She took the cardboard box out of the man’s hands and brought it into the kitchen. It was an exact repeat of what happened yesterday. The towel was even still draped over the corner of the kitchen table. Rebecca grabbed it, a bunched it up and placed it onto the ground at the man’s feet. She took her position, getting on her knees, placing her nose to the man’s crotch. She sniffed, and was rewarded with the intoxicating scent of her prey. She kneeled there, caught up in her rapture for a moment, before grabbing the man’s belt and forcefully undoing the clasp. The zipper was lowered, and the pants were quick to follow, making their way to the ground.

There in her kitchen, for the second time in two days was a man who Rebecca didn’t know, involved in a situation she would have never initiated in her wildest dreams. But thanks to Mommy’s interference in her life, here she was, dripping away. The scent was overwhelming. Rebecca peeled the man’s underwear down, revealing her prize. The man’s cock was already hard, and it sprang to full attention right before her eyes.

Her training took over, and she cupped the man’s balls in one hand, gently kneading them in her palm. The delivery man let out a small grunt. He was putty in her hands. She licked her lips and kissed the exposed head of the cock in front of her. Rebecca took things slow, wanting to savour this moment. In the back of her head she could feel the proud smile on Mommy’s face as she performed for her.

She teased the cockhead for a moment longer before plunging the full length into her throat. It surprised her just how similar it felt compared to the dildo that she had practised with yesterday. Maybe Mommy had something to do with that, Rebecca thought. Her thought was answered immediately by the quite chuckling inside of her head. Not wanting to dwell on the thought any longer, Rebecca backed off the man’s cock, allowing it to pop free of her mouth, a trail of saliva stringing between it and her lips as she caught her breath.

Rebecca looked up, checking to make sure her stud was still hanging in there. She was a little unsure if he had been enjoying the process so far. He was biting down on his hand, trying to hold off on blowing his load this early. He withdrew his hand and the two of them locked eyes.

“Don’t worry big guy, this won’t take long,” Rebecca said with a sly look. She popped the cock back into her mouth and began to service it earnestly. The man who was straddled around her head was an absolute mess, moaning and grunting in reaction to every move she performed on his member. He didn’t last long. Two minutes later and Rebecca was rewarded with the stud’s hot, salty load. She toyed with it for a moment, showing off her cum ladened mouth to her donor before swallowing it and licking her lips clean.

The delivery man was stood their stunned, revealing in the ecstasy of the moment before snapping back to reality. Rebecca stood up, and used the towel on the man’s undercarriage, drying him off before stepping back and allowing him to finish up.

“Same time tomorrow, stud?” Rebecca asked unprompted.

“You bet. But, just as long as you have a delivery. I can’t just stop in. You know how it is,” the delivery man said.

“I’m certain I’ll be seeing you soon then,” Rebecca said. She led the man back to the front door and let him out, closing the door behind him. She stood there for a moment, listening to the sound of his work vehicle driving away down the gravel laneway.

“Wow,” Rebecca said outloud. That was the only word she could summon to describe the experience.

There we go. Just like that, you’re now addicted to cocksucking, slut, Mommy said. And I didn’t even have to do anything other than set up the situation.

“What do you mean?” Rebecca asked.

That was all you, little one. None of that was me or my magic. You did that, all on your own. Congratulations. I bet that was a whole lot better than the first time, eh? Now, I have some important business to attend to, Mommy said.

“O-oh?!” was all Rebecca was able to say as she suddenly felt the loss of control of her arms. Her hands made their way to her waist making quick work of the clasp holding her skirt tight. Before it could hit the ground, her right hand had managed to worm its way inside the waist band of her diaper and was now teasing her delicate folds. The sensation was overwhelming for Rebecca. She stumbled, losing her balance momentarily. I need to… get on the ground, uhf, before I hurt myself.

It was quick a delicate act getting down onto her knees without the use of her arms. Then she lowered her padded bottom to the ground, and rolled onto her back. It was quite a sight to behold. If someone was to walk in through the doors at that moment, they would be greeted by the sight of a diaper clad girl, legs splayed wide, going to town on herself, writhing in ecstasy on the carpet. But, in the moment, it was exactly what she needed.
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Post Lockdown Slut - Chapter Eleven

After her first encounter with the delivery man, and the mind-meltingly good orgasm that followed, Rebecca’s confidence grew in leaps and bounds. Long gone was the meek girl and in her place was a confident, sexually empowered woman eager to make up for lost time.

The days began to blur together, following the same routine. Rebecca would get up from bed, and wait until Mommy released her from her chains. Her evening diaper would be changed, which was always wet despite Rebecca’s insistence that she didn’t need them. She would add the used diaper to the diaper pail which would spit out her underwear for the day. After a couple of mid-afternoon snoozes resulted in accidents, the diaper pail had demoted her to a nighttime diaper during the day. Rebecca was always thankful when the pail took mercy on her and allowed her to wear double daytime diapers instead. They were somehow still less bulky than a single nighttime one.

She would shower, perform her daily hygiene and grooming tasks. She would then sit down to apply her base-coat of makeup to Mommy’s satisfaction. She would get dressed, now owning a new complement of sexy clothes that the big-cocked delivery man was slowly but surely bringing to the house. When finished she would pose in front of the mirror. Rebecca was blown away at what she saw in the mirror every day. It was a completely different person looking at her than who she had been before.

The doorbell would ring, right around ten or eleven, and Rebecca would come racing down the stairs, letting in her chosen stud in. The man would get his choice of sexual act, unless Rebecca was desiring something specific that morning. They would finish up, Mommy would get the sexual energy she desired, and the delivery man was sent on his way shortly thereafter.

Rebecca would then be allowed to make herself something to eat, and relax for a bit. At one o’clock the next delivery driver would ring the doorbell and the cycle would repeat itself. And to top things of, just this week Mommy had added a third delivery driver to the mix, with this one stopping by around four. After she would make a light dinner, and rest while it digested for an hour.

Mommy’s training began right after. Nothing was ever quite as intense as the first day of blowjob training, but that was due to Rebecca’s enthusiasm for learning more and wanting to participate. The first hour was actually pretty tame. It was an online yoga class that Rebecca attended every night. The class ran for an hour. This helped her to get much more flexible and limber. The class did have a sexual focus to it, but it was still professionally done.

Mommy’s personal lessons would begin as soon as the yoga class ended. By now, Rebecca had been trained in all of the basics, and was now moving into some of the more, obscure, techniques. Mommy’s magic made up for the lack of a physical partner, and in some cases was even better. For example, yesterdays’ lesson was on golden showers, and piss drinking. Any normal partner would have maybe mustered three shots in the night, but with Mommy’s magic, it was a never-ending fountain of delicious golden nectar.

After a few hours the lessons would end and Rebecca would be allowed an hour to do her own thing before bedtime. By this point, she was exhausted and would sink into her comfortable recliner and watch the evening news. So many weeks had gone by and the outside world was really starting to improve. There were rumblings that the local government was going to lift certain quarantine measures, which would mean that she would be allowed to go back to work soon. Rebecca wasn’t sure whether she was excited or disappointed about returning to her old life. She was having a whole lot of fun right here with Mommy.

Mommy was always quick to reassure her that there was no way that she was going back to her old life. That version of Rebecca was long gone. The night would end with Mommy diapering Rebecca for bed, and potentially giving her an orgasm or two before sending her off to sleep.


The moment that Rebecca had been dreading finally arrived. She checked her work email to see her instructions for returning to the workplace from her boss. It was Friday night and she would be one of the first ones to return on Monday.

Well, that’s fortunate timing, Mommy said. We’ve almost gathered all the sexual energy we need for the ritual. And it’s all thanks to your hard work. One more good orgasm should do it.

Without any notice Rebecca once again lost control of her arms. It was Mommy’s way of being intimate with her, despite lacking a physical body. Sure, there were toys, vibrators and the likes, but nothing quite beat the feeling of skin-to-skin contact. Mommy started slow, making sure to tease her lips delicately, building up Rebecca’s desire.

Rebecca made her way over to the recliner and sunk into the cushioned seat. She had gained a lot of experience over the last couple of weeks of moving without the use of her arms. She didn’t realize just how much balance they provided. One of her hands migrated up her chest and grabbed a handful of Rebecca’s new breasts. She had been whittling away at Mommy’s challenges and had almost earned back her full bust. She was a cup-size short, but it wouldn’t be long before she was rewarded for all her hard work.

Mommy increased her pace. Rebecca realized that she must be pretty excited. Mommy usually took her time when playing with her, but today, she was aiming straight for the finale. That hardly bothered Rebecca as she writhed in pleasure in her recliner, her back arching off of the leather seat.

Then it hit her. The waves of pleasure radiated outward from her sex as she lost all voluntary control of her body. Her moans quickly turned into screams of pleasure as the waves grew in intensity. The last thought that crossed Rebecca’s pleasure addled brain was a vague feeling that something wasn’t quite right. She blacked out before reaching the climax of her orgasm.


When she came to, she was a sweating, panting mess. Her head throbbed, unable to process anything around her. She felt a hand press against her diaper in a familiar fashion. She was pulled forward, off of her drenched recliner, and lifted into the air, the magical sensation missing this time. She was pressed up against a warm body and her legs instinctively wrapped around it.

Rebecca let out a yawn. Her head was still pounding, hurting too bad to think. She kept her eyes shut, it hurt to look at the light. She felt her body being moved, but she neither cared, nor made any attempt to get away. Then she felt her body get lowered down, transitioning from a vertical position to horizontal before falling the last two inches into the soft embraces of her bed. The warmth of her sheets baked in the mid-afternoon sun were too tempting to fight off. Rebecca fell asleep instantly.


It was dark when Rebecca came to. Where am I? Rebecca thought. She got up to her knees before shuffling into a cold hard metal surface head first. She recoiled in pain, letting out a cry and began to rub away the pain. Seconds later the light in the room was turned on, blinding Rebecca once more.

“Oh, I see my little baby girl is up,” came a familiar sounding voice from across the room. Rebecca strained her eyes trying to see who it was. She fell over when she saw who it was. Across the room in an absolutely stunning red dress was herself. An exact replica of Rebecca was standing in the doorway looking at her.

That can’t be right. I’m right here. How can I be looking at myself from across the room? And why is that copy of me so tall, Rebecca thought. As if on cue, her body double closed the distance, and stood at the foot of the metal railing that held her captive. She looked around, suddenly realizing where she was. It wasn’t her bedroom, not by a long shot. She had woken up in the pink-walled nursery room again. Only this time, there was a door.

“So, you’re probably a little confused, and rightfully so, little one. Let’s get you out of your crib and I’ll tell you everything that’s happened,” the person said. Rebecca didn’t know why, but she felt that deep down, she trusted this mysterious entity. She put her hands up and her body double lifted her up, and brought her up to her shoulder.

“There we go. You must be starved. Let’s fix that first,” the woman said. Rebecca’s stomach rumbled, causing the woman to burst into a fit of laughter. The woman sat in the armless chair in the corner of the room and pulled down the straps of her dress revealing Rebecca’s new breasts, the nipples already standing at attention. Without any protesting, Rebecca’s was positioned so that her head was to the woman’s tit and her new found instincts took over. She latched her mouth to the woman’s nipple and began to suck. She was rewarded with a creamy warm substance the flowed out.

“That’s better. I guess I had better start from the beginning. By now I think you’ve guessed that I’m Mommy, and that would be correct. The ritual was a success and now I have my own body. But as you’re starting to realize, this came at a cost. While you are still in your adult body, you are now the height of an average six-month-old. And I have to say, you make quite a cute baby doll. And now I get to come clean. It was my intention from the beginning to leave you at this size. I can’t have you running free in the world, able to run to the other witches for help. There is no way that I will be going back inside that amulet,” Mommy said.

Rebecca gurgled at this revelation, unable to vocalize anything with her mouth filled with Mommy’s nipple.

“Oh, don’t you worry. I know exactly how disappointed you were when you found out that you had to go back to work tomorrow. Oh, that’s right, it’s actually Sunday night, by the way. You’ve been asleep all weekend. I guess the spell took quite a toll on your body. So now you’ll never need to go back to that office. I’ll be going in your place. After months of studying all your memories, I think I will be a convincing version of you. A version that is a lot more adventurous, that’s for sure.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, you’ll still have a job. You’re going to be Mommy’s little cam star. You see, the nursery is equipped with cameras that will be capturing your every moment. Everything you do will be live streamed to anyone who is willing to pay a subscription fee. And let me tell you, with the work that you’ve put in over the last couple of months, you already have a massive following. I almost envy you. You’re making more now then when you were a hoity-toity office administrator.”

“You don’t have to worry about anyone finding out who you are, or where you are. My magic has already taken care of that, so don’t be shy, super slut. Go wild. You have been given an opportunity that many people would kill for. I know you’ll be a little lonely at first, but it won’t be too long before I get you some roommates to play with. After All, what’s more exciting than one little slave?” Mommy asked.

She paused, sarcastically waiting for Rebecca to answer. As much as Rebecca wished that she could respond, but it was impossible for her to let go of Mommy’s teat. The creamy milk that flowed down her throat was just too intoxicating to give up. It was stirring up feelings in her nether region. The more she drank, the hornier she felt. It was a recurring feedback loop that Rebecca never wanted to stop.

“That’s right little one, an entire nursery filled with diaperbutts! You’re going to be so busy. But for now, you’re going to have to settle for Mr. Bear and friends. I think that you’ll find him more than an adequate partner,” Mommy said.

Rebecca vaguely remembered there being some stuffed animals in her crib, but she hadn’t payed them any attention, there were much bigger things going on. Without any notice, Rebecca was torn from her Mommy’s teat and hoisted over her shoulder. She felt one of her former giant hands thump against her back. Once, twice, and on the third pass she let out a huge unladylike burp.

“Now be good for Mommy. Remember, your viewers are watching. If you don’t put on a good show, I’ll be giving you one hell of a motivational spanking later. So, it’s your choice slut,” Mommy said as she lowered Rebecca down onto the carpet.

“Be good,” Mommy said in a sing-songy voice. She closed the door behind her, locking it from the outside.


Rebecca was once again alone. Alone in a situation where she had absolutely no control in what happened to her. Reality hit her like a truck and she started to cry. A full-blown childish wail that was inconsolable. She went on for what felt like hours having cried herself dry long ago. Her life was over. There was no way out of this hellacious situation. The illusion that if she had followed Mommy’s training, she would be let free, or freer, was shattered.

The milk in her stomach didn’t help the situation at all. As she digested it, her pussy grew warmer in desire. Her diaper didn’t stay dry for very long as it began to soak up her horniness. Her hard-won breasts ached with desire to be squeezed, the nipples standing at attention, sending unappreciated shivers down her spine from the draft under the nursery door.

Rebecca nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt a warm furry sensation on her shoulder. She turned around only to see the entire collection of stuffed animals had come to life and gathered behind her. She took a step back in surprise, nearly falling over her own feet. There had to be at least ten of them. They had taken on more human-like form. Gone was their pudgy, fluffy appearance, replaced with toned definition and curves. Half were male, and half were female from the look of things.

Rebecca took another step back, trying to get away from her new furry friends, but she bumped into the cold hard wall. The stuffed animals advanced, encircling her. One of them stepped forward. He was significantly larger than the rest, and his features resembled a bear. Rebecca looked him up and down, noticing a familiar stirring at his crotch. The hormones in her body clouded her thinking. She stepped forward, dropping down onto her knees.

Mr. Bear rubbed the front of his crotch and an enormous swollen pink cock popped out. Rebecca’s mouth salivated at the sight. She reached out, her training taking control, and began to fondle the base, feeling around for the muscular bears balls. They fell out of his fur, and were pulsating, warm, and heavy mass in her hand. Mmm, I bet there’s a lot of tasty cum in those nuts, Rebecca’s lust addled mind thought.

She couldn’t hold back any longer and enveloped Mr. Bear’s member, taking it deep into her throat. It was an odd sensation. The cock felt eerily similar to the variety of delivery men that she had been blowing for months. But it felt slightly different. Rebecca withdrew and swirled her tongue around the head, then it dawned on her. It tastes different. That’s what it is! It’s so good. Umm, I think it’s having an effect on me. It’s so slippery too! I can feel it coating my mouth, Rebecca thought.

The sensation in her mouth intensified, increasing the sensitivity of her tongue, lips, and throat. With each pass, Rebecca’s mouth felt less mouthlike, and more like her burning pussy. She tentatively brought her hand up to her lips, but to her relief, she felt her normal lips. Her teeth were still there as well. Her fears were relieved having thought that Mommy’s magic had somehow replaced her mouth with another pussy.

She continued to service the massive bear. Around the room she saw that the rest of the fluffy ensemble has broken off into smaller groups and were having an orgy of their own. There were two stuffed bunnies that were absolutely just giving it, living up to the saying about fucking like rabbits. The rate at which the male rabbit was pistoning in and out of the female rabbit, it honestly frightened Rebecca. The female bunny’s face revealed that she was enjoying every single second of it, as her big heavy tits swayed with each movement.

The scene was repeated around the room, but Rebecca’s mind was soon too clouded in lust to take note of what was happening. The only thing that existed to her right now was the cock in her throat and her efforts to make it cum. Spit and precum ran down her face and dripped onto her substantial bosom, but she didn’t care. Just as long as she got her reward for pleasuring Mr. Bear. The sensation in her mouth was building, taking her to new heights of pleasure. There was no edge to be reached. The feeling kept growing and growing until Rebecca blacked out.
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Post Lockdown Slut - Chapter Twelve - (Almost) Finale

When Rebecca came to, she found herself lying on top of Mr. Bear. She remembered what had just transpired and pushed herself off of the stuffed animal, falling onto the soft carpeted floor. She got onto her knees, but found no sign of movement in the room. She poked the stuffed bear. It was warm and soft, and had a lovely furry feeling to it, but it did not feel alive. There was no indication that it was awake, or even animate. Rebecca leaned in to try and find a heartbeat, or see the rhythmic rising and falling of the chest from breathing. There was nothing, not a single sign of life. She tried to pick up the bear, but found that it weighed too much. She could barely even nudge it when she put her full weight behind her shoulder.

Rebecca got up and dusted herself off. Dried flakes of bodily fluid came off her two round breasts and disappeared into the carpet. She looked around the room and found various children’s toys scattered about. Some were purely innocent, like the heap of lettered blocks, but others, like the all too familiar dildo rocking horse, had a much more adult theme. Rebecca spotted a flatscreen in the corner and across from it was a small recliner that looked oddly familiar.

Rebecca waddled over, her thick diaper pushing her thighs wide apart. She felt the weight of the soaked padding pull at her hips. She had once again pissed herself while sleeping. Not that it mattered now. She was stuck in this nursery forever. I might as well make the most of it then, Rebecca thought. The old version of her would have been horrified that she had thrown in the towel without a fight. But after the several dozen lessons she had learned over the past months, she knew that there was no way to go against Mommy’s wishes. Whatever Mommy wanted to happen, was exactly what was going to happen, and to the exact letter of her specification.

The recliner was almost an exact replica of the one downstairs in her living room. Mommy’s living room, she thought. There wasn’t anything that was hers in the world anymore. Everything was a gift handed to her by Mommy. A privilege that could very well get taken away for whatever reason. The recliner in front of her was a perfect example. The only difference between it and the one downstairs was the material that covered it. The one downstairs was covered in black leather. The smaller, child-sized version in front of her had pastel pink fabric, and it was covered in a protective plastic covering. That’s probably a good thing given how often I end up leaking...

Rebecca plopped her sodden butt into the recliner and found the childish pink plastic remote waiting beside it. She turned the television on, and to her surprise a real-world news channel came on. Rebecca felt relieved that there was some sense of normalcy to be had in the nursery dungeon. She relaxed, and began to absorb the day’s current events. A little while later she noticed a small timer in the corner of the screen, which was counting down, from what looked to be an hour.

Curious, Rebecca changed the channel, landing on a kid’s program. The timer followed, but it had paused, reading 55:49. The colourful cartoon wasn’t really that interesting to the grown woman, so she jumped back to the news, and the timer recommenced its countdown.

Interesting, Rebecca thought. I think I know what’s going on here. I’m only allowed an hour of adult tv time a day. But if I watch an ‘age-appropriate’ show, it doesn’t count towards my hour. I wonder what happens when the timer hits zero?

There was only one way to find out. Rebecca sat back and watched the news, keeping one eye on the timer at all times. Time passed slowly, but soon enough, the timer blinked starting at ten seconds remaining, before turning red at three seconds, and right as the timer hit zero the television turned off. Rebecca tried to turn it back on, but the pink plastic remote was useless in that endeavour.

She begrudgingly got out of her chair and went for a tour around the room, cataloguing and indexing what was available to her, and how she could use it to entertain herself. When she came to the dildo-saddled rocking horse she could hardly resist jumping on, fondly remembering her last experience with it. She swung her leg over top and sunk down on the two hard pink plastic cocks. At first, she felt them push against her pissy diaper, but then she felt them magically slide though, pushing against her most sensitive areas. She lined everything up and sat down, the two pleasure sticks nestled nicely within her nether regions.

Rebecca began to rock back and forth, feeling the two dildo’s pump in and out of her bottom. The faster she went, the better it felt. With that carnal incentive driving her, she picked up the pace, feeling her muscles straining to maintain the pacing. The feeling was heavenly, as Rebecca lost track of time.


A while later, her pacing on the rocking horse had slowed down to a gentle canter. Her legs felt sore as if they had spent several hours on an actual horse. She looked around the room, only to find that the stuffed animals had managed to pick themselves off the floor and relocate back in the crib where they had been originally. That’s odd, Rebecca thought. I guess they are activated by my sexual energy? I guess that makes sense if they can only move when I am excessively horny. Rebecca began to wonder just how horny she had to be to make them all come to life and have another orgy. The milk that Mommy feeds me must be quite powerful if it makes me that excited.

Rebecca gingerly lifted her bum off the rocking horse, feeling the two dildos leave her well-fucked orifices gapping. She reached down, feeling along the crotch of her diaper, only to find an unblemished plastic surface. The holes had resealed themselves thanks to Mommy’s ever-present magic, but a new problem arose. The diaper was even heavier now. Mommy’s milk had run through her system and was now threatening to rip the diaper’s tapes. Rebecca’s hands shot to her backside, rubbing away the phantom pain that appeared as she remembered the last spanking she had received for losing her diaper.

She clutched onto the front of the diaper, hoping to save herself from any further punishment. There has to be a way for me to get my diaper changed, without Mommy’s help, Rebecca thought. She scanned the room. Beside the padded change table there was her all-to-familiar robotic diaper pail.

Rebecca waddled over, taking extra care to avoid her diaper tearing off. After what felt like forever, she finally arrived. Her short size really made everything seem so much larger and far apart. Before the journey would have taken her six strides. Now it took thirty.

There was one problem with her plan. The diaper pail was too tall for her to use. It was still sized for an adult to use. There was no path that Rebecca could find to get her sodden padding all the way to the top of the metal cylinder. She began to walk away, passing by the change table when she felt a mysterious force grab her underneath her armpits and hoist her high into the air.

Rebecca screamed at the sudden intrusion, kicking her feet with wild abandon, trying to find something solid to gain purchase on. She looked down, and saw that she was now inches above the padded pink surface of the change table. The force lowered her, lying her down on her back. She tried to sit-up, but the mysterious force pushed against her chest, keeping her firmly in place. She was able to tilt her head just enough to see that the mysterious force had taken a material shape, now plainly visible to her as a detached floating white gloved hand.

Two more hands appeared out of thin air and grasped at the tapes on her diaper. With a sharp tug the adhesive seals gave way. The front of her diaper was pulled down between her legs exposing her crotch to the cold air of the room. Rebecca shivered, but it was nothing compared to the freezing cold disposable wipe that was swiped against her sex. She wriggled and writhed, trying to escape the sensation, but it was no use. The magic hands were too strong. There was no indication that they were even phased by Rebecca’s infantile struggling.

With her crotch now clean, one of the white gloves grabbed Rebecca’s ankles, bringing them together before hoisting them up to her head, raising her bum off of the well-used diaper. The remaining free gloved hand pulled the diaper out from under her, and set it down out of her reach. Another two ice cold wipes cleaned her backside, feeling almost pleasurable against her thoroughly-fucked asshole. The wipes were gathered together and thrown into the used diaper, which, in turn, was rolled up into a tight ball. The magic hand then took the diaper and disposed of it in the diaper pail.

Rebecca heard the diaper pail chime out its usual greeting then told her how many times she had accidently pissed herself in the last week. It was an embarrassingly high number, but now that she was stuck in the nursery, Rebecca was all too sure that the number would only grow larger. The diaper pail then mechanically pronounced Rebecca’s next diaper would be a single overnight diaper.

The white glove returned dutifully from the diaper pail with a gigantic diaper in hand. Rebecca’s eyes bulged out of her head when she saw it. There’s no fucking way that is going to fit me, Rebecca thought. But she didn’t have a choice. The diaper was opened, gently fluffed, then slid under her backside. Her legs were lowered, her suspended butt coming to a rest on the diaper. Her back was arched, there was way too much padding between her butt and the padded change table. The front of the diaper was pulled up between her thighs, forcing them to be spread to almost their absolute maximum. The six heavy-duty diaper tapes were done up, tightly cinching the massive diaper around her midsection.

The hands patted her tummy before grasping her by the armpits and lowering her down to the nursery floor. She stumbled as the hands let go of her, forcing her wide-spread feet to try and support her. Her arms windmilled, but it was all for naught as she ended up tumbling backwards, landing with a puff of baby powder. She had braced for impact, expecting there to be substantial pain, but there was none. The thick diaper had spared her from all of it. She sat there dumbfounded for a minute, trying to process what had happened to her.

She let out a massive yawn, stretching her arms out above her head. A wave of exhaustion washed over her. While she hadn’t been up for too long, according to her own memory, but she had been pretty busy fucking and getting fucked. She looked towards her crib, and saw the convenient ramp leading up to the padded mattress. She made her mind up. It was nap time. But first she needed to make it there.

She tried to get back onto her feet, but it was pointless. The diaper forced her thighs too far apart. She had managed to get two minuscule steps in, but quickly gave up on the idea. She got on her hands and knees and crawled towards her destination.

The journey was a long one. She had almost regretted complaining about her waddled walk earlier. This one was much longer. The bulk of her diaper prevented her from making any quick progress. By her measure the diaper had to weigh at least half her body weight. It pulled on her hips, dragging on the ground behind her, making the task all the more difficult.

Eventually she reached the ramp, and began to climb up it. The heavy diaper made it an exhausting task, and by the time she made it to the top she barely managed to roll over to the pillow and pull the warm blanket over her sweating, heaving form. It took her mere moments to fall asleep as she caught her breath.


“Wake up, little one. I brought you a surprise,” Mommy’s sing-song voice called out. Rebecca yawned and stretched out, feeling well-rested from her first exploration in the nursery. She managed to push herself up to her knees, supporting herself by holding onto the cold metal bars that held her captive within her crib. Her overnight diaper had swollen to comical proportions. It easily weighed as much as she did. It was a little concerning that she figured she had pissed half her body weight away until she remembered that things don’t need to make sense when Mommy’s magic is at play.

Rebecca looked up, the bright light still stinging her sleepy eyes. Over Mommy’s shoulder there was a naked quivering mass. As her eyes adjusted, she was able to make out some more detail. That person seems familiar, Rebecca thought. Then it all clicked together. It was Brent, the regional manager from her former workplace, the nephew of the CEO. Rebecca recalled one of the vivid dreams that she had had at the start of all of this.

The lockdown was over and she was back at work, only to be brought to a conference room a week later to be let go. Brent was there, overseeing all the layoffs, and he had cornered her in the conference room after everyone else had left. He had offered her a new job as his secretary, but first she had to prove her skills by blowing him. Rebecca looked up. Mommy had a knowing smile on her face as if she knew Rebecca was remembering the dream.

“That’s one of the fun things about being a witch,” Mommy said. “Sometimes you see future events. There’s a whole branch of witchcraft for witches who are more predisposed to the talent of divination. They are called dreaming witches. It’s not an exclusive talent, but they do have dreams about the possible future much more often.”

“As you can guess. Little Brent, I mean little Benny here did exactly what you had dreamed about. He offered me the job today, and I daresay he is deeply regretting asking me for a blowjob. Poor thing, I sucked the height right out of him. I figured you would love to have some human company, so here we are,” Mommy said. Benny tried to raise a fuse, but a sharp slap across his already red bum put an end to any rebellion.

Mommy snapped her finger and Rebecca felt a magical sensation around her waist. When she looked down her diaper had been replaced by a clean white daytime diaper, the same size as the one Rebecca had been wearing prior. It was still too big for her figure, but it at least allowed her to stand up and maneuver around. Mommy came over and lowered the rail, holding out a hand for Rebecca to take. Not one to hold back anymore, Rebecca eagerly took it and was lifted out of the crib and placed in front of a new pink toy chest, appropriately sized for Rebecca. On the front panel in painted letters it read ‘Rebecca’s Toy Chest’, as if there was any doubt who it was intended for.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and open it and let’s get the party started. Little Benny here needs to learn the pecking order in this house,” Mommy said.

Rebecca flicked open the latch and lifted the lid. Inside was a magical space. There was both nothing and everything inside it all at once. Rebecca felt that if she reached inside she could pull out any toy she could imagine. Right now, she wanted to make sure the little skirt chaser learned his lesson.

She held out her hand and fished around the empty void of the chest. She felt it come into contact with the first toy, and pulled it out, leaving it hanging over the edge of the chest. She reached back inside several more times and just so happened to find everything she was looking for. When Rebecca turned around, Mommy was beaming at the sight of her.

“My, my. I taught you well, little one,” Mommy said. “Here, let’s get started,” Mommy snapped her fingers and an appropriately sized wooden stool appeared into existence beside Rebecca. She sat down on it, grabbing the big wooden paddle from the lip of the toy chest. She patted her lap, and Mommy lowered the sobbing boy onto her lap.

Rebecca hadn’t seen his face until now, but she was surprised to find a pink pacifier gagging the poor young man. She pulled it out, allowing it to drop to the floor in front of him.

“Thank you, Rebecca. Please let me go. I won’t tell anyone about this. I swear. I’ll even pay you. Anything. Anything you want and it’s yours. Just please let me go,” Brent said.

“I’m sorry Benny, but you’ve been a bad boy. And what do bad boys get?” Rebecca asked rhetorically.


“That’s right. Bad boys get punished,” Rebecca said interrupting the pathetic mess on her lap. “Now, I’m going to spank your bottom. It seems that someone’s already gotten quite a warming, so this shouldn’t take long. I’ll stop when you promise me that you are going to behave and allow me to use the rest of my toys on you. Do you understand?”

“No, why would I—” Brent was interrupted by the sharp crack of the paddle on his butt. His hands flailed, trying to cover his smarting backside, but they were held tightly between Rebecca’s thighs.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Rebecca said. She proceeded to lay one hell of a beating on his ass before the defeated man finally whimpered that he had had enough.

“I’ll be a g-g-good b-boy,” Benny stammered, tears streaming down his face. He was into a full-on gasping sob, trying to catch his breath between words. “I’ll behave and play with the rest of your t-t-t-toys.”

Rebecca could tell that there was fear in his voice. It made her so wet to know that she had so much power over this worthless human being on her lap.

“Stand up, sissy,” Rebecca said. Benny stood up slowly on his shaky legs. “Nuh uh, uh. Don’t you try to touch your bum. It’s supposed to sting, sissy girl.” She grabbed the pink plastic chastity cage from the toy box, and undid all the intricate pieces. She reached out and grabbed Benny by the balls and pulled him in closer, eliciting another pained grunt from the broken man. The chastity cage went on easily, the poor sissy girl was too scared to even attempt to get an erection in front of her, not that he would ever have the chance to do so ever again.

“Much better. Now your all-important manhood is locked away forever it’ll be hard to ask girls to suck you off, now won’t it?” Rebecca asked.

Benny stayed silent, staring a hole into the floor between his feet. Rebecca brought him out of his self pity party with another sharp spank on his blistered ass, sending him jumping to his feet.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Benny said, his voice barely squeaking out. His legs were shaking violently in fear. Rebecca grabbed the next item off of the toy chest. It was a frilly pink diaper, one that was way to feminine for even her to consider wearing. She felt something welling up inside her. Something very familiar.

With a sadistic grin on her face she snapped her fingers, and the diaper disappeared from her hand and reappeared on Benny’s bottom, sending the sissy boy jumping in surprise, landing on his padded ass. Rebecca looked up at Mommy and saw an approving smile on her face. Satisfied that she was allowed to use her new-found power, Rebecca continued to put Benny in his place.

She grabbed a metal ring gag from the toy chest and snapped her fingers. Instantly Benny’s whimpers became even more pathetic as the unfortunate sissy lost the ability to make any coherent sound. The gag was tightly wrapped around his head, forcing his mouth open in a pathetic circle. Benny’s face looked eerily similar to that of a blow-up sex doll. A string of drool rolled down out of his mouth and down his muscular chest. As soon as Rebecca had noticed his sculpted chest, she snapped her fingers again.

Benny grasped at his pectoral muscles, feeling them deflate, withering away to nothing in his hands. He checked his arms and found that all his hard work at the gym was gone. Left in his place was a thin scrawny boy. A boy who looked like he would have difficulties even trying to open the door to enter the gym, let alone lift his own gym bag.

Mommy had taken a seat on the crib. One of her hands had snaked its way into her panties, and the other was teasing her breast. She was enjoying the show and eager to see where it went. Rebecca grabbed the final item off of the toy chest. A strapon harness, with a nice large sized pre-lubricated dildo already attached. She stepped into the harness, and pulled it halfway up her leg before realizing that she could do oh so much better.

She dropped the strapon harness and kicked it away. She grabbed Benny by the hair and forced his face into her diapered crotch, then snapped her fingers. The sounds that erupted from the defeated sissy boy were music to Rebecca’s ears. And the vibration from his throat felt amazing. Benny began to squirm, and spasm, trying to gasp for air as his face was beginning to turn blue.

Rebecca released her hold on the suffering sissy and he fell backwards, allowing Rebecca’s big thick cock to pop out of his mouth, humiliating strings of his own saliva dangled off it. Rebecca marveled at the beautiful sight. She grasped her cock, heaving the heavy weight between her fingers. Her new-found magic had made it possible for her cock to seamlessly penetrate through the diaper, leaving a perfect seal behind it. She gave it a few test strokes, and found that she really enjoyed the sensations it produced. Mmm, this must be why guys are so sex-hungry, Rebecca thought. I would be too if I knew that I could have this much fun with it. Speaking of fun…

Rebecca looked at the ground, finding her new sissy toy flat on his back, knees bent up in the air, and feet flat on the ground. He was panting heavily, trying to recover his breath.

“That’s enough rest for now,” Rebecca said. She took a step forward and planted her foot right on Benny’s diapered crotch. She was surprised to find it warm and squishy. A sadistic smile grew on her face when she realized what had happened.

“That’s too cute, baby girl. You pissed yourself in fear of me. And we haven’t even started your diaper training yet. How pathetic. How did you ever think you were actually worthy enough to ask a girl to blow your minuscule manhood anyways?” Rebecca asked. She only received gurgles in response. “Get back on my dick, cocksleeve.”

Benny didn’t move fast enough so Rebecca gave him some motivation by driving her foot into his diaper crotch, eliciting a howl from him as he tried to roll around on the ground. His hands tried to reach his nether regions in an attempt to sooth the pain, but it was all for naught as Rebecca kicked them away. She snapped her fingers and a heavy seamless metal collar appeared around Benny’s neck. In hot pink lettering, accented in glitter was his new name, Cocksleeve.

A leash appeared in Rebecca’s hand. She pulled on the leash, causing Benny’s body to violently jerk up into a kneeling position, his mouth mere inches from her cock.

“Let’s try this again, Cocksleeve. Get back on my dick or I will make that last kick to your balls seem orgasmic compared to what I will do to you,” Rebecca commanded.

Benny leaned forward, eager to avoid any more harm to his testicles. He stuck his tongue out and tried his best to tease Rebecca’s massive cock. He was doing his best imitation of every blowjob porn video he had ever seen, unfortunately, he was a poor actor. Rebecca grew tired of the piss-poor teasing and grabbed the sissy by his ears and forced her cock down his tight throat. She pistoned in and out a few times before discarding the sissy once more, allowing him to catch his breath.

Unsatisfied, she snapped her fingers and Benny was bent over the wooden stool, his ankles and hands bound to the legs, severely limiting any freedom he thought he had left. Rebecca lined herself up with his backside and gripped the diaper with both hands. She tore a hole over his undoubtedly virgin hole, and spit on it for lube. Benny’s head shook violently back and forth in protest. It was the only rebellion that he could manage, fearing exactly what was coming next.

Rebecca grabbed her cock and placed its massive round head at the entrance of his sissy pussy. She grabbed Benny’s hips and took a deep breath, savouring the moment. In one gentle motion she pushed in, feeling Benny’s muscles try to reject her advances, but it was all in vain. Her cock slid all the way in, buried all the way to her diapered hilt. Benny wept over the stool, his hot tears dripping into the pastel pink carpet beneath him.
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Default Lockdown Slut - Chapter Twelve - Finale

Mommy stood up from the crib, satisfied from her own masturbation session. She glowed in the aftermath of her own orgasm. She quietly made her way over to the nursery door and shut it behind her, letting the scene play out without her. I made a good choice, Mommy thought. It takes a special kind of individual to turn that sadistic, and I’m so proud of myself for training her to be that way. So far, I am impressed with the new warden of my nursery prison. Mmm, I should go get her some more misbehaving toys to play with. After all, they deserve to be taught quite a lesson for being such horrible sluts.

~The End~
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That was awesome I hope you write some more stories
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