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Default April Dare of the Month

This month's theme is: April Showers

Please choose one of the following:

Option 1: A bit daring
April is known for its spring showers. How else are we supposed to get May flowers? If you dare, go for a kinky walk in the rain. Maybe wear nothing but a raincoat and boots, or you could wear a white t-shirt and no bra. Don't forget the possibility of toys: clamps, dildos, vibrators, or plugs. For the really daring, go completely nude!

Option 2: Steamy Sex
This is all about a pleasurable, hot, sexy shower. Take a hot shower. Maybe use some essential oils or the "fancy" soap. Use the shower head between your legs to get yourself worked up, or maybe a water proof toy of sorts. Or maybe after your shower, you can use the glass shower door or mirror to write a sexy message, or draw a sexy picture.

Option 3: Uncomfortable Rain
While option 2 was about pleasure in the shower, this option is about being uncomfortable. You can do this by taking a cold shower, or maybe even a golden shower. Maybe you shower with your nipples attached to the shower curtain rod with nipple clamps. Add some hot sauce? or maybe even a shower spanking.

Proof: Report and picture. Remember that photos do not need to contain you. They can be of anything related to the dare.

Deadline: April 30, 2019

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I was originally going to try something with option 1 but the weather in the UK has been predictably uncooperative (the one time I wanted a bit of rain it's been almost perfect sunshine) so opted for the last option. Although I did search the forums extensively I didn't quite find a pre-written dare that took my fancy so opted for a rather simple golden shower.

It's been quite a few years since I've given myself one so I wasn't sure if I'd still find something to like. I was pretty nervous for some reason as pee can be quite unpleasant but was very horny this week, and due to PM dares stuck in chastity through until at least Monday. My energy needed to go somewhere I guess. I started off by peeing into a container producing a surprising amount of pee (over 500ml...I know I drink a lot but eek). The one positive was that it was quite diluted.

I didn't have too much time to play with so had a quick shave then got into the shower, warming myself up first before stepping to the side of the running water to pour the pee over myself. To make it a bit more daring I did at pouring it over my face, which with my eyes closed did rather make me fantasise about someone peeing over my face. I find it deliciously degrading.

To my surprise, in the moment, I got a sudden urge to open my mouth as the water poured over me. I got a good mouthful of pee before my tastebuds took over with a very firm "No" as I spat it out. Even so, I spent the rest of the shower with the bitter taste of my pee in my mouth and a rather yucky stench that there just didn't seem to be enough soap to shift. Overall I did enjoy giving myself a golden shower, although it's maybe not the most interesting for some people stepping out of my comfort zone occasionally does give me a bit of a buzz. Indeed after I was really aroused but could only "satisfy" myself with my dicklet pressing against my cage.
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i know that its not april but i might as well post it here as it was fun to do.
so i started off waiting till i am desperate to go. I then sat onto my buttplug and pissed onto my face aim at my mouth. i swallowed some but the taste is horrible ( piss play still curiosous about) then i put on two niple clamps and turn shower on cold till i was shivering.

This was me completing part three so part 2 i had nice hot shower covered my self in shaving foam and shaved. then i turned shower back on as i was streched and fucked myself for 5 mins in the shower. i am now incredible horny and want to cum but cant as in denial. so the dare was fun ps i love more dares.
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For me the option 2 is pleasure in the shower, this option is about being uncomfortable. You can do this by taking a cold shower, or maybe even a golden shower. Maybe you shower with your nipples attached to the shower curtain rod with nipple clamps
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