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Default Best of Pain & Pleasure

This book is a collection of the best scenes I have written till now. It has small chapters from eight different stories, all related to genera of submission and dominance.

Please note, it only has scenes of sex, extreme torture, punishment, and humiliation, so this isn’t a book for people offended by dark romance and feminine submission, but for BDSM lovers and them who find pleasure in pain, am sure some scenes would make you horny enough to play with yourself.
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Default Prologue


Submission and domination I say doesn’t necessarily relate to sex. Love and lust are two different acts. Love is a mutual trust, respect, but lust is mutual desires, hunger for flesh. Submissiveness and dominance relates to a couple’s relationships, standards, whereas BDSM is an act of sex, a part of lust, so it’s not necessary to bring BDSM in sex but submission and domination is a must for a relationship, a marriage to last for years.

Any normal man does not want to waste his time trying to bend an unbendable woman because the more he tries to do it, the more she develops hate against him. Every man must be careful about the fact that the more he invests time on her woman, the more he starts to love her, and the more he loves, the more are the chances for him to get dominated by his woman. Likewise, a woman must be careful that if she doesn’t get dominated by her man, she couldn’t gain his trust, and it will lead to separation, rejection. Masculine dominance and feminine submission is a proven way of ancestors and its two sides of a coin, that’s an integral part of any healthy relationship.
When a woman loves a man, she unquestionably gives herself, all of her body and soul to her man, and the man, undoubtedly cares and protects her from the world. This is the base of every long-lasting bond.
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Default Scene 1 - After dusk (Taken from ‘Caught and Sold’)

After dusk (Taken from ‘Caught and Sold’)

‘Ah….ah…ahhh….gh’ whimpers Kirk as my lips gently massage his little General.

His eyes are closed, body has gone lose. As my tongue fondles his thing, it looks like he has lost control. My eyes are closed aswell, as I lick his thing with tenderness, leaving a salty but sweet taste inside my mouth.
It was almost 11 when we got into bed and stripped each other, but now I have lost track of time as my eyes aren’t ready to see anything other than Kirk’s bare body. My mouth is wet, just like my bare bottom, but I can still feel the unending thirst erupting inside me, making me wild, hungry like some crazy animal. I stretch my buttocks and spread my legs, as I feel the flow of blood between my legs, a tickle in my nipples. Even I have lost control and my body has gone loose.

‘Oh yeah…ahhhh’ he moans again with pleasure as I power my lips further, giving myself more strength, while he grabs my hair and pulls me away before I could complete the job.

I finally open my eyes and look at him with questions but he smiles wickedly. I know this smile and I like it. My mouth is dirty but I want to get dirtier, but now it’s his turn to dominate. It’s time to switch places. Without delay, he has now started to kiss my naked body in installments. For a moment he kisses on my lips and then goes down towards my chest, sucking on it for a second, and then gently moves towards my naked belly.

‘Ahh……’ I moan as his tongue slides on my bellybutton, sucking on to the pit.

It stays there for a moment but soon slides further towards my lower waist, and finally between my legs, licking, playing with the most sensitive part of my naked body. I can’t describe what I feel as his tongue caresses my lower lips, wetting it, and then wiping it again and again. It’s painful but also pleasurable at the same moment. I am uncomfortable but also happy in the same second.

‘Ouch…ahhhh‘ I scream with force, as his teeth come into action, biting on my frontal bottom for a moment.

It’s painful but before my fingers could go in there, he rubs his tongue over it to relieve me of pain and gets me back into the seventh heaven.

I reclose my eyes but I reopen it immediately as he stops for a while and looks at me without a smile, as if a dirty thought has popped into his mind. He’s smiling wickedly, again, and stretches himself towards the table and grabs his office tie. I know what he is doing. It’s the time I’ve to surrender, completely.

He then grabs my hair and pulls me high, and then rotates me into my back, forcing me to lie on my stomach. Then without any notice, he slaps my buttocks twice, both of them, and then squeezes it harshly. In response, I close my eyes and whimper quietly. It is painful but not every pain makes you unhappy, some are intended for pleasure.

I gasp a mouthful of air as his palms touch my loin, tickling on my lower back, and then again on my buttocks. He then pulls both of my wrists towards my butts and restrains it by wrapping the tie onto it. I got to mention how professional he is, because even though my best efforts, I am unable to free myself.

‘Get in your knees, you slut’ he says, pulling my hairs again to make me sit on my knees.

With tied hands, I have no control, so I comply without much resistance. Seeing me behave, he first kisses on my lips but soon drifts towards my chest, squashing my nipples in the way, this time with a little more force, as if trying to make me suffer.

Well, I’m habituated to such minor uncomforting situations and am ok with it, but still, I moan to act as if I am in pain.

‘Ouch…..Sir….please..’ I pled with innocent eyes as he isn’t ready to leave my sensitive parts, my nipples, and keeps twisting, pressing on it, while I moan of sharp pain.

‘Beg me, slut’ he shouts, and with a painful moan, ‘I beg you, sir’ I say, while he leaves my upper front and gets into lower, this time pinching my delicate thighs.

‘Ahhhh…….’ I moan, again, bending myself for pain in my legs, but he grabs and pulls my hair again, bringing me back into kneeling position.

He then takes a leap forward and slides two of his fingers on my lower lips, wiping it to make it dry, and then after massaging it for a moment, he slips both of them inside my garage.

‘Ahhhhh…’ I moan with pleasure, reclosing my eyes again, as I feel a sudden heatwave erupting over my entire body.

The in and out game has started but he’s also slapping, twisting my nipples. I am in pain but I also feel pleasure. My moans are full of torment but I am also shouting with comfort. I am two different person at the same time. I pled, I beg but none of it is enough to make him stop. Now my breasts are aching and I have started to radiate heat, while the drift between my legs is going wet due to the tender strokes. I am shouting, moaning, and requesting him to stop but he continues.

Now I can feel the first climax building inside me, as his finger strokes me with larger intensity, puncturing me even deeper.

‘Ohh……fuck…..ahhhhh’ I shout as I feel a stream of juice ejecting.

The first wave is here and it’s so good, so indescribable. I can feel butterflies all over my body. I close my eyes and let it go while he digs deeper for perfection.

Well I know he isn’t stopping until he himself is fully satisfied. My situation doesn’t matter and all he wants is to make me beg again. As I shoot the first wave, he leaves me for a moment to relax, and I take a deep breath to collect myself. He then unties my hands and I instantly rub over my red bottom, but no sooner than I use hands, he dribbles me into my bed like some basketball.

Spreading my legs apart, he straddles on me, and leaning over me like a crossbow, he finally unleashes his beast into my den. It’s painful as there is less lubrication, but soon pleasure takes over the pain.

The hide and seek game has once again started but his finger isn’t the main character now. Meanwhile, he has again started squashing my breasts softly with his hands, and instantly my nipples springs to attention for that tender touch. After a few seconds of strokes, he leans forward and gets his tongue to lick my neck.

I am again in seventh heaven with all my private parts riding along with me.
‘Ahhh…..’ I moan again while the stroke restarts.

Now I feel his strokes getting stronger, while I spread my legs wider to create some more space. I am still a little uncomfortable but the pleasure surpasses the pain. As I open eyes and look at him, I see him making happy faces, crazy expressions while sliding in and out on me, slowly, gently.

I smile in reaction but in reply, he increases the intensity of strokes, forcing me to closes eyes again. Strokes have now increased to its maximum intensity, and the same is my screams. I can now sense his cum shooting inside my honeypot. I know he’s close but I think I am closer. I can feel him wetting me from inside but I can also feel my own climax breaking me with a tingling shudder.

Taken from ‘Caught and Sold
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More! More! That was deliciously erotic.
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Default Scene 2 - Before dawn (Taken from ‘Caught and Sold’)

Before dawn (Taken from ‘Caught and Sold’)

‘Kira stop, it’s so cold’ said Alexia after I shot her again with a snowball.

Her palms are all over her face and body. She is trying to hide herself behind a small bush, but my snowballs are big and strong enough to penetrate through that weak bush, and also, I am shooting her with all my strength.

‘Kira, no’ she requested again but I laughed and shot her again, while she bent further to save herself.

Well, she is my cousin, a little younger, and also weaker than me. It’s snowing and we’re alone in the house, so there is no one here to save her from my big bullets.

‘Come on Alexia, don’t be a little girl. Get up and fight’ I said and made another ball but before I can shoot, it’s her turn.

She immediately takes advantage of the delay and shots me with a small ball. Although it was small, it landed directly on my face and I wasn’t ready for it. In reaction, I closed my eyes as some snow got into my nose and also in my eye.

‘Haha…got you’ Alexia laughed and before I could recover, she ran towards me and shoots me again, this time in my forehead, and although I had my palms covering my face, I feel a little pain in my head as snowball lands and gets shattered on my upper head.

I bend myself and got on my knees, covering my face and body with hands but Alexia quickly runs towards me and tries to slip some snow inside my clothes, inside my top, the thing I always do with her.

‘Alexia no, I am getting wet’ I said as I feel cold in my chest which is getting wet of the snow, but in reply, she ignores my request and slips even more snow inside my top.

‘Ahhh….it’s so cold’ I say and open eyes slowly, getting myself out of slumbers, and immediately spot Kirk playing with my bare nipples.

The Sun isn’t up yet but his lips are once again on my breast, licking it over again and again, even though I was asleep. It’s so improper to do such a thing to a sleeping girl but it’s not his mistake. Every boy will do the same thing if he sees a nude girl lying beside him with her breast inches far from his mouth.

Well, it’s our habit now to sleep naked after sex, like everyone else, because in the midst of lovemaking, one gets so tired and sleepy that it doesn’t matter what you have in your body. Moreover, I have an old habit to nap without clothes, no matter if I am with Kirk or just alone. I just feel more freedom while I am naked.

‘Ahhh….Kirk, stop it’ I laugh as Kirk’s tongue has started to tickle on my nipple.

He’s doing it intentionally, just to break my drowsiness, to make me active, and he’s successful. I no longer feel sleepy but now I feel more kind of horny but I still push him a little to free myself from his lust. As he gets away, I cover myself from sheets covering my lower body.

‘Come on, Kira. I’ll have to leave now’ he says and slips himself away from the sheet.

He is also naked, just like me, and getting up from the bed, he stretches his bare body and cracks his knuckles. His naked ass looks so sexy & tight, just like his strong shoulders. I feel slapping and whacking it.

Ahh…..there is blood flow between my legs, I already feel aroused.
In lazy steps, he moves towards the table to get his cellphone, and scrolls fingers for a second, while I rub my palms on my wet breasts.

‘Fuck, its 6 already and there’s still no Sun’ he comments, looking towards the dark window.

‘Its winter, jackass, Sun won’t come till 7’ I say while he turns towards me, exposing his beast which is still sleeping, partially.

It looks so different than what it looks when excited, just like Mr. Banner and the Incredible Hulk. Well, I hate Mr. Banner.

He smiles at my answer but then moves towards the washroom and I too slip sheets off my body and stretch my unclothed legs and hands. I still feel so tired, so out of energy. My body is so lose after the calories I burnt last night, but I have to get ready as soon as possible because my office starts at 8 and it takes almost an hour to travel.

Rubbing all over my naked body for a couple of minutes, I too move towards the washroom where Kirk is already in. Thank God he’s done with potty and commode is free for me to occupy.

‘What do you think for the Vegas?’ he asks while brushing teeth, while I quietly sit to pee in the commode.

‘I am not sure, Kirk. I don’t have the budget’ I say, a little embarrassed of my savings.

‘2500 bucks, come on, it’s hardly anything’ he comments while I smirk.

‘Maybe for you, you’re the team leader. Me? I am just a customer care representative’ I remind him of our positions.

He giggles but says nothing.

We work together in a Customer care service company, ‘US Novelty Mart’ where I am a senior customer care representative whereas he’s a team leader with 25 people working under him. My salary is just one-third of what he gets so money isn’t a factor for him unlike me. As its end of the year, my colleagues had made plans for a Las Vegas trip which costs almost 2500 bucks, but I don’t have that budget. I have recently shifted in a new apartment, here, and had to pay 3000 bucks as advance.

Although I am dying for the trip, I don’t see a way to pay for it. I even asked some of my friends if they could lend me some loan but none of them turned with a good offer. I even asked Kirk but he has recently bought a new car and almost all of his savings were spent in it because it’s an expensive vehicle.

‘How much more do you need? Maybe I can arrange it for you’ says Kirk while I laugh.

‘I have nothing, Kirk. I am so poor’ I smirk while he responds with the same.

I cannot ask him for money, not now, because I know that his saving is the same as mine. I don’t even have a formal family who can help. My dad died long ago and my mom lives a miserable life that’s even worse than of mine. She’s a nurse in a private hospital and earns just enough to manage her needs. Asking her for money is no better than sin because she has a lot of medical requirements.

‘I suggest you to talk to Page’ Kirk says as I was lost in my condition.

‘She knows some ways to earn a lot in a short time’ he tells while I raise my eyebrows, as I know that those ways aren’t always legal.

‘What ways?’ I ask.

‘I guess I could know, because I too want it’ Kirk says, smirks.

‘She’s got a new apartment right in the middle of the city and has also bought a new car’ he tells while I wonder how Page is doing that because her salary is the same as of me.

He’s right. Even I’ve heard of it and but I wonder how. In such an amount no one can afford a flat in the main city and no one can dream of getting a new car.

‘How’s she doing it?’ I ask but he responds with a casual head shake, as he too doesn’t know the ways she’s using to get those expensive items.

‘Maybe she’s renting herself’ Kirk estimates and laughs in himself.

I too do the same but it’s hard to believe because Page doesn’t look like a slut and to add, she also has a boyfriend.

‘It’s so easy for pretty girls, isn’t it? To rent and to earn, unlike us’ he says while I giggle because he’s right, although it’s not right and illegal as well.

Yes, we have a sexy body that’s every guy yearns, but we also have principles, morals. We can’t just go outside and ask anyone to fuck us for money. That’s so bad, even to think about and I wonder how some girls do it with confidence.

I guess this world is a place of different set of minds. Everyone doesn’t think the same way.

‘It maybe easy for some girls, but not for me, Kirk. See how poor I am, I don’t even have clothes in my body’ I reply with a naughty intention, rubbing over my right breast, inviting him to come closer.

He looks at me and then at my naked body, while I do the same and fix my focus into his sleeping beast. There’s a mutual silence for a few seconds as we see each other without clothes. Even it’s cold here, I can feel the temperature rising. Even Mr. Banner is slowly converting into Incredible Hulk.

‘Oh, poor girl, who doesn’t even have clothes. Maybe I can lend you some money’ he says and chuckles with nasty expressions, while I spread my leg and flush the commode.

‘But I’ll need something in return’ he says and I gasp a mouthful of air.
Now his thing is raised to its maximum strength and is pointing right at my face.

‘What do you need?’ I say while he comes forward and pulls me towards the shower.

He then stares at my naked body for a few more seconds and now I can feel my heart beating.

He quickly turns the shower on and I shake for a moment as the cold drops of water fall on my bare body, lowering my temperature in an instant. I see him looking at my undressed body getting washed by showers, while I do the same and see how the stream of water flows on his sexy body, getting him wet part by part. Without caring much about him watching me bathing, I raise my head to face the shower directly on my face and once I get wet, I start rubbing my private parts.

‘Maybe you can use an extra hand’ he says and comes behind my back, wrapping his arms around me, and rubbing on all my private parts one by one.

I close my eyes and feel his point thing pressing on my upper buttocks, while he rubs my cheat to give me a sensual bath. I too get into action and slip my palms on his ass, rubbing it the same way as he rubs my nipples.

Getting over with my front, he makes me turn and gets started with my back, the same as I am doing to him. Like a professional massager, he starts rubbing, cleaning my back, starting from my soft toes, going towards my back knees, and then towards my thighs, buttocks, all towards my waist, loin, and then neck. It’s like he’s not ready to leave even a single inch of my body untouched.

I am aroused by the sensual back message he just gave. My eyes are now closed on its own, and there is only one thing that’s going in my mind, to get in bed again and get his beast inside my pit.

Then without asking, he turns me again to the other side and starts the same message on my frontal body, from top of my wet body, first the chest again, where he presses and brushes my nipples for like ten seconds, but soon gets on my belly, rubbing it for a while, and then finally moves between my legs. He stays there for a little longer, flicking, fingering my lower lips, while I moan quietly, feeling his fingers, but soon he moves further down towards my thighs, and then towards my foot, cleaning every part of me with utmost care like he is washing his own body.

I can’t describe how I feel now. I am just too hungry in a sensual way, urging to take in anything of any size. Butterflies are flying inside my body and I could feel cold and numbness in my private parts, especially my buttocks. I am neither smiling, nor I am normal. I am in the same condition as the earth before first showers on monsoon.

‘Should we shampoo?’ he asks but I shake head.

‘No, let’s get it done’ I say and push my lips into his, and start pressing his wet buttocks with passion.

He too gets into action and our tongue starts to taste each other with hands exploring each other’s buttocks and its hole. Soon the action that started in showers, get shifted into my room, and Kirk, without even getting me dry, lifts me off the floor and dribbles my wet body on the bed like some ball, and bringing his mouth into action, starts kissing my naked body in installments, part by part, first the lips, then nipples, belly and finally my pussy.

‘Ahhh…..’ I moan and close eyes again as Hulk enters my garage.

Soon the in-out game starts but I feel it’s not the right time as I only have few minutes to leave for my bus.

Taken from ‘Caught and Sold
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Default Interrogation (Taken from ‘Compelled to serve’)

Interrogation (Taken from ‘Compelled to serve’)

‘Dad no,……please’ I requested my dad, who is sitting just beside me, holding both of my hands to restrict me from any kind of movement, while I am trying my best to run off the place, because there is a person beside me, in white coat and big glasses on eyes, holding an injection in hand.

He has a smile, as does my father, but me?

I am dying of fear. Yes, I fear needle so much. It makes me mad, even though when I am not the person to get it.

‘Kira, stop. Doesn’t be such a kid’ mocks my mom after I shake a little too much.

It’s the vaccine day and I curse the person who invented it.

What’s the point of getting pain even though you don’t have the disease? I never figured the reason and point behind vaccines because the world is full of hundreds of incurable diseases.

Does this mean we take hundreds of injections?

Well, the doctor comes near and mops my left shoulder with spirit, while I can feel my legs shaking of fear. There’s no way I can escape it now.

I close my eyes and press my eyelids with all my strength. I hope it gets over without much pain.

‘It’s over, Kira. You can open eyes’ says the doctor but I don’t believe him.

I keep on closing my eyes.
I can feel a few drops of water sprinkled on my face, as I regain consciousness. I don’t know how long I was out or when I lost control. I only remember the unbearable torture, the immense sufferance I was subjected into.

‘It’s over, Kira darling, wake up’ says Officer James, as I open eyes slowly and steadily.

I am in pain, in so much pain, lying in my own piss. I forgot when I lost consciousness. Maybe it happened when I got electrical shocks on my bottom, right into the most sensitive part of my body.

Ahhhhh….I feel so weak, so out of energy. I don’t even have the strength to speak, or to sit on my own back. My body has gone loose, completely, and my legs ache, a lot, after getting shocks by brutal Taser. The last hour was the most horrible hour of my entire life. I couldn’t believe interrogations can be so brutal, so inhuman. Yes, I have seen these in movies, which aren’t real but staged, but I never thought it could happen to a real person, me, who is not even some professional criminal with some real crime like murder.

I think the officers forgot that I am a girl, just 22 years of age, and I am not strong enough for the methods they used on me to interrogate.

‘It’s over, Kira darling, wake up’ says Officer James, and I open eyes slowly and steadily.

He snuggles me again, caresses my back, as I lie like a lifeless person. Even his eyes look full of surprise, like he also can’t believe how ill I was treated by his senior officers. Clearly, he wasn’t expecting this to happen, not to someone like me, a weak and young girl.

Well, he snuggles me for a couple of minutes, like giving me the strength to hold on, and then lean me back again on the floor.

‘I’ll be back, soon. Let my seniors leave’ he says, and leaves me at my condition, locking the door from outside, while I lie on floor without any movement.

I am afraid to even recall what happened with me in the last 30 minutes, how brutally I was tortured.

Well I thought yesterday was a bad day but now after this, I feel yesterday was a lucky day for me, because even though I was caught and played by Officer James, I wasn’t subjected to real violence, like what happened now.

After I was sexually abused by Officer James, he came back before leaving. Till that time I regained some energy to wash myself and also had my dinner, the Chinese food he brought for me. It was so kind of him because he brought a small cushion and a pillow for me to sleep with ease. As it was cold, he also arranged a blanket to keep me warm. Then without troubling me further, he left me alone in the darkroom, and I had one of the best naps of my entire life. Well best because I was so tired and needed peace so badly. I didn’t even have my cellphone to get disturbed.

The Sun rose after the dawn. It got high towards the sky, but my cell was still dark till afternoon, the time when I finally heard the gates opening.

Although I was expecting James, it wasn’t him, but the two other officers who escorted me here last evening. They came in with a plate in hand, the prison food, and with a message to get me ready for interrogation.

‘Interrogation?’ I asked.

My heart started to pace again. I thought I was already interrogated yesterday, by James.

‘Yes. Our seniors would do that’ said an officer and I wonder what’s left for me to tell.

‘But didn’t that already happen, yesterday?’ I asked.

They laughed.

‘No, Sir James is just for the primary talks. The real thing is performed by professionals’ he said.

I was already starting to sweat by the term ‘professionals’. I know what it means.

‘Don’t worry. We have your details. It won’t be so hard. You just have to tell the truth’ the other officer said.

So hard? It means it will be hard. Fuck! How much torment is in my destiny? How and when will this end?

‘Eat your food, miss, and get ready. They will be here in an hour’ officers said and left the place.

It feels so weird now when someone calls me ‘miss’. After so much humiliation, I don’t think I deserve to be referred to anything other than slut or bitch.

Have you ever seen a prison from inside?

It’s horrible but what’s even more horrible is the food. I don’t know what I am eating. Its rice but it isn’t white, somewhat yellow. The curry is as thin as water, just in a different color, and the vegetable I am eating is undercooked.

It doesn’t even have proper salt or spices. I wonder who cooks this sort of food, because I can cook better with closed eyes.

I think it’s cooked like this intentionally, because prison is a place of punishment. One must not get addicted to comfort or good food. I miss my home so much. I miss my bed, my food, and my wonderful life. It was so stupid for me to choose drug smuggling just for the sake of some money. I never knew I would be caught and get into so much trouble.

I wish I could change the time.

As I was done with dinner and some rest later, my heart pounded inside my chest as I suddenly heard the door opening. I thought it was the senior officers but it was again those two officers, and also James. I tried to greet him with a smile, but he didn’t look at my face, but came directly near me and handcuffed my wrists.

I had no idea what was going on, why was I handcuffed again.

Then making me stand, he hooked my handcuff wrists with an iron chain, and stretched my arms high to the ceiling, tying me up with hand-stretched up above my head.

‘What’s happening, officer? Why are you tying me like this?’ I murmured but he gave me a blank look, as I meant nothing to him.

I was so much scared because I saw these just in porn, in BDSM videos, where a girl is restrained and suspended against the ceiling. It’s done to restrict a subject to resists, to restrain her from using hands while subjected to torture. I have seen these so many times, when a girl is tied the same as like me, and then she is abused, raped, beaten, even canned but she couldn’t even move or use hands to rub over hurt areas.

I was scared to hell. I didn’t know if I was going to face the same thing, the same torment?

Will I be beaten and abused, the same as I saw in porn, and used to enjoy?
I never thought I would be in the same position, in the same situation where the subject screams, begs for mercy, but her pains are just a source of pleasure for the one torturing her.

God! Help me, please.

As Officer James was done with tying me, the two officers walked in. They were in uniform, a military uniform. Small hair, strong body, and a confident face, I guess they were some agents. They also had a file in hand.

As they came in, two chairs were brought for them to sit. For a second they looked at me and then at each other, like weren’t expecting someone so young and pretty. Then they came near me and took a whole look at my semi-nude body by encircling me twice, like observing at every part of my front and back body. Then they pulled their chairs closer to the place where I was tied, a meter away from me, while Officer James and the other two officers backed off and stood in a corner, like their role was just to see what was going to happen.

Now I was frightened till my nails because they were just a meter far from where I was tied in my bikinis. While I was standing with my hand stretched high, their face was inches away from my waist.

‘So Miss Kira. I am Andrew and he’s my partner Phill. We’re here to verify whatever statement you gave to Officer James previously. Do you understand?’ asked agent Andrew and I shook head in reply.

‘I want an answer, yes or no’ he said.

‘Yes sir’ I whispered, slowly.

‘Louder’ he responded instantly.

‘Yes Sir’ I said, this time in a little higher tone.

‘You admit that you’ve been caught red-handed while in possession of 1600 grams of drugs called Heroin’ he said.

I halted for a while because I didn’t know how much it weighed. I knew I had 16 packets, that’s all. I didn’t know how much it weighs.

‘Yes or no?’ he shouted before I could answer.

I was scared, and I didn’t know what to answer, I wasn’t sure of it, so I remained silent and put my eyes down towards the floor.

Well, this was unexpected but instead of asking me twice, the other agent stood up and slapped me harshly on my right cheek. It’s hard to describe how hard it was and how I felt. It’s like I was hit by some frying pan, because his palms were really strong and my cheeks equally weak. As my hands were already tied, neither did I fell, nor was I able to balance myself. I just fell on my left, but soon got balanced due to tied hand against the ceiling.

At the instant, there wasn’t much pain but I felt a sharp burning effect on my left face, like it was on fire. For a moment my vision got blurred, like I was in shock. I didn’t even start to cry but soon my eyes became blurry, and then started bursting of tears. I wasn’t beaten in cheeks like this before, so it took some time for my mind to believe what just happened.

‘See. You need to answer every question instantly else the result would be even worse’ said the one who was still sitting on a chair.

With wet eyes, I nodded. I could now feel my cheek aching and my sobs interfering with my breaths.

‘You admit that you’ve been caught red-handed while in possession of 1600 grams of drugs called Heroin’ he asked again.

‘Yes sir’ I said, immediately and took a deep breath to make myself confident.

I knew where one more hesitation or wrong answer could lead me into, so I was determined to tell whatever I knew.

‘Who gave you the drugs?’ he asked.

Now, this was a question where I was hesitant to answer, because if I told them about David, he along with my friend Page, will be suspected and questioned. I didn’t want that to happen because it would end Page’s career as well.

While I was silent for a few seconds, the other officer who slapped me, got into my back, like getting ready for something. My stomach was already churning as I couldn’t see what he was doing in my back.

Will he punch me or something?

‘Miss Kira, who gave you drugs?’ agent Andrew asked again.

I didn’t know what to do, how to save my friends. My destiny is already written but I can save them from getting in trouble but what?

‘Ouch….ahhhhh’ I screamed with all my strength, pulling myself forward, stretching my entire body, as I felt an irritating sensation in my thighs.

It was an electrical shock from the officer’s Taser, and for a moment I could see stars in front of my eyes. I can’t believe I was subjected to electrical shock and that too in my sensitive thigh. Its feeling is indescribable as there is nothing else like an electrical shock, and that too from Taser. It’s the time when the brain stops working and involuntary muscles come into action.

I stretched to my last limit to avoid any more of them, and instantly looked back towards the officer. He had a smile instead, like he was still in a mood to shock me even more, like he enjoyed my screams.

‘No sir, ………..please……I beg you’ I screamed, and all of a sudden my whole body started to shake, as the deadly device was still near my back body, inches away from my thighs.

‘If you tell the truth, I won’t torch you again’ he said but it was hard for me to believe him because he not only gave me electrical shocks but also slapped me harshly in just less than 2 minutes.

With shaking legs and paced breaths, I once again looked towards Officer Andrew who was sitting calmly in front of me.

While I was seated, I felt Officer Phill unhooking my bra off my chest. I wasn’t ashamed though because I was in shock, in extreme shock. It doesn’t matter if I have clothes or not, I can take any more shocks from the Taser which was still near my back body.

After unhooking my bra, he also pulled my panty off and made me stand naked in front of four men. Strangely, I was still not bashful, maybe because I was more scared of pain rather than humiliation. I was still shaking of what just happened with me, and praying not to get it again.

‘Officer Phill, do me a favor and shock in her breasts if she doesn’t answer my questions’ Officer Andrew ordered, while following him, the other officer came in front of me placed the shocker just an inch away from my right breast.

I can’t describe how stressed I was by seeing death just an inch away from me. I started to lose my mental control and stretched myself the farther I could have.

‘No…..sir…please..I will tell everything..please don’t do it’ I screamed again, pulling myself back to my last limit but the farther I got, the nearer his hands came, but he waited for Officer Andrew’s orders.

‘So, Miss Kira. Who gave you the drugs’ Officer Andrew asked.

‘David, Sir’ I immediately replied, keeping my eyes on the officer holding

Taser near my nipples.

‘David who?’ he asked again.

‘He is boyfriend of my friend Page’ I told in a hurry.

‘Page who?’ he asked.

‘She…she.. works…works.. with me ….in…in office….no sir…..please’ I stammered, shouted, as his hands came nearer to my breast.

He didn’t shock me though, but was playing with me by just rubbing the Taser on my chest without letting it on. Talking about me, now my entire body was shaking of fear. Even my voice got heavier as some old woman or like some man.

Officer Andrew nodded and wrote something on his paper.

‘For how long do you know David?’ he asked.

‘I just met him twice, sir’ I told in the same hurry.

‘Do you have his address and contact number?’ he asked.

‘Yes Sir, on my phone’ I said.

He nodded again, wrote something again, while I was sobbing and pleading for mercy, as Officer Phill was now scrolling the Taser on my chest, on my nipples, without pressing the On button. I was just holding my breath as I didn’t know when he would on it again and I would get another shock.

‘For how long are you doing this drug smuggle?’ Officer Andrew asked.

‘This is my first time, Sir’ I said.

‘And who were you supposed to meet here?’ he asked.

My heart pounded and I felt like my soul left me for a second. I didn’t knew the answer so I didn’t speak. In reply Officer Phill immediately got the Taser on my belly button and shocked me the second time.

‘Ouch….ahhhhh’ I screamed again , with all my strength, with all my energy, pulling myself backward, stretching my entire body again.

My eyes closed, my body got loose and once again I lost balance. My body swung through my tied hands and I could feel my wrist aching.

‘I need answers, Miss Kira, who were you supposed to meet with drugs’ he asked again as Officer Phill held my waist and made me stand in my legs, although my legs weren’t ready to support me.

‘I don’t know, sir. He was supposed to find me, not me…..ahhhh…..ouch…..’ I screamed again, as before I could complete, there came the third shock, this time on my pelvis, just a few inches away from the most sensitive part of my body.

I screamed with whatever energy I was left with, as the effect was enormous, unbearable. My understanding, my brain, and my entire thought process went into a coma, while standing in tip-toes, I stretched myself back, away from the Taser, which was still near my pussy.

‘I am saying the truth, sir….I don’t know….please have some mercy’ I screamed again but saw Officer Andrew shaking his head, as if he wasn’t believing my answers.

‘Do you think I am stupid?’ he said and looked towards officer Phill.

‘Do you know what happens when 50,000 volts gets into a woman’s vagina?’ he asked and signaled Officer Phill, who brought the Taser near my pussy and finally touched it on my lower lips.

I spread my legs as wider as I could, and almost jumped in the same pose, but soon realized that he hasn’t electrocuted me yet, but was on the verge of doing it. He was just playing with my mind.

‘Last chance, Miss Kira. Tell me the truth else face the consequences’ asked officer Andrew but I cried instead and also screamed as I had no answers.
‘I beg you sir….no…..ple….’ I was screaming but couldn’t finish, as the Taser was finally on my pussy.

It was sudden and extreme. For a moment I felt like my lower bottom was subjected to a knife and burning hot water, but soon after few seconds, I felt like I was falling off a building, sliding down in air slowly and steadily. I felt like a kite whose strings are cut, and it’s getting down with any control over itself.

It was a so different experience, so unique, like I was drugged. My eyes were closed and my lower bottom had no sensation, but I could feel a narrow stream on my legs, like someone was washing my legs.

‘Andrew S…T…O…P. She is losing it’ I was unable to open eyes but could head weird sounds, in slow motion.

‘W..A..T..E..R’ someone said, as I slowly felt my eyeballs resting on my sockets.

Yes, I was losing it, losing my consciousness, but before that could happen, I was awakened up by a bucket of water on my head. It returned my awareness, not all of it but partial, and now I could feel someone’s arms wrapped around my chest.

It was Officer James who was holding my chest, making sure that I don’t fall and hang just by my arms. Now I could realize that my legs had no water but were wet with my own piss. Somehow I urinated without my attention. It may have happened after he shocked me on my frontal bottom, right on my drift.
Well, now I could again feel my breaths and my body which was still loose. I had no strength to even stand on my legs. Even my eyes were down and I felt like I was unable to take sort of decision. My mind was empty and I had no feeling either, like I was just born into a new world.

‘Can you hear me, Miss Kira?’ asked Officer Andrew while Officer James still held my bare chest tightly, giving me support to stand.

As I didn’t reply, I saw Officer Phill's hands coming closer to me again. He still had that deadly device and it made me remember what happened with me just a few minutes earlier.

I nodded softly as a reply.

‘You didn’t answer my last question. Who were you supposed to meet here?’ he repeated the same question.

I didn’t reply but started to cry hard, just like some small kid, eyes still bursting of tears and body still shaking.

‘I beg you, sir, please, don’t do it. I am telling the truth’ I whispered as not much energy was left inside me.

While I was still in shock, I saw Phill’s hand coming closer towards my pelvis again. With my hands tied and body still held by Officer James, I don’t know what happened next but I started to shake like a mad person, as someone on possession of daemon. There was a strange energy that triggered something inside my brain, and I started shaking myself left to right, and then the opposite way, like I wasn’t ready for anything, like all I wanted was to shake myself in the worst possible way.

There isn’t much I remember what happened after it, but I do remember than Phill once again groped my naked body, and lifting one of my legs, he shocked me right between my legs all over again and that was it, the end. I don’t know what happened later and when they left the place, or who untied my hands and made me lean on my own piss.

I was in dark and I was unconscious.

I can feel a few drops of water sprinkled on my face, as I regain consciousness. I don’t know how long I was out or when I lost control. I only remember the unbearable torture, the immense sufferance I was subjected into.

‘It’s over, Kira darling, wake up’ says Officer James, as I open eyes slowly and steadily.

I am in pain, in so much pain, lying in my own piss. I forgot when I lost consciousness. Maybe it happened when I got electrical shocks on my bottom, right into the most sensitive part of my body.

Ahhhhh….I feel so weak, so out of energy. I don’t even have the strength to speak, or to sit on my own back. My body has gone loose, completely, and my legs ache, a lot, after getting shocks by brutal Taser. The last hour was the most horrible hour of my entire life. I couldn’t believe interrogations can be so brutal, so inhuman. Yes, I have seen these in movies, which aren’t real but staged, but I never thought it could happen to a real person, me, who is not even some professional criminal with some real crime like murder.

I think the officers forgot that I am a girl, just 22 years of age, and I am not strong enough for the methods they used on me to interrogate.

‘It’s over, Kira darling, wake up’ says Officer James, and I open eyes slowly and steadily.

He snuggles me again, caresses my back, as I lie like a lifeless person. Even his eyes look full of surprise, like he also can’t believe how ill I was treated by his senior officers. Clearly, he wasn’t expecting this to happen, not to someone like me, a weak and young girl.

Well, he snuggles me for a couple of minutes, like giving me the strength to hold on, and then leans me back again on the wet stinky floor.

‘I’ll be back, soon. Let my seniors leave’ he says, and leaves me at my condition, locking the door from outside, while I lie on the floor without any movement.

As he leaves, my sobs return but I don’t have enough energy to sob in my normal voice. It’s just like crying from inside, without making any noise.
I am in so ugly place. It’s a hell, a real hell. In the past 24 hours, I’ve been beaten, torched, and raped, but the irony is it’s not the end, but just a beginning. My body is numb and my private parts are aching. I feel dirty and I’m lying in my piss.

There’s no hope, there is no light and if it isn’t the worst, I wonder what could be worse.

For a moment I slide turn myself to rest on my buttocks, as the floor smells very bad, as like my entire body now, with my hair still wet of my own piss on the floor. I feel so dirty and out of spirit. I am broken and afraid of what awaits for me.

‘Water, please’ I whisper within myself, although I know that no one is here to hear me, and then I crawl towards my cage where I see a bottle.

As I crawl and move, I could feel pain in my knees, as the floor isn’t smooth but ignoring it, I reach the bottle and take a mouthful of water in. As it gets down to my throat, I feel itching inside my mouth, like even water isn’t ready to accept me.

I start crying, once again but there are no more tears left to wet my eyes. It’s like the stock is out and I am empty, alone, without any hope or light. I cry again and lay my naked body to the walls of the iron cage. I wonder what painful moments are written in my destiny and how much more I’ll have to bear. I am so weak, I’m so young. I could see my life slipping away from me and I can’t do anything about it.

I cry again, and cry myself to sleep.

Taken from ‘Compelled to serve
The trailer of the book, click here.
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Fuck ! This was a badass scene. Going to read this story surely.
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Default The auction (Taken from ‘Compelled to serve’)

The auction (Taken from ‘Compelled to serve’)

‘Welcome ladies and gentlemen. I am Officer James, and I thank you all for being here in such short notice. I am honored to host this amazing event and I thank you again for being a part of today’s program.

I am sure you’ll enjoy what we have today in the showcase, because it’s not everyday when we come across something like what’s hidden behind that covers’ says Officer James while I stand with my head down.

After I was taught what to do in the event, I was placed in the center of the room, and other than the semi-transparent sheet I have in my bare body, a long sheet was wrapped all around me to hide my body completely from incoming bidders. I am in this place for more than half an hour, and I am instructed not to move and, stay quiet and still like some statue.

‘You know what they say, pleasure lies in beauty and beauty lies in youthfulness. If we own someone beautiful, we’re lucky, but if that beautiful face is also young, it’s more than one can ask for’ says James and halts for a while.

I can hear absolute silence and sense people looking at me, the girl standing in between the room with a covered body.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, what we have today in the showcase is a perfect package of beauty and youthfulness. Not only she has a pretty face but her age is just 22’ he tells and now I can hear whispers all around.

People are excited about how young I am.

‘Yes, people, you heard it right. She is 22 and a piece of pleasure’ he says and all of a sudden the sheet wrapped around my body is snatched, exploring my partial nude body to everyone in the room.

This is the worst embarrassment I have ever faced in my whole life. All eyes are on me and I could literally hear everyone’s thoughts. They all want me for dark desires. There are also two ladies with two of the men. I can explain how humiliated I am, how ashamed.

For the first few seconds my face is the center of attraction but soon people sights slip off my upper body towards the parts which are somehow hidden under the semi-transparent sheet I am wearing, which is barely long enough to cover even half of my thighs. My hands are on my back and I see most of my right breast slipped out of my clothes, as the other sheet got snatched of my body.

‘Her name is Kira and as I said, she ages 22 only’ James says, pointing a finger towards me while I stand with eyes on the ground, embarrassed to be shown as some piece of furniture.

As I was worried about one of my nipples getting out of my cloth, a person on my right asks for something that wasn’t expected to happen so soon.

‘Officer. Get her naked, I want to see whole of her’ he says and my heart pounds of what he was asking.

Till now atleast I had enough clothes to cover most of my private parts but now I am being asked to show myself completely, to strip naked. I am in a dilemma while I see Officer James coming towards me to follow the orders.
Without even looking into my face or ask for permission, he snatches and tears off the only sheet on my body, stripping me completely naked in front of bidders and for once I try to cover my body with palms but with people all around me, looking me from all four angles, my try goes unsuccessful. I already know that my behavior and my performance would help me to get sold, the thing I want so badly, so without much bashfulness, I keep my palms on my head, showing all of me to everyone.

With my eyes on the floor, I could still hear whispers all around me. I am being checked out in every possible manner, from a 360-degree angle. I can’t describe how I feel right now. My heart is beating to its maximum limit and my thighs have started to shake.

What can be uglier for a girl?

I am so much scared, I am so much humiliated. I am naked and I am being sold.

‘Isn’t she a piece of cake, people’ says Officer James, leaving me alone in the light to get explored.

‘Raise your hands’ I hear a command and I immediately followed and raise both of my hands.

Though there is some light in the room, I can’t see faces of bidders as bright light is focused directly on my eyes, so as to make be clearly visible. All I can see is people sitting in chairs all around me, but it’s impossible to see their faces.

I stay in that position for a minute, with my hand raise above my head, but soon I hear another command.

‘Now rotate slowly’ someone says and I rotate for once.

‘Keep rotating’ the same person says and I comply and start rotating with my hands on air.

Well, I am being asked to rotate so that everyone around me could have a look at my naked body slow and steady, the same as when we buy furniture.

‘Ok stop’ I hear a voice and stop rotating.

I also keep my hands down as now it has started to ache.

‘Now bend down to touch your toes’ I hear another abusing command.

I know its purpose. It’s asked to examine my buttocks, my ass, the jewel in the crown. Without any delay, I quickly bend my head towards the knees and expose my back bottom to the person who asked for it.

Being bare body, I can now feel cold in my back but it’s comforting.

‘Spread your legs, the farthest’ I hear the same voice and I do so and spread my legs to my last limit.

It’s a tough position to sustain and I immediately feel stress in my lower thighs. I don’t know how long I can hold this position.

‘Ok, now on your knees’ I hear the next command and taking a deep breath I kneel down and rest my buttocks on my foot, with hands on my back.

Few minutes pass by and now I no longer hear any more commands, neither any more embarrassing position. I think I’ve been checked thoroughly.

‘Can I take a closer look at her, Officer?’ I hear a voice and I don’t know what it means.

Well, Officer James looks confused at the request but soon smiles at him.

‘By all means, sir’ he says, and signals me to go towards the person who asked for it.

While I walk naked towards the bidder, my eyes get down with shame as I see his face. A closer look, I still don’t know what it means but as I come close to him, I get what he meant.

He could’ve touched me anywhere, my breast, my face, or my buttocks.

Everything is bare and available but the sooner I get close, his fingers directly get into my bottom lips, rubbing it for a moment, and soon two of it gets into my drift.

‘Ahhhh…..’ I moan as his dry fingers pass into my non-lubricated crack, getting inside my pit, scratching, leaving me with mixed feeling of pain and pleasure.

As I close my eyes, he gets in and out into me a couple of times, like checking my depth, the space I have in me. Then as it got in, it goes out as well, leaving me incomplete. He then signals me to get away and with pacing heart I once again move back to the center of the room, my original position and stand the same way as before, head down and hands on my buttocks.

‘So, shall we start the play?’ Officer James says and the auction starts.

‘Since it’ a rare item, we’re starting the bid above the normal price, from 50’ he says and I wonder what 50 means.

Soon the bids get raised and it goes from 50 to 55 to 60 to 75 and finally, it gets stopped when someone bids 85 on me. There are no more bids now and James closes the auction by calling 85 thrice. He thanks everyone once again to attend this event and then escorts everyone out of the room, leaving me alone inside, without telling me what to do next.

I take a deep breath as it gets over, finally, and sit cross-legged in the floor to relax. I am sold to a man. Now my body, soul, freedom, and all my rights belong to the person who bought me and no matter what I desire, I have no right to free myself from this bondage.

Now I am officially a slave, bound to obey my master.

Taken from ‘Compelled to serve

Click here to buy it.
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Default In Private with Master Jack (Taken from ‘Caught and Sold’)

In Private with Master Jack (Taken from ‘Caught and Sold’)

We are in a world where the cruelest intentions hide behind the innocent smiles, and a dark heart lies behind a kind face. I am now being owned by Master Jack, who looks kind in first look but I wonder what lies behind that mask of simplicity and authenticity.

Well considering my age, he seems older for me, almost double my age, but he isn’t old by strength or body. He’s tall and muscular, almost like some gym instructor, way too strong for me to handle but I have no choice than to comply. I have no right to resist, no right to oppose. I am his property and I will have to follow to whatever he asks me to do, whether I like it or not. Now my choice doesn’t matter, neither is my will. I am bound to serve.

Well, it’s evening already while we’re in the same room, the dungeon. Officer James has already handled him the contract I signed earlier, the paper which holds all my rights. They are discussing on various random matters related to me and my life from here, while I am still in the corner kneeling naked as before, waiting for further commands.

‘Isn’t there a possibility to take her toady itself?’ asks Sir Jack while officer shakes head.

‘I wish there was, Sir. There is some paperwork to be done. Her name needs to be modified in records’ says Officer James, while Sir Jack looks sad not to have me today itself.

He is just too yearning to get me home today itself, and I can understand why. I am just a cake for him now and he’s starving to have me.

‘Don’t worry Sir, I’ll get her to you the sooner I finish with everything. It’ll be over by tomorrow morning, I promise that’ says Officer James while Sir Jack nods.

Well, my master still looks sad about not getting me home today itself, his face indicates his urge, his eagerness to taste me. Talking about me, my mind is full of questions, scariness, something that’s been haunting me the moment I came here.

I don’t where I’ll be taken and in what ways I’ll be played into. I just have read a few books on what I am now, a slave, so I don’t have much idea of postures and positions, neither I have some practical experience of whatever I know. I will be so busted if I mistakenly misbehave. I also know that slaves are subjected to corporal punishment and that’s the thing I fear the most. I am so not comfortable with getting beaten by whips and canes, the thing that would be used on me someday or other.

‘If you want, you can play with her for a while’ I suddenly hear Officer James offering something to my master and my heart pounds for a moment.

‘Kira, come forward, and greet your owner’ says Officer James, and I walk towards my Sir.

He told me earlier about it and made me learn how to properly greet my owner. Remembering the same, I get in the floor and lie in my stomach. Stretching my hand and legs, I get my face into his boots and kissed both of his shoes. It’s a pet’s greeting I was taught just before the auction.

The officer smiles at my behavior and then leaves the room and closes it from outside to give pet and owner some privacy.

‘Your cheeks look fluffy, as some ball’ Sir Jack comments on my butt cheeks, and I smile to his appreciation.

Without a delay, he holds my hand and pulls me closer. Turning me to my back, his fingers start caressing my back body softly, just for a moment, but then he suddenly presses on one of my butt cheeks and then slaps it. I wasn’t hard though but was meant for pleasure.

‘Ahhh…’ I moan with slight pain although the slap wasn’t hard.

‘I can’t wait for this ass to get red’ he mumbles in himself while my heart pounds at his words.

Red ass? I know what he means. He wants to smack my back, to whipme in my buttocks and I am so scared now.

He then takes a leap forward and slips his palms, both of it, on either side on my loin, as if trying to feel the warmth of a 22-year girl’s skin. Although old, but his fingers are enough to pop butterflies inside my entire body. I am so aroused now. My heart is slowly racing, not by fright, but by the release of estrogen inside me. He has got me excited and his touch feels like a tickle before sex.

After checking my back physically, down from buttocks towards my neck, he slowly crosses the path towards the frontal half of my body. Now that he is so close, I could feel his pointed thing touching my hips and it feels like oil in the fire. I could now feel a strange tickle in my nipples, and flow of blood between my legs. Then, as like my back, his fingers run towards my upper chest, tingling my nipples, pressing it for a second, and then slowly slips towards my stomach.

My stomach churns as his fingers rub my bellybutton for a moment.

It’s too hard to resist, even harder than getting torched on the breast. I am now sweating and could feel my sweats getting his fingers wet, but he doesn’t stop but drops his palms further low, away from my belly, towards m waist, and finally on my vagina.

Oh, what should I say, how may I describe?

I am a little shaken by his way of greet, by the touch as those rough fingers surpass the most sensitive part of my body, rubbing, playing with it for a second. I pull myself back, as his fingers get into my drift, finally, starving me from inside.

Even he felt my sudden movement because as I pulled myself backward, I also pushed his pointed General resting on my ass. It wasn’t intentional but a kind of reflex when he rubbed his rough fingers on the most sensitive part of my body, but that didn’t stop him for exciting me further. He slid his fingers further down towards my thighs, and then between them, and then towards my knees. I am still kneeling without a movement. My eyes are still closed and I sit like some lifeless statue, but there is an inferno inside me, like some ocean of desires, waving every inch of my body altogether. My heartbeat is as fast as of a leopard, and although am naked and it’s cold outside, I can feel a heatwave on my entire body which has bathed me in my own sweat.

If I had superpowers, I would have made a dozen men knock me all at once.
Well, the session ends as his phone rings suddenly, and he leaves me unattended with juice ready to burst inside me. I am so out of mind now, so sad. An uncompleted orgasm is nothing but a curse and I hate these moments.

Well I wait for another few minutes but no one shows, but I see the door getting locked from outside once again. It means my day is over and Sir Jack has left the compound.

There is nothing I can do now other than to wait for this night to get over. Tomorrow, as the sun rises, there will be a new day for me, a new beginning of my second life and now I am ready for it, because I can’t back off. I should be rather confident and determined than being sad and depressed because it’s just me alone who has to complete this journey.

It’s dark now so I get back into my cage to rest for a while.

Taken from ‘Caught and Sold’
Click here to buy it.
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