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Question In the body of the opposite sex

Do you ever fanasize about things being done to you as the opposite sex ? Try to visualize what it would feel like, in body parts you don't actually have, and be turned on by it ?
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Sex Speed Runner
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Whenever i think about being the opposite sex i mainly think about being slutty. Going out in short skirts with nothing on, bending over infront of people etc.

But id also wanna know what its like to be fucked by loads of guys over and over.

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Kisune Karnon
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Very many times I have imagined it and wondered how it would be.

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Of course. Who wouldn't be curious in so many ways.
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Yes, no, er... kind of.

Understanding and empathizing with the experience of my subs is such an important part of the way I Dom that I need to try to visualize what it would feel like.

Regarding pure fantasy: I fantasize about doing all sorts of nasty things to the opposite sex... and then I try to put myself in their head and visualize what it would feel like, how what I'm doing to those body parts I don't have would feel, and their mind-state in that moment... and then I'm turned on!

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Originally Posted by Azyliux View Post
Yes, no, er... kind of.

Understanding and empathizing with the experience of my subs is such an important part of the way I Dom that I need to try to visualize what it would feel like.
Yeah this guy's got the right of it, I don't think I've ever had a sub do something I didn't playout in my head first. So I guess you could say I fantasize about being the opposite sex all the time, and yeah, it's a turn on.

The ol' thinker isn't perfect, but it keeps things interesting.
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I agree in that the tasks I have given, I've played out in my head. Yes, if I was in the other body, I do would want to do them.
On the other hand, I also enjoy doing a task, before I give the task out. I want to experience first hand.

Sometimes on GD I'll read a task, and its like, I so want to experience. So I find a way. The clip button walk, with nothing under. Walking away from clothing, tied nakid to a light pole (time lock assured the 10 minutes) Heart a friend to spank me while in the woods. Walk with exposed diaper, etc
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Blue Fox
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Oh, you have no idea. Wish I had been born of the other gender. Alas, 'tis not to have been. But, I wish it every day.
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I think about it all the time! I so wish I would have been born a girl!
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Sometimes. Most likely because I'd rather have a more feminine body.
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