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Default Girlfriends sisters

An introduction

Me Dave, male 21 years old,5.11, slim build brown hair.

My Girlfriend , Jenny , 20 years old , 5.6 size 10 brunette

Jennies older sister, Lorraine, 24 years old , 5.8, size 10 brunette, single.

Jennies younger sister , Charlene, 18 years old , 5.4, size 8 blonde. single.

Jenny and I lived in a 3 bed house in a quiet estate in a village location, we had a reasonable size garden that had areas which were not overlooked, a summer house / office in the garden and a garage.

Jennies sisters had been to stay before , all 3 sisters being close in age knew almost everything about each other, it was not unusual for them to all walk around the house in night wear or underwear, me, well I would normally make sure to have pajama trousers on.

The girls had come over to stay for a weekend at the end of summer, it was still warm but cooler on evenings. There was no particular reason for their visit , they had just e to visit for a weekend , which would usually mean some drinks( at home, pub and possibly club ) , takeaways, chilling in front of the TV .

The girls both arrived on the Friday , about 7pm , in Charlenes car, they lived about 20 miles away. On their arrival they settled in to their rooms , we ordered some takeaway and Charlene announced she was going for a shower as she had come straight from work.

Me Jenny and Lorraine sat in the kitchen chatting , after a while the food arrived and Charlene was still upstairs , jenny shouted to her to let her know the food was their.
" Coming " she replied.
We were ser ing the food and Charlene walked in , "hope you don't mind , I ve borrowed one of your t shirts dave" she said , she was wearing one of my old t shirts, it covered her small body and came down to just below her bum cheeks , and a pair of slippers , " yeah that's ok " I replied.
Charlene and me were first to get our food and went into the sitting room , Charlene was in front of me and bent down to put her food on the coffee table, exposing her pert bottom , she was wearing boy shorts , pink with white lace trim, as she bent over over she glanced at me with a cheeky grin , " you like what you see , I'm sure you will see over the weekend " she says.
Before I can reply Jenny and Loraine walk in. " Is she flashing her panties at you already ?" Jenny asked .
" You know Charlene , I m surprised she's got a t shirt on " I replied as we all started eating and talk turned to what everyone had been doing since we last met up.

More to follow !

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After a while it was decided to go to the pub for a game of pool and a few drinks.

After waiting for Charlene to change into some cloths suitable for the pub we head off, it's a 10 minute walk. On route we chat about making it a competition, suddenly Jenny has an idea. " Lets make it a tournament, loser has to do as the others want all day tomorrow, including having cloths chosen . "
We all agreed . The rules were we would pick numbers out of a hat 1 plays 2 , 3 plays 4. The losers of the heats play each other , the loser of this match is the loser .
We all agree. At the pub we get the drinks in and draw numbers ,
It's Jenny against Charlene , me against Loraine..
Jenny and Charlene are good players , Loraine not so. I was sure I would win my heat.

Jenny beats Charlene just !!

Ok my game, I win the toss for break so I break. I don't pot anything , after several goes it's me on the black , Loraine has got 2 reds and the black . I miss the pocket .
Loraine pots her 2 and nominates the pocket for the black , bang , she pots it ! Damn , I m into the final.

We have a couple of drinks , a bit of banter from Jenny and Loraine about what the loser will do.
" The house need cleaning, in underwear"
" Serve us breakfast in bed"
" A day of punishment"
Were just some of the comments.
Charlene says ," come on Dave, let's get this over with" with a wink of her eye.
We go and set the table up. Charlene has a short skirt on , whilst I was setting up she bent down to " pick something up" as she bent over she hitched her skirt up , exposing her cut boy short clad bum.
" If you win you may see more, if you lose , well youay be in them" she jokes
" Yeah well I ll be seeing you in them then" I reply.
She wins the toss , " Dave can break" she says.
I break , pot 1 yellow. Then miss an easy pot.
Charlene's go, she pots all her reds , then the black.
" I win " she says. " Looks like you won't be seeing me in my panties , oh but you are about my size"
I realize I now have 3 sisters that will control me tomorrow and think they will make my life hell.

After last orders we head home,
We get home and all head for bed, as I get in bed with Jenny she says to me " it's 12.05 Am, time for your forfeit"
Before shouting " it's morning , time for Dave to start his forfeit" before running out the room and into the hall toeet her sisters. They all walk into the room, Charlene then says" as I eight balled you I get to go first, I know you liked my panties earlier , so you can wear these tonight. No changing or putting anything over them until we say" as she holds a bright pink pair of boyshorts up with lace side panels. She throws them to me. I still.on bed. Jenny says " put them on under the duvet , I don't wanty sisters to see your cock, yet. Then you have to get out of bed to show us all"

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" I don't think they will fit " I said.
" They may be snug , but you ll fit" replied Charlene.
Under the duvet I remove my boxers, working out the right way for the panties I slid the soft fabric , with thin fragile elastic up my legs , I pull them all the way up and sort myself out so I am in them, I have a semi hard on.
" Time to show us " demanded Loraine.
Embarrassed I get out of bed , the sisters staring aty package.
Charlene, " well someone likes my panties, not a bad fit either"
Jenny " hmm not sure about the cut, I think the G String would have been better"
Loraine " but the string would not have held him in "
Jenny laughs , "exactly. Right time for us all to get some sleep, some of us have a busy day later"
As Charlene and Loraine leave, giggling, Jenny turns toe and whispers " don't dare try and take it off in the night, It suits you. Like my knickers do that you have tried on when I'm at work! Yes I know about it."
" What, but how " I ask in shock
" You have been seen, if yo don't shut the curtains certain people see you . Now go to sleep pantie boy ."
I get in bed next to Jenny , as I lay thinking about what could happen in the next 24hrs I fell my erection grow.
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great start! can't wait for more
Call me Amy
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Suddenly I am woken, struggling to work out what's going on I realize I am laying on the bed with no duvett , it is not full daylight . The 3 girls are at dong in front of me.
" Get up , we want our breakfast " said Loraine
" Ok , let me get dressed " I replied.
" Ahm, no, you do not need anymore cloths on for breakfast. Get in the kitchen , 3 poached eggs on toast, 3 coffees, 1 with our milk or sugar, I with milk and 1 sugar , 1 with milk only." Says Jenny. As they walk out the room I realize they are all dressed.
" And hurry up, you have a busy day " shouts Loraine.
I get up and make my way to the kitchen and start making breakfast . Charlene walks in , she is wearing a white blouse( I can just make out the small yellow flowers on here white bra) a navy blue mini skirt ( just covering her cheeks) navy stockings that did not quite meet the bottom of her skirt and white sliders.
" Once ours is ready you can bring it out to the summer house for us. Whilst we eat you can stand outside the summerhouse and wait for us, in silence, once we are done you may bring everything in and load the dishwasher, then you may have some juice and toast for your breakfast."
Being stunned at the thought of standing outside dressed like this I looked at here . As she walked out she looked back, " oh you do look cute" she said, then walking out she lifted the back of her skirt showing her pert butt to me, she was wearing a pair of bikini style panties with the same pattern as her bra.

Breakfast made, I put it all on a tray a head to the door to the garden , as I approach the door I feel the chill from the cool morning air over my near naked body. I realize I have nothing on my feet as I step out onto the cool damp grass. Nervously I look round to see if any neighbours can see me.
I walk to the summerhouse and place the breakfast on the table.
As I place the tray down I say " breakfast is served "
The girls giggle. Loraine looks at me and says " now go and stand 5 steps in front of the summer house , facing away from us "
I turn round and walk out , 5 paces, I stop , look round and realize none of the neighbours can see me.

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Need more please
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I stand out side in the cool morning air, awaiting instructions for what seemed like ages. Jenny walks up behind me and whispers into to my ear, " as you obviously like wearing panties , we have decided to lend you some, you have slept in these ones, so here is a clean pair to put on" she says placing something in my hand.
I feel the soft fabric in my hand , there's not much to them , I look at my hand and realize I have a purple lace g string in my hand .
Lorraine and Charlene appear. Lorraine says" come on, we don't have time to waste, change now!" In a sharp impatient tone.
" but I ll never fit in them " I say
" we don't care, change now " orders Lorraine
I obey , I remove the boyshorts , and for a few seconds am totally naked, putting the g string on, I pull it up, it's a bit tight and certainly not covering me.
Jenny says " well you are sort of in it, now put the your dirty panties in your mouth and do collect the plates and do the washing up"
" what , no way, I'm not putting them in my mouth" I say
" choice is yours, there are 3 of us, we will force them in your mouth and tap them in if you argue" says Jenny.
" no way" I say. Suddenly the girls jump on me , knocking me to the ground on the damp grass, I am on my back, Charlene sitting on my chest, traping my arms with her knees, jenny holding my legs and Lorraine kneeling beside me , she grabs my mouth , forcing it open and pushes the panties in, she then quickly stands up and removes her thong. "Lift your head " as I lift my head she puts it in my mouth and over the back of my head, she pulls it tight and toes a knot in it.
" now, do the washing up, then report to us, we will be in the lounge planning your day" says Jenny. As I stand up Charlene sees my erect penis. "Sissy Dave is obviously enjoying this" she says.
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I got to the kitchen and wash up, I hear giggling and chat but can not make words out from the lounge, what are they planning, I was to find out soon.
As I walked into the lounge , I noticed the girls are sitting in a triangle formation facing each other. In the middle of them is a spinning arrow.
" good of you to join us " says Jenny, " now on your hands and knees and crawl over to the centre here " she says point to the spinning arrow.
I obey, once I am there Lorraine says " you will spin the arrow, whoever it points at , you will have to pleasure with you tongue for 1 minute, then respin and continue"
Charlene now comments " make it count, the first of us to cum chooses your next punishment. "
As I take it in I try to ask for a drink first , but my gag stops me. Charlene removes Lorraine's thong from me . " what was that sissy" she asks.
" can I have a drink please " I ask, jenny replies," no , you'll get a drink when we are wet, now spin" she says slapping my right bum cheek.
I wince and spin the arrow , it stops pointing to Charlene , I crawl towards her as she pulled up her skirt exposing her perfectly bald pussy, as I start licking she pushes onto my face, " keep on licking " she says , suddenly I hear a buzz and crack , feel a sharp pain across my bum , looking round I see Lorraine with a riding crop in her hand. " just so you know when times up " she says. " now spin again " I spin again , this time it points to jenny, as I crawl over I notice she is nicely trimmed with a landing strip , as normal. Again crack , buzz, spin after 10 spins , Charlene has had 5 minutes , and is wet, jenny 3 and is also wet, Lorraine just 2 and not getting there yet.
Spin jenny, spin Lorraine, Lorraine ( now getting wet) spin Charlene ( groaning now) spin jenny , spin Charlene , suddenly she grabs the back of my head and screams , she has cum, my next punishment is in her hands. .
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" best you finish the others off whilst I sort a few things" says Charlene.
I move to Lorraine , her pussy is trimmed into a triangle, it glistens , it continue my work, within a couple of minutes she cums, groaning loudly.
* me next bitch " says Jenny spreading her legs wide, " get right in there " she says grabbing the back of my head and pushing it in between her legs.
Obviously enjoying it she wiggles and squirms , suddenly she screams " yyyyeeeeesssssss" as she comes.
I have the biggest hard on ever , cock sticking out the side of the thong, dripping wet with precum, face covered in the girls juices.
" Stay there " say Charlene returning. " I think I may enjoy this " she says.
I look at her, she has changed, she is now wearing a pair of thigh high boots, shiney black PVC, and PVC thong backed body, and a large strap on . In her hand she has a ball gag and blind fold .
She moves behind me and puts the blind fold on me, followed by the ball gag.
" Take those panties off , spread those legs and bend over sissy* she instructs. I do as iam told , I am bent over in front of her ,vi feel her finger , lubing me up, suddenly I feel the strap on entering me, it's tight, painful, she pushes harder and I feel it enter, the pain eases. As she gently starts pumping my arse she squeezes my ball gently .
" I ll destroy that cute arse of yours" she whispers iny ear! .
Now I am used to a strap on for a short time as jenny has used one a few times in the past. But this was a larger one. After a bit, she gets rougher, longer harder thrusts , not paid ful , but not comfortable. She uses all the length on me , it turns me on , I feel myself wanting to cum I try to hold it but can not, 6 good large shots of cum explode from me as I am being arse fucked.
Lorraine shouts, " stop , you've made him cum"
Charlene stops, grabs my balls tightly , and says" you were not meant to cum, now we have to punish you more " whilst tightening her grip and twisting my balls
The pain is too much , my legs buckle and a land in a naked sweaty heap on the floor.
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