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Default Rites of Passage

Part 1

Every fibre in her body is tense as she listens for a sound. Anything that will tell her she’s not alone. Her heart is beating fast, waiting for something, for anything. What will it be? A touch? A word? Will it be gentle or harsh?

She’s naked. And very aroused even though it’s not been that long since she was brought to orgasm.

Her eyes flit around, but she cannot see anything. He has put a blindfold on her. She’d cry out to him, but she has a gag in her mouth and her words are muffled.

Her arms hurt. They are lifted high above her, restrained. Her legs are spread painfully wide, restrained also allowing only the slightest of movement. Her contact with the floor pretty much on tip toes. She’s never felt more vulnerable and exposed.

She tries to calm her pounding heart, tries to breath in through the gag, hold the breath for a few seconds. It doesn’t work. It’s not that she’s scared, she is here by choice, but not knowing, not seeing…

She freezes. Did she hear something, or was it more sense something? She moves her head around pointlessly, she cannot see. He is there, she’s sure of it. She tries to speak, but the gag renders her words meaningless and she grunts with frustration. Suddenly she feels a hot pain across her back, she cries out into the gag, tries to turn her head. Another streak of pain. She’s being whipped. She tenses, trying not to sway on her tip toes, her arms aching, another blast of pain.

And yet her arousal is growing, she can feel a constant throbbing between her legs, her nipples erect. Naked, vulnerable, the whipping to her back when the rest of her body is so completely exposed actually turning her on.

She shakes her head and gasps for breath, waiting for the next strike of the whip, can feel streaks of hot pain across her back. The waiting is worse than the whipping… She can tell he is still there, can sense him moving around, again she twists her head, lets out a quiet moan of frustration. She spasms, something pushing deep inside her, between her spread legs, and then vibrations, fast, insistent. Her body trembles and her arms ache as she shudders with the pleasure. He is going to make her cum again.

But then the vibrations stop even though whatever was causing them is still inside her. Her head sags down and she gasps for breath through the gag, little spasms still pulsing through her. Then more searing pain, on her bottom this time, hard fast swipes, too many for her to count, her buttocks stinging with heat and pain. The whipping stops for just a moment, and then she cries out into the gag with pain and surprise as she feels herself struck across her stomach with the whip making her stagger painfully backwards…

And then the vibrations start again, fast, insistent, and she almost cums, but then more pain on her buttocks holding the orgasm back as the whipping there resumes.

She can feel sweat dripping down her body, she wishes he would just be done with her, make her cum. But it seems he is not finished with her yet.

The vibrations inside her stop again. She feels her nipples pinched hard and cries out into the gag, the pain an incredible counter to the pleasure, one she’d never have imagined how much she’d like. The hands pinching her nipples release their grip, and flutter down her naked skin, across her belly, between her legs. They start to to stroke her lips, between them and she shudders and moans into the gag. The fingers masturbate her slowly, her moans into the gag constant, she’s so close. She trembles and shudders, almost cums, but the fingers stop, and she cries out again into the gag in frustration, thrusting her hips, desperate now for release.

Suddenly hard flat spanks to her buttocks, he is using his hands. She groans, so aroused, so exposed, wishing that he would just touch her again, she desperately wants her release now. Fingers slip between her butt cheeks and caress her asshole and she shivers, then more spanks, her cheeks radiating heat and pain. Then the vibrations inside her start up again, very low, not enough, even in her incredibly aroused state to bring her to orgasm, and she whimpers pitifully into the gag.

She’s so close, her whole body is trembling, shuddering, her arms so painful, standing on tip toes making her legs ache. She cries into the gag, begging for release, it comes out as a series of indistinguishable sounds. But he knows. He must.

And finally she feels the vibrations inside her increase. She shakes violently, fingers caress between her lips, it’s too much. She orgasms, the climax surging through her, her body bucking violently, painfully, the restraints around her ankles and wrists digging into her skin.

Spent, she hangs there, breathing hard, then she feels his hand between her legs again, and whatever was inside her is pulled out making her spasm and gasp. Finally she feels the pressure on her arms and toes reduce as she’s lowered down. She feels her ankles released and she falls gratefully to her knees still breathing hard, then her wrists are released. She feels his hands pulling at the blindfold and it falls away. She blinks, looks up at him squinting as her eyes adjust to being able to see again. She sees him lean forward and remove the gag.

“Thank you” she whispers, and sees him smile down at her. Sweat drips from her skin. She feels sated, and yet she has a deep desire to please him. To pleasure him. He looks down at her, strokes her hair.

Hesitantly she reaches up and puts her hands on the waistband of his jeans. She looks up at his face, searching for permission, or a rebuttal. She sees him smile. She unbuttons the jeans. He isn’t wearing any underwear, and as she pulls the jeans open, he springs out. She gasps quietly. She wants him to be naked, wants to see his body. She tugs the jeans, pulls them down, and he lets her pull them from his ankles. She looks up again. He smiles and lifts his t shirt off, stands naked before her. She mewls quietly with desire.

She bends forward, takes him in her hands, strokes, caresses. She leans in and gently kisses the tip. It tastes salty, she’s not surprised, she’s been naked and used by him for some time now. She’d be bitterly disappointed had he not been so obviously aroused. She strokes him slowly, almost reverentially. She can hear his breathing speeding up, getting shallower. She kisses him again, kneeling before him, and very slowly, very deliberately presses her lips around him, letting him slide slowly between them. She hears him gasp.

She starts to move her head forward and back, in and out, feeling him fill her mouth. She closes her eyes, lets her tongue caress him. She wants very much to pleasure him. She starts to move her mouth faster, she lets a hand drop to his balls, caresses them. She can feel him twitching in her mouth and moans with expectant pleasure. She tastes more precum, then she feels him spasm, feels his semen spurt into her mouth. She sighs happily as she lets it slide down her throat, not wanting to waste even a drop of his precious cum. Of her Dom’s reward…

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I have been on this site for quite a while, and I haven't read too many stories that were on par with this. Keep up the good work, please.
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Part 2

You wake, stretch and smile at the memory of the previous night, feel a warm fluttering of arousal. You look over and see him moving around the room. Nice butt you think and shiver with pleasure. Not a football player, but still, really nice… He had turned, seen you were awake and smiled. You admired his cock again, not hard, but maybe not entirely soft, as he walked over to the bed, carrying a mug.

“Thought you might like a cup of tea” he had said with a smile. Tea, not coffee, you had smiled and taken the cup.

“Thanks” you said, taking a sip. You look up at him. “Lovely.” You give a surreptitious look at his obviously stiffening cock, feeling your own arousal growing fast. He climbs back onto the bed and lies next to you, and with a grin pulls the sheet off you, looking openly at your naked body his erection now obvious. You feel yourself tremble with anticipation.

“Well, that was great last night…” he said. “Thank you, I guess…” You blush at the memory and smile at him awkwardly.

“Yes… It just sort of happened” you pause. “But I’m glad it did, I really enjoyed it.”

“Me too” he said. You drink more of the tea, and he reaches over and strokes your leg, turning you on even more as you keep looking at him.

“Yes, so I see” you say staring at his hardon. You are amazed at the thoughts racing through your mind. The feel of his hand on your skin is sending shivers through you, and you want very much to touch him, to repeat the experiences of last night. You put the mug down on the table by the bed. As his hand strokes your skin, you spread your legs, brazenly inviting him, you reach out with your foot and rub your toes against his leg, your arousal surging. You shudder as his fingers brush your lips and you let out a quiet moan of pleasure.

You look at him and blush once again at the thoughts in your head. You put your hand out and gently touch him. He sighs quietly. You lick your lips. You’ve never done it before, but you really want to put him in your mouth. No idea why, but you want it. Perhaps because he’d used his mouth on you last night? With a nervous smile you gently push him onto his back and lean over him. You kiss him on the mouth, then tentatively start to kiss down his body. You feel his hands brushing your skin, jerk as his fingers brush your nipples and pleasure flows through your body.

You hesitate, then kiss his cock, feel it twitch. You’re nervous, scared even, your heart beating fast, but you’re throbbing also and softly you kiss the tip. Your breathing is fast and shallow, you kiss it again, then start to plant little kisses moving down the shaft. You are acting on blind instinct, you poke your tongue out and run it up and down him, then over his balls. It feels so naughty, but also so good. You plant more little kisses, moving back up him, kiss the head slowly letting your lips linger there as you lift him up. For a moment you lift your eyes to look at him, his head laying on the pillow, his eyes closed, he’s breathing heavily. You kiss the head again, hesitate, letting your mouth linger there then let your lips slide over him.

You’re amazed by the reaction. He gasps out and spasms. You have an overwhelming feeling of power, much moreso than just touching him with your hands. You start to slide your lips up and down him, feeling him twitching in your mouth. You like it, it turns you on the feel of him against your lips, filling your mouth, you run your lips up and down him, lost in your own arousal. You let your tongue caress him, come back up and let it run around the head. You slide down back onto him, holding him deep in your mouth, you are absolutely throbbing with arousal, moaning quietly.

It caught you completely off guard when you felt him twitch and felt his semen spurting into your mouth. You had been enjoying it so much, you hadn’t considered that he would cum, which you realize was really dumb. And it’s perhaps a bit more than you bargained for, you know you could swallow it, but you’re not sure you want to do that, so you lift your mouth off him, lean over and grab the mug from the table by the bed, and spit it out into that. You look back at him, flushed and embarrassed.

“S-sorry…” you stutter. But he smiles at you.

“It’s Ok” he says breathlessly, “I should have warned you. But I didn’t have the chance, that was incredible.” You blush. You kneel there looking at him as he gets his breath back, then slowly he rolls to his side, pushes you down, and you sigh happily as you feel his hand go between your legs. You spread them wide as he gently caresses you. You jerk, arch your back, and give yourself to his hands, to the pleasure, moaning quietly, knowing it won’t be long…

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Part 3

Lauren’s feet pound on the treadmill. She’s sweating and breathing hard, her hair in a ponytail bounces up and down. She looks at the timer, thirty minutes so she presses the cool down button, and slows to a trot.

She looks around the gym, taking deep breaths to slow her beating heart. Pretty empty at this time of the day, a few women and an older guy, hair graying, riding an exercise bike. The treadmill slows to a walk and her breathing slows. The cool down ends, the treadmill stops and she steps off it. She walks from the cardio area, through the weights area, looking around.

She sees him, he’ll be perfect, just what she likes. Early twenties, athletic, muscled. She smiles to herself. He’s bench pressing weights, and she glances at him out of the corner of her eye as she passes, then goes and picks up a couple of small weights, stands in front of the mirrored wall, and starts to do slow bicep curls.

She looks at herself in the mirror, then casts a quick glance at the guy. He’s still pushing weights. She looks back at herself. She’s in good shape, very good shape.

She’s slim and toned, long legs, small round butt and pert breasts, light brown hair that she often wears in a ponytail. Men definitely notice her, she knows that.

She brings her mind back to the present, looks in the mirror and sees they guy is now sitting up on his bench, looking over at her. She smiles to herself.

She puts the dumbbells back on the rack and looks at the guy in the mirror. She smiles, openly this time, inviting, then walks away towards a different area, a quiet room where she can do some stretches. She can feel the guy’s eyes following her.

The room is dimly lit. She takes a mat, puts it down, then takes her trainers off. She sits on the mat and starts to stretch, she feels good, wonders whether he’ll take the bait. A few minutes pass, and then she senses someone coming into the room. She smiles inwardly, and looks up, seeing the guy from the weights room come in. He gets a mat, and sits on it, starting to stretch himself. She can see he’s glancing over at her, checking her out.

“Good workout?” she says. He looks up at her, mid stretch.

“Yeah, thanks” he says. “You?” She nods.

“Yeah, it’s a great feeling a good workout. Really makes you feel alive, gets the endorphins flowing.” He looks at her, shrugs.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“I always like to treat myself to a coffee after” her heart is fluttering. Will he bite? She looks at him. “You?” He shrugs, but nods.

“Yeah, I guess that could be nice” He pauses. “Maybe I’ll join you.” He smiles at her. She breathes out. She’d been anxious, but why should she be. She has a great body. Any guy would want to accept an offer like that, especially a jock like this.

“Well, I’m done, you ready to go?” she asks, tugging on the line and snaring her prey. He nods, still half way through his stretches…

“Uh, Ok. Sure.”

She’s putting her trainers back on when she sees the older guy from the cardio room come in. He glances at her, smiles. She gives him a cursory look, then turns back to her victim.

“Ready?” she says brightly, standing up and looking at him. He shrugs, but clambers to his feet and stands looking at her. She starts to walk out of the room, turns to see that he’s following like a good boy, sees the older guy looking right at her, smiling. That guy is really annoying her…
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Part 4

You’d liked Michael straight away. He was bright, funny and definitely good looking. You weren’t really sure whether he liked you, at least not in that way, but he was always friendly, and he always had time to talk with you.

He was a couple of years older than you, which didn’t really help when it came to wondering whether he was just being friendly, or whether he might like you in the way you hoped he would, but the more time you spent with him, the more you really hoped it would lead to something. You were starting to spend quite a lot of time fantasizing about how it would be if you finally got together, imagining what he might look like naked, imagining his hands on your body, imagining touching him…

“Want to go and get a coffee?” You looked up, startled from your thoughts and felt your face flush when you saw him standing there. He was looking down at you, smiling. “Thought we could chat about this.” He held up the book that was the book clubs current read.

“Oh… Sure…” you said, feeling flustered. “I guess we could…” God, you hoped he wouldn’t change his mind. That hardly came out like you sounded interested.

“Great.” he’d said, just standing there looking down at you. You’d stood up and grabbed your things, and followed as he’d headed out of the library.

But when you’d got to the coffee shop it was just closing and with a feeling of frustration you’d decided that obviously it just wasn’t meant to be. Until Michael suggested that you go back to his place, his roommate was away for the weekend…

You’d sat in his room and chatted about the book, had a pretty good time although he didn’t seem to making any kind of move and just as you were thinking nothing was going to happen and it was time to go, he’d asked you if you’d like a drink. Being only 18, you hadn’t been much of a drinker, your parents didn’t drink much at home, and you were too young to drink in bars. But why not you thought, at least it kept your hope alive, so you’d sat down again, and he had poured two small glasses of tequila.

You’re not sure how many shots you’d had in the end, it was all a bit hazy, but Michael had offered for you to stay the night rather than try and get home. He’d even offered to let you use his pajama tops. Well, it’s what you had been hoping for, so with a shy smile you’d accepted the offer. You’d both looked away while you each got ready for bed, you’d pulled your t shirt off, hesitated, then removed your bra before putting on his pajama tops. They were long on you. You kicked off your shoes, then took off your jeans and socks, hesitated again just for a moment, then pulled your panties off too. Your heart was beating fast, it was finally going to happen.

In the event, nothing happened. Michael had been a true gentleman, seemingly not wanting to take advantage of you, even though you wished he would, you were feeling so turned on lying there nearly naked with him, but he’d just cuddled comfortably with you for a bit, and then you’d heard his breathing slow, and realized with a growing feeling of frustration and disappointment that he was asleep.

You’d lain there, sadly frustrated that he obviously didn’t seem to like you in that way. You were so sure he must have when he’d offered for you to stay, and now you were so turned on. Your hand drifted down your body, pulling the pajama tops up, exposing yourself next to him, but still he slept on. You ran your fingers between your legs, jerking as you touched your lips, spreading your legs out a bit, almost wishing that you might wake him sure he’d get the message if he woke up to find you masturbating next to him. Your body had jerked as you had started to caress yourself, you’d turned your head to look at him lying beside you. Asleep. Angrily you pulled your hand away despite the fact you wanted nothing more than to cum now… The thought of masturbating while he lay sleeping beside you felt so humiliating, but also arousing. You shook your head in confusion and tried to sleep.

You’d woken in the middle of the night, disoriented and with a headache. You’d got up and gone for a pee then made your way back to his bed. You were still disappointed that nothing had happened, and still turned on… You stood by the bed for a moment, wondering whether you shouldn’t go back to the bathroom and masturbate, get it out of your system. You shook your head in frustration. You pulled the sheet back to climb in again next to him, and stopped and gasped quietly. His pajamas were tented with a very obvious hardon.

You’d climbed onto the bed next to him, unable to take your eyes off it, and you couldn’t deny it excited you. You really wanted to touch him. You could feel your heart racing, not sure if you should, I mean he was asleep. What would he say if he woke up with you touching him? Well, surely he’d get the message then…

But you realized later that you had still been a bit drunk, and that had given you the courage - or the recklessness - to do it, and besides, your earlier arousal had surged back to the surface. You had reached over, unbuttoned his pajamas, and pulled them apart. And there it was! You had swallowed and put your fingers out to touch it, gently running them up and down it. God it looked and felt nice. Suddenly Michael had groaned quietly and you’d quickly pulled your hand away, but he hadn’t woken, so you had put your hand back and started running your fingers up and down it again. You were getting incredibly turned on yourself, your breathing getting fast. He still seemed to be asleep, and you simply couldn’t resist it, so you slipped your fingers round him and started to stroke.

Again he had moaned, but you were too far gone to stop. You had looked up at him, seen his eyes were open his head lifted up looking at you, and you’d frozen. Oh fuck…

“Don’t stop…” he had said quietly, his voice husky, and he’d dropped his head back on the pillow. You started to stroke again, swallowing hard. The sound of his breathing getting heavier, and his little moans of arousal turning you on like crazy. You had started going faster, he’d spread his legs, you kneeled up next to him and with your other hand stroked his balls. You were so turned on… You’d stopped for a moment to roughly pull his pajamas down and off his legs, then kneeled across him, straddling his legs masturbating him in earnest.

It hadn’t taken long, you had been stroking him hard and fast, and with a gasp he had cum, his semen spurting onto his stomach. You had almost cum yourself you were so turned on! He lay there breathing hard, just as you were, and you hadn’t objected when he had reached up and started to undo the pajama tops he had leant you. When they were unbuttoned you had shrugged them off, finally, naked with Michael, you shuddered with pleasure.

He reached up and his hands caressed your breasts, his thumbs stroking your nipples, you moaned quietly. His hands dropped down and he had pushed them gently between your legs, and started to caress your lips. You had nearly cum. He gently rubbed his fingers between your lips and you cried out softly. You closed your eyes as he slowly masturbated you, moaning quietly.

Then, in a flurry of movement he had sat up, pushed you back on the small bed and put his head down between your legs. Nobody had done this to you before, you’d fantasized about it, and Michael was just the person you wanted to do it to you. You spread your legs wide as he pleasured you, your body jerking, your breath coming in pants. It hadn’t taken long before you had climaxed, harder than you could imagine, pushing yourself against his face.
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Part 5

They’d sat in the cafe for a while and chatted. It had taken the guy a while to warm up, she thought perhaps he might be nervous. But she had a plan. She had talked about exercise, about how important it was to her to keep in shape, but slowly she’d tried to turn the conversation around a bit.

“You have a girlfriend?” she asked. He’d looked at her for a moment then shaken his head.

“Not right now… Just broke up.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. How come?” She looks at him sympathetically. He sighs.

“I dunno. She wanted to settle down, have kids, all that sort of stuff” he shrugs. “I’m not really ready for that.” He looks at her guiltily. “Maybe I wanna play the field a bit, you know…” His voice tails off, not sure he’s saying the right thing.

“Oh yes” she says. “I completely understand. I mean look at you, you’re young, a really nice guy, and you obviously look after yourself.” He blushes slightly.

“Well, thanks… I guess.” He looks at her. “What about you? Boyfriend? Husband?” She shakes her head.

“Nope, I think I feel just like you, not ready to settle down just yet.” She looks at him and smiles. “I mean there’s plenty of opportunities for fun heh?” She winks at him. He looks a little shocked, and she worries she might have gone too far, but then he smiles.

“Yeah, there certainly are” and he looks pointedly at her. She takes a breath, calming herself, ready to go in for the kill.

“Sooo… What do you do after the gym?” she asks, smiling at him. Will he bite? She can feel herself trembling slightly. He looks at her, shrugs.

“I don’t know. Nothing planned… You?” She swallows, this is it…

“Well, I was thinking of going back to my place and sitting in the hot tub for a while” She looks at him. “Be kind to my muscles” she says.

“Huh. That sounds really nice…” he says. “Wish I had a hot tub.”

“Oh, you don’t?” she looks at him, as if thinking, then shakes her head.

“No. Why, what?” he says, seeing her shaking her head.

“Nothing, just a silly thought, and probably way out of line” she tries to make herself blush.

“What?” he says. “I mean what was the thought?” He’s looking at her. “I’m sure it was fine, I wouldn’t take offense.” Yes! She’s got him.

“Well” she pauses, looking at him. “I was just going to say you could come back to my place.” Again she tries to make herself blush. “But like I said, probably way to soon…” She laughs. “I mean we’ve only just met…” He’s shaking his head.

“No” he says. “I mean that would be really nice. If you don’t mind…” She looks at him, smiling, and shakes her head.

“No, of course not. Plenty of room in the hot tub…”

She’d driven him, and they’d chatted about exercise and stuff. They’d got out at her place, and he’d followed inside. It was a small place, but had a deck outside with a hot tub. She’d led him out to the deck and taken the cover off the hot tub.

“Why don’t you get in… I’m going to go and put my bathing suit on.”

“Oh…” She looked at him.

“Is something wrong?” she asks. He shrugs.

“Well, of course, I didn’t think, but I don’t have any trunks…” He looks at her. “Guess the hot tub party is off.”

“You can wear your gym shorts if you want…” She feigns thinking. “But then I guess they’d be wet for getting home…” She looks at him, tries to blush again, and gives him a smile. “Look, if you want…” she pauses. “Well, I don’t mind if you go in without…” He looks at her.

“Yeah, well, I wouldn’t mind…” he seems to be blushing for real. “But that would be a bit embarrassing with me naked and you in bathing suit… Don’t you think?” She looks at him, nods.

“I guess” she says. “Well, would you be Ok if I went skinny too?” Of course he would, she thinks with contempt. But she does love playing them. “I mean I guess I could.”

“No! That would be great…” he pauses “ I mean I wouldn’t mind at all.” She smiles. Mission almost complete.

“Well then” she says. “I guess it’s time to get naked…”
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I always look forward to reading your words, you have that skill that all good writers have.

Long may we all continue to read what you write for us!

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Originally Posted by m55uk4younger View Post
I always look forward to reading your words, you have that skill that all good writers have.

Long may we all continue to read what you write for us!

Thanks for the very flattering remarks. I'm glad you enjoy my stories.

Here's the next part...
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Part 6

“I’ve volunteered to model for the art school” Clare said. “You should come with me.” She’d winked at you.

“Oh, sure, Ok” you had said. “Just to keep you company though.” She’d laughed.

“I’m sure they’d be happy if you wanted to model for them too” she’d said, winking at you again. Your face had gone red and you’d shaken your head.

“No. Not a chance” you’d said. “No way would I do that!” Again Clare had laughed.

“Why not?” she’d asked, still grinning at you. “How do you know you wouldn’t enjoy it? I bet you would…” She’d looked at you. “You’ll never know if you don’t try it.” And again she’d laughed quietly. You’d just looked at her and shaken your head.

You’d met Clare through the theater course, she was a dancer and a cheerleader for the college football team. She had become a close friend, even though she was very different to you, definitely a girl about the campus, very popular with the footballers. You hadn’t been much into sports, but you’d started going to the games because of your friendship with her.

In fact you were a bit of a bookworm, into literature and the arts. You had a decent body, but you underplayed your femininity, wearing jeans and baggy t shirts, and your hair was cut short. Not exactly a tomboy, but certainly not glamorous.

You had to admit though, the guys who played football were pretty nice to look at, muscled and toned and the sports scene did seem pretty cool, Clare was always hanging out with the athletes, going to cool parties, and you kind of wished you could too. But none of them seemed to have any interest in a quiet girl from the arts side of the school. And besides, you had a boyfriend…

You had gone to the art school together, the students had suggested a pose, it was going to be a girl laying on a sofa, naked, reading a book. You had followed as Clare had gone behind a screen and undressed in front of you. You’d turned away, were a bit shocked how she just seemed comfortable stripping in front of you like that, and you suddenly wondered whether perhaps she was gay, and you’d never realized it. You heard her speaking and looked back at her.

“Maybe we should tell them we could be two naked girls on a sofa.” Clare had said and winked at you and given a little smirk. You had gone bright red, why was she bringing it up again, you’d already told her there was no way you’d do that. Clare had laughed quietly… “You’d enjoy it, I bet you…” she had said with a grin.

You just looked at her standing there naked, your face flushed hot and shaken your head wishing she wouldn’t go on about it. Clare had laughed again and you’d turned away in embarrassment. Embarrassment at her nudity? Or perhaps because at the back of your mind, not to mention between your legs, you realize that she may just be right… Still, no way you were going to get naked and expose yourself in front of others.

Clare had seemed quite at ease, had gone out and laid on the sofa, and held a book. The art students had spent some time adjusting her pose, finally ending up with her laying up against the end of the sofa, one leg pulled up, the other down, spread out as if relaxing. Her shaved pussy completely exposed.

You couldn’t imagine how she had the nerve to do that, nor how she must feel. You tried to put yourself into her position, and while you felt terrified at the thought of being naked in front of these people, you also realized that the thought of it was turning you on, a lot. You sighed quietly to yourself, perhaps you should have trusted Clare and done it. God you’d have been so turned on naked and exposed, despite the fear.

The students did their drawings, and when the session was done Clare had got up and got dressed and you’d left together. As you walked down the street together you had turned to her.

“How did you have the nerve to do something like that, get naked in front of strangers?” You had asked her awkwardly. Clare had just shrugged.

“I’m Ok with my body” she had said. “Doesn’t worry me if people get to see it, and I’m the one with the power when I show it.” She had looked at you. “And you should be too. You have a great body… Underneath all those horrible clothes.” She’d laughed seeing the look your face. You had walked in silence for a while, then very quietly you’d asked her.

“But didn’t you get turned on?” You had stopped, taken a deep breath. “I mean naked and exposed like that…” Your voice had tailed off in embarrassment. You heard Clare laugh softly.

“Of course I did, but what’s wrong with being turned on?” You had looked at her, your mouth gaping. Again Clare had laughed. “I’ll just masturbate later reliving the memory.” She had looked at you. “You should try it some time” she had said with a wink. “No such thing as a bad orgasm.” You had felt your face flush deep red and continued walking in silence.

“I mean it” Clare said, “you have a great body, I don’t know why you’re so prudish about it.” You were back in her room, had been chatting about this and that, but now she had changed the subject back to modeling again.

“Don’t be silly” you had said. “I’m nothing like you. You have a great body because you’re always working out, dancing. Of course you look good naked, but I…” your voice had tailed off.

“You what?” she had said. There was a pause, Clare was looking at you. “Michael likes your body, doesn’t he?” She said. You shrugged but nodded at her. “Get up” she said.

“What for?”

“Don’t you trust me?” You just looked at her. “Come on, get up.” Shaking your head you got up off the bed and stood there. “Come and stand here, in front of the mirror.” Again you shook your head.

“Look, just drop it Clare, Ok…”

“Come and stand here, with me.” You sighed, this was just getting silly. But you didn’t want an argument, so you walked over and stood by Clare, facing the mirror. “Now take that horrible t shirt off.” You shook your head and turned to her.

“Oh stop it will you. If you carry on like this I’ll just go.” Clare had sighed.

“Don’t be silly. You trust me, don’t you? I am your friend, aren’t I?” You nodded. “I’m just going to prove to you that you look great, now take the t shirt off.” You looked at her, shaking your head.

“Look Clare, I’m not gay or anything, you know that right?” She had laughed.

“And you think I am? I hang out with the football team all the time. Trust me, I get all the sex I want…” You had blushed. “Now come on, take the t shirt off.” You sighed, but lifted your shirt over your head. You looked at yourself in the mirror, then looked up and saw Clare looking at you, a smile on her lips. “Now those awful jeans…”

“Oh come on Clare…”

“Do it. For goodness sake, stop arguing all the time.” You shook your head, but undid your jeans, then kicked off your shoes and dropped the jeans, pulling your socks off with them and kicking them out of the way.

“See, your body is great, any guy would want to see you naked.” You had sighed, shaking your head. But again you had looked at yourself in the mirror, and again looked up and seen Clare examining your body, and you realized you were feeling a most unexpected, but pleasant feeling in your stomach. Again you thought that perhaps Clare was right, perhaps you should have modeled with her…

“Now your bra.” You couldn’t be bothered to argue any more, so you reached up and unclipped the bra, dropping it to the floor. You were shocked to realize that your nipples were already hard, and you hoped that it wasn’t going to be obvious to Clare. The pleasant feeling in your stomach was growing and spreading through you, becoming a gentle throbbing between your legs. You could feel yourself blushing, tried to take in a deep breath to calm your heart which was pounding in your chest.

“Panties…” You hesitated, but what was the point of arguing now? You were practically naked anyway, so you put your hands down and dropped them. You looked at your body, naked, exposed. The throbbing between your legs just went up a notch. You looked at Clare in the mirror, saw her eyes fixed on you and your arousal surged.

You shivered slightly, hoping that Clare wouldn’t be able to tell just how turned on you felt standing naked like this. You looked in the mirror and saw her grin.
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Part 7

She looks at him sitting across from her in the hot tub. He’d checked her out as she’d started to take her gym clothes off, and she’d looked at him too. Had smiled when she saw he was already getting hard before they’d even got in. She’d let him climb in, then taken her own time to get in herself, letting him get a really good look at her. She had a great body, and she wasn’t afraid to use it.

He’d looked Ok too, and that and being naked was turning her on nicely. She was quite sure they were going to have sex, and she was looking forward to it. Not just because it was sex, but because she just loved to use guys like this. As they sat in the hot tub, she had slowly turned the conversation round to sex, not that she needed to try too hard…

“So, your ex…” she says. “What was she like?”

“She was Ok” he says. “Yeah, nice. Pretty. I really liked her.”

“Was she… You know…” he looks at her.

“Know what?” She sighs.

“Sorry, I’m being kind of forward, I know.” She smiles at him. “But was she good in bed?” He looks at her, but she knows it’s Ok now. They are already naked, sitting in a hot tub. He’s not going to run now. Finally he shrugs.

“Ok I guess” he pauses. “I mean she liked sex, sure. Think she mainly liked it as a way to make babies though…”

“Yes, some people do seem to feel that” she said. “Not me though…” he looks at her. “I had a boyfriend once who introduced me to some really kinky stuff.” She looks at him. “You ever do anything like that?” He blushes and shakes his head. “Sorry. Am I embarrassing you?” she says with a grin. Again he shakes his head.

“No. I’ve read about stuff like that… Kink.” He pauses. “Never done it, but I reckon it must be fun…” She smiles.

“Oh yes, it really is.” She looks him in the eyes.

They are in the bedroom. He’s tied spreadeagled to the bed. She’s kneeling across him, her legs parted, she bends forward bringing her face close to his.

“Now, we’re going to play a little game, Ok?” He looks at her warily, but nods.

“Ok… I guess”

“If I can make you cum, then I get to use you however I like. Ok?” He looks at her. “OK?” He swallows and nods.

She starts to stroke him. She laughs to herself. If… He’s almost cumming now. She loves this feeling of power, she knows she can make any guy cum. She has a great body, and she’s good with her hands and her mouth. She reaches between his legs and cups his balls, he moans.

“Are you ready to be my slave, boy?” she whispers. He looks at her, she thinks she sees a little fear in his eyes. “Well?” He nods hesitantly. She laughs quietly, strokes him fast, feels him spasm, and feels his cum splash against her tummy and breast. “Oh you dirty boy…” she says, scolding him. “You got your cum all over me. You are a bad boy.” She has an urge to giggle. “Now I’m going to have to punish you like the bad boy you are…”

“I’m s-sorry” he says. “I couldn’t really help it.” She shakes her head.

“No. I don’t suppose you could, could you. Is it too hard to resist me?” He nods. She sits back up, looking at him, shaking her head. “Well, what should I do to punish you?” She pretends to think, feeling his cum dripping down her. “Hmm… I think a good spanking will be a start.” His eyes open wide. “Well” she says, “we did have an agreement didn’t we?”

He swallows hard, but nods.
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Part 8

“Feel’s good heh?” Clare said with what seemed like a little smirk. You had sighed quietly.

“I suppose…” you had said, still looking in the mirror.

“You should model with me next time. I’m telling you, you’d enjoy it.” You turned your head to look at her. She was grinning at you openly. You shook your head. “But you like how it feels, I can tell.” You felt your face flush hot, but you knew it was true and obviously Clare could see the signs of your arousal, and despite your embarrassment you wondered whether perhaps you might go and model with her one day. “See” she said with a grin. “It’s obvious how turned on you are. I bet deep down you’re a naughty little exhibitionist.” Your eyes opened wide in shock.

“Clare, stop it!” She laughed.

“Stop being such a little prude. If you weren’t enjoying this you’d have gone by now.” You shook your head. She paused for a moment, looking at you. “Was it so obvious how turned on I was when I was posing?” she asked. You looked at her, didn’t trust yourself to speak, so you just shook your head. Clare was walking slowly around you, obviously examining your naked body, you could feel yourself trembling, not with fear, but with deep arousal. You wondered what was going to happen next. How strange it had felt to be forced to strip, one item of clothing at a time. How strange, but how good…

“Well” she said finally. “I was, and I know that all I wanted to do was get back here and give myself an orgasm…” You looked at her in shock. “And that’s what you want now, isn’t it?” she had said, and again you saw her smirk. You swallowed hard, but dammit, yes, you really did want to get back to your room and get off. There was no way this was going to end with you not having an orgasm. Maybe you could go and see Michael.

Clare was still looking at you, taking in your naked body. The feelings flooding through you were so powerful and so contradictory, pounding embarrassment verging on humiliation, but overwhelming arousal. Your nipples were painfully erect and you could feel a distinct wetness between your legs.

“It is, isn’t it.” You were jerked out of your thoughts.

“W-what?” you stammered.

“You want to cum, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question. You licked your lips, looking at Clare.

“I told you, I’m not a lesbian. I have a boyfriend…” She laughed quietly.

“Go on” she said, ignoring your protestation. “Do it. I don’t mind.” You shook your head vigorously. “Go on, you’ll feel better. I told you, there’s no such thing as a bad orgasm.” Your mind was swirling, you’d never, ever masturbated in front of anyone, let alone another girl. But at the same time the arousal surging through you was making you desperate for release.

“Please Clare… Don’t make me do that.” You were shocked how it came out. You were begging her, yet you knew all you needed to do was put your clothes back on and leave. Why had you even said that? You looked at her, saw her shrug and smile.

“I told you, I don’t mind…” You swallowed hard. She wasn’t forcing you, but even so, she wasn’t going to let you just go. “And you want it, don’t you.” Again it wasn’t a question, and to your horror you realize that you had nodded your head. “Say it…” Clare whispered at you. You shook your head. “Say it!”. You looked at her in the mirror, trembling.

“I want to cum…” you said with a quiet whimper.

“Do it!” Was it permission? Or a command? It didn’t matter anymore, you knew you were going to. As if in a dream you felt your hand slip between your legs as you spread them. Your touch was like an electric shock and your whole body jerked as your fingers ran over your clit. You were momentarily embarrassed by how wet you were, but then the pleasure washed over the embarrassment and you moaned quietly. You looked in the mirror, saw Clare still watching you. You wanted to stop, but you couldn’t, you needed the release now.

You spread your legs wider, you moan, a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure and you speed up your stroking. You close your eyes for a moment, losing yourself in the pleasure can feel your climax building, then remember you are not alone. You open your eyes see Clare in the mirror her eyes fixed on you, you are panting now, so very close. You know you are going to cum soon. This feels so different to your orgasms with Michael. Different but very good you are shocked to realize. You look at yourself in the mirror, see your face flushed with arousal and pleasure, your body trembling, your legs spread wide apart, your hand between your legs.

You look up again and see Clare still standing behind you, watching you in the mirror, and also, you realize getting a view of your naked and exposed butt. You know she must be seeing everything with how spread your butt cheeks feel. But instead of that adding to your embarrassment you realize it just gave you another huge jolt of arousal. You moan loudly, your body spasms, and your orgasm breaks. You reach your free hand forward to lean against the mirror, to stop yourself falling over. You keep stroking, your body shuddering with the climax, waves of pleasure surging through you.

Slowly you stop stroking. You’re not sure how many times you came, two, three? It had been so intense, so incredible. You were still leaning against the mirror, face hanging down, breath coming in short pants. Eventually you lift your head, look at yourself in the mirror. You remember you’re not alone, feel a pang of humiliation, look up, see Clare in the mirror still standing there, a smile on her face.

“See” she says. “No such thing as a bad orgasm.” And she laughs quietly as you feel your face flush hot again.
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Part 9

She gets off the bed and stands, looking down at him. He’s looking at her with wide, slightly panicked eyes. She slowly scoops his cum from her body, then puts her hand towards his face.

“Eat it” she says sharply. He turns his face away.

“No, please… Please don’t make me do that… Please….” She grins inwardly, loving the power she has over him.

“You say no to me?” she says. “But you’re my slave aren’t you? Wasn’t that what we agreed?” He looks at her pitifully, this was clearly not what he had been hoping for, but she has him. He shakes his head.

“Please…” he whispers. She thinks he might cry.

“Well, that’s going to add to your punishment then. Is that what you want?” He shakes his head.

“L-look… I don’t think this is working out… S-sorry, I think I should just go” He’s stammering. “I thought it sounded fun, but I don’t think it’s really me…” She looks at him.

“So, you want to cum and go?” She snorts dismissively. “But we agreed, didn’t we?” she says. “And you did cum, didn’t you?” She looks at her hand as if to prove the point. “And now you want to change the agreement?” She looks at him. He shakes his head wearily. “I don’t think that’s really fair, is it. To say you’ll do one thing, then decide to do something else whether the other person wants it or not.” She sighs. “No, I think you should take your punishment like a grown man.” He whimpers.

She leans forward and wipes her hand on his stomach. He looks relieved, at least she’s not going to make him eat his own cum. She reaches between his legs, strokes his balls, plays with his cock, feels him relax as the sex seems to return to something he’d consider normal. “You like that, huh?” she says. He nods enthusiastically.

“Oh yes… Thank you…” She grins, she can feel he’s getting hard again. Oh what fun to play with young virile boys… She masturbates him slowly, feeling him stiffen. She moves round to the side of the bed, puts a knee up on it, spreading her legs, giving him a great view of her pussy. It turns her on so much to know she’s being seen like this. She strokes him faster.

“Better not cum again…” He looks at her and moans. She knows she can make him cum again, and he knows it too. She can hear his breathing getting faster, sees him straining, trying not to cum. She goes faster still. He cries out.

“Please… Please stop, or I’m gonna cum again. I can’t stop it…” She laughs.

“But don’t you want to cum? Don’t you like me making you cum?” He moans.

“Yes, I mean no… I mean I don’t know. I don’t want to be punished…” She slows her stroking, sees him take a sigh of relief. She looks at him.

“Ok… I’ll make a deal with you.” He looks up at her. “You want that?”

“I don’t know, what’s the deal?” He gasps as she grabs his balls, squeezes them. “I don’t like the idea of your punishments…” She smiles.

“You know I can make you cum again, don’t you?” He looks at her, nods unhappily. “Well, the deal is this, I’m going to make you cum again, but then you have to let me do something to you.” She looks at him.

“W-what?” he says. “D-do what?” She leans in to him, whispers quietly in his ear.

“I want to fuck you in the ass.” His eyes go wide, and he shakes his head. “Yes” she says. “Come on, you said your ex was too vanilla… Well, let me introduce you to some real kink. You’ll like it… And if you really don’t, I’ll stop.” She looks at him. “Come on… I bet you’ve fucked girls in the ass, haven’t you?” He looks at her pathetically, but finally nods his head.

“Yes, but they liked it. They said they liked it…” She looks at him coldly. Fucking guys, justifying what they do by assuming a girl’s compliance is enjoyment. She pushes down the anger she feels bubbling up inside her, takes a deep breath and smiles at him coldly.

“Well, maybe you’ll like it too.” He shakes his head. “You’ll never know until you’ve tried it…” He moans. She’s still stroking him slowly, can feel him twitching. “Well? You want to cum, don’t you?” He nods his head resignedly. “Then you agree?”

“Oh god… Alright….” He looks at her. “You promise you’ll stop if I don’t like it?” She smiles at him, nods…

“Oh yes, I promise…” She moves back down between his legs, looking him in the eye the whole way. Slowly she lowers her face to him, feels him spasm as she slowly takes him in her mouth. He moans loudly. She starts to slide her lips up and down him, loving the feeling of power, of him twitching helplessly in her mouth. She goes faster, can hear him moaning, straining, perhaps trying to stop himself from cumming. She knows that’s a hopeless task. She caresses his balls as she slides up and down him, relishing the power she has over him. She lifts her face off him for a moment, strokes him, sees a glimmer of precum, smiles and drops back down onto him. She hears him let out a long, loud moan, feels him spasm, and feels his semen spurting into her mouth. She lifts her face off him, crawls over him, opens her mouth so he can see it, then makes a show of swallowing it and grins at him.

“Now my little slave… It’s my turn for some fun.”

He’s laying there, breathing hard.

She unties his right leg, pulls it up. He’s athletic, and she can get it high although she sees him wincing. She grins and ties it off to the same place as his hand. He’s breathing hard, and she slowly walks round and does the same with his left leg. He’s lying, restrained, his butt totally exposed. She leans in and gives him a couple of hard slaps with her hand. He whimpers again.

“Oh, come on, that didn’t hurt” she says. He just looks up at her pathetically. “Nobody’s ever spanked you before?” He shakes his head. She leans in to him, whispers. “Then how do you know you won’t like it?” He looks at her with wild eyes.

She walks over to her chest of drawers and gets out her strap on, the one that goes inside her… She goes back to the bed. He’s watching her, his eyes wide. She smiles. She spreads her legs, and slowly pushes her end inside herself, sighs with pleasure.

“Since you’re being a good boy, I’m going to lube it for you…” He gulps. She walks back to her chest of drawers letting him get a view of her naked bottom and grabs a bottle of lube and goes back to the bed. She pours lube onto her hand and rubs it all over the strap on. It feels good, the piece inside her moving as she strokes, making her sigh with pleasure. Then she takes more lube and rubs it over his asshole. “See how nice I’m being to you?” she says.

She kneels on the bed, he’s looking at her, she can see he’s breathing hard. She takes the strap on and gently rubs it across his asshole, then starts to push it in. He gasps and cries out.

“Just relax… Come on… Be a man.” He whimpers, and she pushes the tip inside him. He groans.

“Oh god, no…” She pushes again, a little further. “Oh please…” She pushes further still, holds it there. It feels good moving inside her as she pushes it in.

“See, you’re doing fine” she says. He shakes his head. She leans forward and it slides in further. He moans loudly. She pushes again, it slides further in, and he cries out in pain. She holds it there. She wants him to suffer, she enjoys that, but there’s only so far she can go. She looks down at him, his eyes are screwed closed. She pushes it in a little further, he cries out again. Fuck, this isn’t going to work, he can’t take it. Reluctantly she pulls it out. She sighs. Men are such wimps.

He’s lying there, tears of pain and humiliation rolling down his cheeks. She shakes her head. Fuck it, still, it was something. And now she knows she wants to cum too. She pulls the strap on out, rubs herself, sighing with pleasure.

She looks at him lying on his back, legs in the air and grins. Yes, she thinks, she’ll use him to get off in a way that will totally assert her dominance… She unties his legs and with relief he drops them down, she leaves his hands tied.

She climbs on top of him, ready now for her own release. She’s rubbing herself against his chest, she can see she’s leaving little traces of her arousal. She moves further up him, kneels up and hangs her pussy above his face.

“Ready to pleasure your MIstress boy.” she says. She sees him swallow as he stares at her with wide eyes. But she doesn’t need his permission, it wasn’t a request… She lets herself sit on him and grinds herself slowly against his mouth, she feels his lips rub against hers, then finally he pushes his tongue out. About time she thinks, thrusting her hips against his mouth. Fucking jocks, she thinks. This is what they are good for, giving her pleasure on her terms. She grinds into his face, getting close now. She reaches behind her and slaps his cock, feeling it stiffening again already. She’s breathing fast, going to cum now… She spasms and cums hard, keeps grinding, pushing herself into his face. Finally she lifts herself off him, climbs off the bed and stands by the side of it looking down at him.

“Not bad boy” she says with a smile. “Did you enjoy that?” He nods weakly. Of course he did, she thinks. Who wouldn’t enjoy her as their Domme. She looks at his cock, semi hard again, but she’s finished, not interested. She unties him.

“You can jerk off in the shower” she says cruelly. “Then I’ll drop you back at the gym.”
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Part 10

“There’s a party tonight. You’re invited.” You had stopped and looked at Clare.

“Where?” you ask, surprised at the invitation.

“At Zach’s frat house.” Zach was the captain of the college football team. You looked at Clare in surprise.

“Who invited me?” You’d never been invited to any of the football parties, you just didn’t move in those circles.

“I put in a word for you, and the invite comes from Zach.” Well, you think, that’s what comes from having a cheerleader as a friend. But you have a boyfriend, should you really accept an invitation to a college frat house party? You looked at Clare. Well, it’s just a party, a chance to be in with the sports crowd. Not like you’d be cheating on Michael, it’ll just be fun…

“Ok, cool I guess. Thank you Clare.” You smiled at her, kind of excited by the prospect of being around all the college athletes.

“And try and wear something nice. Do you have a dress? Just not your usual jeans and t shirt Ok. It’s a party, you need to make an effort…” Clare is looking at you disapprovingly.

“Oh” you had said. Clare had always made it clear she disapproved of your wardrobe. “I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll find something…” Clare had sighed and shaken her head.

“Come to my room and I’ll lend you something then we’ll go together.”

“Really?” you had said. “Thanks Clare, I really appreciate it.”

You had walked over to Clare’s room, and she had rummaged around in her closet for a while. Looking at yourself in her mirror you had felt a twinge of embarrassment remembering how you had masturbated in here, in front of her. But she had never made a deal out of it, never really mentioned it. You’d wondered whether it might happen again, after all, the orgasms had been incredibly intense. You’re not sure why, you’re sure you’re not a lesbian, you really liked having sex with Michael, but that one time, in front of Clare…

Finally she had pulled a dress out. It was short and black, strapless. You’d never worn anything like it before. Clare had handed it to you. “Here, try this on.” You had taken it and started to take your clothes off, t shirt and jeans, then put the black dress on, and looked hopefully at Clare.

“Hmmm, not bad actually” she had said. “But you’ll have to take your bra off, the straps will show.” You had hesitated, but it’s not as if Clare hadn’t seen you naked before, so you pulled the dress down, removed your bra and then pulled the dress back up, covering your breasts. “Good” Clare had said, looking you over. “Yeah, you look very presentable.” She had smiled. “I don’t think my shoes will fit you, and you can’t wear yours.” It looked like she was thinking. “Look, take your socks off and just wear flip flops, I’ve got a pair that you’ll get away with.” You had cringed, not one to go bare footed or wear flip flops, but you weren’t going to argue with her, so you pulled your socks off and put on the pair that she had proffered, and looked at yourself in the mirror. Not bad… You really did look different. You wondered whether Michael would like you in this dress…

“Does everyone dress up at these parties?” you’d asked, not wanting to stand out. You felt very different, very outside of your comfort zone. Clare had shrugged.

“I guess so. If you call that dressed up…” You’d blushed. Undressed up more like it, you’d thought.

“So, you’re going to wear a dress too?” you had asked. Clare had nodded.

“Of course” she had looked at you. “Once you get invited to these parties, you get loads of opportunities to make out with the guys, so it’s only right to make yourself look good.” You had gasped at the openness of the statement.

“Well, I don’t think I’ll be wanting to go that far” you had stammered. You had a boyfriend… “Do you make out with them Clare?” you had asked quietly. “I mean, is one of them your boyfriend?” Clare had laughed and shaken her head.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend” she had smiled at you. “And yeah, I guess I like making out sometimes. It’s just fun, and it doesn’t hurt with the popularity.” You had blushed, not what you had been expecting, but then yeah, Clare was definitely a girl around the campus and clearly knew all about sex.

You sat on the bed and watched as Clare got changed for the party. You watched as she took off all her clothes, she really didn’t seem to mind being naked. Well, you’d been naked in front of her… She had a dancers body, skinny, small tight butt, small pert breasts, very toned. For a moment you wondered again whether perhaps she was gay, or perhaps bi… She rummaged in the closet for a while before pulling out a red dress, and slipped it on. Clare had examined herself for a while in the mirror, then turned back to you.

“You know, you should take your panties off too” she had said. “Nobody will know so long as you’re careful.” You had shaken your head.

“Oh no, I don’t think I could…” Clare was looking at you.

“Have you never been out commando?” She sighed. “No, of course you haven’t.” She had shaken her head. “Go on, take them off, see how it feels, I bet you’ll like it.”

You really didn’t want to. It’s not like you didn’t trust her, and she did seem to have an uncanny way of knowing what you would like, even if you didn’t know it yourself. And anyway, it’s not like she hadn’t seen you naked, but still… Hesitantly you had stood up and slowly pulled your panties down and off. You looked unhappily at Clare. Was she really going to make you go out like this though? Was this really what all the ‘in’ people did? I mean it’s not that you minded her seeing you, but other people?

“Well?” Clare had said to you.

“I don’t know…” you said, shaking your head.

“Stop thinking about it” Clare said. “How does it feel?” You shrugged.

“Ok I guess.” You paused. “Naughty…”

“But nice” Clare had said with a grin. “Go on, admit it.” And you had to, it felt very naughty, but also nice, your pussy and ass exposed to the air beneath the skimpy fabric of the dress. You were tingling. You had sighed. She really did seem to know you, perhaps a bit too well.

“Are you sure Clare?” She had just shrugged.

“Just make sure the dress doesn’t ride up too far… Even if it does, all anybody’s going to see is a bit of your butt, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” She’d winked at you. “You have a great butt.” You had blushed and wondered again whether perhaps she was bi…

You had looked at her, resigned now to going out like this, and slowly nodded your head, pulling the hem of the dress down as far as you could. “Come on, let’s go” Clare had said. “And remember, it’s a party, you’re supposed to have fun. And remember, my reputation is on the line… You’re going because I asked for you to be invited.”
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Part 11

Lauren is sweating and breathing hard. She’d done thirty minutes on a spin bike, now she is working her upper body on the resistance machines. She gets to the end of her set, sits back and looks around. She hadn’t seen the guy in the few weeks since their session, she shrugs, not a big deal, he’d not been a spectacular success, she preferred them when they either submitted willingly, or fought back. He’d not really done either.

But there were plenty of other athletic guys, and she’s sure she’ll find one soon. That’s what she really wants, a strong, confident athlete who will submit to her, let her use him, humiliate him. It turns her on so much to have power and control over guys like that.

She looks around, the place is quiet again, the usual mix of bored housewives working out. And the older guy. He always seemed to be in there when she was. He’s on a cross trainer today. She rolls her eyes, can’t really see why he bothers at his age. Besides, for some reason he really irritates her. That look he had given her in the stretching room when she had snared the last guy.

She finishes her workout, and goes in to stretch. She sees couple of young athletic types, smiles. She grabs a mat, takes off her trainers and shirt, showing her toned stomach. Let’s see whether either of them will bite. She starts to stretch. She looks them over. Yes, they’d be just her type. She wonders what it would be like to Domme two guys together, feels her stomach clench at the thought of dominating, humiliating them together, imagines them naked and exposed on their knees in front of her. Maybe she could force them to suck each other… She pulls her thoughts back to the present.

“Good workout guys?” she asks with a smile. They look at her, but say nothing. She shrugs, and then sees them get up, put their mats away and walk towards the door. Huh, well, no big deal, there’ll be others. Then she sees the older guy walk in, nodding to the two youngsters as they pass him, and scowling as she sees them nod back. Fucking rude she thinks. Why would they want to acknowledge him and not her. She sighs.

She goes back to her stretching, ignoring the older guy. She finishes, and starts to put her trainers back on. Suddenly she hears a voice.

“You’re Lauren aren’t you?” She looks around. It’s the older guy. He’s standing up, looking at her.

“Excuse me?” She says.

“I asked if you are Lauren” he says, seemingly un-phased by her tone.

“What’s it to you?” she asks curtly. He shrugs.

“I was just asking. The guys..” he pauses. “You know, the ones who just left… They were talking about someone called Lauren in the changing room.”

“What?” He looks at her.

“I said they were talking about a person called Lauren in the changing room.” He says it like he’s explaining something to a child. She feels her anger rising and stands up and walks over to him.

“I heard that. What were they saying?” She can feel her face flushing, is glad the room is dimly lit.

“Oh, just locker room banter I’m sure…” he says with a faint smile.

“Locker room banter?” She can feel her heart beating faster. “What are you talking about? What were they saying about me?” She can see him looking at her.

“Ah. So you are Lauren…” He shrugs. Again she feels her face flush. “Oh well” she can see him smiling at her. “Apparently you gave one of their friends…” he pauses looking at her. “Well, let’s just say they’re a little intimidated by you.” She’s flushing hot now. So that’s why they had ignored her. She’s lost for words, feels totally embarrassed. Is she going to have to find another gym? She looks at the floor and shakes her head.

“I wouldn’t worry…” She looks up, she’d almost forgotten about him. “They’re just kids.” She shakes her head. “They’ll get over it.” She sighs quietly. “Perhaps I can give you a few words of advice?” She looks at him. She really doesn’t want advice from him, but he goes on anyway. “With your” he pauses “tastes” he pauses again and smiles at her, “I’d suggest finding someone a bit more mature, perhaps someone with a bit of experience.” She looks at him aghast. He shrugs. “There are plenty of people who share your interests. You’ll have a much more fulfilling time…” He smiles at her.

“I don’t…” She stops, looking at him. “My tastes? What are you talking about?” He shrugs.

“Well, they were quite graphic in some of their descriptions about what you apparently did to their friend” He stops, looking at her. “There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Like I said, there are plenty of people who share your interests.” She’s looking at him, flushed, embarrassed and angry. Is this guy making a pass at her? She shakes her head. She wants to get out of there.

“Right. Well thanks for the advice” she says curtly, “but I’m doing just fine on my own.” He shrugs.

“Of course” he says. “But if you change your mind, I’d be happy to chat with you.” Her mouth drops open. He is making a pass. She shakes her head, but he continues, smoothly. “My name is Richard.” He puts out his hand. She just stands there staring at him, but he doesn’t seem embarrassed and continues to hold his hand out, his eyes drilling into her. Her heart is pumping in her chest. She has no interest at all in dominating this guy. She likes young athletic jocks. Finally she finds some words.

“No, thanks…” she says. “Not wanting to sound rude, but you’re really not my type.” He chuckles, his hand still held out. He seems completely unembarrassed. She just looks at him. She wants to get away, is finding the whole situation incredibly awkward, but he seems totally relaxed and at ease. She shakes her head again, and not sure what else to do, she puts her hand out and shakes his. He has a firm, strong grip, and then he lets her hand go, and smiles at her.

“Well, if you ever change your mind, you know where to find me” he says with a slight smile playing on his lips. He pauses, looks at her. “And of course, you never know whether you’ll like something until you’ve tried it, do you.” It’s said quietly, no smile, but he’s looking right into her eyes. She swallows hard. And then, without another word, he steps past her and walks towards the door. She turns her head and watches as he walks out of the room without looking back.

She’s in a daze. She shakes her head, picks up her shirt, realizes that she’d had that whole bizarre conversation wearing almost nothing but training pants and a sports bra and feels herself flush. She puts her shirt on, walks slowly out of the room and heads home.
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