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Default Need sadistic dares for F sub

I have lots of rope, clothespins, butt plug, vibrator, warming lube, and bullet vibe... Any ideas?

Will PM you a full report when complete.
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First insert your plug with lots of warming lube. Use your bullet vibrator to tease your nipples for five minutes. Then put a clothespin on each.

Next tie your ankles together securely. You'll need to figure out how to do the rest of the bondage safely with what you have, but you'll end up with your wrists bound crossed behind you and linked to your ankles by another rope or belt.

Make a note of the time. Turn on your vibrator and put it in the middle of your bed. Put on a blindfold. Finish your bondage as mentioned above.

You are to use the vibrator on the bed to tease yourself and ultimately to edge. It might get interesting in that bondage, but grind on it as best you can. As soon as you reach an edge you are to stop. But you should attempt to make it to exactly ten minutes.

When you are done, untie and check the time. If you're within 30 seconds you get to cum any way you like.

If you're more than 30 seconds under ten minutes, put a clothespin somewhere on your body for each 30 seconds you were off, and then spank them all off with a belt, including the extra two on your nipples. Then you can have a ruined orgasm.

If you are more than 30 seconds over, bad luck. Put every clothespin you have on your body. Use warning lube on your clit, then use the bullet vibrator to edge three more times. Then spank off each clothespin with a hairbrush. Edge once more with your vibrator. Then you are strictly denied for 48 hours.
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Originally Posted by SubEllie View Post
I have lots of rope, clothespins, butt plug, vibrator, warming lube, and bullet vibe... Any ideas?

Will PM you a full report when complete.
Undress fully, ending up totally nude.

Put your clothespins vertically on your nipples. They must be parallel to your spine. Put on a nice and tight top, preferably one that is a number too little for you.

Put on a mini or a micro skirt, stiletto shoes, and plenty of makeup. It should be a bit too much, but not in excess. The purpose of this is to give the idea that you might be a street girl, but it will live the doubt.

Go out to some park or somewhere else where there isn't a lot of people, but there is some. You will probably want to do this at night.

If the clothespins fall on you from your nipples, pick them up, put them under your top and back in your nipple.

Do not PM me the report on this. Neither do it to anybody else who posts here. Instead, post it here. If someone specifically asks for a PM, do both...
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Give me one good reason why you should be allowed to sit on a toilet seat and being I am remale is not acceoted
I am diabetic and cannot accept dares that could cause problems for example a morning water tablet requires often peeing especially in the morning
I always sit on a toilet seats except in public toilets
Limits etc:

PM Dares

I am male
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