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A few times, the most interesting that comes to mind wasn't a room, but a coach bus while I was in marching band - about 30 other students on the bus and parents - my girlfriend and I were messing around under a blanket.
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Default Playing While Someone Else is in the Room

Originally Posted by andrew_b View Post
Have you ever received or even given a handjob/fingered/oral etc while someone else was in the room?

I mean more in the way of aiming not being caught
Unfortunately, I have never met such adventurous girl, but I believe it would be very interesting experience and I wouldn't be able to resist . Both ways.
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I haven't received but I get the feeling it would be pretty damn hot to have it done.

I have not performed and don't plan on doing it.

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Iíll share the first time I received a hand job with someone else not in the same room but in the same car.

I was 18 and was on vacation with my girlfriend at the time and her family. We were on our way home in the back seat of her moms car. I was behind the drivers seat and my girlfriend was in the middle back seat. Her mother was driving. It was only the 3 of us in the car. Her mom knew we were sexually active with each other. My girlfriend had conversations with her mom about birth control.

I was wearing a t shirt and loose shorts, my girlfriend was wearing a tank top and short tight shorts. My girlfriend and I were covered by a blanket and she was laying on my shoulder seeming like she was going to nap. All of a sudden she slipped her hand under my shorts and underwear and started stroking my dick. I closed my eyes so her mom thought I was sleeping. After about 15 minutes of acting like I was sleeping but really getting jacked off by my girlfriend while her mom was driving us, I came. She never pulled my dick out from my underwear so I came in my underwear and all over her hand.

When this girlfriend would give me hand jobs, right after I came, she would use her thumb and rub my sensitive dick head in circles. Typically I would twitch and wiggle with enjoyment. But when she did this after I came with her mom in the drivers seat, I was forced to stay still. It was pure tortuous enjoyment.

Once I cooled down, her cum covered hand was still down my underwear resting on my dick. We quickly realized we had no way of cleaning up without her mom finding out so we got a little worried. We couldnít ask for napkins. She couldnít wipe her hand on the blanket without leaving cum stains and it needing washed as soon as we got home.

While we were still under the blanket, my girlfriend pulled her cum covered hand out from under my underwear and put it down her shorts (she never wore underwear with tight shorts or jeans, only time she wore underwear was with loose pants). She wiped my cum off of her hand around her pussy and on her lower belly. I wish I had a better view of it. We rode the rest of the way home, about 90 minutes, me with cum filled underwear and her with drying cum around her pussy, on her belly and some still on her hand.

When we got back to her house we unloaded everything from the car then hurried up to her bedroom with our bags. We removed our cum clothes and she got us a wet towel to help clean up. Seeing her naked with my cum dried around her pussy and belly was really hot knowing what we just did. I put on a new pair of underwear and she slipped on new shorts and tank top.

I donít know if her mom knew what happened. But we tried to make sure she didnít.
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Have had several handjobs while others being in the same room.
A few times in de living room by a girl, under a blanket, while her parents where there as well.
And in a car as well. Most exciting was giving a girl a handjob, while her friend was driving (didn't know they had a relationship)
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Default hi

Originally Posted by andrew_b View Post
Have you ever received or even given a handjob/fingered/oral etc while someone else was in the room?

I mean more in the way of aiming not being caught
yeah had a handjob in a coffee shop
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I once had a handjob from a mistress guiding me over phone while my wife was sleeping next to me
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The first time anything like this had happened to me. Early 20s, 5 of us were watching a movie together in our living room lights out on a wide couch;

After a bathroom break my partner returns with a blanket and proceeded to snuggle up, moments pass, a hand snuck onto my lap, gave a loving tease and forceful grab, she got to work pulling my clothes down, with nervous help.

Struggling to maintain composure, sat between herself and an oblivious female friend, with 2 guys other side of her. I figured I'd try getting my own back, but she forcefully held my hand no further than her thigh, speeding up in retaliation!

Fearing I'd cum and the mess that'd make, I tried to warn her, grabbing her thigh tightly and attempting to whisper. It didn't work (least not in my favour..) I didn't cum, but instead she turned it into an edging session, using my cues.

Around this time I realised observers might notice the blanket bobbing from the increased pace, and raised a single leg onto the seat to hide it, which seemed enough. Except the girl to my left had already noticed, and pinched my thigh to get my attention, then with a big smirk eyed me then my partner, before resuming watching both the movie and us.

I'd felt intense embarrassment, flushed red and struggling in my silent battle, tortured as my partner sat in obvious glee at my plight. By the end I was a wreck; conflicting arousal, fear and desperation overriding. I sat for a while afterwards collecting myself before I dared move.

To say we said goodnight to our guests eagerly at the end of the night was an understatement!
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During a hangout night with our friends at my bf's place, we did lots of quick soft petting (hidden/privately) throughout the night. Both of us are well aroused at the end of it.

My friends were the last to leave and I was to send them off at the door while my bf clean up the area. But he did not. Instead he was behind the door with his cock out and pulling my hand on it, which I intuitively started stroking it. Thankfully, we didn't do any hugs but it still took awhile saying bye and all, like 30 seconds?

And that was my closest experience with somebody around.
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When I was around 20 I lived in a house with friends. I had my girlfriend over and her friend. We were drinking, my housemates had gone to bed but we stayed up and they managed to get out of me that I had some porn on DVD. As part of a forfeit of the drinking games I had to go get the porn and play it on the TV in the front room. My girlfriend and I were on the sofa, her friend in the chair about three feet away. As we are watching the porn my girlfriend unbuttons my jeans and begins playing with my cock. I use a cushion as a barrier to protect my modesty from her friend although it's obvious what was going on. I don't think she actually saw my cock but looking back kinda wish I hadn't been so shy and allowed her to look. Maybe she may have joined in. A lost opportunity for sure.
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From me: I was on a long bus journey on a school field trip sat next to a girl I'd been flirting with. The lights were really dim and I laid a coat over her lap while I slipped a hand down her panties and teased her.

to me: While we were sat chatting to friends in a pub my ex rested her hand on my thigh and used reached her little finger across to start stroking me until I was fully hard and then asked me to go to the bar to get her another drink.

to me again: Different trip at school we were in a hostel and the girls room got backed up with sewage so we had to mix rooms. Girl I ended up sharing a bed with gave me my first blowjob in the dark under the covers in a room full of our classmates. That was pretty wild.
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