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Default Ask Becky anything

Hello all Im here with a ama and Id like all you fine people to ask me any questions you want they can be embarrassing or otherwise so please ask away
24/female/ukLoves: Embarrassment, Messy dares, Silly challenges, Public challenges, Balloons, Clothes filling, and anything not in my limits
Limits:Pain, Cam, Insertions, Sexual, Pics, and Scat
I'm begging you to make me messy by PM!

Add me on kik bectheclown

Post Splat in my visitor message and I'll take a pie to the face! I love receiving gooey pies!
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What colors are your eyes?
How does your pussy and clit look like?
How do they feel on touching?
Same questions for tits and nipples?
Same question for ass and asshole?
When you did pee yourself last time how did it feel?
What is your favorite role-play fantasy?
Which fantasy did you realize?
Whats your favorite color?
And for panties?
Which panty material do you like most?
How often do you change panties?
Did you ever use a panty gag?
How dirty will your panties be if you get horny during the day?
Did you ever stuff panties in your pussy?
What is your favorite fantasy you have not done in real life yet?
Do you prefer tampons or pads?
What is your preferred tampon size?
Do you masturbate when you have women days?
Do you have sex on women days?
Which zone is your most sensitive body part?
What is necessary to get you off really hard?
Did you ever fantasia to fuck your boss, teacher, doctor,...?
Do you ever fantasize to play with your friends?
Would it make a difference if its a he or she (see question above)?
Do you poo on public toilets, at work, in university,...?
How do you clean before anal play?
Does this arouse you like almost foreplay or is it "just" hygiene?
Describe the details?
Did you ever do an enema?
Did you ever consider to do an enema as part of playing?
How far can you spread your legs?
How long is your pussy?
Whats the distance between your asshole and pussy?
Do you like to have your anus teased?
How do you like to be teased?
Do you always wear nail polish and make-up?
How long are your hairs?
Did you ever masturbate when someone was in the room?
Did someone ever catch you doing a sexual act with yourself or someone?Which color is your hair?
Describe your body, size, weight, height, skin color,...
Whats your favorite icecream?
What makes you very horny?
Whats your favorite drink?
When you are drunk do you do more naughty things?
What was the weirdest thing you did drunk?
Whats the biggest object ever in your pussy?
And in your ass?
Whats the funniest object in your pussy?
Whats the funniest object in your ass?
Same question again but messiest objects?
How do you feel answering the questions in this thread?
What are you wearing?
Do you touch yourself while answering?
Explain why not or why?
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1. what is the wildest dare you ever did
2. have you ever been nude in group
3. would you ever do a dice roll to see what you wear to a party if nude was in there
4. do you like micro mini skirts
5, what side do like the most dom or slave
6, would you dress a guy up as women and take them to a bar
7. would you put a guy on cam dress a guy up as women
8. what is the worse thing you gave a guy to do
9. what is a secret you like to keep away from everyone
10.what would you do if an older guy was nude in front of in their 50s
Male 60 Canada
Name Sisslee the slut

likes Dares with a little risk pushing the limits some

will try most things ones

limits are family blood permit scat

pm dares https://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=81865

kik bobcat7a2

most embarrassing dare you've ever done was a nude mile walk down a public path

I am part of the Expose Forever Challenge, PM me "expose yourself" for a Picture of .... If I first answer after 24h+, then you may expose it anywhere.
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