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Default strange friends

I've written some short stories in the past but this is the first one I've written publicly so feedback, criticism and advice would be appreciated. I apologise in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Other than that I'll just jump in.

Chapter one

Although physically fit we weren't very good at sports and weren't smart enough to be geeks. So me and Mike ended up being friends from a very young age.
When we moved into secondary school Mike started dating Sarah. A tall girl with long blonde hair and a larger build. After a year they broke up, but we all stayed as friends.
Emma was bullied alot for looking and acting like a guy, she was short with short dark hair in a pixie cut. Her distinct lack of breast didn't help, but she was always a laugh and found safety in the group.
Chloe was the newist addition to our group and a complete contrast to emmy, she was labelled as a slut by most of the other students mainly for the way she dressed, favoring low cut tops and short skirts. She had shoulder length hair that seemed to change colour every other day.

I arrived at Mike's house for a sleep over, which in itself isn't unusual. Since Mike's dad was out of the picture his mum would encourage me to stay over as often as I wanted. What was unusual was walking into Mike's room to see Emma laying on the bottom of his bed watching him play video games.
Mike almost took his eyes off his game to say "hi Tom" (that's me by the way)
Emma lifted the front of her baseball cap to see me better "surprise!"
"oh hi em's I didn't expect to see you here" Mike's mum had a strict no girls upstairs rule.
with a huge grin on her face Emma replied.
"I didn't expect to be here, that all Mike's doing"
I dropped my bag in the corner of the room and layed down next to emma. "go on Mike how did you pull this off?" before realising I was in a bed with a girl for the first time, but before I could put any more thought into it.
Mike pauses his game to answer "so me and em's where just hanging out and my mum asked if I wanted em's to stay over"
I was quick to reply in disbelief "what like for the night!" knowing there is no way his mum would let two teenage boys have a sleep over with a girl.
"yep" Mike replied
"what am I missing? " I said with a confused look at both Emma and Mike.
"no Tom, what is see missing? "
"erm.. A dick!" I was quick to reply, getting a laugh out of both Emma and Mike.
"ha no not Em's, my mum"
Not wanting to miss an opportunity for a joke "wait so your mum has a dick" only Emma laughed this time but that was good enough for me.
After a sharp look from Mike I had worked it out. Looking over at Emma "I take it you've kept the hat on all day"
Emma gave out a proud grin and a nod "yeah and to be fair she assumed I was a boy and never asked so it's not like we're lying"
"well no complaints from me then, welcome to the boys club" I say as I'm bumped my shoulder in to hers.
"does this mean I have to pee standing up now? " Emma asked jokingly
With out hesitation we both answered at at the same time "yeap!" with me then adding "it's like our only rule"
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I like your story so far and im looking forward to reading more of it.
I have decided i need a young female to train and teach obedience and give tasks to via email.

I want someone young that not afraid to try some difficult and imaginative tasks and give long detailed reports via my email as well as daily and weekly tasks.

Email me and tell me about yourself.

[email protected]

email me and we can talk.

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Thank you, I'm aiming to do 3 or 4 chapters a week so you won't have to wait long
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My fictional story: strange friends
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Default Chapter two

Chapter two

After pizza and video games Mike's mum knocked on the door and without opening it called through "night!"
Me and Mike both called back
"night mum!"
It was official Emma was spending the night.
Still curious I had to ask "OK em's how did you pull this off your side?"
Emma gave me an innocent smile "I simply phoned and asked and they said yes..." she continued before I could question her "now if they want to assume that when I said friends, I meant Sarah and chloe that's there problem"
Ah assumptions, Emma's superpower.
"still not lying" Mike added
"I bet you both feel pretty clever"
"why, yes we do" Emma reply still with a huge grin on her face.
After a moment I asked "who's sleeping were?"
Her sudden uncomforte was clear as all the colour drained from Emma's face, but unaware of this Mike announced "two of us top and tail in the bed and one of us gets the mattress on the floor floor" (Mike kept a single mattress, pillow and blanket under his bed that I would normally pull out and use)
"shotgun, mattress!" Emma call with the slight hint of panic in her voice.
But I was quick to contest her "wait I can't share a bed with him"
"why not?" but before I could answer Emma turned to Mike "sorry Mike do you have any pajamas I could wear?" she asked in a soft innocent voice.
"erm... sure" as Mike started digging through draws. But I just stood there my Hart beginning to race, pajamas. Shit I didn't wear pajamas. I'd always just slept in my boxes. It never really got cold and it was just easier, but that was always just us guys. Emma ran off with blue checkered pajamas in hand, presumably to get changed. A luxury I didn't have, as Mike was quite a bit smaller than me.
"you could of warned me, she was staying so I could bring something to sleep in"
"I did I sent you a text"
I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. My dead phone
Mike continued "its only em's, I wouldn't worry" I knew Mike had more experience with girls than me but was he really that confident, that being around them in just underwear was no big deal.
"are you going to be sleeping without pj's as well then"
Mike was quick to reply "oh god no, not even if it was just you"
"well then! What am I supposed to do?"
A moment passed before Mike suggested "sleep in what your wearing now... Or... Bite the bullet and strip"
"thanks alot bud"
Emma then returned wearing the pj's Mike had just given her and I couldn't help but gaze at her tight fitting trousers huging her thighs. I had never seen Emma as attractive in anyway but the blue fabric showed her hips and waist had a curve that her normal clothes hid well.
"you guys OK?" Emma asked as she entered the door.
Seeing that I wasn't going to respond, as my mind was still fixated between Emma's legs Mike answered "Tom was just learning the importance of keeping his phone charged"
"oh don't worry I've got a charger in my bag if you need it"
As she walked past me I was unable to stop my head turning to see, her pj's where just as tight at the back. I had to stop myself and focus on what she was saying as each but cheek gave a little bounce with every step she took. "ye yes please"
As she bent down to her bag the bottoms only got tighter, I could see a hint of pale skin just above her waistband. I felt the start of movement in my underwear, a reaction I'd never imagined having about Emma especially with Mike in the room. Shit mike wasn't just in the room, he was staring right at me. I moved my line of sight as quickly as possible, moving over to the bed and pulling out the spare mattress. "did we ever agree who was sharing the bed?" I asked in the hope of not having to be in the bed.
Emma threw a charger to me "I called shotgun on the floor! And are you guys just going to play video games all night?"
"wait what's wrong with video games?" Mike asked
"it was fun at first but it's getting a bit boring"
Then I made my first mistake of the evening "well what do you normally do at sleep overs?" I shouldn't have asked.
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Good just can you leave some spaces between paragraphs. It just makes it a little easier to read especially when the story is long.

Apart from that the story line is good and im enjoying reading it.
I have decided i need a young female to train and teach obedience and give tasks to via email.

I want someone young that not afraid to try some difficult and imaginative tasks and give long detailed reports via my email as well as daily and weekly tasks.

Email me and tell me about yourself.

[email protected]

email me and we can talk.
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That makes sense and I'm glad your enjoying it so far I know its a bit slow to start but it makes the people seem more believable

Chapter three

Emma began to blush ever so slightly but with her pale complection it was easy to see the red stripe emerging across her face "when it's just me and Sarah, we spend most of our time gossiping"

"what about when it's not just you and Sarah?" I asked but was interrupted my Mike.
"wait gossiping about what! Does she talk about me?"
I could hear the panic in Mike's voice. I had been his best friend for as long as I could remember, that wasn't curiosity or excitement it was sheer panic.

I looked over at Emma and the cute innocent smile was gone.
The room went silent to hear her response "my lips are sealed what happens at a sleepover stays at a sleepover."
A sigh of relief came from Mike, this makes no sense he was the one asking, why is he relieved.
Mike turned to me "sorry Tom, what was your question?" as if that whole outburst hadn't just happened.

It took me a second to remember "oh yeah what do you do when it's not just you and Sarah?"
A grin re-emerge on Emma's face "oh we have to play truth or dare when chloe is around"
And there it was again the feeling I'd never had around Emma before.

"well this is definitely a story we need to hear" Mike said as if reading my mind.
With that Emma took a big yawn and stretch leaning back. Her chest pushed out as I made out the faint hint of breasts, well not breasts but definitely mounds where her tits should be. As she reached up her top began to rise too. My Hart rate raced as the pale flesh I craved came into sight. As her top rose so did my dick, higher and harder until her bellybutton was about to be revealed, my mouth almost watering at the thought. Then catastrophe her arms came down as she climb of the bed.
"nope..." she replied "what happens at sleepovers, stay at sleepovers."

Mike seemed content with this but as I watched he'd ass walk away I made the second mistake, as the words left my mouth "I dare you to tell us"
A moments silence as Emma slowly turned around "does that mean where playing?"
Mike and I glanced over at each over as Emma sat crossed legged on the pullout mattress.
I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass, I lowerd myself to the floor leaning on the bed "I'm game"
"Mike?" Emma asked
"I'll just watch"
But Emma was not leaving it like that "nope... This isn't a spectater sport, we all play or we don't play"
"why?" Mike asked
But I wasn't going to let him ruin my fun "come on Mike, what else is there to do?"
"OK sure" he replied and compleated the triangle. "OK go on then, I dare you to tell us the juicy dares you've all done in the past"
Emma did even entertain the idea tho "nope that's a truth nor a dare and if your going first then you have to start by asking truth or dare?"
Mike huffed "OK Emma truth or dare?"
It had been a very long time since I heard someone call em's Emma to her face and it was clear she didn't like it.

"dare... And you can't dare me to answer a question as that a truth"
Mike thought for a second "I dare you to choose truth next time your asked"
Emma looked so disappointed "lame but fine, tom... " her eyes darted straight to me "Truth ot dare?"
Scared of what was going through her mind I chose "Truth"
Emma gave half a smile "have you masterbated thinking about someone in our group?"
I suddenly wish I had chosen dare. I took a deep breath, considering if I should lie and as my mouth open Mike spoke "yes he has, to chloe"
He was dead right but that's not the point, as I looked over to him. He continued "sorry Tom you have eyes and your 16, there isn't a single teenage boy at our school that hasn't"
"is he right Tom?" Emma asked with a knowing grin.

"I don't know about everyone else but yes I have thought about chloe" I don't know why but talking to Emma about this was getting me as excited as Emma's new pj's
"OK..." she said in a soft tone "and no more answering other people's questions!" she said in a less than nice tone "OK Tom your go"
"OK can I ask whoever I want?"
"of course"

I knew I should ask Mike as he's the only person who hasn't been asked but that wasn't going to happen "em's truth or dare"
"I have to pick truth remember"
But I had completely forgotten and had no idea what to ask. But luckily a good question was already there "em's have you ever had sexual thoughts about someone in our group?"
To my surprise she was quick to answer "oh god yeah!"

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Chapter four

Just the speed and confidence of her answer was enough to turn me on. Secretly hoping it was me I was at half mast. I was still safe tho as there was no way to tell through my jeans especially when I was sat down.
Emma continued "Mike, truth or dare?"
I quickly interrupted "wow hang on, who?"
"nope" she said with a cheeky smile.
"what do you mean no? I had to give a name"
She was quick to correct me "no you didn't the question was if, not who. You chose to give the extra information. Well Mike chose for you"
I could see her point, but it definitely wasn't fair. "oh I see... Your evil" thay both laughed and then my hart begin to race once again hearing the words coming out of Emma's mouth
"you know you love it" was she flirting with me? That was definitely flirtin with me.

"Mike, truth or dare?"
"isn't it my go?" Mike asked
"nope, Tom just asked me so now it's my go and I'm asking you, truth or dare?" the two of them just sat staring at each other for what seemed like forever before mark broke the silence
"you wouldn't?"
Although I had no idea what was going on Emma clearly did "try me I'll be sure to use the word, who and call you out if you lie"
Mike gave Emma a durty look "fine dare then"
"I dare you to choose truth next time I ask you"
Mike looked truly worried but I had no idea why
"can I take a forfeit?" what the fuck. I couldn't believe what I was hearing that was an easy dare.
Emma was quick to reply "of course, it's that or kiss Tom"

To my horror Mike start to approach me. Surely there's no way he chose kissing me over a truth. As he got even closer I held my hand up to stop him.
He took full advantage of this and simply kissed my hand.
Emma began to clap "very clever I didn't expect that"
Mike looking very pleased with himself "Tom, truth or dare?" why was he asking me?
I had to choose dare sooner or later and I was definitely safer with Mike than Emma so "erm dare"

"I dare you to get into your usual pj's" that back stabbing son of a bitch.
Well I wasn't going to be doing that so "what's the forfit?"
"give Emma a lap dance"
Emma couldn't contain her curiosity "wait what's wrong with going and getting in pajamas?"
"who said anything about going" Mike added
"oh I see" Emma said excitedly
I growled at Mike for putting me in this position "that's not the problem and you dam well know it"
"OK then I don't see"
I let Emma in on the joke "I don't wear pj's as Mike full well knows"
Her eyes widened "wait you sleep naked?"
"no em's put your tongue away, I sleep in my boxes"
"oh me too!" Emma added in excitement with out thinking.

We both look at her with shocked expression as I desperately tryed to think about anything other than Emma, but it was to late I felt the movement in my trousers. I definitely had a semi again and now there was no way I was going to stand let alone dance.
Emma Bright red from our attention "yeah so what, I know your secret..." pointing at Mike "... and you owe me a lap dance"

I had no choice, I lifted my but of the floor long enough to pull my jeans down and then off. Lifted my top up and off. The others just sat there staring and speechless. Well Mike was, clearly surprised by my choice.
Emma although definitely trying to see past my arms, that I was casually using to cover my lap. She kept glancing over at Mike.

Now it was time for some revenge "Mike, truth or dare?"
Milk reluctantly chose "dare" what could this big secret have been, that meant both Mike and Emma refused to choose truth.
Regardless I wasn't going to be the only person missing clothes.
"strip to just your underwear"
Predictably Mike asked "what's the forfit?"
But there's no way I'm letting him off that easy "naked!"

Emma clap and giggled like, well like a 16 year old school girl.
Mike seemed less empressed "that shouldn't be allowed" he grumbled as he pulled off his top.
We had never had Jim class together and to my surprise he was in alot better shape than me, almost to the point of having a six-pack.

Emma's eyes where fixed on him as he stood and in one fast motion he pulled his trousers down to reveal a pare of gray briefs. "oooh Mike"
"control yourself em's" I added jokingly

Mike took a deep breath, with both his hands covering his package. "em's its time for your truth"
"no way, I choose dare" what the hell happen at her sleepovers?
"nope I dared you to pick truth, remember"
"yes and I did, when Tom asked" Emma replied.
Mike was clearly disappointed "OK then, your loss. Strip to your underwear"

Emma stood up and pulled her trousers down.
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Chapter five

Her trousers lowered to reveal she was wearing boys baggy black boxes. Her pale leg's, never seen by the sun, but now thank god had been seen by me.
The blue fabric slid down to the floor. Her socks slid off as her small narrow feet stepped out of the pajama bottoms.
She froze as her hands lifted her top just past her tiny bellybutton. I had no idea what changed her mood so rapidly but there was nothing I wanted more than for her to continue lifting that top.
Untill I saw her face, I don't know when it had changed or why but she had a look of shear terror.

Emma now white as a ghost, just about managed to mutter "forfit?"

"you can keep your top on if... you let me sleep on the pullout tonight" was Mike really going to go that easy on her after all this.
"yes please I'll go with that one?" Emma asked in a shy quiet voice. This was not the Emma I knew. She only ever used the word please to manipulate adults. Pulling her top back down she continued "I'm just popping to the bathroom"

I was so confused by her sudden change in mood that I don't even think to get a look at her ass in just theose boxes as she left.

"what the fuck was that?" Mike asked
"I know right! That's not like em's at all"
"I guess she's never been in a position like that before and felt uncomfortable" Mike said moving to the pullout bed and covering himself with the blanket.

I couldn't waste any time, not knowing how long Emma would be "I've got a lot of questions for you" I said siting on Mike's actual bed.
"like what?" Mike replied casually.
"erm, what was the big question you wanted to ask em's?"
"oh just what would the girls do as dares and why she didn't have to take gym class?"
"wait she doesn't have to take gym class?" I asked.
"not according the Sarah" Mike replied whilst playing on his phone.

"and what's your big secret?"
Mike took a second to reply after yawning "I assume, why me as Sarah broke up"
"if that's it then why where you always picking dares?"
"because Tom, truths are boring"

With no telling how long Emma would be I laid down to play candy crush on my now charged phone.

Two levels later Emma returned with her usual smile back "its about time, its your go to ask me or Mike" I said putting my phone down
"erm..." Emma looked over at Mike and then back to me. I rolled onto my side to see Mike was fast asleep "I chose you" Emma said climbing into bed next to me. Lying on her side facing me "Truth or dare?"

With only a foot between us I was desperately trying not to get an boner. "Truth" my Hart rate was increasing faster and faster.
"have you had fun tonight?" Emma whispered.
"god yes..." why the fuck did I say that? "I mean yeah, sure its been fun"
Emma smiled, her tongue almost hanging out her mouth.
"is that really my truth?" I asked apprehensively
"no... Your question is... Have you ever looked at me in a sexual way?"
With out hesitation I answered "not until tonight"
She shuffled closer. I could now feel her breath against my face, I was so lost in the moment that I didn't even notice I was fully erect. "Truth or dare"
"you choose" she whispered flicking the lamp off be hind her.

I dare you to kiss me. I dare you to kiss me. Oh god please just kiss me.
"Truth... What is this?
Her soft voice called back from the dark. "it's a game of truth or dare"
"you know what I mean"
Her breathing was faster than ever "it's just a bit of fun"
"It could be more" I whispered
"I know what you want tom, but we can't"
"You don't know what I want"
Her hand ran down my stomach and under the waistband of my boxes. I could barely breath as a wave of goosebumps ran up my body. My lips creped ever closer untill they felt her tongue guiding them in for a kiss.
Her hand grabbed my cock pulling me closer, as my hand now pressed against her stomach, slowly made its way up.

Her tongue began exploring my mouth and her hand was still tightly wrapped around my dick.
As my hand reached the bottom of her bra. She pulled her mouth away and with her other hand pushed my hand back down "no"
"what you can grope me, but I can't grope you? " I asked.
As a tear ran down her face she whimpered "sorry" confused as she still had quite a grip on my manhood, she continued "Truth or dare?"
Unsure of what was going through her mind, I took her lead.
"you choose"
"I dare you to just hold me"

She fell asleep in my arms still holding on to my cock. I was scared in the course of one night, I might have fallen in love with someone who didn't want me.
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wow really good so far
likes, limits etc:

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Originally Posted by churroboy101 View Post
wow really good so far
I'm glad your injoying the story so far, as it's only just begun. We will will be joined by chloe and Sarah next chapter.
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My fictional story: strange friends
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Just wondering what people think of the chapter lengths. Ie are they to short or to long?

Chapter six

I was awoken by a flash, opening my eyes to see Mike, Sarah and chloe stood at the bottom of the bed.
Emma still asleep lying pressed against me, almost ontop of me with one leg wrapped over mine. To my embarrassment her hand still down my boxes.
As the phone in chloes hand gave off a second camera flash. Emma's eyes slowly open, giving my now flaccid cock and balls a squeeze "good morning"
"erm...mor Morning?" I stuttered back

Emma's hand began to shake and her face drained of colour hearing every one else's voices.
"oh good morning" Sarah said blushing at our embarrassing position.
"good morning you dirty little stop outs!" chloe squealed in excitement.
"sorry, my mums at work and I couldn't stop them coming up when I told them where you were" Mike added
"Sarah? You know you owe me a favour" Emma moaned
"can you throw a blanket over us and them kill us all?"
With Emma half pining me down I was unable and more the point unwilling to move.
The girls both laughed at Emma's joke as Sarah threw a blanket out covering us from head to toe and just in time as my dick was reacting the expected way to Emma's presence.

"are you guys and item?" Sarah asked
"are you guys fucking?" chloe shouts
Unable to think of anything to say l just enjoying the warmth of Emma's body.
But luckily Emma knew exactly what to say.
"no and no! Mike druged us and put us in this position, the fucking perv"
OK so maybe she didn't know what to say, but it got a laugh from every one.

"Come on let's go, we will meat them down stairs" Sarah announced
"but I wanna watch" chloe complained as I heard the door click shut.
I lifted my head out from under the blanket to check we where alone.
"there gone"
"good, truth or dare?"
"really?" I questioned. She just noded. "OK dare"

"I dare you to forget this happened"
My Hart sank as she pulled her hand out from my boxes, releasing my cock. She rolled out of bed and left the room, without a word or even looking back. My cock felt cold and my Hart empty without her.

After regaining my composure and redressing. I went down stairs, expecting an assault of questions and ridicule. But as I entered Sarah was sat at the kitchen table giggling with Emma, who was fully dressed and eating a bowl of cereal. Mike and chloe were in the living room watching television.

I headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast, Emma had her back to be but Sarah smiled at me when we made eye contact and with a bowl of cereal in hand I headed to the living room in an attempt to avoid the awkward conversation that would arise if I sat next to Emma.
As I sat on the sofa I could feel chloe's eyes burning a hole in me. Between mouth fulls, I asked with out even looking up at her. "what?"
"come on... Tell me"
I knew she wanted to know what happened last night. But there's no way I was going to say. I mean what would I even say, em's grabbed my dick and cryed her self to sleep. There no way I could do that to Emma, even tho I did feel a bit used and abandoned.
"sorry, what happens at a sleepover..."
"I know, I know" chloe finish before turning to Mike "you where there, what happened?"

"I don't know, I was asleep" Mike replied.
But chloe didn't look convinced "I know why you and Sarah broke up!"
The same look of terror filled Mike's face "what, no that's not fair. I really was asleep"
With out warning Emma's hand came from behind chloe snatching her phone from her hand "hay!"
"hang on I've just got some photos to delete and leave Mike alone or I'll kick your ass." Emma forcefully stated
Although Emma was a year younger than chloe and Sarah we all knew who would win in a fight.
A moment passed and Emma passed the phone back. I felt so relieved knowing the picture where gone.
I knew they wouldn't tell me, but I had to ask "why did you two break up?"
At that moment Sarah entered the room "because I've got hairy nipples, there we go now everyone knows"
Before any one could react the front door clicked open. "it's only me!" Mike's mum called through as Emma ripped a hat off Mike's head to put it on her own and just in time as Mike's mum turned the corner.

Seeing us all filling her living room "why wasn't I invited to this party?" she jokingly asked.
"Your far to beautiful to be at one of our party" Sarah replied.
"aww bless you, but young woman should lie. Mike my boss is a dick head to I have to go to a meeting, unfortunately it's in the middle of nowhere so I won't be back until tomorrow night. Of course Tom and Edmund can stay the night again if they want, but sorry ladies, out by seven"
She handed a bunch of money to Mike "there's some pizza money" as she headed upstairs.

"em's are you staying again?" Mike asked
"if you and Tom want me to" Emma replied
"of course I do" every then looked at me
"and Tom what do you want?" she asked
"I thought you knew what I want?"
Everyone's eyes shot back to emma
"That's a yes"

Sarah despite to change the mood in the room asked "who's Edmund?"
Chloe not knowing had here own question "what was that about hairy nipples?"

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Chapter seven

Mike's mun stuck her head through the doorway"who's taking about hairy nipples?"
We all look at each other in shock that she had heard us. Until Emma came to the rescue "oh, no, she said Harry styles"
"the singer, Harry styles"
"oh OK sorry" she continued with a look of embarrassment on her face "well anyway I'm heading off now, don't trash the place please"

As soon as the front door shut we all burst into laughter "why Harry styles?" Sarah asked
"would you rather have talked about your hairy fucking nipples?"
"I don't have fucking hairy nipples!" Sarah shouted probably for the first time in her life.
"another sleep over, are we invited this time?" chloe asked mike
"you didn't get invited last night because you hadn't convinced my mum, you where a guy."
"oh she thinks em's is..." Sarah added
"yeah Edmund, it was the only boys name I could think of with an E and an M in it" Emma explained

"I've got to go home, get some fresh clothes and wash" I stated as I wasn't go another night in just my boxes, especially with three girls this time.
"OK everyone be back here by five or you might end up with cold pizza!" Mike announced as we all went out separate ways.

It was about 4:30 pm when I arrived back at Mike's to find Sarah and Mike in the living room "hay guys, is it just us?" I asked
"so far" Sarah replied "but that's probably for the best, I wanted to warn you"
I interrupted "let me guess, she always makes everyone play truth or dare"
"well no she doesn't force anyone but we all have to play or none of us can"
"yeah we know, em's said the same thing" Mike added
"did she go through the rule we play by?"
"not really" Mike replied
Emma entered the room "oh hey"
"I was just about to go through the rule of our truth or dare game, as chloe will no doubt want to play" Sarah informed Emma
"well let me save you some time, there the same as last night but you can't choose truth twice in a row and if the person before you asked for a forfit, then you can't."
"if there's any disagreements then we have a vote" Sarah added "oh and no phones or photography"
Chloe entered and gained everyone's attention jusy by wearing a very short red tartan dress.
I hadn't seen so much leg sinse, well last night. If she had to bend down we would definitely see... "knock knock"
"oh that's the pizza!" Mike jumped up

With most of the food eaten chloe put her bag on the table and pulled out the largest bottle of vodka I'd ever seen. "fucking hell chloe, did you bring enough for everyone?" Sarah jokingly asked.
"no that's just for em's" chloe replied presumably joking as Emma began to blush and sarah laughed. Unsure if the joke went over mine and Mike's head or if it was just a private joke, I remained silent just injoying Emma's new complection.
"should we start then?" chloe asked with way to much excitement
"sure" Mike and Sarah replied in one voice
"OK em's, truth or dare?"
"nope sorry chloe... " Emma replied "it's Toms turn as he was the last one to do a dare"
"sure OK, take it away Tom"
I looked around the room questioning who to ask, of course I wanted to pick Emma but I had no idea what truth or dare I would say and how the overs would react.

So I went with a safer option "chloe truth or dare?"
"what is the last dare you've done?"
With out hesitating she replied "naked jumping Jack's"
Mike covered himself in soda as he choked on his drink. "who gave her that dare?" looking at Sarah while cleaning himself up.
"don't look at me, that was our young sweet em's"
I looked over at Emma who with a bright red face, was reaching for the vodka. I always saw her as shy and innocent but my opinion of her was changing rapidly and the change excited me.

"em's, truth or dare?"
"OK let's get this over with..." as she filled the half a glass of soda she had to the very to with vodka. "Truth"
Out of the corner of her eye I see Emma discreetly pour the smallest amount of vodka into my drink.
"was Tom's dick the first dick you've seen" chloe asked
Emma had a look of relief as that clearly wasn't the question she expected. "no" my eyes shot to her in disbelief "no I mean, I didn't even see Tom's" Emma awkwardly continued "but his was the first one I've touched"
"oh so that means you've touched more women than men" chloe stated
My eyes shot back at Emma, my mouth open in shock. I couldn't hold my tongue "what, really!"
Sarah stopped Emma from talking "save it for another thuth"
"chloe, dare or dare" em's asked after downing a large mouthful of her drink as if it was water.
"huh" Mike questioned
Before Sarah explained "she can't choose truth twice in a row"
Chloe added a splash of vodka to her own drink "I'm thinking I'll go with dare this time"
"I dare you to take off one item of clothing"
Chloe smiled "easy" as she pulled of a pair of red laced panties from under her dress and put them on the table right next to the remaining pizza.

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Chapter eight

Seeing them there actually made me want to eat the pizza even more. Even as short as chloes dress was, unfortunately I wasn't in a good enough place to see any more of her than I already could. That didn't stop me emaging the view Emma and Mike must have had.

"em's, dare or dare?"
There was an audible grone from Sarah, probably wondering if anyone else would get to play.
"dare" Emma wisely chose.
"I dare you to take your top off"
Emma gave chloe a evil look before saying "forfit"
But chloe was ready "your forfit is to let me put makeup on you again"
I was shocked, did she say again.
Emma sat there getting whiter and whiter. I couldn't emagin Emma wearing makeup, even the thought of it just seemed wrong. Looking at Emma's face she looked like she could burst into tears at any moment.
"no!" I had known idea why I said that but now everyone was looking at me and I had to say something. "no, can I chose her forfit? There's something I need her to do... Please"
Curiosity must of got the better of her, as she said "go on then Tom have your fun"
I said the only thing I could think of "I dare you to kiss me as passionately as you can"

Before anyone could interject she was on top of me pining me to the sofa. Her lips pressed against mine. Her tongue slowly rubbing against my tongue. Her body on mine perfectly hiding my now erect pinis. Her mouth headed for my neck as I struggled to get my breath. Each kiss getting closer to my ear until her lips touched my earlobe as she whispered "thank you" and bit my ear. I gave out a pleasurable moan. After one more kiss she climed off me and took her seat, having more of her drink. Just leaving me lying on the sofa panting as I continued to try and catch my breath, in front of the whole group. I didn't know if they could see I was hard and I didn't care.

As I lay there I heard the group continue. Chloe saying "please don't stop on our accounts"
"I'm sure Tom will join us when some blood gets back to his brain" Mike added

"Mike, truth or dare?" Emma asked
"that depends will the truth be about mine and Sarah's brake up?"
"dare then" Mike said adding vodka to his drink
"I dare you to take your top off" Emma said
And Mike did without a second thought. Sparking a response from chloe "nice"

"Sarah, truth or dare"
"did watching em's and Tom turn you on?"
Sarah took a moment to think of the best response "it was seriously a show"
"hmm, is that really answering the question" chloe asks
"OK yes it was a bit of a turn on, but I think it had a much bigger effect on Tom"
Everyone now looking at me and laughing, I sat back up in an attempt to hide my clearly erect package as Sarah continued "Tom, truth or dare"

Not wanting to talk about my current state or worse still my feelings about Emma I had no choice but to choose "dare"
An excited grin came across Sarah's face. If it was chloe I'd be worried, but what's the worst Sarah could say?

"I dare you to stand and take your trousers off"
Stood up there's no way I could hide my boner. "forfit?"
"erm... Put chloes panties in your mouth"
I honestly didn't know which to pick and there was a part of me that wanted to be fourced to put her used panties in my mouth. "how long for?" I asked.
Sarah was quick to reply "until your next dare"
There was no telling how long that would be, so I stood up, my penis no longer fully erect and began to slowly lower my trousers. Emma leaned to one side to get a better view, and with that I felt my dick start to get harder. So I dropped my trousers and sat down to take my feet out.
"aww it looks smaller without em's huging it" chloe comented as me and Emma had another mouthful of our drinks
"OK then chloe! Truth or dare?"

"I dare you to take off an item of clothing"
Emma didn't look impressed but strangly chloe did as she reached down the back of here dress and undid her bra strap. She then reached down the front of her dress and in one fast motion pulled out a matching red bra. To her horror as the bra emerged from the low cut dress so did two flawless plump brest, rownd and identical with small dark erect nipples.
My mouth opened speechless as she frantically pulled her dress back over them. Emma however was not speechless "woow nip slip!... Thank for the brest show of the night"
We all laughed at chloe's expense "I don't now why your laughing Tom we can all see your little boner, truth or dare?"
Knowing chloe would want revenge I of course chose "Truth"

"who's body here do you find most attractive?"
There was no way out of this without hurting Emma's feelings. If I lied and said em's then chloe would definitely call me out. I turned to chloe "well yours, but I definitely want to see em's more" as I looked over to Emma she didn't seem happy with my answer. But I didn't know what else to say. "em's truth or dare?"
Probably expecting me to dare her to strip she chose "Truth"
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Chapter nine

"why don't you have to take gym class?"
Emma downed the last of her drink and took a deep breath "I hate my body. the changing room is stressful and the showers can go die in hell" quick to change the topic Emma continued "chloe, truth or dare?

"if I chose dare will I be naked?"
"no, I promise" Emma replied
"OK dare"
"I dare you to drink a shot of vodka every time someone asks you truth or dare"
Chloe took a shot without hesitation "can I dare everyone to do the same?"
We all looked at each other and as nobody objected, mike stood up and headed for the kitchen "I'll get some more shots glasses then"
I took the opportunity to sneek to the toilet, so no one would get a good look at me in my underwear.

On my way back to the living room Emma was walking towards me, as we passed in the corridor she pushed me against the wall. Her lips ones again pressed against mine and her tongue once again stroking mine. My hands made there way up her hips and under her top. As one of her hands pined me to the wall by my neck and the other one made its way past the waistband of my ever tightening boxers.

Mike walked past with a handful of shot glasses. "huh? I didn't here anyone give you a dare, em's" he stated jokingly. I wasn't in a position to respond and Emma didn't even seem to notice him. He could still be heard as he spoke to the girls in the over room "did you give em's a dare while I was gone?"
"no why?"
"oh it just looks like she was dared to rape Tom in the hallway"

There was compleat silence as my fingers ran back down Emma's back, reaching the edge of her trousers I slowed down expecting her to stop me. But she just kept stroking my cock, slowly from the bace all the way to the tip and back.
My hands crept into the back of her boxes, one plump cheek in each hand.

We where pulled from our trace by the sound of Sarah clearing her throat. "do you guys want to stop playing and just fuck?"
Emma pulled her self away from me, lowered the front of her hat to hide her face and went back to the living room. I'd never hated Sarah more in my life that right now as I just stood there in front of them in my boxes fully erect.

As I followed them back into the living room Emma was not in the same seat as before. She had moved to the middle of the sofa I previously had to my self. Unsure of where she wanted me to sit I made eye contact with her never before noticing how blue her eyes were. The wide blue pools gestured me to sit next to her and as I did she shuffled closer cuddling up against me. I had never felt so wanted when just that morning I had never felt so unwanted.

Every one had a fresh drink and twelve shots sat ready in the centre of the table.
"em's truth or dare?"
I dare you to remove one item of clothing and don't forget your shot"
With out saying a word she stood up and dropped her trousers to reveal a tight pair of light grey boxes. While stood she reached over for a shot and as she began to bend down, I had a perfect view of her ass. The tight fabric left very little to the imagination especially the damp area around her pussy that came into view as she was bending down. I moved my arm so as she sat back down my arm was around her and to me relief she cuddled in to my arm happily as she put her feet up on the sofa, leaning further on me.

"Sarah, truth or dare?" Emma asked as I discretely smelt her hear.
"dare" as Sarah took her shot of vodka
"strip one item"
She pulled her top up over her head, leaving her in a white spots bra that struggled to contain the largest breast I'd ever seen. Mike liked his lips looking down at the huge rack.

"Tom, truth or dare?" Sarah asked pushing a vodka shot towards me.
I grabbed the glass, to horny to think "dare" I threw the shot back in the same casual manner the girls had. That was a mistake as the vodka burnt my throat, it tasted so much worse straight.
"I dare you to lick em's pussy"
My Hart stopped in shock, I look down to Emma who shrug her shoulders as if to say she didn't care. She lent forward to release my arm, was she actually going to let me?
As I got down on my knees in front of her she opened her legs, looking down at me with an ever growing smile.

She raised her ass and lowed her boxes, every one's view was blocked by me.
Her hairless body didn't disappoint, I couldn't believe the beauty before me, her plump tight lips pressed together with just a single drop of moisture running down the centre. I court the droplet with my tongue, as I licked her starting at the bottom applying just enough pressure to part her lips. She leaned back as her breath deepened, I knew I'd technically done enough to complete the dare but I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass. At the top of her vagina I pulled my tongue off her delicate skin, the taste of her sweet juices covering my mouth as I repeatedly licked faster and harder.
My face was pressed into her as her hands grabbed the back of my head, her deep breathing turns to moaning as I felt her pelvice thrusted forward with every movement I made. It became apparent to me that I was no longer in control as her hands grabbed my hair, moving my face up and down, her juices covering my mouth and nose.
"time" Sarah called
But Emma did stop or slow her attempts to fuck my face.
"OK Tom, she said lick not eat" Mike added
To my relief and disappointment Emma released me and leaned forward to pull her boxes up before I moved and gave everyone a view of her throbing vagina.
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Keep going :-) is a nice read.

Likes (Will do if able)
Spanking, Punishments, Humiliation, Writing (lines, reports etc.), Pictures (no face), chastity

Dislikes (Will do as punishment for failing a dare)
Body writing, Long term, Denial.

Limits (Will not do)
Public, mouthsoaping, Permanent, CBT, Sleeping dares, anything illegal, pee/poop.
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