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yes many times.
a few times played as a gynae check up where in it ends with sex with just doctor, sometimes it even involved a partner for a 3some.
regular checkups too...have done all with me as doctor or patient or asistant...

Likes- sex,semipublic, humiliation, oral, watersports,carparks at malls,
Can do public stuff late in night near a park/woods
At work, shopping
Dislikes/limits - anal, scat, public, illegal, pain,pics(sorry guys)

PS- I work and can try to do some dares at work too.
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Only when I was 4 or 5 with a female friend of mine. Parents were friends, we'd go play and end up playing Doctor. I remember it feeling really intense and a little confusing because I didn't know what was so Intense about probing around this girl's body. It just felt like I was going to get in huge trouble but I loved it.
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LIKES: Anal, Sometimes Cum, Ice, Edging (I'm new, don't really know what to put here yet)

LIMITS: Public, Scat, Diapers, Humiliation, Family, Pain, Blood
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Real young. I was only 13. She was a friend who, unbeknownst to me, had a crush on me.
Not much to tell, we were young. All that happened was kissing (supposedly to help me breath?) and her hands exploring me but not so far as to touch anything... at least not skin to skin.

Bodily functions, public, family, permanent, pain, anal, cross dressing, eating,

Messy (sweets), bondage, wet (water), edging

Cam, pics, public (hidden), wetting (piss) Messy (savory, etc)

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I did once. It was with my brother and two female cousins. I think it was due to the different down there thing. We all took turns laying ended a blanket and the others would all get to put their hands down the patients pants and feel about. I don't really remember much in the way of details. I can only really recall thinking that my cousins down there felt weird. But also nice and I've wanted to touch it again since.

That was the only time we aged though. We got caught and parents were pissed. Like I mentioned in another thing, extremely Christian household. That was a not okay thing to do. Still want to do it again though, lol.
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Hello! *waves*

Originally Posted by Davros View Post
Doctors and Nurses.

Good memories - I wish.

Never played it
Shush, younger me. You didn't, that's true, but you had some fun experimental experiences in primary school. I can't believe I'm writing this. One of the guys in the same year as me used to pick on me and make me do things for him. Silly bullyish things, y'know, make me pick his stuff up, etc. Also, because we were young and naive and innocent and curious, he sometimes asked me to follow him into this sort of open shrubbery - it was a bush but with a small walkway down the centre of it - and he used to take my shorts/pants down and just slap my ass and feel me up. I mean, it sounds fucking odd now but, at the time, it was just innocent curiosity. Nothing ever came of it, so that's fine. I imagine it as the kinky side of me developing extremely early, and that was a sort of Doctor's inspection roleplay.
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