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Default The Harry Potter Torture

Meh, something a little different I guess.

Have your slave watch any Harry Potter movie. Every time somebody says Harry, Mr. Potter, Harry Potter, or any variant of his name, your slave has to spank themselves; one slap for each use of his name. The slave can either spank themselves each time his name is used throughout the movie, or grab a pen and paper and count how many times his name is said, and then spank themselves that many times after the movie has ended.

If you feel like being creative, replace spanking with some other form of torture, or break it up so it's not just spanking... or, perhaps different spots where they have to spank themselves.
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thats atleast a million times, i shouldknow im a die hard harry potter fan.
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hmmm NOt bad in my eyes HAHAH


Simple Tips
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Norse Fire
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One variation could be instead of spanking, edge once for every time they use Harry's name. If it's too hard to edge during the movie and still keep track of how many times his name is used, keep a tally until after the movie. If you want to be mean, it can be whenever somebody refers to him either by spoken or written word including the opening title scene (referring to Harry with a pronoun like "he" or "you" could count too).

Well, off to watch Harry Potter!
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Originally Posted by rdcottman View Post
thats atleast a million times, i shouldknow im a die hard harry potter fan.
Which is why its such a great punishment to do
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1. Your boss is always yelling, "I wanna see your ass in here by 8:00!"
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4. People stop stealing your pens after they've seen where you keep them.
5. Diverts attention from the fact that you also came to work drunk.
6. Gives "bad hair day" a whole new meaning.
7. No one steals your chair.

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Slenderman - Doctor
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Such a simple but clever idea
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a variation could be a girly film or other disliked films with the main character's name or individual relevance to the film
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I agree. Very clever. Very simple, and very effective. I also love the Harry Potter movies.
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I like this idea very evil. However whenever his name is said have the sub edge BEFORE his name is said next or 10 spanks on the ass at the end of the movie. this could be hard to keep track but i doubt it would matter very much due to the amount of times his name is said.
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When I saw this thread I assumed that making your slave watch harry potter is the punishment.

I'm as sadistic as they come, but even I have a limit. Suffering 2 1/2 hours of an amazing book being pissed all over by terrible storyline editing and actors that are more wooden than the average oak tree is just a step too far. Surely just sticking hot needles into his balls would be kinder?
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Hahaha that's mean. That's probably a thousand times. I love Harry Potter!
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currently attempting the edge version :s
Likes - masterbation, nude, mild anal, ice,
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limits- scat, pain, public, perminant, longterm
may have left things out ask if not on here
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