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Default Newbie to Slave and Master!! HELP PLEASE

Hi, im new to slave and master stuff. what are some tips for controlling a girl? What are some good commands? I need help controlling my girl... please give all the help you can. Thank you.
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Why not talk to her and discuss what she likes? Unless she is the kind of girl who loves to be told what to do, then just think of what she likes. Anal play, ass-to-mouth for example?
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Default Tips? This is just my opinion

There aren't many tips that will help you to control a woman, or even commands to do so. The first thing to think about is what you like, and do not like vs. what she likes and doesn't like. With the subs/slaves that I have trained in the past it wasn't about control for me, yes my ultimate goal was pleasure, but I've always striven towards a goal of some sort. Like confidence building, public speaking so on and so forth.

In my opinion when you attempt to control, you bury a lot of what you are trying to do over-all. You can however exert dominance, and authority, through given roles and remembering that there are boundaries and limits that a person has. You want to try to start with simple commands that she will not have a problem with, you both should go over this very carefully though, and you shouldn't attempt to jump right to complex bondage or flogging as you may create a major health risk.

Since you are both new, you can learn together what works well and as you gain more experience in your roles, you'll discover more and more what you really like and don't like, and also how she responds to certain commands.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that just because she may call your Sir/Master in the bedroom and in a scene, doesn't mean that she has to call you that all the time. Quick bedroom scenes should stay in the bedroom until you both can say that you want to progress further. Being a good Dom/sub/slave is a very long one, and you can not try to do anything like an experienced couple would. Starting a BDSM relationship is a powerful thing, it's one of lots of trust, love, and a lot of communication. I've been practicing for only 6 years, and still not as experienced as other in the lifestyle.

I hope that some of what I said made sense to you, and that your relationship progresses far, and lasts for years to come. Be safe in practice and talk it all out before hand. And also there is lots of reference material in your local libraries, and you can also gain advice from sites like fetlife and collarme.
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Measure her up for a steel chastity belt (e.g. Neosteel) and order one.

Then you can control...
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