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Dialog getDare Posting Rules [read before posting]

Welcome to the getDare forums!
getDare strives to provide the Truth or Dare community with the very best resources available! To do all this we ask a few small favors from you.

* General Forum Rules *
  • Lurk before posting. Posts not in the spirit of getDare will be removed.
  • One account per person. If you are banned or given probation and come back with another account we will ban all of your accounts
  • getDare no longer allows users under 18 to register. Users from before this policy change who are not quite 18 must refrain from posting or participating in areas with adult content. Intentional violations that are reported to us may lead to post deletion or account loss.
  • You must be 18 to post and reply to an advertisement in the Slave/Master area. You may post on the discussion threads if you are under this age but are prohibited from responding to ads.
  • The act of bumping, even bumping old posts, is not against the rules if it adds something to the conversation. What is prohibited is bumping posts with no new substantial material.
  • When possible don't double post. Try and edit in additional information first.
  • Padding your post just to satisfy the 16 character requirement will result in an infraction. If your contribution is less than 16 characters, don't post it. Exempted from this rule are forum games and blog/album/profile comments.
* Content *
  • Don't flame - be respectful to other users. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Keep criticism constructive.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar as best you can. "AOL speak" will get your posts removed. Eg. "d0 u w4nt ne darez d00d?"
  • Don't use this site to advertise any service or site you may have.
  • Posted links must be appropriate for a wide age range or pertain directly to the discussion. Linking to a bondage resource would be fine. Linking to a porn site would not be.
  • Please use the private messaging system to post content that might offend others.
  • Try to keep safety and respect for human life in mind when posting.
  • Please keep threads on topic. This includes not nitpicking other people’s posts. If someone’s post sucks, then so be it. If it breaks a rule, then report it.
  • Inappropriate contact between adults and minors on this site will result in a ban and may result in the contacting of authorities.
* Sub-Forum Rules *
  • Most sections of the forums contain rules specific to posting there. You must read each forum’s stickies prior to posting.
  • Some forums require you to use a specific format in your post titles. If you do not follow this format, you accept that your thread’s title may be changed, or your thread may be deleted.
  • If you are new, make sure you are posting in the correct section. For an informal guide to the sub-forums, please click here.
* Images *
  • Don't request pictures in the public forums or chat.
  • Posting pictures related to a dare is ok (objects involved, diagrams, etc...). Posting a dare to send/post a pic of a person or the dare is not. Don't crap up the site.
  • Pornography and strong adult imagery is prohibited on getDare. This includes private albums.
  • Your avatar must be appropriate for all ages to view. Aim for a PG rating.
* Signatures *
  • Obviously, all of the existing forum rules apply to signatures.
  • Signatures may not be excessively long or prove too distracting for normal reading of forum content. GetDare staff reserve the right to edit or remove signatures that break this rule.
  • Avatar rules apply to signature pictures.
* Reporting *
  • Please use the "report" button at the bottom corner of every post to bring admin attention to posts that violate the rules.
  • When submitting a report please a descriptive comment so we can understand what we are looking at quickly
  • No backseat modding. If you see a thread that breaks the rules, report it privately using the built in reporting tools. Do not post in the thread itself. Repeat offenders risk an infraction.
* Chat *
  • Don't offer or request pornographic images in the public chat. Please use private chats with consenting users for material that may offend others.
  • Do not harass other users into joining private chats.
  • If a user is bothering you, block them using the ignore feature.
  • Most issues can be solved on your own using the ignore feature but if you feel harassed or threatened within the chat system, please approach a moderator with names, quotes and other relevant information ASAP.
  • Soliciting an underage user will result in a ban.
  • Please attempt basic spelling.
* Disclaimer *
  • GetDare staff reserve the right to remove or edit any post that they find inappropriate from the site even if the post does not violate the forum rules given above.
  • If getDare staff find your username to be inappropriate, excessively long, or otherwise stupid, we reserve the right to edit your username or ban your account.
  • Clever attempts to get around the rules will result in your account being banned.
  • Please read our privacy policy before registering an account.
The border between the two isn't all that clear. I'll be able to enter it soon. In full range. Full motion. I'll translate myself into it.

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