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Default cousins slavery

Cousins slavery at family reunion

Just started but will finish it

After Brenden get a picture of Anna changing into her bathing suit she must do as he asks in fear of anyone seeing the photo, mainly wearing less clothes than she should be( cause that's what I'm into) and flashing innocent bystanders. I know this 100-150 words but my story just started so there isnt much else say
Won't contain any r18 material
That is all

No really that's it that's all I have to say
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Default Master Shadow

Story Title
Master Shadow http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=164923


Mature content

Andrew sets off to begin serving a Master that he met on an online site.
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Default Jenna and Lela

Jenna and Lela : http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=177584


Mature content, rated 18+

These short stories resemble Jenna and Lela their daily lifes as two bi-sexual nymphos.
They fuck and suck through their days, they are still in school and love doing inappropriate stuff infront of others, they both have the make me famous attitude.
Almost every type of intercourse and fetishes are in these stories.
Nothing will be left unharmed, everything will be sexual or even disgraceful, that's how these girls like it. They are eachothers masters and they love giving eachother but also others a hard time. Lela loves piss and cum, Jenna loves wetting and public humiliation.

Likes : underwear control, piss, cum, cei, joi, humiliation, semi-public, anal, crossdressing

Jenna and Lela : A story about fetishes and extreme humiliation.

My Title : Sissy ( will upload pics soon )
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Default Academy of BDSM

Story Title / Link
Academy of BDSM /

Story Status
In progress

Including but not limited to: bdsm, underage, girl on girl, guy on guy, incest, cbt alot of 18+ content when story progreses

Two people have joined The Academy, just by being there they will break the rules. Will they alone be able to destroy the BDSM stereotype. KiWill they manage to get anyone on their side. Or will the stereotype rule be the one still standing? After all people say they want to move to the future even though they stay stuck firmly in the past.

WARNING : Story contains some Rated 18 content. Read at your own discretion.
All Boys Boarding Camp 18+

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Story title/link:

'Job Interview'

[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]Story status:[/COLOR]

In progress.

[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]Content.[/COLOR]

18+. It's in the wrong thread, admittedly.

Katie, and 18 year old girl, goes for a job interview at an alternative sex shop. She is put to work by the mysterious Mr i and gets sucked into a dark world full of deceit, sadism and longings for control.
Hi, I'm Jon!

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Default The Dolls' House


The Dolls' House:

This story contains strong language and graphic detail so is only suitable for 18+

It is ongoing.

It's difficult to give a blurb in 150 words or so because there are so many twists and turns.

However, a group of teenagers discover an old house and decide to have a sleepover there. But while they're there strange things happen and they uncover a 30 year old mystery.

Apart from that, anything could happen - and probably will before the end credits roll.
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Default Well this day just got interesting

To her family Jennifer is typical 18 year old girl and to the rest of the world she is shy and timid. But to her best friend Kate, Jennifer is a flower on the verge of blossoming.

‘Well this day just got interesting,’ tells of a sleepover where Jenifer must endure bad luck and even worse decisions. She will find herself in new and embarrassing situations, deal with sexual frustration and potential exposure, and may even reach that life-affirming moment which her friend has been eagerly anticipating.

The story has aspects of Exhibitionism, Masturbation and Orgasm Denial, so please use your own discretion before reading.

Status: Ongoing – new updates every week
Storys by7Clubs:
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My Master and me, his slave-Not finished

My parents are out for a month! I find an ad about a master finding a slave. I ask him...... But I need to wait a year to be his slave! Bad luck.... But finally, the next year comes and being a slave.... That I did not expect. Having a very hard time and, being virgin when starting to be his slave. I want to go, but I can't. Not knowing what is going to happen....... Frightens my life. My whole life.

Friends, outside and Black mailing also provided

Hope you enjoy!

Click here
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With a Little Assistance

Short story - One post - Completed


Light Hypnosis - TPE - Helplessness - Public/Hidden Public - Pee Desperation - Bathroom Control - Lifestyle Kink - D/s - Femdom
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No, I do not want to be your slave.
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