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Story: The New Kid

Link: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=91732

Age: Contains material suited for all ages.

Status: On-going

Blurb: Lily Perkins recently moved to a new place. New stores, new clothes, new school, new friends, new life. But it all comes crashing down on her when she accepts a game of truth or dare, leading to the mysterious blackmailer with pictures of her naked. How can she please her new "master" and keep the dreaded photo's from being released into the web? And can she trust her one and only friend in this new, mysterious position she's in?
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Story Title / Link
The Fox & The Hedgehog

Story Status

Some Adult R18 Content

Evie, an adorable schoolgirl to be attending St Krystal's explores her sexuality on a public train. Along the way, she meets a mysterious girl, Nicole who she soon realises has an interesting group of friends. Look out for updates of this story [featuring Evie and Nicole!] as the wild adventures of an exclusive all-girls school are about to unfold! Brought to you by your favourite writer, Leopard.

[Blurb written by Angel.]

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Title: An Entire Week

Story Status: Ongoing.

Content: May contain some material rated 18+

Blurb: An erotic game of truth or dare starts between a group during a sleepover. The group is secretly filmed and forced to follow every command to prevent the tape from leaking.
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Post Its called Invisible Love

I recently posted a story here to getdare. Itís not about s/m or sex, its acceptable for all ages. Itís a love story really and I have a blog and a twitter account about when I write more and where you can find what I write. The published post is fully completed and ready to be read. It isnít super short or extra long, but a good quality length. I think it is pretty well written and could interest most anyone. You really should give it a look over. Iíd really enjoy the feedback with comments or followers on twitter if you have one. The links are below. Thanks! Enjoy!

Link to the getdare story thread!: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=92251

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Infamous_Author
Blog: littlemissinfamousauthor.blogspot.com
I am the author of "A Hidden Voice" and "Immoral Teaching". Thank you for everyone's comments on my writing. And my stories do not continue without comments. That means *no new parts till there are new comments*
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Default Title: Lads Home Alone

A completed, mainly MxM with a little bit of MxF to mix things up, story.
Contains adult content for sure.


"Tom and Mike had been friends for a long time, since they we 6 in fact. They lived on the same street and went to the same schools as each other for their whole lives and were inseparable. One weekend when they were 15, Tom's parents went away for a long weekend and decided Tom was old enough to look after himself, with the help of his best friend Mike."

The story follows two best friends and their weekend alone together. They play a few games and gradually become more and more confused about their feelings for each other. They invite another friend over, Harry, and discover some bad things about him that they want to put right. Two more guys, Logan and his younger brother Dexter, come over and so does Amber. They play lots of truth or dare: as a big group, as smaller groups, and as pairings.

This story is essentially a twisted love story between to best friends who fall uncontrollably in love with each other... and have a lot of sex.
Read my first finished story here!
Second-Cousins Play Some Games -


My second, ongoing story is here...
Lads Home Alone -


My Newest Story...
University Bromance


I fancied a change from story writing... Do my dice dare (just for the lads) here -

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Thumbs up Fiction- The Real Monster

Story: The Real Monster

This work is completed and is 10 pages long, about 5,000 words. Every week on Mondays, I will be releasing a new chapter (1-6). Do not read if under 18. Violence and Sexual Content.

Brian has been abused all of his life. He has been on the losing end of the stick. Well this year he is about to level the playing field. Through every tactic and resource at his disposal he will humiliate and destroy any opposition.

It does have truth and dare as a explanation to how he made his plan, but please note that this is not a strong element in the story.

***If you think this story is worth reading please reply on this forum saying so, and give it a decent rating. Please report constructive criticism after all 6 chapters have been released. After the entire story is posted I would like people to provide feedback on how to improve the story. Information on the pace, grammar, etc.

If I feel no one in the community is interested in this story then I will stop posting new chapters***

Link here: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthrea...598#post580598

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Shadow of the Cross

Status: In Progress (as of this posting time, just starting)

Content: Conflicts of the soul, religious arguments, angst, guy/guy relationship

On a dare at a church event, Jord, an engineering student with no interest or care for religion, meets Josh, an evangelical Christian and younger high-school student. The two hit it off immediately and develop a friendship that quickly grows into something more. Josh, however, is convinced that his attractions are wrong and sinful, and is torn between his faith and his feelings, while Jord must decide if this relationship is worth revealing his secret sexuality to everyone. It's an action-packed, emotional ride that will make your jaw drop and leave you wanting more, as the two face the ultimate sacrifices for each other.
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Default It All Started With An E-mail

Story Title / Link
It All Started With An E-mail CLICK HERE

Story Status
Just started

It can be read by anyone

Story Summary
Sarah was 14 years old. She was an average looking girl. Average boobs, really long blonde hair, blue eyes, and no freckles. She also had perfect vision. One day she woke up and got an e-mail from someone called '[email protected]'. It was an e-mail that changed her life forever.
PM me dares! I will try any dare that gets sent that doesn't have anything to do with any of my limits!

I need help figuring out my likes, dislikes and some limits! Dare me!

Likes: Mouth soaping, writing lines, spanking, anal, slight pain, certain public things
Dislikes: ???
Limits: Certain public things, permanent, major pain, any type of sex, family, friends

If you think I deserve a punishment for not updating my story, punish me.
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Story Title: The Trip [FICTION]

Link: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=119245

Story Status: Ongoing

Content: Suitable for anyone

Story Summary: Andrew has been talking onlline about being a slave but now sets out to see if the slave life is really for him. The story involves diapers and is presented from two points of view the slave and the master (they both tell the same story from their perspective).
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Default Egg Enema

Link to story: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=123200

So tonight I tried my first raw egg enema for my mistress and I posted a detailed story above^

This story contains graphics descriptions and should be viewed only if read is 18+.

Status: Completed ( roughly an hour ago)

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Default Spring Break

Spring Break

Tommy is about to graduate from college and get married and his best friend Jeff convinces him to go on his first Spring Break. A game of Truth or Dare leads to Tommy being blackmailed into being a slave for four girls for all of the rest of Spring Break.

Status: Ongoing
Rating: R18 Adult only due to graphical sexual scenes and language
Link: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=127834
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Heart Leigh's First Time

18+ Sexual content.
Leigh's first time is an on going fictional story, that depicts the occurrences of a couple that have met online, right from the moment that they meet on Platform 10 of Manchester Piccadilly station, and continues... well for as long as both I and the GD forums feel is appropriate. It is a very descriptive piece, that will hopefully grab the interest of many people.

Hope you fancy a read, it is shaping up to be quite an interesting story (well I think so, anyway)
If youre interested, please view: http://www.getdare.com/bbs/showthread.php?t=129456

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Story Title / Link
Strapon Contest with Consequences CLICK HERE

Story Status

Substantial amount of Adult R18 Content.

The story of my life. 'Exaggerated Truth.'

A nation wide Strapon competition with friends where the last person to be penetrated wins triggers a massive chain of events between the group. Twist and turns at every corner keeps the reader guessing as this story tells the tale of how a game between friends can lead to slavery, punishment and most of all, love.

Explore the tale of the love development between Sarah and Lisa, from the beginning of their friendship, through multiple flashbacks of their university life, to the present day where their relationship has finally formed. This 4 year adventure will send you through varying differing emotions throughout whilst providing you with that kick of ecstasy to your sensitive areas.

It's amazing what you'll do when in love.

WARNING STORY CONTAINS – Rated 18 content. Read at your own discretion

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Title: The Slow and Steady Corruption of Our Dear Ms. Thompson

Status: Ongoing (probably)

Content: R18 for mild rape themes and possibility of future rape/taboo/sacrilege.

Summary: The students of the all-girls' St. Maria High are hardly girls at all--lascivious hellspawn is more like it. Within the halls of the condemned last-chance Catholic school for girls, slutty children with nothing better to do are housed for eight hours a day and left to engage in lewd conversation amongst their sisters. Of these students, the Seniors were most notorious for their sinful display. Dear, sweet Ms. Thompson was completely unprepared for this fact as she signed up for the position of homeroom teacher to try and corral these rowdy sluts, but, you know, it seems even the sweet, innocent teacher harbors a few sinful secrets of her own...

No, I do not want to be your Mistress.
No, I do not want to be your slave.
So don't PM me about it!

Likes, Limits, and Fantasies (click)

A Domme with a Monkey.

The Monkey, the Potato, and the Book of Truth (AMA)

My PM Dares are Offline.
I don't participate in unsolicited PM dares, so don't ask.

"iSpuds used to be an onion before she realized that she wanted a simpler, layer free life. Gordon Ramsey himself agreed to perform the surgery, but when Nigella Lawson walked in during the middle of the procedure with a bottle of scotch, things went awry. Waking up as an iOS kernel trapped in a potato's body, iSpuds successfully sued the Food Channel for 13 quintillion Zimbabwe Shillings, and now lives in an exclusive, nano-sliver coated vegetable crisper." -Runesmith

"On a scale of 1-10, what's your favorite color of the Alphabet?"

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Default The Child/The Scapegoat

Story Title / Link
The Scapegoat

Story Status

Extremely mature. Not for anyone under 18.

A young woman named Yalda is chosen to be the "Child", the scapegoat for whom all of the sins of the city are pinned on, and who is to be kept in constant suffering. It's heavily inspired by a fantastic short story by Ursula K. Le Guin, "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" . Sometimes political, sometimes philosophical, sometimes downright sexy, this is a tale of corruption and fucked-upped-ness.
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