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Default How To Post A Story (READ FIRST)

Welcome to the Truth Or Dare Story Section. Here you can post your real or invented stories. Like all the sub-forums at getDare there are a few rules here.

Other Rules
Regular getDare rules still apply to this forum. Please take time to read them before reading these. They apply here too.

What Can I Post Here?
  • New threads may ONLY contain stories. No other content is allowed when starting a thread.

What are "Mature Stories?"
  • Stories that include extreme topics such as rape go in this sub-forum.
  • Stories in this section are only open to users 18+.

  • Title must end with [FICTION] or [NON-FICTION]
  • Title must also provide an accurate description of story.

Sample Thread Titles
My game in outer space [FICTION]
My scary Halloween game [NON-FICTION]
  • Only computer generated art or hand drawn illustrations are allowed should you use images.
  • Unlike the other getDare forums spelling and grammar count here. Posts that read like a 12 year old wrote them will be moved to the trashcan. Please check your work before hitting that submit button.
  • Don't steal stories from other sites.

  • Reward writers you like by giving them reputation! Click the icon and give a little feedback. Reputation is sent anonymously so you can be open and honest.

These forums will be moderated much stricter than the other parts of this site. Please make sure to follow ALL RULES carefully.
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Default Advice For Writing Stories (READ FIRST)

Here is some advice for all you story-makers as well. I really do urge people to follow these guidelines as not only are they helpful to read, they also make this whole section of the boards a much nicer place! Enjoy!

- These are stories, not AIM/MSN conversations. Therefore, abbreviations such "btw", "u", "evry1" are not allowed.
- Punctuation is key. If you don't use them then a good story can be ruined, and it will be hard to understand. Punctuation includes capital letters, commas, full stops and everything in appropiate places.
- Type your stories in Microsoft Word or another similar application for three reasons: 1) This will mean that more effort will have been put into your stories. 2) You can save your story so that if something happens when you post it, you don't have to retype the whole thing. 3) Most programs such as Word automatically check your word, minimalising mistakes.
- The English alphabet has two types of letters: UPPER CASE and lowercase. Know when it is appropriate to use each.
- When writing dialogue, create a new paragraph each time a different person is speaking and use quotation marks. This makes things aesthetically pleasing as well as easier to read.
- Universally accepted abbreviations are generally okay, (lb, ft, in, min, sec, hr, L, mL, m, km, mi, yd, etc) but make sure that they make sense within the overall story.
- Choose at the beginning of your story whether you want it in first, second or third person and past, present or future tense and STICK TO IT!
- Good grammar will ensure more positive reviews. Use good proper grammar, please.

- Be original! We don't want all stories resulting in the person's crush/mortal enemy seen them naked or wearing a diaper or whatever. This section of getDare should be interesting to read.
- Write it out like a story. Be sure to use all sorts of interesting grammar and words to make it "nice" to read. Don't just put: "then this happened, then this happened, then something else happened".
- When writing a story that really happened be sure to write it in a "fiction-style" (ie, what I've just been describing beforehand.) Once again, people don't want "then this happened, then this happened, then this happened"
- Proofread, make sure it does say penis and not pines, for an extremely random example.
- The better written it is, the more appreciation you will get as a member. Write a good quality story and your popularity (not too mention Reputation Points) are bound to increase.
- Have fun writing your story. Even if you've been dared to write it, enjoy it. Then it should hopefully be enjoyable for everyone. Don't make it a chore!

So, there you have it. If you have any comments or queries about these rules please post here, and of course, if you have something else to add, don't hesitate to add it here either!
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