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Simon pauses for a second to run his fingers through his short brown hair trying to take in all the information. Adam watches the big defender deep in through while butterflies already start dancing around inside his stomach. Adam feels weird about wanting to play strip FIFA with someone other than Josh but he loves playing it so much that it doesn’t really matter. The blonde does feel a little bad that Josh will be without any strip FIFA action while he is getting a game with the team’s big central defender. Simon is still thinking and the longer he thinks the more paranoid Adam becomes that he might say no.

“Man I dunno I’m not sure how I feel about playing a strip game with you,” Simon says honestly.

“Trust me dude once you get into it you won’t even care, you will just get so caught up in it,” A grinning Adam replies.

Simon puffs out his cheeks and lets out one big sigh before speaking, “Ok fine Adam one game, and if I don’t like it or it gets weird…”

“If you hate it then we will stop and you can kick my ass for making you play it,” Adam interjects finishing Simon’s sentence.

“Well good,” Simon says curtly as he picks up his own controller and goes to the team menu screen.

The two teen’s sit in completely silence for a few seconds both wondering just what the hell they are doing. Not being that close either means neither can think of anything to say to the other. The fact they are about to play a strip game too makes the awkward silence seem to last forever when reality it is less than a minute before Adam speaks up.

“Look Simon I promise just this one game and I won’t tell anyone about this ever,” The blonde says quietly.

“Even Josh?” The big defender asks sceptically.

“Scouts honour,” Adam says holding up his right hand like he is taking an oath.

“Were you even in the scouts?” Simon asks.

Adam sticks out his tongue in a childish response before he starts flicking through the teams, “So who do you wanna be?”

“I dunno,” Simon shrugs, “Maybe if we both just randomly pick teams from the Premier League?”

Adam is stunned for a second before replying, “Yeah that’s a great idea man ok you first.”

Simon nods and hits the randomize button and team names flash across the screen until the name Hull City comes up.

“Aww man that’s not good,” Simon complains having picked a side just recently relegated from the Premier League.

“Tough break man,” Adam says sympathetically before hitting the randomize button to select his team.

West Bromwich Albion are the team that Adam has landed on and Adam can’t help but look over at Simon and laugh.

“Well at least it will be an even game,” Simon grins as Adam keeps laughing.

“Yeah though we might not see any goals in it,” The blonde fires back still giggling at the way the game randomly picked two of the less fancied teams in the Premiership.

“So if I understand this right every time I score you have to take something off?” Simon questions and Adam nods.

Simon takes a deep breath to relax and then starts loading up the match while Adam gets lost in his thoughts. The blonde can’t believe he is about to play a game of strip FIFA and Josh isn’t his opponent. It’s feels weird yet Adam can already feel himself shaking anticipation as the game starts up. West Brom verses Hull certainly isn’t a classic matchup but it might just be perfect to slowly break Simon in to the joys of strip FIFA. Simon meanwhile is very curious about the stripping aspect, he cannot honestly believe someone as competitive as Adam would willing strip off after conceding a goal. The big defender knows Adam hates to lose even in training so the idea of him taking his clothes off when he loses just seems impossible to Simon.

The game kicks off and both men have to suddenly snap out of their thoughts and concentrate on the match. Simon is unsure about how competitive playing strip FIFA is and his worries are not helped by the fact that both teens make a very scrappy start to the match. Both teams trade possession and a corner each but there is very little in the way of goal mouth action. Neither West Brom nor Hull have world class players so the match is coming down to the individual FIFA playing skills of Adam and Simon. The big defender is able to fashion the first real scoring chance when Tom Huddlestone is able to blast a powerful shot in from the edge of the box. Ben Foster in the West Brom goal is able to dive to his left and block the shot leaving Adam to sigh with relief.

“Good save,” Simon responds unaware that he is slowly sinking into the competitive vibe of a strip FIFA game.

A few minutes later West Brom win a corner and Adam has his first chance of the match as the corner is whipped in and just narrowly headed over by Darren Fletcher.

“Wow that was too close,” Simon said having twitched forward in his chair as the ball sailed just over the bar.

“Enjoying strip FIFA yet?” Adam asks cheekily.

“This is a good match so far but I still don’t think the stripping part adds anything to it,” Simon says honestly.

Adam just shrugs his shoulders and goes back to playing, he is sure Simon will get the same buzz from playing that he and Josh get. 20 minutes into the match and Adam works the ball well down the right hand side where James Morrison whips a dangerous cross in. West Brom’s best striker Saido Berahino is there to meet it at the near post with a header that loops over the Hull keeper into the side of the net.

“GOAL,” Adam shouts in delight and Simon’s expression suddenly changes.

For the first time today he looks unsure and even nervous and Adam picks up on it, “You ok man?” Adam asks as Berahino continues on with the celebration.

“Yeah I just dunno what to take off first,” Simon says with a slight blush appearing on his pale cheeks.

“Try taking your socks off first,” Adam offers but Simon’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

“That’s two items,” He says firmly but Adam just shakes his head.

“Dude that’s just a cheap kop out and you know it, if a girl did that to you in a strip game you would get pissed,” Adam counters.

“You said this wasn’t about the stripping,” Simon fires back.

“That’s true but me and Josh have always counted socks as one item so either play along or take your pants off instead,” Adam smirks.

Simon shuts up and reaches down to pull his grey socks off his unsurprisingly large feet. He throws the socks away and rests his bare feet down on his carpeted floor as the game restarts. A few minutes later Simon gets a free kick just outside the area but he sadly overcooks the shot and the ball sails harmlessly over the bar. Annoyed with himself Simon stomps his bare foot down hard on the floor making Adam smile.

“See that tension you get from playing strip FIFA?” He says jokingly.

Simon chooses to ignore Adam and concentrate on the game which has now turned into a midfield scrap. Possession is shared between both teams until finally 5 minutes before halftime Hull win a free kick just inside West Brom’s half. Adam moans in frustration as his striker and goal scorer Berahino has just been booked for a late sliding tackle. Tom Huddlestone whips the ball in and West Brom’s defenders struggle to clear the ball as it is headed up and then half cleared out of the box where it lands at the feet of Huddlestone once again. Simon chips the ball up into the box and his striker N’Doye rushes in unmarked to head the ball past the stranded goalkeeper.

“Offside!” Adam shouts out hopefully.

“No way man that was perfectly good goal,” Simon replies with a big grin on his face.

Adam curses under his breath, he should be good enough to beat a team like Hull. He is annoyed at conceding such an easy goal and now this match is level at one all. Knowing Simon is watching him Adam reaches down and unties the laces of his trainers. He pulls at the heels and kicks his footwear off but Simon isn’t happy.

“Hey shoes can’t count man,” He complains.

Adam shrugs, “Hey I thought you said stripping didn’t matter?”

“I don’t wanna see your bare feet Adam I just think it’s unfair that you are wearing more items of clothing than me,” Simon argues.

Adam struggles to hide a smile as he can tell this game is starting to become competitive for Simon. He is getting into it in much the same way that he and Josh got into the adrenaline rush playing strip FIFA brings.

“Ok fine as I am wearing more than you,” Adam says reaching down to pull off his bright red socks.

Both teens are now barefoot as they play the final few minutes before half time. The referee’s whistle goes and Adam instantly turns his head towards the big defender.

“Having fun?” He asks.

Simon nods, “Yeah I am I still don’t see how strip FIFA can be tenser than a real game but I do know that playing FIFA with you is competitive.”

“Trust me man by the end of this you will be sweating buckets and kicking every ball,” Adam says firmly.

Simon can only take the blonde winger’s word for it as he presses down on the X button kicking off the second half. Early on Adam could tell Simon has a fair bit of FIFA skill but his best trick is a chipped ball over his back four. In the first ten minutes of the second half both Hull strikers are put through on goal thanks to chipped balls from the midfield. Adam is still clothed only through the heroics of his goalkeeper Foster who saves both shots from Jelavic and N’Doye respectably. Looking across the room Adam has a nervous grin on his face but Simon isn’t even looking at him. Simon is deep in concentration staring at the TV screen totally focused on the game.

The tension in the room is thick and it’s quiet with the sound of buttons being pressed echoing around the room. Adam slides the ball forward into Berahino who out paces a defender and cuts a shot in from across the box. The blonde curses under his breath as the ball goes well wide from goal leaving the match still finely poised at one all. Minutes tick down on the game clock and both teams trade away possession with neither being able to get the advantage. Adam wins a corner and when the ball is crossed in he tries to jump up and make an overhead kick. Simon can’t help but chuckle at the audacious attempt to score from Adam.

“What happens if we draw?” Simon asks.

“Then we go to extra time,” Adam replies.

The game winds down until there is 10 minutes to go and Adam wins a free kick wide on the left hand side of the Hull penalty area. He crosses the ball into the box and it falls easily right to the feet of a Hull defender. Simon tries to just pass the ball out of the area but Berahino is on him quickly. He tackles the ball away from the defender and quickly moves forward tucking the ball into the corner of the net with a well-directed shot.

“GOAL,” Adam yells punching the air as he has finally broken the deadlock in this tight contest.

“NOOOO,” Simon yells dropping his head down into his hands.

“Sorry man that is harsh,” Adam apologizes looking up to see it is 84 minutes on the clock.

“Shit that was fucking stupid,” The big defender complains, “I should have been smart and just cleared the ball away.”

Simon puts his controller down and grabs his t shirt, his annoyance at conceding such a soft goal means he doesn’t care about having to remove his shirt. Adam watches the defender peel his blue t shirt off revealing his large torso so now he is sat bare chested waiting for the game to restart. Simon’s focus is completely on the game as he is desperate to overcome the 2 vs 1 score line. Adam finds out that a focused Simon is bad news for him as Hull start flinging passes around like they are Barcelona. A quick one two of passes sends the ball inside the West Brom area then the ball falls to one of the Hull substitutes Yannick Sagbo. He is unmarked inside the six yard box so Simon holds his finger down on the shoot button and the ball smashes into the back of the net.

“Get in,” Simon yells jumping up in excitement as he has equalized with just 3 minutes of the game left.

“Nice goal,” Adam says genuinely impressed that Simon has been able to score so late in the game.

Grabbing the bottom of his t shirt Adam pulls it off so both teens are now sat topless. Adam places his removed shirt down on the bed bemoaning the fact that no matter who he plays strip FIFA against he always seems to lose his shirt. The game indicates that there are only 3 minutes of added time left so as Adam kicks off he is sure this game is heading to a draw. Simon has other ideas however as he quickly wins the ball off Adam and breaks down field. Hull break out all the tricks and flicks as they move the ball all around the pitch leaving Adam chasing shadows.

The ball is eventually swung out to the left hand side where Quinn neatly controls the ball then knocks it into the overlapping full back’s path. Brady takes a touch then Gareth Bale style strikes the ball left footed across the face of the goal. Before Adam is even reacting to the shot the ball nestles perfectly in the bottom right hand corner of his goal and Simon is jumping up in celebration.

“GOAL,” Simon screams loudly as Brady wheels away celebrating his match winning goal.

Two quick goals in injury time have completely changed this game around. Adam sits in a state of shock just staring at the screen watching the reply of the goal that has put him 3 vs 2 down. The whistle to restart the game blows but it is quickly followed by the final whistle and its game over. Simon’s Hull team have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and its a few seconds before Adam can stop staring in vain at the TV to look over the big defender still in complete shock having lost a game he was seemingly destined to win.
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I loved it great chapter
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“You ok?” Simon asks staring at Adam’s blank expression.

“Fucking hell,” Adam says bluntly as the match over screen again confirms he lost the game 3 vs 2.

Adam was sure he has this match up won, he has never let in two goals that late before. In fact Adam doesn’t think he has ever seen anyone turn around and score two goals that quickly when they were losing. Simon clearly is a FIFA pro and Adam either underestimated him or Simon was taking pity on him and playing at a lower level then picked it up when he was on the brink of losing.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Simon asks looking at Adam’s wide eyed stare.

“What?” A shell shocked Adam replies.

“I scored another goal doesn’t that mean you lose another item of clothing?” Simon wonders aloud.

Amazingly even after all he has done Adam blushes when Simon reminds him of his own rules. Now not only has he just been beaten by one of the most impressive performances he has ever seen in a video game but Adam now has to strip as well.

“Did you cheat?” Adam asks suddenly needing to know how he was able to let a 2 goal lead slip away.

Simon shakes his head, “I don’t think so but honestly Adam I don’t really know how I did that.”

“Me neither,” Adam replies making the large teen laugh, “Were you like holding back on me?”

Again Simon shakes his head, “No Adam I wasn’t, you were beating me proper then well I don’t know I’ve never scored two goals that late in a game before.”

“And as a relegated team too,” Adam whines.

“Oh yeah forgot about that,” Simon says with a chuckle.

Adam doesn’t know if he should be scared or excited by the look on Simon’s face. That look of happiness looks remarkably like the look Josh had on his face after he won his first strip FIFA game. The blonde suddenly feels a bit vulnerable as Simon’s video game skills have come out of nowhere and quite literally beaten the pants off him.

“I can’t believe I lost that,” Adam repeats still looking over at the score just in case he is dreaming it.

“So are you gonna strip?” Simon asks impatiently.

Adam shudders as the embarrassment of losing his third strip FIFA game on the bounce sinks in.

“Hey it’s ok if you don’t wanna do it man,” Simon says quickly mistaking Adam’s shudder as a disgruntled gesture.

“No it’s fine Simon,” Adam says firmly, “I lost so I have to pay the price and the forfeit.”

“What forfeit?” Simon asks suddenly, “I thought this was just strip FIFA.”

Adam groans and he can feel his cheeks burning red again, he didn’t mean for that to slip out. Just like when he pestered him about the kind of game he and Josh played Adam knows the big defender won’t let this go. The blonde finds himself at a bit of a crossroads again as he could lie or tell Simon the truth about the after match forfeit.

“Yeah well see me and Josh kinda made up this little forfeit at the end for the overall loser of the game,” Adam explains.

“Think of it like being forced to pick dare during spin the bottle, it’s just something the loser has to do at the end of the match,” Adam says quickly noticing that Simon is staring intently at him.

“Like what?” Simon asks leaning forward in his chair.

“Um well like the first time I beat Josh he had to tell me something personal about himself,” Adam says blushing at the memory of Josh telling him his dirty secret.

“What did he tell you?” Simon asks instantly in response.

“Dude you know I can’t go around telling other people’s personal shit,” Adam says in response hoping Simon doesn’t press him for an answer.

“Fine what did you have to do for a forfeit then?” The big defender quickly asks.

The blush on Adam’s cheeks only gets brighter as he knows he can’t keep ducking the truth around the bright centre back.

“Well last time I lost Josh took my clothes and threw them out of his bedroom window,” Adam says suddenly unable to look Simon in the face.

“Wow,” Simon responses, “So you were stuck in his house in just your underwear?”

Adam’s cheeks glow bright red as he takes a deep breath, “No I was er naked,” He mumbles.

“Holy shit,” Simon replies, “He kept scoring until you had to get naked?” He asks and Adam nods.

“Then for the forfeit I had to go outside in his garden to get my clothes back,” Adam says lifting his head up briefly to catch the look of total shock on Simon’s face.

“You went outside naked?” Simon says in a disbelieving tone, “You fucking streaked around Josh’s garden?”

“Yes and it was totally humiliating,” Adam replies feeling almost as bad telling someone about it as he did while he ran around Josh’s back garden naked.

“Holy shit man,” Simon repeats, “Holy fucking shit I would have never thought you were the free and naked type.”

“I’m not,” Adam snaps back, “I lost the game and you have to respect strip FIFA otherwise it’s pointless.”

“You lose that tension aspect of the game I guess if nothing is on the line,” Simon replies and Adam nods his head.

“See told you it was exciting,” The blonde teases.

“Yeah, yeah fine you were right Adam well done pity it cost you your pants to prove it too me,” Simon jokes back.

“Oh yeah shit I forgot,” Adam says getting to his feet.

The blonde grabs hold of the waistband of his pants and Simon loudly gasps. He can’t believe the blonde is actually going to do it but Adam proves him wrong by pulling his pants down right in front of him. This is all very surprising to Simon as the blonde strips down to just his plain black boxers. Adam never struck him as the crazy wild strip gaming type but clearly he is. Adam kicks his pants away and stands still for a second praying for his cheeks to stop blushing so he can congratulate Simon.

“There you go man you won,” Adam says unsurprisingly feeling exposed in front of the big defender in just his underwear.

"I can't believe you did that," Simon says staring at his underwear clad friend.

Adam shrugs trying not to think about how embarrassing this is. Sharing a changing room with Simon is fine because there are lots of other guys around, this however is much more personal. It is also a lot more humiliating for Adam because he has never been inside Simon's bedroom before. He has only known the giant defender for a couple of years now he is standing semi naked in his room right in front of him.

"So this is strip FIFA then?" Simon says mockingly, "You standing around in your underwear."

"Not all the time," Adam fires back, "Josh loses too in fact he loses more than me."

"So you have seen him naked?" Simon asks softly.

Adam's pale skin instantly reacts to that question so the blonde starts blushing again giving Simon his answer.

"That's amazing," Simon says sounding almost impressed, "You guys have to be close to be able to see each other naked.”

"I guess so," Adam says now feeling more a little uncomfortable with this line of questioning.

"You know I wouldn't mind seeing that, the two of you playing strip FIFA," Simon says thoughtfully.

"No way dude," Adam responds quickly, "It’s a private thing and I know Josh wouldn't like it."

Simon's eyebrows raise, "If it's so private then why did you agree to play it with me?"

Adam just shrugs his shoulders as he can't really argue with the big defender's logic.

"Seriously I only wanna watch," Simon says before grinning, "I wanna see how two real strip FIFA pro's play the game."

"Fuck you," Adam snaps back, "What happened to thinking strip FIFA was weird?"

"I'm allowed to change my mind," Simon teases still with a big smile on his face.

"I know but still Josh will say no right away so there is no point even asking" Adam says finally sitting back down.

"But he strips off just like you?" The big defender wonders aloud.

Adam nods, "Of course he does, we are playing strip FIFA after all."

While Adam laughs at his own joke an idea suddenly shoots into Simon's head.

"I dare you to take a picture of him next time you play," Simon suddenly demands.

Adam is now the one shocked, his mouth drops open and he stares at Simon in amazement.

"Sorry what did you say?" The blonde asks wondering if he heard that right.

"You heard me if I can't watch then I want proof you do this with Josh too," Simon says firmly.

Adam shakes his head slightly still in a state of shock, Simon has gone from not wanting to play strip FIFA to demanding proof that he and Josh play it. The blonde doesn't know what to say and the way Simon just stares at him makes him feel even stranger. Adam can feel himself blushing again as he feels incredibly vulnerable right now. He is sat in Simon's bedroom in his boxers with the big defender staring right at him waiting for a response.

"I don't think I can do that," Adam says softly.

"It wasn't a request," Simon replies as a smile forms on his face, "It was a dare."

Adam's stomach sinks, Simon is playing the game perfectly. The blonde wonders if this nervous energy bubbling through him is what Josh felt when he lost the very first game of strip FIFA.

"I can't," Adam says, "Dare or not how am I meant to get a picture of Josh stripping?"

"You have a phone right?" Simon asks and Adam lets out a nervous laugh.

"I think he will notice me holding my phone up when he starts stripping," Adam replies unaware that he is the one starting to sweat.

The big defender pauses for a second thinking about Adam's problem. Simon is a smart man and when another smile appears on his face the sinking feeling in Adam's stomach gets worse.

"Well if you took pictures of yourself naked that would relax Josh into taking a few pics too," Simon explains.

Adam lets out a gasp and he can feel his whole body shake. The second the word naked escaped from Simon's lips Adam's whole body reacted like he had been given a sharp electric shock. Adam can't wipe that shocked expression off his face as the big defender is coming out with ideas Adam never thought possible. Simon is a gentle giant with a love for video games yet here he is demanding pictures of him and Josh playing strip FIFA.

"Dude please pick another dare," Adam says softly.

The blonde doesn't like admitting defeat but he truly has no idea how he could ever persuade Josh to take pictures of himself naked. Adam wonders how far he is in over his head right now as Simon is unmoved by his question continuing to stare at him with that big grin plastered over his face.

"You can't be serious?" Adam says staring directly at Simon hoping that this is all some terrible joke.

"What about?" Simon asks.

"About taking a picture of Josh naked," The wide eyed blonde replies.

Simon laughs again, Adam notices since he won the match he has been more comfortable with the whole strip FIFA idea and confident about the forfeit aspect.

"I just meant that seeing as you are so much better than FIFA than Josh you would score enough goal to make strip him naked," Simon explains.

The lump in Adam's throat makes it tricky for the teen to speak. A picture of him beating Josh and taking pictures of his undressed body flash in his mind. Another though occurs to the blonde, he knows Josh would hate being pictured naked and that would be perfect revenge for the outdoor streak Josh forced him to do. How he would get Josh to take a picture like that is another matter but Adam's shock has now died away. Showing Simon that he can literally beat the pants of Josh would be the perfect way to get back at his beat friend.

"Ok then," Adam says slowly, "I think I can do that."

"Seriously?" Simon replies in shock, "You are gonna take pics of your best mate losing at strip FIFA and getting naked?"

Simon was sure Adam would tell him to piss off instead Adam is taking the crazy dare. The big defender knows he underestimated how much Adam sticks to the rules of strip FIFA. He has never seen this side of the blonde before, Simon always saw Adam as being very serious and straight laced. Now he is finding a whole other side of Adam's personality that includes willingly doing dares that most guys would never do in a million years.

"Yeah I will," Adam smirks, "See that's the power of strip FIFA cause losing is so bad that it makes you desperate to play again to avenge both the stripping and the dare."

Simon nods his head understanding Adam's point perfectly, "Erm so if you are taking pics of Josh does that mean you are gonna take pics of yourself naked too?" Simon asks.

"Dude I'm already pretty much stripped down right now," Adam says looking down at his underwear clad body.

"Well if Josh will be naked," Simon starts to say but Adam interrupts.

"Holy shit man you want naked pictures of me too?" Adam exclaims and Simon just laughs at the blonde’s reaction.

"Is there any other reason why you would want pics of me and Josh naked?" Adam teases raising his eyebrow suggestively.

Simon lets out a bark like laugh, "Shit Adam if I wanted gay porn I wouldn't start with you and Josh."

Adam can't help but join in and start laughing too. This whole afternoon has been full of surprises yet strangely Adam has enjoyed every second. He already can't wait to face Simon again in another strip FIFA game this time with pics of Josh’s naked body so he can humiliate his best friend too.

"So," Adam says seeking clarity, "Your dare is for me to get pictures of myself and Josh stripped naked after playing a game of strip FIFA?"

Simon nods still with a smirk on his face, "What happens if someone doesn't do the dare when they lose?"

Adam shrugs his shoulders, "I dunno if you refuse a dare I guess the dares get worse until you can do one."

"That sounds like a rule," Simon cleverly deduces, "Like you have refused one before."

Adam nods his head, "Of course did you think I honestly chose to run naked around Josh's garden?"

Simon laughs again before getting up and off his chair. He picks up his t shirt and slides it on before looking over at Adam.

"I'm gonna get a drink if you want one?" Simon asks.

"Sure man thanks," Adam replies.

"Oh you can get dressed too," Simon says, "You already chose to do the dare so you can cover up again."

Simon leaves the room leaving Adam to get redressed with his cheeks bright red. It is deeply embarrassing to be told to get dressed by another man especially after being so humiliated by him. Adam may have lost but deep down he is so happy to have found another friend to play strip FIFA with. He has no earthly idea how he is going to get a naked picture of Josh but right now Adam is just going to enjoy whatever he can after losing yet another strip FIFA game.
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Wow really awesome chapter...I love the forfeit Dare Adam was given.
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After a few weeks of not being able to play strip FIFA against each other Adam and Josh are both delighted to finally get a free afternoon to play. Earlier in the morning Adam excitedly texted Josh to tell his best friend that he has his house all to himself for the rest of the day. Josh is just as happy to text back telling Adam that Emma is working so he has free time for what feels like the first time this summer. Instantly Adam’s next text is two simple words ‘strip FIFA?’ and Josh’s quick response is ‘I’ll be right over’. Both teens are delighted to have a chance to play their favourite strip game together.

Adam really can’t wait, it will be his first strip game against Josh since he lost to the skinny winger for the first time. He played with a handicap and unsurprisingly he couldn’t overcome his disadvantage so he lost badly. Adam ended up being stripped completely naked then for his after match dare Josh went all out and threw all his clothes into his garden. The blonde still blushes at the memory of running outside completely naked with his hands desperately trying to cover his cock. The feeling of a slight breeze tickling his golden blonde pubic hairs only increased the fact that streaking through Josh’s garden was the most embarrassing moment of Adam’s life.

He is desperate to get revenge on the skinny teen but he also has Simon’s dare to think about. Adam has had a couple of weeks to think about how he is going to be able to fulfil the terms of Simon’s forfeit. Circumstances in Adam’s life however ended up dropped the perfect solution into his lap so Adam is ready to not only get revenge on Josh but to prove to Simon that he can beat Josh at strip FIFA. The blonde is staring out of his living room impatiently waiting for his best friend to show up. Adam knows he can’t tell Josh anything about losing to Simon or about the dare, all he can do is win and deliver a naked picture of Josh to his new strip FIFA playing friend.

Josh is pacing quickly up the road, his heart beating faster than normal. He is not thinking about playing a strip game with Adam, he is instead thinking of the strip FIFA game he had with his girlfriend. Playing with Emma was easily the most erotic moment of Josh’s life but Josh feels a little guilty about using strip FIFA as a foreplay tool. He also feels bad for Adam who doesn’t have a hot blonde girlfriend to play strip FIFA with. Josh isn’t going to tell Adam about playing strip FIFA with Emma though, he can tell Adam anything but sexy stuff with his girlfriend really should remain private. Taking his mind off Emma Josh wonders what kind of game he will have with Adam today as the blonde won the first two games but with a handicap Josh was able to win the third match.

Josh has been putting in some hours of FIFA Ultimate Team a few times a week just improving his skills. It’s not that he minds losing and getting naked in front of Adam, Josh is worried about the after match dare. He knows the blonde well enough to know that Adam will not let that outdoor streak dare go unpunished and if he wins Josh knows Adam will up the steaks. Adam is far smarter than he lets on to anyone and Josh can only shudder thinking about what kind of revenge the blonde might have cooked up for him if he loses. The shaven headed teen vows that he will beat Adam in a fair match today to not only get out of any horrible dare but to prove to himself that he can beat his best friend on FIFA.

Adam sees Josh walking up his drive so he instantly moves to his front door, “Ready to lose again?” He says confidently swinging the door open.

Josh can’t help but laugh out loud, “You seem confident.”

“Well I’m not giving you any handicap like the last time,” Adam admits letting Josh inside, “That and you know I gotta get revenge on you for that last dare.”

“I’d guessed as much,” Josh replies habitually kicking off his trainers.

“So you accept you are gonna get your ass beat right now?” Adam states with a big wide smirk on his face.

Laughing again Josh shakes his head at the cocky antics of his best friend. Adam’s competitive streak is out in full force today and Josh is hoping that will be good news for him. Overconfidence matched with his improved skills makes Josh feel a little better about being able to beat Adam fairly in a game of strip FIFA. One thing Josh did learn from his private girlfriend strip FIFA game is that the result matters a lot on what team you pick. Josh is already mentally wondering if he can pick Wales again and use the world class Gareth Bale to help him gain victory.

“So what rules are we playing today?” Josh asks making Adam stop at the foot of the stairs and look round at him.

“Erm strip FIFA rules dude obviously,” Adam replies but Josh shakes his head.

“No I mean for picking teams, last time picking a random team really left you with a crappy choice,” Josh explains.

Adam stops and thinks for a second, he doesn’t really know how to fairly pick teams until he remembers the idea Simon came up with.

“How about we just pick random teams from the Premier League?” Adam offers and Josh happily nods his head.

“Cool great idea man that means we will be pretty much on an even playing field,” The skinny teen replies sounding impressed.

“Thanks man it is a pretty awesome idea oh and I already have a forfeit idea too,” Adam says casually before he ascends up the staircase.

Josh’s eyebrows raises but instead of questioning his friend he follows Adam up to his bedroom. The forfeit/dare is their own personal idea that wasn’t done on any of the strip FIFA YouTube videos but it has always been winner’s choice. Josh doesn’t know how scared he should be about Adam detailing out his evil dare plan before the match has even kicked off. He is worried his fellow winger is trying to play some mind games with him, psyching him out before the game has even started.

“So it was Karen’s birthday the other week,” Adam says conversationally as he walks into his bedroom.

“So?” Josh responds, “Is your sister’s birthday really important right now?”

“It will be when I’m done explaining it to you,” Adam snaps back and Josh keeps his mouth shut.

“As I was saying for her birthday Karen got a new digital camera, proper expensive like but as she has a new camera she decided to give me her old one,” Adam explains.

Josh raises his eyebrows in surprise as Adam walks over to his deck and pulls out a small dark red coloured digital camera.

“Are we gonna be looking over her naked selfie’s or something?” Josh asks while his cock twitches slightly at the thought of finally getting to see Adam’s older sister naked.

“Dude for the last fucking time you will never see Karen naked, give it a rest,” Adam replies almost rolling his eyes as still after all this time Josh still digs on his older sister.

“Well if it’s not that then what do we need the camera for?” Josh asks.

“For pictures,” Adam replies like the answer is obvious.

Josh quickly puts 2 and 2 together and he doesn’t like what it adds up too.

“Dude there is no way I am having pictures taken of me stripping,” He complains, “This is a private game.”

“I know that,” Adam says slowly trying to explain part of his cunning plan, “I was thinking of just taking pictures of the loser.”

“Adam no,” Josh says firmly sounding very unsettled by the very idea.

Josh might like being naked but bringing pictures into it is something completely different. Having a nude picture of himself out there to maybe come back and haunt him 20 or 30 years down the line is not appealing even to a nudist like Josh. Josh glares at the camera in Adam’s hand like it is a dangerous weapon, he doesn’t know what has gotten into Adam as this is very out of character for his best mate.

“Josh I don’t get what your problem is? You have been naked in front of me before,” Adam says confused by how upset Josh has got over this.

“Fucking hell Adam isn’t it obvious? I don’t want fully nude pictures of me being plastered up online,” Josh complains.

Thinking quickly Adam laughs, “Dude I’m not gonna put anything online nor I am saying taking a full face included picture of you naked.”

“But you could do both,” Josh counters, “And that’s just too big of a risk for me to take.”

Adam just rolls his eyes at his over reacting best friend, “Ok so say what if you win and you have naked pictures of me?”

“Dude that’s even worse,” Josh yells, “I don’t want pictures of your naked body thanks.”

Shaking his head Adam sees this task is going to be way harder than he though. The blonde needs a picture of Josh naked to complete his dare for Simon but Josh just isn’t playing ball.

“Just think of a different dare man,” Josh says finally, “I am not taking naked pictures end of story.”

“Now wait maybe you have not thought this through fully,” Adam says quickly while his brain works overtime trying to think of a way to sell this to Josh.

Josh signs but takes a seat on Adam’s bed and stays quiet. He is way too scared about being exposed online to ever take any pictures but he is Adam’s friend so he will at least listen to him.

“Let’s say before the game starts we both snap a few pictures of ourselves,” Adam starts to explain and when Josh opens his mouth Adam quickly pre answers, “Just our naked bodies’ man, no faces or anything that could identify us.”

“Then we play our normal game of strip FIFA and the winner of the game gets to keep the camera with the naked snaps on for the next week,” Adam finishes.

Josh’s mouth drops open and he stares at his friend in complete shock. It is a crazy idea, completely fucking crazy Josh thinks while he stares at the camera trying to picture the tiny device with pictures of both him and Adam nude on its SD card.

“Adam I’m sorry but I just can’t do that,” Josh says slowly.

Josh enjoys being naked but it is still a very private thing, he certainly isn’t proud enough of his body to show it off to everyone. He also worries that the college would get the pics or his team mates even worse what if Emma found them?

“Come on Josh it’s mutually assured destruction, my pics will be on the camera too so whoever wins has possession of both sets of naked pics,” Adam repeats hoping Josh will come round and agree.

“Adam this is a private game and I like that, I don’t wanna be constantly worried that my naked pics might go public,” Josh explains voicing his very real fears.

“Josh nothing will go public, I am your best friend I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Adam says trying to calm Josh down.

“Then why the hell do you want the pics then?” Josh asks angrily, “If you are not gonna humiliate me by posting them online then why?”

“Why did you make me run outside naked?” Adam counters, “No one saw me but I bet you sent me out there hoping that someone would see me.”

Josh is silenced by that argument, he can’t deny that Adam is right and maybe he does deserve something humiliating back after making Adam do a naked streak round his garden.

“Also if you win,” Adam says quickly, “You will have the camera so you can delete your nude pics right off it.”

Josh thinks for a second and finally he sees Adam won’t let this drop, “Ok fine let’s do it,” The skinny teen says with a deep sigh.

“No face pics though,” Josh quickly says and Adam nods his head.

“Of course man, tell you what I’ll even take my pictures first,” The blonde offers.

“Fine but still Adam you have to admit this is a weird fucking dare,” Josh says a little worried that this is all some trap set up by Adam to humiliate him.

“This from the man who asked me if I ever jacked off over my sister?” Adam says with a sigh.

Josh doesn’t feel like he can respond to that so he stays seated and watches as Adam stands up.

“Hey you are not taking the pics in here are you?” Josh suddenly asks with concern.

“No I was gonna use the bathroom unless you wanna see me naked,” Adam teases seeing just how uncomfortable Josh is.

The skinny teen raises his middle finger in disgust and Adam laughs as he leaves the bedroom. Adam knows he is in Josh’s head and hopefully that will be a big distraction during the game. He doesn’t know why taking a few naked pics scare him so much but as Adam walks into the bathroom he really doesn’t care. Having to take his own nude pictures isn’t brilliant but at least it’s a way to get Josh to take the pictures he needs. Adam starts pulling his clothes off wondering how fucked up this is going to all this effort for Simon. He vows to beat Josh today, take his nude pics to Simon then beat the big defender in strip FIFA rematch and force him into a dare as humiliating as this.

Standing naked in his bathroom Adam stands in front of his bathroom mirror before lifting the camera up. He shivers as he stares at the picture of his body in the camera because anyone who knows him might be able to recognize him in this picture because of his blonde body hair. Adam holds the camera up to his face to make it at least a little anonymous before snapping a few quick selfie’s of his nude body. The blonde takes a few quick pictures before getting redressed and thinking about how far he has come. Strip FIFA was just a silly little idea to pass the time now it has grown into a complex and slightly dangerous dare game. A few months ago Adam would have never thought of himself as the kind of guy who would take naked pictures of himself then dare his best friend to do the same all so he can share them with another friend.

“Here you go,” Adam says walking into his room throwing the camera over to Josh.

“You really took naked pictures of yourself?” Josh asks in shock as he catches the small red camera.

Adam nods his head, “I did and they will stay on that camera too, no uploading or emailing them to other people or anything just for our eyes only.”

Josh feels a little better now that Adam has said that so confidently, “So the winner of the match just gets to keep the camera for a week nothing else?”

“Yep I just wanna make you sweat and worry knowing that I own your nude body,” Adam says in a sinister tone.

“Fucking sicko,” Josh spits back before he grins, “This really raises the steaks of the game, I mean it’s more than just about stripping now.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Adam admits as Josh gets to his feet.

“You are serious about all this right?” The lanky teen asks again, “I mean this could all be a prank or something to get my naked pics out on campus or something.”

“Dude relax,” Adam says with a smirk, “Only me and Emma will have seen your naked body I promise.”

Josh groans at that horrible thought but he finally decides to trust Adam. The blonde hasn’t lied to him and just like when he first brought up the strip FIFA idea it is clear to Josh that Adam is only doing this to privately embarrass him not publically. Strangely Josh is ok with Adam seeing him naked and as the teen walks into Adam’s bathroom Josh has to wonder what kind of nudist only likes getting naked in front of one person. Stripping down naked in Adam’s bathroom does even Josh a slight thrill but that thrill soon dies when he looks down at the camera. Josh has to trust Adam that these pictures won’t get out or he just has to win their latest strip FIFA game in order to keep the camera.

Adam is almost shaking in anticipation as he starts up his PS4, he is just one win away from getting nude pictures of Josh. He doesn’t really like lying to Josh like this but on the other hand Adam doesn’t like the idea of failing a dare set by Simon. There is a lot about the big defender that Adam simply doesn’t know and that just adds to the danger. Adam is almost like Josh’s brother as he can read the taller teen’s moods and facial expressions having known him for so long. Simon is a complete mystery and being indebted to him gives Adam a vulnerable feeling that he has only every felt when his sister had sleepovers with some of her bratty friends.

The game is fully loaded up and the teen selection screen is up by the time Josh finally walks back in. There is nervous looking grin on the teen’s face as he places the camera down carefully on Adam’s desk.

“Did you do it?” The blonde asks and Josh nods.

“Awesome,” Adam says with a smirk, “So I’ll be the home team and randomly pick first ok?”

Adam sees Josh isn’t looking at him instead he is staring at the camera. Knowing that the camera has naked pictures of them on its memory card is a powerful and deadly rush for both men. Both Josh and Adam can feel the extra adrenaline running through them, this match is important and certainly feels tenser than a normal strip FIFA game. That camera sitting innocently on Adam’s desk is almost like a trophy and both teens are desperate to win it and gain control of those naked pictures.

“Ok so the teams,” Adam says finally looking back to his TV pressing the square button on his controller.

Newcastle United are the team picked and Adam groans,” Fucking Newcastle, what a terrible pick.”

Josh just laughs, “Don’t worry I’m sure I’ll get one worse,” He says as he presses his controller.

Manchester City is the team that flashes up for Josh making Adam groan even louder.

“That’s so not fair,” The blonde complains.

“Hey you wanted it to be random picks,” Josh fires back.

The blonde pauses, “Fine I’ll just whip your ass with Newcastle then,” Adam says gripping his controller tight.
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Very nice start man....I can't wait for next chapter
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Still loving this story!
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Adam changes the match options so it’s a night game then presses play match and the games loads up to St James Park. Man City are a top team so Adam is expecting a tough game but he knows he has the FIFA skills to beat Josh and win his naked pictures. Newcastle kick off and Adam almost instantly breaks away down the wing and launches the ball into the box. Newcastle’s French striker Riviere gets his head to the ball but he sends it sailing over the bar.

“Ah so close,” Adam moans annoyed with himself for letting an early chance go begging.

Josh lets out a sigh of relief too, that was too close to being a goal and even though he has on paper the better side Josh knows he can’t let his concentration slip for a second. The next 10 minutes of gameplay are tight and tense as both teens go close to scoring the opening goal. Adam tries a shot from outside the box that deflects off the defender straight into the keeper’s hands while at the other end Josh hits a piledriver of a shot that Tim Krul athletically tips round the post. Because of the stakes of this game every missed tackle or bad touch is met with grunts of anger from either Adam or Josh. They know how important a win is and individual know how vital it is to win control of that camera. Neither man wants to make a mistake and give away a goal because of how important the result is and because of that little action happens.

The game is quickly turning into a dull 0 vs 0 but thanks to the stakes it feels like a Champions League to Adam and Josh. Right on 45 minutes Aguero manages to break through the Newcastle defence and charge towards the goal. Josh tries to flick the ball around the onrushing keeper but the ball bounces off Krul’s flaying arm and away to safety. Josh slaps the bed in frustration as the referee blows for half time. The two teens take a second to reflect on a half that had little in goal mouth action but is so tense that both of them are visibly sweating.

“Kinda hard to get a good game going with so much on the line,” Josh says wisely.

“Yeah that was easily the most tense half of FIFA I’ve ever played,” The blonde replies.

“Well we are not just playing for our clothes, we are playing for that too,” Josh says nodding over to the small digital camera.

“Trying to save our nude pics from the other,” Adam says laughing.

Josh laughs too then silence descends once again, neither man really wants to talk. The first half was almost played in silence because both men were fully focused on the game. It has made the room uneasy to be in and Adam is starting to get worried that all this added tension is taking the fun out of strip FIFA. If the fun goes then Josh might go and no matter how much he hates being embarrassed Adam doesn’t want to lose out on playing strip FIFA with him.

The second half kicks off and already the pace of the game is much faster. Both Adam and Josh are playing with less caution and if you are willing to take more risks then the game becomes better to play. Adam fashions another break for Newcastle down the right hand side but this time he passes the ball into Riviere’s feet. The striker dances past Kompany and fires a shot across the box but it only cannons off the far post then bounces wide.

“Fuck,” Adam yells slapping his own leg in anger.

“Yeah man I thought that was in too,” Josh says wide eyed as he watches the reply.

The game presses on and both teams trade possession and corner kicks but there are still no real clear cut chances. Adam looks at the game clock to see that there are only 20 minutes left and he is shocked. He can’t honestly remember playing a game of FIFA that went 0 vs 0 for this long. Josh’s FIFA skills have certainly improved and picking the random teams also seems to have evened out the skill gap between them. Adam chances a look across at Josh while he is lining up a goal kick and the blonde can see the concentration on his face. Josh is chewing on his bottom lip and staring at the screen in a trance leaving Adam to wonder if it was such a good idea to raise the stakes before the match even started.

72 minutes in and Josh enjoys a long passing move with City working the ball from left to right until finally the ball is knocked forward to Aguero. The skilful Argentinean quickly turns and charges into the box but Newcastle defenders are quick to swarm around him. Josh moves Aguero to the left then pushes right to the by-line half hoping Adam will be forced to tackle him and bring him down for a penalty. Looking up Josh suddenly whips the ball in with a sudden low cross sending the ball flashing across the face of the goal. Adam’s keeper and defenders are nowhere nearby as City’s other striker Edin Dzeko gets on the end of the cross and smashes it into the net.

“GOALLLLLLLLLLLLL,” Josh screams jumping off the bed in sheer delight.

“Shit,” Adam moans dropping his head into his hands as Dzeko wheels away in celebration.

“What a great finish right into the roof of the net,” Josh says as the replay shows Dzeko was standing in the right place for that low cross before powering the ball into the net.

“Those naked pictures are mine,” Josh continues still delighted at having scored the first goal, “The first thing I’m gonna do is delete all of mine.”

“You gonna do that with mine too?” Adam asks curiously.

“Hell no you came up with this dare so you are the one who is gonna have to sweat it out and worry about me owning your naked pics,” Josh laughs at his friend’s very real predicament.

Adam knows Josh is right and it’s now clear making the dare before the match only motivated the skinny teen. Adam was overeager in wanting get a naked picture of Josh that he didn’t think about losing. That could cost him dearly Adam thinks as he tries to refocus but first the blonde reaches down and pulls off his dark grey socks. Adam throws his socks away ready to restart the game when he notices Josh looking at him in surprise.

“What?” Adam asks.

“You went with socks first,” Josh answers, “Normally you are all brave and macho and take off your shirt first.”

“I take my shirt off when it’s a game and this is not a game anymore,” Adam says firmly, “You are not having my naked pics.”

Adam has his best game face on and Josh quickly grabs his controller expecting a footballing onslaught from the blonde. The second the match restarts Adam adjusts his tactics to make Newcastle more attacking. He knows he needs a goal and Adam is desperate to get it as he kicks off and charges straight towards the City goal.

“Foul,” The blonde yells as Colback falls down but his yells are for nothing.

Josh wants to tell Adam to relax but he knows the blonde won’t listen to him. Adam is going all out to win this game but Josh knows all he has to do is stay calm and hold onto his slender one goal lead. Adam has a lot riding on this and it shows as he becomes more manic as the game clock runs down. He wins a free kick wide on the right hand side of the pitch but his cross in goes harmlessly into the hands of Joe Hart.

“Come on,” Adam yells to himself and his virtual team trying to motivate them to win.

Adam tries to break down the right again but Josh cleanly wins the ball in a tackle then moves forward for a counter attack. The ball is quickly passed to just outside the Newcastle box where Dzeko picks it up. He dribbles forward then goes to shoot when Adam out of desperation launches his defender forward. The sliding tackle from Coloccini misses the ball and clatters into an off balance Dzeko. The whistle goes almost before Dzeko has hit the ground and the referee moves quickly towards the Newcastle defender.

“A RED CARD?” Adam cries out, “What the fuck was that for?”

“He was last man,” Josh tries to point out but Adam is too upset to listen.

“That’s fucking bullshit, no way in hell was that a straight red,” The blonde rages as Coloccini slowly leaves the field.

Josh just shrugs at Adam because he sees his chance of winning improve drastically as Adam now only has 10 men left on the pitch.

“Your guys have been hacking me down all game and yet it’s me that gets the red,” Adam snarls upset at the feeling of bias from his own video game.

“Rules are rules,” Josh says then he stops for a second, “Hey what are the strip FIFA rules on red cards?”

“Huh?” Adam says suddenly swinging his head round at Josh.

“Well if a penalty kick is worth two items then what’s a red worth?” The skinny teen wonders aloud.

“Oh fuck off Josh,” Adam replies angrily, “I am not stripping off cause of that, it was never a red card.”

“Fine,” Josh says stiffly turning away from the blonde knowing better than to argue with Adam when he is pissed off.

The shaven haired teen starts to line up his free kick and Adam feels his anger die away. Now he feels like a piece of shit for yelling at Josh, if the roles were reversed he knows he would be doing the same thing. His ultra-competitive nature has once again boiled over and poor Josh has taken the brunt of it. Adam knows he is a hot head and it’s not the first time he has yelled about a red card then yelled at Josh afterwards. Josh always seems to get the brunt of his anger and Adam feels like a crappy best friend right now. Adam knows trying to get a naked picture of Josh clouded his thoughts and put him the wrong mind set for this game which he is now losing.

“Josh I’m sorry,” Adam says hitting the pause button, “I didn’t mean that.”

“I know,” Josh responds with a shrug, “I agree it was a harsh FIFA red and I shouldn’t have told you to strip off anyway.”

“No man I think stripping for a red is a good idea you know to help keep assholes like me playing the game fairly,” Adam says with a grin.

Josh smirks back, “Hey you yelling like that is nothing remember that time you got sent off in high school and when I tried to get you off the pitch you punched me in the face?”

Adam blushes, “Oh yeah I remember, that was awful I got dumped cause of that you know.”

“Oh yeah damn I forgot, Lindsey really hated you after that didn’t she,” Josh says with a smile.

“She totally had it for you that’s why,” Adam teases, “I’m sure she only dated me to get close to you.”

Now Josh blushes, “How many times do I need to tell you that Lindsey is just a friend, she’s never wanted me as a boyfriend.”

“That’s true,” Adam grins, “She didn’t want you as a boyfriend more like a fuck buddy.”

“Dude no don’t say shit like that, Lindsey is still my friend,” Josh replies.

“I’m just saying if you offered she would be all over you like a rash,” Adam says then he grins, “Hell I bet she likes a shaved smooth guy too.”

“Adam I am warning you drop it,” Josh threatens but Adam just laughs.

“Ok, ok I’ll stop now so I have to lose two items right?” Adam says bringing the attention back to their paused strip FIFA game.

“You really gonna take off two things?” Josh asks.

“Yeah I will might teach me to time my tackles better,” Adam jokes before standing up.

Josh laughs at the joke then watches as his best friend peels off his t shirt. Adam tosses his shirt away into a pile of dirty clothing lying near his bedroom door before he grabs the waistband of his pants. He pulls them down slightly until the black waistband of the boxers is revealed and then strangely Adam blushes. Before Josh can ask what’s wrong Adam pulls his tracksuit bottoms all the way down to his ankles in one swift motion.

“Heh nice undies,” Josh teases, “Did you forget to change before I came over?”

Adam carries on blushing as he stands in front of his best friend in a pair of bright green boxers. The boxers are the tight body hugging kind of underwear but the bright green is what really makes them stand out. Adam knows the colour clashes violently not only with his hair but his pale skin too. They came in a set of boxers he bought and honestly had forgotten he was wearing them until just now.

“Those are awesome,” Josh teases, “You could walk out late at night and still safely cross the road.”

“Yeah, yeah ok very funny Josh can we continue playing now?” Adam asks taking a seat still a little self-conscious about his slightly florescent boxers.

“Ok but I guess you better I hope that I don’t score this free kick,” Josh says and Adam has to take in a deep breath.

The blonde’s stomach twists into a knot because as embarrassing as his green boxers are it would be much worse to end up naked. Adam knows he is well on his way to losing this match making it his third strip FIFA loss in as many games. The losing streak is worrying but not as worrying as the fact that Josh might score again. Josh lines up the free kick on the edge of the D and plays a cheeky pass to the side allowing Toure to shoot but the ball flies well over the bar much to Josh’s annoyance.

Adam keeps fighting hard even though he down to ten men and only has a few minutes of game time left. He throws everyone forward and after a flick down from a long ball Adam is able to make some space just outside the Man City area. Jack Colback lets fly with a massive left footed shot that is going right for the top corner until Hart jumps to his left and tips the ball over the bar.

“Holy shit,” Adam wails, “It’s so not my day today,” He mutters.

“No it’s not,” Josh says almost feeling bad for Adam.

The final few minutes of the game play out but Adam can’t fashion another shooting chance when the final whistle blows. Adam lets out a long deep sigh before looking over at a fully clothed Josh. It’s the first time someone has kept a clean sheet in strip FIFA and that only makes Adam feel worse. Sitting in his underwear while Josh is fully clothed really is humiliating yet Adam knows that isn’t the worst part. The final score is Newcastle 0 Manchester City 1 meaning Adam has not only lost the match but he has lost his camera aswell.
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Keep going, i cant wait to see what happens next!
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Mmmm very good...I look forward to next part
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"That was a close game," Josh says letting out a deep sigh just happy he managed to hold out for the win.

"Yeah hey well done man you won fair and square," Adam says still a little embarrassed about his earlier outburst.

"Hey luck of the draw," Josh says, "I'm sure next time I'll get a really crappy team."

"Next time we will be playing a different game," Adam replies.

"What?" Josh twists his head around sounding shocked, "Are you done with FIFA?"

"Well with FIFA 15 yeah," Adam says pressing X to get out of the end of match menu.

"Shit is the new one coming out soon?" The skinny teen asks and Adam nods.

"Yeah in a couple of weeks, have you not pre ordered yours yet?" Adam asks.

Josh shakes his head no and Adam can't help but laugh at the slightly sad look on his best friend’s face.

"Crap man what if they are all sold out and you can't get one," He teases.

Josh thinks for a second then smiles, "Well I guess I will just have to trade you for your copy of the game."

"What with?" Adam asks then Josh looks over at the camera, "Oh shit really?"

Josh can't help but smile as he reaches over with one long arm to grab the camera off the desk.

"Well this is mine now right?" He asks holding up the tiny digital camera.

"For 7 days yeah," Adam replies glumly.

"So will you trade it for your copy of FIFA 16?" Josh asks seriously staring at the underwear clad blonde.

"Are your nude pics gonna stay on the camera?" Adam curiously asks back.

"No way," Josh says quickly, “I’m just offering you the camera and your naked pics for FIFA 16.”

"If that’s the best deal you have my answer is no," The blonde says firmly.

Adam hates the fact his naked pictures are on the camera but they are certainly not worth a brand new PS4 game. The blonde also knows Josh won’t show those pictures to anyone which is the opposite of what Adam was going to do with them.

Josh just laughs, "Ah well I guess I'll just have to buy it myself."

Adam nods and then a thought pops into his head, "You think we will still play strip FIFA on FIFA 16?"

Instantly Josh nods his head, "Of course we will man, why are you thinking about stopping?"

Even having lost the game and with a camera full of his naked pictures in Josh’s hand the underwear clad blonde still smiles.

"No I'm not stopping Josh because next time we play I will beat you," Adam threatens.

"Yeah sure you will man," Josh teases with an eye roll before he moves his finger onto the camera's main power button.

"Hey what are you doing?" Adam suddenly asks as the digital camera bursts into life.

"Turning my camera on," Josh says with a smile.

"Why?" Adam asks with a hint of worry in his voice.

"To look at the pictures on it," The skinny teen replies with a smirk.

Adam feels his whole body tense up, he has been naked in front of Josh before but looking at naked pictures feels more intimate. The blonde is sweating as he stares at the camera in Josh's hands. Josh is looking at the camera screen and pressing away at the various buttons on the back of the camera. Adam knows his best friend is deleting his naked pictures off the camera which makes the blonde wonder what Simon will do next time he sees him and finds out that he failed his forfeit.

"There, all deleted," Josh says with a smile.

Adam grunts unable to think of a response when Josh suddenly gasps.

"Holy shit dude you properly took naked selfies of yourself," The skinny teen exclaims.

Adam feels his cheeks glowing bright red as he knows Josh is now looking at his naked pictures.

"Shit man," Josh says still sounding surprised, "I never thought of using the mirror."

"Seriously man can you not look at my naked pics?" Adam complains looking up at his best friend with pleading eyes.

"Hey this was all your idea man," Josh counters and Adam can't argue with that.

"Anyway Adam don’t worry about it, you know when you actually get a girlfriend you will be great at sexting," Josh teases.

"You an expert on sexting now?" Adam fires back but Josh just continues to smile.

"I'm not the guy who has naked pictures of himself on a camera," Josh replies with a grin.

Adam groans then feels like his has to ask an obvious question, "Josh please promise me you won't show these pics to anyone."

"I won't show anyone but honestly man I can't promise that they won't be seen," Josh says making Adam stare at his best friend with a look of confusion on his face.

"Well if I own this camera for a week then it will be at my place right?" Josh says slowly and Adam nods his head.

"Dude I'm not gonna lie no matter where I try and hide it Emma will find it," Josh says with that cheeky grin still fixed across his face.

"It’s why I keep her birthday presents at yours because she always tracks down anything I hide in my room," Josh explains while Adam just sits in his chair speechless.

He completely forgot about Emma but now she is at the forefront of his thoughts. Adam knows he should be deeply embarrassed at the thought of Josh's girlfriend seeing him naked but the scary thing is having been exposed so much recently Adam doesn't think he would mind having Emma look at his naked snaps. Emma is such a cool chick that Adam doesn't think she would mind especially if she knew Josh beat him for them. That thought worries Adam, why would he be cool with Josh's girlfriend seeing him naked? He and Emma get on ok but having her see him naked would change the dynamic of their combined relationships drastically.

"You ok dude?" Josh asks breaking Adam's unsettling thought.

"Yeah I just fuck man would you really let Emma look at pictures like that?" The blonde asks genuinely curious about the answer.

"Think I would be jealous?" Josh jokes, "Or is your body so hot that Emma would ditch me and go to you?"

"Well...," Adam starts to say forcing Josh to start laughing.

"Fucking hell man, that's a disgusting thought you and Emma together," Josh teases pretending to be ill.

"Well if you don't want that to happen then you better hide that camera good," Adam threatens.

"I'll try man but I can't promise anything, she like a bloodhound," Josh says still laughing.

Adam blushes hard trapped between two conflicting emotions, half of him gets a small thrill at the thought of having a hot girl like Emma seeing him naked. The other part of him is deeply embarrassed at the idea of Josh's girlfriend seeing him naked. Adam doesn't know where these emotions are coming from, he keeps getting himself into this embarrassing situations. This feels 100 times worse than the embarrassment he suffered through growing up with an older sister.

"So," Josh says turning the camera off and slipping it into his pocket, "What now?"

Adam can't help but stare at Josh's pocket where the camera is. He feels so helpless with his naked pictures now in the possession of his best friend. The fear of them being seen by Josh’s girlfriend too makes the sensation of being embarrassed almost overtake Adam’s barely clothed body. The blonde is trying to not shiver with the idea of a woman he knows seeing the most intimate parts of his body without his consent.

"You were ribbing me about Emma right?" Adam curiously asks.

Josh shrugs his shoulders, "Not really but I can hide some things from her so your naked ass is safe."

Adam laughs in relief but still his stomach is full of butterflies. He understands what Josh was complaining about earlier because having something so private in the hands of someone else really is unsettling. Adam is sure Josh wouldn't share the pictures online but the threat of Emma finding them is very real and the thought of that humiliation almost makes Adam’s whole body glow red with embarrassment.

"The trade is still open," The skinny teen says with a big grin teasing his stripped down friend.

"You are not getting FIFA 16," Adam fires back, "In fact come over Thursday and have the very first game of strip FIFA 16 with me."

"Ha alright then if you wanna get beaten naked again I'm down with that," Josh grins.

"No you won't man, new game, new way to play I'm gonna win and win big," Adam states confidently.

Josh laughs at his green boxer clad friend, "I dunno man I'm on a hot streak right now."

"Yeah for now but I'm gonna get it back," Adam replies.

"The winning streak or the camera?" Josh asks honestly.

"Both," Adam says with a grin before he hears the sound of his front door opening.

"Hello, Adam are you home?" A voice echoes up the stairs.

"Shit," Adam yells quickly diving across for his clothes.

Josh can't help but laugh out loud as his best friend quickly tries to redress.

"Adam?" The voice yells again from the bottom of the stairs.

"Yeah hi Mum," Adam shouts back while desperately trying to pull on his tracksuit bottoms.

"Hi Mrs Davis," Josh shouts out eager to embarrass his friend a little more.

"Oh Josh hello," Adam's mother shouts back, “Are you boys busy up there?”

It sounds like she is only standing at the foot of the stairs but her voice sounds so close that a semi naked Adam is sweating. The blonde’s face has turned a dark red and Josh is enjoying this almost as much as he did when he made a nude Adam race around his garden.

“No we have just finished a game,” Josh yells back grinning happily at a deeply embarrassed Adam.

"Great so would you boys mind helping me out with the shopping?" Mrs Davis asks from the bottom of the stairs.

"Sure Mum just give us a second," A panicked Adam calls back having just discovered that he has put on his t shirt backwards.

Still laughing Josh gets to his feet and walks past his half-dressed friend.

"Well I guess we will have to see what happens next week," Josh says with an unusually cocky grin on his face.

Adam just growls at the taunt as his best friend leaves him alone in his room. He fixes his shirt and then it fully hits him, Josh has his naked pictures. The camera is still in his pocket as he goes downstairs to help his Mum. Adam hasn't felt this embarrassed before even all the torment from his older sister growing up almost feels like nothing compared to this. Adam not only failed in his dare to Simon but he is now at the mercy of Josh for a whole week. The blonde now can't wait for the new FIFA to come out, a new game might just change his horrible losing spell or at least leave him less embarrassed than he is right now.
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Dude this is one awesome well written story.. cheers, keep it going
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Yes I'm really enjoying story. I look forward to more😀
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Adam is very excited because finally after what feels like months of waiting it arrived today. His postman has only just delivered his pre ordered copy of FIFA 16 and the young blonde has been waiting pretty much all morning for it to arrive. Adam is like an excited child on Christmas morning tearing through the cheap cardboard to unwrap the latest edition of FIFA. He is not just happy because he has a new awesome game to play but happy that he is going to have another game of strip FIFA. Josh promised that as soon as Adam got FIFA 16 he would come over to play it and that has Adam almost shaking in anticipation.

The last few strip FIFA games however have not gone well for Adam as he is on a three match losing streak. He has had to strip completely naked in front of two different players on his football team, been forced to streak outside and had a camera full of naked pictures of himself taken home by Josh. Adam feels after all that he is owned a win and could maybe start a winning streak on this brand new FIFA game. He badly wants to beat Josh and get some kind of revenge on his lanky best friend so Adam races upstairs with the new game box in his hand desperate to get the disk into the machine.

Once the game starts to install on his PS4 Adam pulls out his phone and texts Josh, “Got FIFA 16 get over here now and be ready to lose!”

Adam sends the text then makes his way slowly downstairs wondering how quickly Josh will answer. They have both been so busy lately that the last time Adam really spoke to Josh was during their last strip FIFA game. That was a week ago and so Adam has been silently worrying about what Josh is doing with his naked pictures all week long. It’s been an annoying itch in the back of Adam’s mind wondering what if anything his best friend will do with the digital camera containing shots of his naked body. The blonde is sure Josh won’t do anything with them but that doesn’t ease his paranoia about the whole situation.

Inside his pocket Adam’s phone buzzes and quickly the blonde retrieves his phone to check the incoming text message. It’s a reply from Josh and Adam finds his hands are almost shaking as he looks at the screen.

“Awesome I’ll be right over,” The text reads and Adam smiles.

This time Adam is not going to make the same simple mistakes he made in the last two games. He might have only got FIFA 16 today but for the last week Adam has been religious playing the FIFA 16 demo. Part of him worried that playing the demo is cheating but Adam convinces himself it is just good preparation. Adam needs to be prepared because his last match with Josh was nothing short of a disaster for the blonde. Not only did he lose and have a camera full of his naked pictures taken but Adam’s mother came home while he was still stripped down.

Thankfully she didn’t catch him but that kind of close shave still makes Adam blush at the thought of his mum catching him playing and losing a strip game. That moment of near disaster has made Adam more cautious making sure both his mum and his sister are out all day so he and Josh won’t be disturbed.

Josh shuts his front door locking it behind him before making his way down the road. He has spent the last week thinking about playing another game of strip FIFA with Adam, their first strip game on the newest version of FIFA. Josh knew he would be playing FIFA 16 today so he downloaded the free demo last week to practice and even though that is technically cheating Josh doubts he will have much of an advantage. The demo is always vastly different the full game and in the heat of battle Josh is sure he won't remember all the little changes FIFA 16 has made to the series.

Josh is quietly confident about keeping his win streak going having won the last two games against Adam. The last victory won him a very special prize as in his pocket is Adam's digital camera and on that camera are the set of naked selfies that Adam took himself. It has been a bit of a pain to keep the camera hidden but thankfully neither his mum nor his girlfriend found the camera. The big question for Josh is if he should tell Adam the truth or tease the blonde and tell him loads of people have seen his naked snaps. Josh takes all his usual shortcuts making it to Adam's house in just under 5 minutes quickly knocking on the dark brown front door and just seconds’ later Josh can hear the door unlocking.

"Hey man," Adam says as he swings the front door open.

"So it arrived then?" Josh instantly asks.

Adam nods his head, "Yep and I've already started installing it."

"Wow well done you," Josh teases as he steps around the blonde and into the hallway, "It's like you are desperate to get beat again."

"Funny," Adam replies sarcastically, "You won't be saying that when I beat you naked."

"Eww dude that sounds kinda gay," Josh says with a smirk.

Adam just rolls his eyes at the tall winger groaning at the crappy gay joke as Josh starts pulling off his trainers. Adam closes the front door and sighs knowing what he has to ask Josh next. Turning around Adam starts to blush, he has been thinking about this question all week yet is slightly afraid of the answer.

"So do you have it?" Adam asks softly.

"Have what?" Josh responds nonchalantly kicking his shoes underneath a nearby radiator.

"Dude the camera," Adam hisses anxiously.

The sound of desperation in Adam's voice makes Josh laugh as he moves his hand down into the pocket of his jeans pulling out the small red camera. Adam lets out a huge sigh of relief, part of him was terrified that Josh might have lost the camera.

"Did anyone else see it?" Adam asks sounding worried again.

A still laughing Josh shakes his head, "No man I hid this well so no one could find it."

"Not even Emma?" Adam asks again desperate to reassure himself that no one saw his naked pictures.

"No Adam, my girlfriend did not see your slutty naked pictures," Josh replies still grinning at his anxious friend.

Adam feels like a big weight has been lifted off his shoulder upon hearing that. It was such a big risk in letting Josh take the camera home because had anyone found that camera and worked out those naked pics were of him well that could have been incredibly embarrassing for Adam.

"So will you now please delete my pics off that camera?" Adam asks but Josh just laughs.

"No you said I own this camera for a whole week and there are still a few hours left," Josh says smartly.

"Asshole," Adam growls then smirks, "You would have deleted the pics if Emma had seen them."

Now it's Josh's turn to roll his eyes," Dude I'm starting to think you are obsessed with Emma seeing you naked."

"Well it's about time she saw a real man naked," Adam jokes.

Josh laughs then smirks, "Maybe that should be the loser's dare for today."

"What?" Adam replies in confusion.

"The winner of the match gets to show off the loser's naked pictures to someone," Josh says with a beaming smile.

Adam gasps in complete and total shock, he can't believe Josh would suggest that. Josh has a huge grin on his face and Adam suddenly understands that it was a joke. The skinny teen is trying to tease him and get him off his game then the blonde suddenly thinks of Simon's dare and that joke might actually be the perfect dare for him. Adam tried to force Josh to give up a naked picture and that didn't work but now Josh is offering him the perfect opportunity to pay off his dare to the big defender.

"Ok deal," Adam says sharply watching Josh's happy expression fade.

"Dude that was just a joke," Josh says quickly sounding panicked but Adam just shakes his head.

"Tough I think that is a pretty cool dare," Adam says suddenly brimming with confidence.

The last few weeks have been rough for Adam after losing consecutive strip FIFA games and he has also spend the last week worrying about his naked pictures falling into the wrong hands. Now Josh's joke has suddenly put Adam back in charge. Josh was trying to unsettle him but the blonde has one upped him now it's Josh who is unsure and nervous.

"You can't do that as a dare," The skinny teen complains.

"Why not?" Adam asks now with a big smile on his face.

"Cut it out Adam it's not funny," Josh says annoyed by his best friend's smirk.

"Well you said it man," Adam laughs, "I wasn't even thinking about the after match dare but you came up with a perfect idea."

"I'm not doing it," Josh says firmly but inside he is extremely uncomfortable at the way Adam is twisting his words.

Adam just shrugs his shoulders because he knows he still owes Josh some payback for the last two dares.

'Come on man seriously I wouldn't do that to you," Josh continues to argue but Adam just keeps smiling.

Josh finds his best friend's smile rather unnerving, "Really? Come on Adam who would you even show my naked pictures too?"

Without missing a beat Adam quickly responses, "Karen of course."

What little colour that was left on Josh's face drains away. He can't believe his best friend would even think of something like that.

"No," Josh says with a strangled whisper, "You wouldn't."

"Well you have always had a thing for her," Adam teases, "I'm sure she would enjoy seeing your naked shaved body."

Josh groans as the blonde continues to taunt him making him think about Karen seeing him nude. Thinking hard the lanky teen steps forward and holds the digital camera out. Adam raises his eyebrows in surprise as a visibly distressed Josh looks at him pleadingly.

"Just take it, please that dare was just a joke man I can't do it," Josh says almost begging his best friend.

"You don't have to buy me off," Adam says honestly, "All you have to do is win the game so you don't have to do the dare."

Josh looks completely shocked for a second like that simple idea never crossed his mind. Naked pictures seem to be a real weak point for Josh, he clearly doesn't like the idea of turning into a nude model. Josh pulls the camera back looking a little embarrassed that he completely forgot that he has to play a game of FIFA before the dare.

Adam just shakes his head sadly at the antics of his best mate, "And people think I'm the slow one."

The blonde takes off up his stairs heading straight into his bedroom and Adam smiles as he sees that the game has fully downloaded onto his PS4. Picking up a controller Adam starts the game just as a slightly embarrassed Josh walks in.

“Sorry about that outburst,” Josh says slowly, “I just really hate the idea of having naked pictures of myself out there in the world.”

“I’ve noticed,” Adam says dryly.

“Seriously man if I lose this you can’t make me do that dare,” Josh says and Adam lets out a chuckle.

“Why would you say that?” He asks, “Josh you can’t say don’t do it I won’t like it as an excuse to not do a dare, that’s the whole point of a dare.”

Josh nods his head, he understands Adam’s point but he still doesn’t like it.

“Anyway I still haven’t forgotten about you making me streak outside,” Adam says with a grin, “So I am defo gonna show off your naked selfie’s.

The skinny teen growls as he sees there is no way to reason with Adam, “Fine I’ll just win then.”

Adam has to laugh as a moody Josh brushes past him to go sit on his bed. If they scored mind games it would be an easy one nil to Adam as Josh has been thrown right off his game. Coming here Josh felt confident and in control but now he feels like his back is against the wall. Knowing the dare beforehand didn’t do Adam much good last time and Josh is worried that he is already mentally compromised. Playing for the camera was tense now knowing Adam would share his naked pics with his sister if he wins makes the tension feel a thousand times worse for Josh.

Josh hands are already starting to sweat and he hasn’t touched his controller yet. Adam doesn’t notice Josh’s inner torment as he is busy waiting for the game to read his online profile.

“So same rules as last time then?” Adam asks, “Just pick two random teams and go for it.”

“Why don’t we pick international teams this time?” Josh asks hopefully.

In his mind Josh is thinking about playing as Wales again to use the counter attack speed of Gareth Bale. Josh has had success with Wales not just on strip FIFA but in his normal online play too so he would feel more confident in a must win game with a team he trusts. The skinny teen still can’t believe however that Adam would take a joke and willingly turn it into the forfeit dare. Josh really doesn’t want to think about the consequences of Karen seeing him naked and he has only ever pretended to have a crush on her in order to tease Adam. Now if he loses this match there is a very real chance that Karen will be able to mock him forever after seeing him completely naked.

“Ok cool yeah I don’t mind playing as an international side,” Adam says breaking Josh’s inner monologue.

FIFA 16 loads up into the same practice match from the demo, Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

“We could always just play this is you want,” Adam offers but Josh shakes his head.

Adam quits out of the start-up FIFA game and finally arrives in the main menu. Moving to the kick off screen Adam hands a controller over to Josh then starts browsing through the menu.

“Hey we can play as female teams, they are all internationals,” Adam offers.

“No thanks,” Josh says as he turns his controller on.

“Scared of stripping off in front of all those girls,” Adam says with a chuckle.

Josh debates launching a pillow at the blonde’s head but decides not to rise to the bait of Adam’s teasing. Adam can see that he is getting under Josh’s skin and there is nothing funnier than an annoyed Josh. To get someone normally so calm and kinda shy to get all worked up is a fun way to pass the time. Adam also knows an upset and distracted Josh won’t play half as well and that could be key to finally getting naked pictures of him for Simon’s dare. Hitting the square button Adam randomizes from the international teams and comes out with Hungary.

“Shit,” Adam exclaims, “I don’t know anyone who plays for Hungary.

“Me neither,” Josh adds, “That is a terrible random choice,” He adds before hitting his own random button.

Slovenia is the team chosen and Adam and Josh both turn to each other.

“Well this match is gonna suck,” Josh says bluntly.

“Isn’t this a rivalry?” Adam asks about the two European nations.

“No fucking idea,” Josh says with a shrug, “Still guess that’s the big fault of picking things at random, you could end up with some really crappy match up’s.”

“Yeah still can’t blame the teams if we play bad because we have no idea about any of the players,” Adam replies.

“I guess,” Josh says as he grips his controller tight ready for another game of strip FIFA.
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Nice I look forward to there next game
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