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Well I ended up rolling a lot!

Roll 1- 6
Roll 2 - 5, edge twice anyway I want
Roll 3 - 5 Go back to roll 1 (Sigh)
Roll 4 - 4
Roll 5 - 1 edge once using non dominant hand
Roll 6 - 2 Go Back to roll 2 (Sigh!)
Roll 7 - 4 Edge three times anyway I want (By this time really need to cum!)
Roll 8 - 4 Edge Three times
Roll 9 - 2 Go back to roll 3
Roll 10 - 6 Edge three times (Really Really needed to cum by this point)
Roll 11 - 1 Edge once by humping, no hands
Roll 12 - 6 Edge 5 times go back to roll 4
Roll 13 - 3 Edge once by humping, no hands
Roll 14 - 2 Edge twice, no cumming

Very good dare! And definitely left me wanting more!
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PM me PENS + number (under 10) and I will put that many in my ass for however long you specify
PM me EDGE and a number and I must edge that many times

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I have tried this 2 times now and have failed each time. Great dice dare.

Full list of likes/dislikes/limits
Full list of PM Dares
Limits: Cross Dressing, body writing, body fluid eating, Family, Permanent, full public

Punish me please
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Roll 1.
3 edges
Roll 2.
4 -Edge three times- any way you want
Roll 3.
4 -Edge three times
Roll 4.
1 -Edge once by humping things no hands
Roll 5.
2 -Edge twice no cumming

I had a goal of not shooting until Saturday night so glad it didn’t force me to cum. I palm-polished my dickhead for about 25sec as a nice finisher.
Male 36
Likes: Farting, Nudity, Piss, Bladder Control, Spanking, CBT, Edging, Bodywriting, Humiliation
Limits: Crossdress, Full Face, Public, Blood, Permanent, Scat Play (just pooping is fine)

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Well after finding this via google i have tried a few times, but never managed without letting go. so please punish me with dares.
here is*the dices rolls i got,



so i had a hard go of it, but will keep going and try to beat it
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