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Bin Taking out the trash part 1

I spent half my day in bed because I was sick today. Luckily, Sir entertained me by telling me a very nice story. And by very nice, I mean a story filled with suffering, pain and humiliation for me. Which turns me on immensely. Even though I'm sick, I still get horny. It prompted me to write down a fantasy of mine. I hope you'll enjoy.

Taking out the trash, part 1

For the hundredth time, I felt around the box covering my head. Trying in vain to find a way to open it and remove it. It was hot and sweaty inside, and pitch black. All that my fingers felt, was cold steel and a closed lock. I pulled at it hard, but it wouldn't budge. The box was made of metal and it closed around my neck. There was a small hatch in front of my eyes, but after locking me into the box, Sir had slammed it shut with a grin. I even heard him attach a lock to the hatch.

My legs were screaming by now. My hands were free, but that didn't help me at all. I was secured in a sturdy metal frame. My neck was locked in metal stocks and my tits were squeezed tightly between two iron bars attached to the frame. My legs were also free, but Sir had adjusted the height of the frame, so that all I could do was squat in a very uncomfortable position. I couldn't kneel down, and I couldn't stand up. If I slacked, I would pull painfully on my tits. I tried in vain to feel around, to find a way to loosen the bars trapping my tits. Of course I knew that it was pointless; Sir had made a big show of tightening the bolts with a wrench.

My nose itched and I reached up to scratch, but of course all my fingers met was metal. Before locking me into the box, he had inserted a large ring gag into my mouth and a nose hook that painfully pulled my nose up and made fidgeting even harder. I was beginning to get very frustrated and I stomped my feet in an attempt to protest. Suddenly, a loud bang. And another. Sir must have been hitting the box with something hard. The noise was excruciating and I screamed though my gag. I felt the bars trapping my tits tighten painfully. I went very still. The pressure was very unpleasant. Then my nipples were being pulled and pinched painfully. I tried to squirm away, but I was effectively trapped my my neck and tits. I felt hot pain shoot through my right nipple as a very tight clamp was being attached. Then, my left nipple. I screamed again, but apparently Sir wasn't impressed. I felt the clamp being pulled painfully and then sir grabbed the big toe on my right foot and he tied a string around it. I tried to pull away and I winced in pain as my nipple was pulled painfully ; Sir must have attached the nipple clamp to the string that was tied around my toe. Of course, the other toe and nipple got the same treatment and all at once, I couldn't really move around all that much anymore.

“Good. You're supposed to be a good little trash can. Trash cans don't normally move around now do they?” That sent a shock through me! What the hell did he mean by that!? I tried to protest, but the ring gag made speaking impossible. There wasn't any answer anyway. When I thought Sir had left me alone, I carefully touched my poor tits and felt around for the nipple clamps. At once, his voice boomed and warned me not to take the clamps off, or he would cane my ass so hard it would bleed. That sent me into a very compliant state and I resumed trying in vain to make myself comfortable.

“Good. I'm going to cook lunch now. The trash can will have to stay in the garage. I don't want a filthy thing like that in my kitchen.”

With that, I guessed he was gone. I was left to my suffering and pondering whatever the hell Sir had in store for me. I tried to move my legs, but it made my nipples hurt like hell. I pulled myself up on the stocks holding my neck. This relieved the pressure on my legs a little. For a while at least. Until my arms got tired. After a while I was desperate and in tears, my legs were shaking and all I wanted was some relief. To take the weight off. A hard smack on my ass startled me. And another and then a lot more. I flinched, this hurt! It felt like Sir was using the flogger. I tried to stay still, to spare my nipples, but this didn't work, I couldn't stay still. All I could do was suffer and cry. Finally, when my ass felt like it was on fire, the flogging stopped.

I heard Sir fiddling around with the locks on the box and, in a moment of joy, I though he was going to release me. But only the top of the box opened. I was surprised, I didn't know that was also possible. I could just look up over the edge and I saw Sir smiling down at me. “I had a lovely lunch. But unfortunately, I have to do the cleaning up since you are otherwise engaged. Luckily, I have an excellent place to dump all my garbage.” He disappeared from my vision for a moment, but when he returned, he was holding a big bucket above me. He took out a banana peel and dumped it on my head. Then two rotten tomatoes which he also smashed on top of my head. He emptied a filter containing wet coffee grounds into the box and then, three raw eggs. All this mess was dripping down my face. Some of it got into my nostrils and most of it ended up running into my open mouth. I gagged and I choked, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't even spit it out. It tasted so gross and it felt horrible, cold and mushy. I looked up at Sir and he was grinning. “That looks about right. If you're hungry, you might find a bite to eat in there. Gosh, I take such good care of you.”

All I could do was cry. I felt so degraded, humiliated and in pain. I looked up imploringly. My legs were shaking in earnest now. “It seems my trash can is getting tired.” He said. “We can't have that, I still need it when I do the gardening this afternoon.” With that was gone again. Just when I started to wonder if he was coming back, I felt him grabbing my ass and telling me to lift it up. “Here is a nice comfy stool so that you can rest your poor legs. You can lower down onto it now.” With a sight of relief, I did. Only to almost jump back up again. It hurt!
Sir looked at me with a smirk; “Oh I see I forgot to mention that I covered the seat of the stool in thumb tacks. I can't have you dozing off. Of course you don't have to sit down if you don't want to…” with that the lid of the box slammed closed and I was left in hot, sweaty, filthy darkness again. Giving up on trying to stand, I carefully lowered my backside onto the stool. It hurt and the thumbtacks pricked every inch of my already sensitive buttocks, but at least the strain was off my legs for now.

Slowly, I settled down a little. As far as that was possible anyways. I didn't know how much time passed. My mind was floating away, hating the pain and humiliation, but loving it at the same time. I was ashamed to notice that my cunt was dripping. My ass got used a little to the hundreds of spikes I was sitting on and I was able to relax in a way.

Until the bolts on the tit press were tightened again… Sir was back. The hatch opened and Sir peered inside. “I need to piss, and I can't be bothered to go all the way inside. You'll do.” To my horror, he unzipped his trousers and pissed into the box. Over my face, in my eyes and into my mouth. I coughed and choked on the foul hot stream of piss covering me, but it seemed to go on forever. I tried protesting, but the only sounds that came out of my mouth were stupid gurgling noises. A lot of the piss ran down my body, through the hole in the box around my neck. At least I wouldn't drown in it, I thought, shuddering.
With a loud “SLAM”, the lid closed again. Leaving me to ponder what what in store for me next…
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