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Default How to format your threads (Must read)

Welcome to the Dice Dare section. Here you can post your dice dares and users can comment on them. Like all the sub-forums at getDare there are a few rules here.

Other Rules
Regular getDare rules still apply to this forum. Please take time to read them before reading these. They apply here too.

What Can I Post Here?
  • New threads may ONLY contain dice dares. No other content is allowed when starting a thread.

Titles have two elements that are required at the end of them. The first part is [SINGLE] for single player or [GROUP] for multiple players. This is followed by a rating [G], [PG], [PG-13], or [R].

Sample Thread Titles
Big party game [GROUP][G]
Food based game [SINGLE][PG]
Computer dice dares [SINGLE][G]
Outdoors Party [GROUP][PG-13]
Threads that do not follow this format will be removed. This section is only for posting completed games. Please use other forums to formulate your ideas.

Dice Dares
  • Only computer generated art or hand drawn illustrations are allowed should you use images.
  • Spelling and grammar count here. Posts that read like a 12 year old wrote them will be moved to the trashcan. Please check your work before hitting that submit button.
  • Don't steal dice dares from other sites.

  • Reward writers you like by giving them reputation! Click the icon and give a little feedback. Reputation is sent anonymously so you can be open and honest.

These forums will be moderated much stricter than the other parts of this site. Please make sure to follow ALL RULES carefully.
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