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http://www.dice2d.com/dice-roller.html this dice has lots of sides avalible
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I am using http://dicelog.com/dice a lot.

You can roll any dice you want. Want a dice with 24 sides? Then use: 1d24. When I let a dice decide which boxer short I have to wear, I roll 1d63 haha. Also you can make all kinds of formulas with it. For instance, I have 35 pears of sneakers I wear regularly, so I often use 1d35, but when I must risk more or newer sneakers only I could use 1d15+20. This way the dice chooses only from my latest 15 pairs of sneakers.

What makes it really interesting is https://dicelog.com/maildice, because it can e-mail the results to persons. So a slave can roll a dice and at the moment he sees the outcome of the roll, the proof of that roll is in his masters e-mailbox. There is even a code with can use to see if there is really legitimate dice roll going on.

PS the mail dice does give a warning in some browsers, but I have been using it for years and it's safe.
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With this one you can make a Dice Room, that people can join and see what you roll it also have a log for rolls made.


Nickname: "your getdare username"
Room Name: GetDare (or what you like to call it)
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Originally Posted by daremealso View Post
With this one you can make a Dice Room, that people can join and see what you roll it also have a log for rolls made.


Nickname: "your getdare username"
Room Name: GetDare (or what you like to call it)
Yes; I've used this for simple betting games, and find it very useful. Really a great little tool, and easy to use. The only real drawback I've found so far is rolling multiple dice at once; you can only roll 4D6 (or any dice) at a time, I think? But that in itself is has not been too much of a problem for me.

There are also good codes for people who want to make things a little more complex.
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That URL is very good for computers, but it is lacking for phones or tablets. Not because it is not entirely functional in those devices, but it does not uses the unique characteristic they have that normal computers and notebooks do not.

If you use an Android device, for example, you could download this app:


Then, to through a (or many) dice you would simply start up the app and shake your phone!

What? Don't use an Android device? Well, in that case you could trash the piece of junk you've got and get an Android device!

Now, seriously, just search for the word "dice" in your application center (however it is called) and something tells me you will find one just for you.
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Default Kik dice

Kik now has a bot going doing dice rolls. Just type "@roll 6". You can change the number of sides too.

It also has a bot that can be used for keeping scores "@gggoal". Haven't had a chance to use it in a game yet, but looks like fun.

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Default An easy online dice room

www.rolz.org is the site whenever I play a set of rules. Tehre are lots of sets in the Forums in slutwives.com. If you are a dominant, please message me for more info.
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There's a good way to securely roll a die between two persons without requiring any websites or emails if you have access to a linux shell:

1. Alice picks a decently sized random number, i.e. with:
$ dd if=/dev/urandom bs=8 count=1 status=none | xxd -ps
2. She generates a cryptographic hash of that number and sends it to Bob:
$ echo 4b3bde518f53e97f | sha256sum
89dbb80685382fd0e40deefa55274b6598bf07b198c27ec9435157c6231f228e  -
3. Bob generates a random number and sends it to Alice:
$ dd if=/dev/urandom bs=8 count=1 status=none | xxd -ps
4. Alice reveals her number from step 1

5. Bob verifies its checksum is OK

6. They XOR the two random numbers and take a modulus of whatever-many sides they want. Assuming they want a d6:
$ echo $(( (0x4b3bde518f53e97f ^ 0x66ea8ac179e39753) % 6 + 1))
They rolled a 1. Yay.

Edit: There's also quite a few websites that can calculate XOR or SHA256 for you. You can also get a shell in your browser: https://bellard.org/jslinux/vm.html?...ldroot-x86.cfg (it's missing xxd, so change "xxd -ps" to "od -A n -t x8")

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