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Male 46/male/master seeks any age/male/sub in any place

46/male/master seeks any age/male/sub in any place

46/male/master seeks any age/male/sub in any place (must have cam)

Master requires an obedient cam sub for online ownership.

You must be obedient, and able to take discipline humiliation and use, and must be prepared to obey.

I am not really looking for one offs - rather someone for long term online ownership and control

Limits will initially be discussed and from agreement, honoured.
You MUST have a webcam for regular sessions (although we all obviously have lives too) (Sir is rarely on cam, as he finds this adds to the humiliation & servitude of the sub)

Ideally you should be from the UK (however, this is not essential, and many US guys are ideal candidates, although time zone can sometimes be a problem) You must be able to speak fluent English to be assessed (language limitations cannot be tolerated)

Age - so long as 18+ this is fine -I actually love older subs, so don't be afraid, but younger subs are also great!

I love str8 subs as I find this can easily humiliate them, however bi and gay guys are obviously ideal candidates too.

I love guys with bushy untrimmed pubes - if I own you I will make you "grow out".

Please note: not showing your face in a session is unacceptable, please do not apply if this is one of your limits as it is a red line for me

Discretion is a key factor in things like this and I give you my assurances that I will be discreet and expect discretion in return.

It would be helpful if you have a mobile phone that takes pictures too (or a digi cam) , should I set you assignments or tasks during the day you may be required to text me / kik me the evidence or email me the photo proofs.

Some kind of things to expect for discipline could be:
CP (with suitable household implements)
Deep heat cream treatment
Cotton bud/Q Tip treatment
Pegs (clothes pins)
Elastic Bands
Anal play (we can ad lib on instruments)
Cum denial
Cum control
Cum eating
Piss Control
Water Sports
Toilet activity viewing
Mouth Soaping

I like (where agreed) to set rules for you to adhere to online & offline
I like to set wank bans and only allow my subs to cum as a reward (and then only for me on cam)
I like to dictate which underwear (if any) a sub wears each day
I like to do underwear inspections for skid mark patrols and underwear stains- the sub may be required to sniff these and more
I like to see the sub on the toilet as a true act of obedience and humiliation if I so direct it.
I love to humiliate, make subs pose in various humiliating positions and do humiliating acts

All of these things can and will be discussed upon initial assessment, and limits agreed and ironed out.

If you would like to be assessed for online ownership, and are prepared to submit to some of what I have said; if you are prepared to cam at least a couple of times a week; if you are obedient, able to take discipline, orders & humiliation; if you have a webcam, and, possibly (hopefully) a still cam for texts or emails then YOU should be applying to be assessed.

Oh, and a couple of golden rules to ALWAYS be remembered and adhered to:

1. ALWAYS address me as Sir - at every line you type in chat, or when you are speaking to me in session, failure to do so will earn you a punishment each time for bad manners

2. ALWAYS stand, out of respect whenever I first connect to your webcam, until you are told to sit

3. Assume NOTHING in a session, do not eat, drink, smoke, go to the bathroom, answer your phone, touch your cock, etc without my express consent first..... I am FIRM but FAIR

Failure to follow the golden rules, and others as set down, will earn you discipline!

Email me [email protected] with the answer to the following questions or you may answer the questions on Skype

From? UK, USA etc, location
Cut or Uncut
Pubes: Natural/bushy, trimmed, shaved?
Str8, bi, gay?
Slave experience? (be honest I like novices and experienced alike)
Your likes, dislikes, and limits, and your feelings or concerns about anything in my ad
You availability/time zone if not in UK
The attachment of a couple of photos of you is required


Skype ID: sir4sub
KiK: sir4sub (please note I do not accept KIK only subs - kik is an additional aide to provide daily task evidence and contact)
Email: [email protected]

ALWAYS quote: Slave for Assessment: GETDARE: & your getdare username when adding me to Skype or kik. :

I await your full replies

Any questions or negotiations can be addressed to me by email or skype.

Serious applicants only please


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Posts: 91

I have had a couple of applications, one so far partially successful. I will take on a couple of applicants if I find someone suitably matched to the role. Apply within
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Any more potential subs?
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