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Chapter ten

I gave her pussy a quick kiss whilst I still could before she covered up.
I stood up, her juices still dripping from my chin. "do you want a towel!" Mike called as he threw a small hand towel into my arms.
"hang on" Emma whispered before I dried my face as she stood up in front of me, I was shocked as she licked my chin and her open mouth collided with mine, her tongue scraping juices off of mine and into hers.

My erect cock was pushing against her wet pussy as she stood in front of me tasting her own juice in my mouth. After the wettest kiss in my life, she sat back down and I dryed my face, I turned around to see everyone else's shocked and curious faces.

Sitting back down I didn't even attempt to hide my bone "Mike, truth or dare?"
Reaching for a drink Mike chose "Truth"
"what's the real reason you and Sarah split up?"
Without a seconds thought he replied "forfit"
"what's the furthest you got with Sarah?"
"groping under clothing... Chloe dare or dare?"
Chloe reached for her shot given me at Emma a clear view of her ass and trimmed pussy, our eyes didn't know where to look. Her moist slit slightly parted showing the darker flesh of her labia or Sarah's signature on her left ass cheek. As our giggles began she quickly sat back down saying "I know, I know but it won't wash off"
Sarah chimed in "my bad did I use permanent marker again?"
"again?" I questioned
"can someone fill me in on the joke here?" Mike asked and I was more than happy to.
"it looks like Sarah signed chloe's ass"
"a good artist always signs the back of their canvas" Sarah stated with a proud look on her face

I jumped at my realisation "so there is more"
"and I dare you to show us" Mike quickly added
"that depends, what's the forfit?"
Chloe stood using one hand to hide her vagina and the other to lift the front of her dress reveling Sarah's graffiti. Big black text FREE ENTRY and a large arrow pointing down. She help the position for five seconds before sitting back down. "Sarah, truth or dare?"
"I dare you to strip to your waist"
"wait witch side of the waist?"
Chloe thought for a second while Sarah took her shot "meah, you chose" chloe stated
"what's the forfit?"
"remove two items of clothing"

Sarah stood up, lifting her top off to reveal a plain white bra containing brest far larger than chloes. She undid the top button of her jeans and slowly lowered them to reveal maching while panties with a noticeable damp patch, that turned the fabric completely see through. Her pubes where a bit longer that chloe's but not long enough to hide the outline of her large vaginal lips. She sat down and crossed her legs to obscure our view.

"Mike, truth or dare"
"truth" as Mike took a shot of vodka.
"does see Tom in his underwear turn you on?"
Mike gave Sarah a look of pure evil "why, what did I ever do to you?"
"so is that a yes?" Sarah asked
Mike ignored her. "Tom, truth or dare?"
To my surprise I was the only person with a look of surprise "wait what, can we go back a question?"
"no" Mike replied as he pushed a shot my way.
"Mike this game has rules for a reason" Sarah said in a judging tone
Mike looked her in the eyes with his face bright red and his teeth gritted "forfit"
"have you ever been thinking about Tom while I played your cock?"

Mike took a swig of vodka out of the bottle
"you have to awnser one of the questions" chloe stated
"OK yes, now Tom truth or dare?"
"wait yes to witch one?" I asked in disbelief.
Emma put her hand on my bare leg sliding it slowly close and whispered in my ear "come on to its to both"

I sat there thinking of all the sleepovers we have had over the years "erm... OK dare"
"I dare you to strip naked" Mike said
I sat there frozen
"em's will you give him a hand? Chloe asked

Emma pulled my top up and off my head stroking my chest as she went and began to pull my boxes down. My yeys fixed on Mike's cock clearly getting harder as he watched the same thing happen to mine. Emma reached down unhooking my boxes from my feet, her head moving closer and closer to my cock. I could feel her breath on the tip of my cock.
"Emma control your self" chloe ordered while my brain was begging her not to stop.

"please don't stop"
Had that actually come from my mouth. I was definitely thinking it but it was Mike that said it.
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Chapter eleven

Her tongue finally tuched the tip of my cock, about to close her mouth around my head when "stop!" chloe shouts "Tom its time to ask someone"
"erm... Chloe?" a said sipping at my drink that keeps getting stronger every time I looked the other way
Not wanting to join my naked state she chose "Truth"
"you said you've put makeup on em's in the past"
"how did you convince her to go along with that?" I asked
"she didn't have a choice" chloe replied
"oh was it part of a truth or dare game" Sarah asked
"oh no, no it was not but unfortunately I'm not allowed to involve any of you, it's a rule" chloe replied we all had confused look of our faces as chloe continued "em's could you please choose truth?"
Giving a really conserned look Emma replied "not a chance in hell now... Dare"
"I dare you to remove one of your rules on our little game"
Be for she could finish the thought Emma shouted "forfit!"
"take your top off"
"but that's not fair" Emma stated
"thats the game, pick one"

Emma looked around at the group for help but there wasn't much reason she should get to keep her top when I was naked for everyone to see.
She slowly lifted her top up and off and revealed that she wasn't wearing a bra, but instead a thick skin coloured strap tightly wrapped around her chest.
"what's that?" Mike asked before I got the chance
Emma just sat there hiding her embarrassed face behind her hands.
Chloe broke the confused silence "it's what em's uses to strap her tits down so she looks like a boy"
"why?" I asked Emma guiding her face out of her hands towards mine.
"I really hate my body, can we leave it at that?" she turned her face away from me at force "chloe, dare or dare?"
"hmm I guess I'll go with dare then" chloe says reaching for a shot, once again giving us one hell of a view. Needless to say my boner wasn't going away this time.

"I dare you to remove the dress" Emma announced to my excitement
"and before you ask, you can't have a forfit because em's did" Sarah added
"fine" chloe stood up, pulled her arms through the dress straps and let the red fabric fall to the floor. She stood there seemingly enjoying us all inspecting her naked body head to toe.
She had large rownd full breast with large dark erect nipples and a short trimmed Bush framing a noticeable damp pusy. Like me, she made no attempt to hide her naked body, that Emma seemed unable to take her eyes off.

As I looked around at everyone's reaction Mike seemed like he was about to full asleep. Was he that uninterested in girls after all. Seeing his head Bob off to sleep over and over again. Chloe shouts "Mike!" making him jump back awake "before you fall asleep you have to do a dare"
"OK" Mike replied half asleep
"suck toms dick" that got his attention and a mix of emotions from me

On one hand I was really horny and I new Mike liked me. But we had been friends for years and I wasn't remotely gay.
In his drunk tied state he fell to his knees in front of me and before I had time to object his mouth was around my rock hard cock and his warm throat took the whole of my dick as his lips reached my balls that he cupped in his hand.
Unsure how to feel my eyes met Emma's as I noticed one of her hands making its way into her dripping wet underwear.
A girl that I thought to shy to take gym class now sat next to me rubbing her clit as she watched my best friend suck me off.

As the confusion and awkwardness of the situation submitted it the incredible feeling of Mike's tongue against my penis. Emma lent down and whispered in Mike's ear.
He looked up at my face and then at Emma's. Removing his mouth and giving my cock one last lick. Mike's stood up "have fun, I'll see you in the morning"
Sarah also stood up "if it's OK, I'm going to leave you guys to it, night" as she followed Mike.
"Boo!" chloe shouted to no response

As soon as the pair left the room chloes eyes locked onto Emma "are you guys up for a different game?"

Emma replied first "we both know I don't have a choice"
"what sort of game?" I asked
"Emma, now it's just Tom can I tell him... He might as well be under your control at this point anyway"
"ok but just Tom not the overes"
I'd just realised em's let chloe call he's Emma, something that would never normally happen
"some time ago our sweet Emma here confessed she wanted to know what it felt like to be blackmailed and she's had alot of fun since, haven't you?" chloe asked
"yes miss" Emma replied
"and now my gift for you Tom, it will now do anything you tell it. Won't you?"
"yes miss and yes sir" Emma replied not making eye contact.
Unsure if it was the vodka or the amount of blood rushing to my penis but I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass.
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Getting even more interesting with each chapter. Keep them comming. :-)

Likes (Will do if able)
Spanking, Punishments, Humiliation, Writing (lines, reports etc.), Pictures (no face), chastity

Dislikes (Will do as punishment for failing a dare)
Body writing, Long term, Denial.

Limits (Will not do)
Public, mouthsoaping, Permanent, CBT, Sleeping dares, anything illegal, pee/poop.
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Originally Posted by Gitano View Post
Getting even more interesting with each chapter. Keep them comming. :-)
Donít worry the fun is just beginning, but I'm happy for the story bend to the readers likes if anyone has requests or wants a poetical scenario to arise
26 / Male / pansexual

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Kik: Kevb6240

Limits illegal, permanent, extreme, public, scat, cam, face and personal info.
likes forced exercise, masterbation, light cbt, humiliation, bodywriting, being exposed, pic's, kik and creative dares.

My fictional story: strange friends
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oh wow.....just wow
likes, limits etc:

PM dares

my toys

my house rules, please read before daring me

please call this slut "Slutty whore Danielle"

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Chapter twelve

"OK stand up and finish striping" I ordered
"yes sir" she stood up and began to lower her drenched boxes, the weight of them becoming clear as they hit the floor. As she stepped out of them towards the centre of the room and looked at me with a cute little smile of excitement, as she put her hands behind her back. I was about to make my next request when chloe interjected "he said strip, not remove your pants and twiddle your thumbs!"

"yes miss, sorry sir" I struggled to contain my disbelief as she reached behind her back and undid the velcro holding her breast strap so tight around her chest. As it fell to the floor my breath was taken by the sight of two moderately sized, fully formed breast that had been hidden from the world for so long. Her erect pink nipples matched her blushing checks as she then gave a slow spin so we could have a good look at her.

"corner time" chloe barked
"yes miss" I watched her her perfect little ass cheeks bounced on her short walk to the corner of the room.
"doesn't she look happier in her submissive state?" chloe asked as she began to pull some pink pajamas out of her bag. I thought for a moment but she did seem happier, she hadn't stopped smiling in quit a while.
"you might be onto something" I replied getting up and walking over to Emma still fully erect.
I placed one hand on her ass cheek as my other made it's way round her hip and between her legs. Stroking her soft pale skin as I smelt her neck, I pressed my cock against her ass. One hand grabbing her wet worm pussy, my other leaving her ass making its way round and up her stomach as she gave out a moan.

As chloe pulled a set of pink pajamas out of her bag, my hand finally reach her chest. A area she overwise kept covered and off limits. "how does this work then?" I asked chloe as Emma's modist breast almost filled my hand.
"it will do whatever its told as long as it doesn't involve others, course permanent damage or brake the law."
"it?" I questioned
"she dresses like a boy and doesn't want to be a girl, so I call it an it. If it doesn't do what we tell it then we can do what ever we want with any pictures or videos we have of it"

Realising their was alot more potential here than just a quick grope, I went back to my seat and put my boxes back on "em's from now on I'm going to call you petal" I expected this to get a reaction as she wouldn't normally let people even call her Emma. But to my surprise she replied
"yes sir"
"petal, go and get a bowl from the kitchen" I requested
"yes sir" she said and made her way to the kitchen
"what do you have in mind?" chloe asked
"I'd like to propose a toast to this new world you've shown me" we both raised our glasses, as Emma returned with a bowl.

I put the bowl on the floor, I poured the left over shots and Emma's drink (which was mostly vodka by now) into the bowl. "petal why don't you join us for a drink and you can use the bowl, but no moving it"

"thank you, sir" she said as she got down on all fours and began laping up the vodka with her tongue. By the time she lifted her head back up me and chloe had our phones out and where filming her. Seeing the camera she barked like a dog and wiggled her ass. There was no question weather she was having fun as her tongue stuck out when she panted.

"oh I see" chloe declared in excitement. She got up and went over to Emma's we boxes. Picking them up and rolling them into a ball. She threw them across the room "fetch!"
Like a dog on heat Emma bounced across the room on her hands and knees, picking up the underwear with her mouth. She returned to us with the boxes in her mouth and dropped them at my feet. I couldn't help but bring them up to my face and take a deep breath in, sniffing the moist underwear that smelt identical to the pussy my face was being forced into earlier.

"if your not going to throw them for it, then chuck them here" chloe stated
I passed them to her and she headed to the door, both me and my new pet followed her as she approached the front door. With no further warning she opened the door and tossed the makeshift ball into the night.
Emma froze for a second and them darted outside still on her hands and knees. As she moved across the dark grass, she set of the sensor outside light. It clearly shocked her as much as it did me, but chloe just laughed seeing Emma slipping in the mud on her frantic way back. As she entered chloe shut the door, stopping the cold from creeping in. To my surprise Emma had the now muddy under hanging from her mouth.
"ow who's a good little bitch" chloe said stroking the side of her face "and for being so good you can do whatever you want to Tom"
Just hearing the words excited me to my core.

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Chapter twelve

The next few moments where a blur after Emma jumped towards me but we are now naked on the floor. Her tongue deep in my throat and my cock deep in her pussy, with chloe no where in sight.

I had complete control over her but there was no way I was going to ask her to do anything differently. She had already stolen her heart and now she was stealing my virginity with ever thrust of her pelvis. her naked body rubbing against mine didn't take long to bring me to the edge, as the pressure built I tried to warn her "I'm go to..."
Emma was quick to shut me up "don't think, don't talk, just fuck me"

I couldn't stop my self from moaning as I came inside her. I was finished physically and mentally as I lay on the floor unable to remove the smile from my face. But Emma was not finished as she continued to ride my sweaty body, she sat up still grinding her hips back and forth. Her small tits rocking as her head tilted back and she began to moan.
The look on her face when she finally reached orgasm was one of pure bliss.

"was that your first time?" she asked draping her hot wet body over me.
"yeah, you?"
"what first time have sex with a boy?" she questioned
"wait with a boy?"
"yeah I've slept with chloe... Not out of choice mind you. But fun never the less"
We both just lied on the floor panting for out breath
"I have so many questions for you"
"oh god do I have to"
"I thought you had to do everything I said?"
"you've got nothing to blackmail me with and chloes not her"
"yeah true... Well just a video of you drinking from a bowl but naked"
"oh shit yeah OK what questions do you have?"
"my first question is can you fuck me again?"
"hmm sorry sir... I don't think your quit ready" she said batting my little soft cock back and forth.
"OK do you really enjoy this whole blackmail thing?"
"to be honest I've never been hornyer that when I'm being forced to do something humiliating and I don't think chloe would actually send any of the pics or videos"
"what about me blackmailing you?" I asked
"it's just as fun so far and it's clear you care more about me than chloe"

There was a long pause before I plucked up the courage to ask "why is it we can't date again?"
Followed by an even longer pause
"if I don't want to be a girl how can I be someone's girlfriend? Just be happy with me as a plaything"
"for the record you have a great body"
She cuddled in closer "thank you... Why me?"
"chloe is more advanced, Sarah is more mature and caring and there are both better looking"
"you make me happy"
"They could make you happy too"
"Sarah could make me happy and chloe could satisfy me. but you do both and you want me."
"I've never said that" Emma replied
"she said you could do what ever you wanted to me and you chose sex not me"
"I just jumped on the nearest dick"
"OK if you don't tell the truth I'll post the video online... Do you like me? "
She rolled onto her side to look me in the face "your the only good thing about being a girl and we both know you wouldn't post it" she then kissed my lips and grabbed my soft cock, closing her eyes "good night"
"good night petal"

The hallway light came one and woke me as the room began to spin. I don't know how but the light coming down towards be was the brightest light in the world.
"oh god what happened to you?" Sarah's soft voice screached through my head like a staple gun through butter.
"what?... Wait huh?" I tryed to say failing to lift my head. Emma was nowhere to be seen and the sounds of Mike cleaning could only be compared to bomb strikes in a war zone.
"come on let's get you up" Sarah whispered at 150 decibel. As she pulled me to a seated position I realised I was still but naked but to hungover to do anything about it.

As she helped me up the stairs she asked "did you really have sex with em's last night?"
"who told you that?"
"no one, it's written on your chest" l looked down to see black ink spread across my chest.
"oh OK fuck"

She sat me in the bath tub and let me go back to sleep

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Chapter thirteen

Five cups of water, three hours sleep, a bacon sandwich and a shower later I was human again. Although no amount of scrubbing would remove the words EMMA FUCKED THIS written on my body in permanent black marker.
Redressed I entered the alcohol free immaculate living room to find chloe and Mike watching television "Where is everyone?"
Not taking his eyes of the TV Mike replied "Sarah had to go home and I think em's went home before I got up"
"unless she's still on the end of your dick" chloe added
"yes very good haha"
"did you and em's actually have sex then?" Mike asked
"yeah but I don't know why she thought it was a good idea to write that"

After we all finished laughing at my ecpence. chloe asked me "do you want me to drop you off on my way?" (being that little bit older than the rest of us chloe and Sarah could both drive) knowing after last night it would probably be a good idea to have the chance to talk to chloe without Mike around I replied.
"that would be amazing, thanks"

With it being just the two of us it didn't take long for the obvious conversation to arise.
"did you and em's have fun last night?"
"yeah, where did you disappear to?"
"I didn't want to be a third wheal, it was clear what was going to happen...do you want me to add you to a group chat for all things related to our little pet?"
"sure... What are your plans with her?" I asked
"what do you mean?"
"where do you see this going?"
"oh well she might believe otherwise but I would never release any pictures or anything, but it's funner for her if she thinks I would"
"ok go on"
"she doesn't know it but if she ever asks for it to stop, I would delete everything, but while everyone is having fun. I entend to have fun too... What about you?"
Unsure if it was because I was so hungover or that she had already seen be but naked, but I didn't hold back or remotely filter what I said. "I think I love her and the fact she doesn't want a real relationship kills me inside"
"aww she's got to bad pup... But between you and me she really likes you too and we are blackmailing her"
"well what she wants doesn't matter, take what you want"
I'm sure she didn't mean it to sound so, erm, rapey. But I knew what she was saying. As we pulled up outside my house, I got out the car "thanks I'll see you soon"
"oh Tom, one last bit of advice. Em's finds dressing and acting like a girl humiliating, humiliation is good. Don't let her manipulate you into going easy on her"

As a lied down on my bed, my phone buzzed to life, chloe had added me to a group chat called "slave chat"
"em's I want you to send a picture of yourself with It will not write on its master written on your body" I ordered
"wait why?" Emma replied almost immediately
"because one of your masters had ordered it!" chloe posted
"of course, sorry sir"

after a few minutes a picture was sent, a selfie of Emma from the neck down with the front of her top lifted to reveal the writing on her stomach.
"very good, it does know how to behave after all" I replyed
"it is sorry for questioning its masters, but it never has and never would write on one of you"
"wait what?"
"oh yeah I should have said em's left you covered with a blanket, it was me that striped and wrote on you. My bad lol" chloe informed us
"wtf why would you do that? I have gym class tomorrow!"
"what am I not getting here?"
To my horror chloe then posted a pic of of me, naked spread on the hallway floor with the writing on me just as viable as my soft cock.
"oh my... Well I did" Emma replied
"I was proud of you Tom and I wanted everyone to know"
"for fuck sake chloe"
"oh I almost forgot we are going on a little camping trip next week and it would be so much more of if you where there" chloe stated
"oh yeah please Tom?" Emma added

"hmm OK, under one condition... You both delete the picture of me"
"done" chloe replied
"I will" Emma added
"will?" chloe questioned with no reply from Emma "em's your normal a fast typer. Why will and not am or have" but still no reply.

chloe has requested a video chat
Emma has declined your request

"em's awnser the chat!" chloe ordered

chloe have requested a video chat

Emma open the video chat to reveal her looking quite flustered and breathing heavily.
"I know what you're doing em's" chloe stated
"OK I'm confused" I added
"listen carefully Tom" chloe said but I couldn't hear anything significant.
"what?" I asked
"I'd recognise that sound a mile away" Emma's face was getting reder by the second as her eyes closed
"let me help you out Tom, that's not em's computer fan buzzing in the background"
Emma bit her lower lip as her breathing increased.
"em's show Tom what you are doing"
"do I have to?"
"excuse me!"
"sorry yes miss" she then paned the phone down to reveal a vibrating pink dildo deep inside her pussy
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Chapter fourteen

she thrusted to latex flesh in and out of her, her head tilted back as she took a series of deep breaths in. I know what this means and seeing her orgasm for the second was just as exciting as the first. With my hand making it's way to my now rock hard cock.
With Emma's show reaching a climatic end chloe was the first to talk.
"very good em's and after sex last night. now delete the pic and I'm sure I'll see you both at some point"
"bye mistress" Emma's wispers down the phone with a bright red blushing face covered ear to ear with a smile.

chloe has left the call

"are you still there Tom?"
"hu oh yeah sorry"
"are you doing what I think you are?"
"no! Wait what do you think I'm doing?"
"the same thing I just was" she said licking her lips "turn your camera on"
"no chance"
"please, for me" she said beating her eyelashes
"no a single chance"
"OK I'll make you a deal"
"hmm go on"
"if you turn your camera on and let me keep the pic of you..."
"there is nothing you have to offer to match that price"
"you say that but I'm about to have a shower"
My heart rate jumped "go on"
"I'll take my phone with me and keep the camera on"
"oh god deal!"
"take a second to think if you want" emma laughed

After switching my camera on it was clear to her that I was masterbating to the sight of her and she wasn't as shy about putting on a show as she had previously been. I came before the water even hit her bare skin. After cleaning myself up I was mesmerised as every drop of water ran down her brest and off the tip of her erect sweet nipple, wishing just one of them would land on my tongue.
"Tom? Your tongue is actually hanging out"
"let me enjoy my fantasy"
Emma's face reddened "fantasy? I don't think anyone has fantasised about me because. Tell me more"
"and on that note I'm going to as bye"
"bye sir"

I called in sick the next day to avoid showing everyone my new body art, by Wednesday I'd managed to scrub it off and nothing happened until Thursday.

"camping info, I'll pick you both up at 4 all you need are clothes and money for food. Iv got everything else sorted" chloe messaged on the group chat
"when you say money for food?" I asked
"I've checked the camp site has fast food outlets"
"oh cool so where not camping in the middle of nowhere then?"
"it's a 3 hour drive"
I replyed with a thumbs-up emoji
"em's does it want to know its rules for the trip?" chloe asked
"rules? Erm yes please miss"

" for the whole trip You are female and will dress as such, including makeup and You will refer to us as sir/master or miss/mistress even around others."
"yes miss"
I even more excited for the trip now knowing Emma would be in full female mode.

The next day at school Emma approached me "Tom can I have a word?"
"of course, what's up?" other people where in line of sight but no one was close enough to hear us.
"when I set up this game with chloe we agreed it couldn't involve other people that we knew without my consent"
"at Mike's party the other night was the first time she had made me to go outside naked and I know she is going to use the opportunity to do it again."
Seeing the hint of fear in her eyes I reasured her "you don't have to do anything that your not happy doing"
"yes I do. I asked for this, I love the feeling I get"
"I don't understand"
"before all this, I was depressed and hated myself but now im exploring my feelings about you and feeling confident in my body. I don't want it to stop"
"but you don't want it to escalate eather then?"
"sort of. No it has to get harder for the rush to be there, I just want to know I'm safe"
I reached out grabbing both her hands "I'll be there the whole time to keep you safe and if you want it to stop at any time just say so"
I could feel people watching us as she stepped closer with a smile appearing oh here face.
"thank you, that's what I needed to hear"
I could feel our body's pulling closer to each other but with a brick wall behind me I couldn't back away, nor did I want to.
"em's people are going to talk seeing us like this"
"I want you" she whispered
"but you don't want a relationship and we are at school"
Her body began to press against mine. It took every ounce of strength I had not to grab her. Strength she was lacking as her lips met mine. To the heckling and cheers of nearby students, my hands met at her lower back.
We could her the sound of our math teacher calling across the hallway "hay time and a place guys!" his voice had no effect on us as tongues met and her hands pressed against by back. "Tom, Emma!" my hand ran up her back and into her hear "I will no ask again!" the teacher's hand pulled on Emma's shoulder separating us and pulling us from our trance. "both of you my office now"
I couldn't help but notice the smile on Emma's face that matched mine on the short walk.

"Tom sir there" he said pointing to a chair opposite his office. A few minutes later chloe walked down the hallway escorted by one of the English teachers "take a seat chloe"

Chloe sat on the chair next to me and as soon at the hallway was adult free I whispered to her "what did you do?"
"called a girl a cunt and maybe pushed her... Over, what about you?"
"erm... inappropriate behaviour as well"
Emma came out of the office without her smile "he wants to talk to you now, oh hi chloe"
"oh what kind of inappropriate behaviour?"
As I stood up I reach out for her
"if I touch you we both get detection" Emma added
"what kind of touching are you guys here for?" chloe asked
"you know I can hear you" the teachers voice called out of the open door
I was unable to control my self seeing Emma's tongue run across her upper lip. My face reached her in pure release as his voice screamed "right detention both of you!"
"oh sir don't be a prick weren't you ever horny 100 years ago!" chloe calls to our aid

And her we are stuck in a room together for being to close together and of course now joined by chloe.
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Chapter fifteen

We all breathed a breath of relief as Mr White a science teacher entered the room "good afternoon chloe"
"hi sir"
"Tom, Emma it isn't like you two to be in trouble" as he sat down looking at the paper work "oh I see" he turned to the next page "oh chloe" he looked at her with a disappointed look. "let's add cunt and prick to the don't use list"
"yes sir"
"and for the love of God don't ask a teacher if he's been horny"
"I'll do my best sir"
"sorry, yes I'm keep my thoughts to myself"
"OK and can we all keep our hormones under control while at school?"
"yes sir"
"yes sir"
"right everyone enjoy your weekend and don't tell anyone I let you go early"
"thank you sir" I replied. 82 7u
"thanks sir" Emma replied.
"cheers man" chloe added as we left.

Finally Friday has arrived and chloe should pick me up any minute. With a change of clothes and a sleeping bag I'm ready to go just in time as I shout "bye mum" and run out to the car.
It was just chloe and me for the sort drive to Emma's house but she took the opportunity to ask "so what do you have installed for em's?"
"I haven't prepared anything, why have you?"
"I have a few things up my sleeve, there must be stuff you want her to do?"
"well of course but it seems weird asking her to do that stuff"
"how so?"
"I don't know it feels a bit... Well rapey"
"something tells me she's OK with it" chloe replied with a huge grin "she jumped at the chance to jump on you, so I think asking for consent is out the window" chloe continued as we pulled up at Emma's house

Emma emerged from the house in a short black top that didn't reach her belly button, black skirt just above her knees and a pair of black tights.
"Oww Emma actually showing some cleavage and wearing a bra. I never thought I'd see the day"
As she approached it became clear that she was also wearing makeup, her skin slightly darkend and a blue hue to her eyes. The look was definitely working but the red lips were a bit to much.
"hello beautiful" chloe shouted as she got in the back of the car.
"Thanks, tom thoughts"
"hmm not a fan of the make-up but that outfit works for me, petal" I replyed

Twenty minutes in to out journey and chloe turns the music down to ask "Emma would you rather not wear a bra or not wear tights?"
Emma thought for a second "oh I'd rather go with out tights"
"OK then take them off" chloe ordered
"wait was that not a hypothetical question?"
"nope" chloe laughed
Emma lowered her tights and rolled them off her legs. Seeing them roll off her thighs I couldn't help wish I was sat back there with her to coress those legs.

"oh do you guys know everyone at school keeps asking if your an item?" chloe said excitedly
"what did you till them?" I asked
"I didn't, I just changed the subject"

A quiet moment passed before chloe felt the need to fill it "Tom would you rather..."
"wow how is this game working?" I asked
"what do you mean?"
"if I have to choose then, I should get to ask you as well"
"OK that's fine"
"does that mean I get to ask as well?" Emma added
"OK chloe would you rather drive topless or let petal back there play as well" I asked
"fine you can please"
Emma's face lit up "yay OK mistress would you rather snog my master or hit him in the nuts?"
Before I had time to realise what had just been said, chloes hand had swung down and made contact with the head of my penis and balls. Not hard enough to do any damage or leave any lasting pain.
But the shock and force was enough to knock the wind out of me "for fuck sake em's, who's side are you on?"
"sorry sir"
"OK Tom would you rather be hit again by me or have Emma hit you?"
"what the fuck... Erm Emma" I reply thinking that she would go softer on me.
She reached over from the back seat and began rubbing my balls through my jeans, causing me to spread my legs slightly and lean back. Her had left my nuts and reconnect with them, with enough force to send an enjoyable wave through my body.

Chloe seeing my face the whole time asked "Tom, did you enjoy that?" I didn't reply but she continued "oh my god, you did, ooh Tom likes it rough!"
"OK petal, would you rather have KFC or McDonald's?" I asked
"wait what?"
"there's a service station half a mile up the road" I explained
"ha not that I'm against finger licking or any licking for that matter but I'll go with McDs"
"oh don't worry we know you like a good lick" chloe joked as she took the exit.
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