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Default getDare FAQ's

I have tried to sign up for getDare and have not received my verification email?
For some reason the server doesn't like certain email providers. We suggest you create a free gmail account and use that email to verify on getDare.

How do I change my username?
To be blunt, you don't. We do not regularly change usernames. If you feel like you have a special circumstance then feel free to send a message to an admin (Butterfly, Rachie or Lola.fox) and we will review your case. There are also different opportunities to win a name change.

What's the deal with the titles on our profiles?
Titles change based on your post count (only certain forums count towards your post count). If you want to see the full list of titles, you can look here.

What about custom titles?
If you would like a custom title you can become a paid member of getDare. This allows you extra storage space (for PMs) and the ability to change your title to whatever you would like as well as some other perks.

How do I edit my post?
You have a short window after you post in which you can edit and/or delete your post. After that time you will need to ask a mod or admin to help you. For this reason, we suggest creating a blog for things like game rules, lists, etc. that will need to be updated along the way.

How do I delete my post?
You are unable to delete your own post. If you would like one or even a few posts deleted, please contact a mod or admin, or report your post and we will take care of it for you.

How do I delete my account?
We do not delete accounts. We can instead ban your account for you if you'd like.

What is the dungeon?
The Dungeon is an inactive area of getDare. Every now and then the mods open the Dungeon and getDare members are invited in small groups to enter. When this happens, we will post information in the getDare.com section of the forum.

What is considered nudity?
Nudity is not allowed on getDare this includes: female nipples, ass hole, and genitals of all varieties. Cartoon nudity is allowed. If it looks real, it will be deleted.

Why was my post moved to the trash?
If you do not post in the correct section of the forum, you risk your thread being moved to the trashcan. Typically if it is a first time offence and there was thought and care put into the thread, most mods will move your thread to the correct section.

I received an infraction. How can I have that removed from my profile.
We do not receive infractions unless it was given in error or there was a miscommunication. Your infraction is only visible by you and the mod team. It will expire after a certain length of time and then it will just remain on your profile as a form of history for future mods or incidents.

How do I get rid of the "banned" title on my profile?
If you have been temporarily banned and allowed back, there will still be a note on your profile page. In order to delete this you need to post in one of the forums.

This user did not follow through with the dare or forfeit that he said he was going to, what can I do?
We are moderators, not parents or teachers. We do not deal with individual disputes or hold people accountable for their commitments. Play at your own risk.

I believe this user is underage. What do I do?
Report them. The easiest way to do this is to report their profile. Please note that the more information you can provide us about why you believe they are underage, the better. We cannot act just based on you "think so". Screenshots of conversations, or links to their threads are super helpful.

This user is a fake/not who they say they are/pretending to be a girl. What do I do?
Nothing. There is no rule on getDare that says you must tell the truth. You can be whatever and whoever you want to be on the internet. It is up to you to make sure that you are playing safe. We suggest asking your play partner to verify if this is a concern for you.

How do I contact a mod?
If you would like to contact a mod, check this post to see who the active mods are. If you are wanting help with a certain user or post, the best way to contact all the mods at the same time is by using the report button. That sends a report to a thread where all of the mods can see and access it.

I disagree with the decision that one of the mods made.
We are human, we make mistakes. If you believe there has been a mix up, please send a report (even by just reporting your own profile) so that all mods can view and we can discuss as a team and re-evaluate. If you are banned and not able to access your PMs, you will need to wait until your ban is over, or contact one of the mods through other channels (ie Butterfly can be reached on kik).
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