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Default Pet play dares

Can I have some alone petplay dares
Likes: anything boob, slapping, glue,role-play,pee,pussy,night stuff(in house), and little pain
Dislikes: makeup, ass, and inserting stuff in ass
Limits: public, pictures, exstream pain, ileagle, family/friends, and poo
i am an obediant dog, i do as im told!
i have been a very, naughtygirl and deservie to be punished!
my pussy is so wet whenever i have a wedgie!
BillyChib is the hottest person I have ever met! I would fuck him any day!
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Some pretty straight forward ones:
(all to be done in the nude)

-In the kitchen, set a saucer on the floor. Fill it with milk or food, and eat it all using only your face. Before you leave the kitchen, squat and piss on the floor. Rub your butt, knees, and hands in it, and maybe roll in it.
If you have the stomach for it, piss in the empty bowl, then drink it all using only your face.

-On all fours, hump your living room furniture until you orgasm. You can only hump one spot for 90 seconds at a time, then you have to move. Hump at least 5 different spots on the furniture. Use of hands, toys, or other hand-held objects is not allowed. If you go for 30 minutes without orgasm, you can quit. If you quit, you may not masturbate for 48 hours.
...but the rest of me is awesome!

}}} How daring are you? {{{
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